Zombies…to save a new man (fixed)

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I saw your opinions and your right I had maybe a little too much sex and it made it seemed unreal I’ll try to limit it and see what I can do. Also im not sure if this has been said but Letchworth is the safe zone im in currently

Chapter 3 To Save A New Man
I woke up; the sun came through the gym windows. I moved from my bunk and didn’t see anyone else. The scene was eerie as if the whole school had gotten up and left, I Checked the time…only 7:30. I put on clothes and headed for the cafeteria for my breakfast ration, the hallways were empty as well. I began to become worried as if infestation had conquered and taken the entire school. Then I heard commotion almost like cheering. I walked towards the cheering, once I saw a sight that shocked even me. Noah, Kyle and Satchell stood there with girls hanging around their necks all I have already boned, where had they come from? Sammy was hugging Kyle, Sam.C was kissing Noah fiercely and Tara was talking to Satchell as they shared quick kisses. My stomach was turning as if I’d just been on the fastest roller coaster. I turned and returned to my original path towards cafeteria, the whole commotion seemed to stop and turn to silent whispers. I entered the cafeteria to see my friends, my troops. They know me better than most and knew my reactions and feelings better than anyone else.
“We know” Nate said before I even opened my mouth
“So what are we going to do?” I replied
“The elders wish to speak to you, it could decide if you stay here or not” Nate spoke
“If they decide we purposely left that group of three we can all be kicked out of here” Dumpy continued.
worry I’ll take full responsibility, anyways we still have a mission at hand, if I’m kicked out, you will continue the mission and I’ll survive on my own. I know that there are major safe houses in Washington D.C and Baltimore. With any luck I can reach there without problems.” I replied with confidence even though the thought was slowly ripping my insides to shreds.
I looked at my friends as the dreaded announcement came on the PA system. It called for us to see the elders, we all sat there as if in shock as if this was the end.
We walked towards the conference room walking past people who gave us the occasional dirty glare. As we approached I turned to my friends and attempt to show that I was not fazed by this situation.
“Everything will be fine, worst comes to worst I go. You guys should all be safe.” I lied
“The mission starts when it turns dark if the worst comes, you all will have to lead the /> They nodded as we entered the conference room. There stood 10 elders and the other clan leaders as well as some of the kids who had heard of the entire situation. Their eyes ripped my brain, intruding the message of you deserve to die.
“Your group is charged with the attempted murder and desertion of your fellow survivors. How do you all plead?” spoke the lead elder
“Not guilty.” We replied in unison
“Then explain why three boys from your walking group show up almost a week later than the rest of you claiming that you ditched them.”
I took lead and replied “After we provided cover to the other survivors we encountered a large amount of zombies. I told my squad to flank towards the woods. When we arrived we had lost those three.”
“You did not go back and attempt to find them.”
“It would have been /> “It was a mission worth taking.”
“The life of three does not equal the life of nine!” I began fuming did these people really not understand this!
“I gave strict orders; I told them if they did not follow my orders they took the risk of death.” I continued
“Silence! We’ve heard enough we will decide your fate now.” I began to choke as if a leash were wrapped around my neck.
“Let me take responsibility, let my group go… they were only following orders.” I said
“As you wish.” The elders spoke
“If you find the accused not guilty, please raise your hand.” Alyssa, Brad M and Renae we’re the only ones to raise their hands.
“There it’s decided you will be forced to leave by 3:00pm today, you may take supplies as you need.”
I only stood there as if I was incapable of moving. I slowly looked down at my I had time but I wasn’t sure what to do but something was kicking me in the head, telling me to get out of there. I walked out of the room without a word and headed for the armory. I was only hours away from one of the longest trips in my life. I was given glares all the way through the hallways, as if I was the devil himself. I passed security through the armory without any struggle. I opened and grabbed an assault rifle with ammo, walkie talkies and grenades. I then headed to the cafeteria where I grabbed a week’s worth of nonperishable food. I then went to the nurse’s office to grab medical wrap and bandages. I put it all in a duffel bag and headed for my bunk in the gym, I would need the rest. I found my bunk and just sat on my bed, looking at my watch as it moved faster than I’ve ever wanted. I fell asleep only to be woken up twenty minutes later by my crying mother. There my family stood, telling me any possible horrible situation that could occur. I only handed them one of the walkie talkies.
“Here these will be my communication system, I’ll check in everyday until I reach either D.C or Baltimore. Once I do I’ll come get you guys ok?”
My family gave me a nod as they left with hugs and kisses. I would repeat this process of giving walkie talkies out with my friends, so that they could check on me regularly. I finally got everyone to leave and fell asleep once more. I was woken up once more by a familiar voice, still in a daze I looked at my I put my glasses on as the figure on the edge of my bed became clearer.
“Oh, Hi Alyssa… what’s up?” I asked.
“I’m /> “For what?” I said eager to get back to sleep
“I should have done something”
going to have to be more specific I’m still half awake.” I replied
“I could have kept you here… and I didn’t. All I ask is for your She said as she turned her head.
there was nothing in the world you could’ve done to keep me here, so there is no need to say sorry or ask for
“I feel like it’s my fault though.”
I sat up and wrapped my arms around her stomach and pulled her close and brushed her hair with my hand.
“It’s no… no /> “I at least want you to have a nice time before you go.”
As she said that she moved my hands to her chest. Her small frame grinding against my body as she did so. Alyssa was a grade below me and we talked occasionally but not much, she was about my height and had a nice body, blonde hair. You know what most high school guys like. I moved her boobs around as she only sat there enjoying herself. I moved my hand from her left boob and slipped it in between her pants and began to rub her through her panties. She was extremely wet; it just made me even crazier as I started to move her pants off. I got the pants and panties to her knees, when she bucked and came all over my hand. She then stood up and removed the rest of her clothes and then slowly walked towards me shaking her assets. She then gave me a quick kiss and kneeled in front of me. She grabbed my pants and pulled them all the way off; she looked at me in the eyes as she began to stroke my dick. Her soft petite hands were smooth and soft. At my brink of cumming I watched her engulf my dick all the way to the base. I couldn’t hold it any longer as I released inside her mouth without warning. She didn’t even flinch, she removed her mouth and showed me the cum in her mouth before swallowing it. I pulled her up and bent her over on the bed. I played with her ass, I licked her pussy, I rubbed my dick along her ass until I was hard again. I grabbed her sides and pressed my dick against her pussy, as I did she arched her back and let out a low moan. I pressed into her virgin pussy as she moaned more and more. I finally got all the way in and felt the warmth of her vagina around my dick. I looked at Alyssa, she was barley awake, she was on cloud nine floating in and out of reality. I began to pump and she began to moan, I asked her if she was ok but got only moans in return. I picked up pace, the friction heated our bodies as we both were grunting and trying to keep quiet at the same time. I rotated her just a little bit and picked up my pace to the point of no return as we both came. I fell over on top of her and fell asleep.
I awoke to someone poking me, it was one of the elders.
“Time for you to go.”
“Yeah, yeah bite me.” I replied
The elder left and I grabbed my clothes and gave Alyssa a quick kiss and one of the walkie talkies. I put on my sweatshirt and jeans and headed out. I headed towards the door in the fence and with rifle in hand I turned with one last look towards the a shit hole. I walked out into the dangerous territory, my destination Warsaw; I’m going to assist the mission.
“This is Owen are all walkie talkies /> It was responded with echoing ok’s
“Ok good, mission to rescue Warsaw goes on as planned; I’m going silent to prevent attraction. I will be off until tomorrow, I will attempt to assist rescue /> I began my path towards Warsaw, staying on back roads to prevent any confrontation with the safe house group. It was not an interesting day; there were only 2 or 3 zombies for most of the day. It seemed like I had been walking forever and the darkness agreed with me. I looked at my a half hour before the rescue mission will take place and I was still 20 miles away from the Warsaw safe zone. I turned on my walkie talkie
“Unable to assist mission continue as planned.” And turned it right back off.
I walked all the way to the Warsaw safe zone and was met by the most horrifying sight. There lied hundreds of dead bodies, what the fuck happened here?
“This is Owen, plan compromised, what’s the result?”
There was a long silence until a faint voice came from the other end.
“We weren’t trusted with the mission plan was compromised by elders, mission objective search, destroy and take supplies.” It sounded like Dumpy.
“Ok hundreds dead their mission is successful, all of Warsaw seems to be killed.
As I said that I was struck from behind from a hard surface and I blacked out.
/> I awoke in a daze with a gun in my face
“Give me a reason I shouldn’t kill you.” Said a feminine voice
“I’m not one of them.”
“Bullshit you were just talking to one of them; I wouldn’t try me if you realized I just lost a lot of /> “I was kicked out and came here to assist an escort mission but the leaders switched the plan to execute and take your supplies anyways. Unfortunately I arrived late, and hoped in finding supplies to scavenge so I could start my trip for D.C or Baltimore.” It didn’t help as she poked the gun deeper into my skin.
“Nice story, last chance who are you?”
“Owen Nix”
“Are you related to Mr.Nix who used to teach at our school?”
“He’s my father”
With that she stood up and helped me up.
“I’m Jennifer Ricon, I’m sorry about that.”
“No it’s fine I /> “So was that whole spiel true?”
“Every word.”
“Hmm that’s a good plan well I’m gonna stay here and wait this whole ordeal out. I might even go to the Letchworth safe zone, just to live off them.”
a terrible idea.”
“Oh what makes you so intelligent that you can tell me that?”
“One. I led a rescue mission to save 90 people with minor casualties. Two. I lived at /> “Ok so what do you have in mind?”
“Forget about Letchworth they’ll execute you on sight, stick with me, and come to D.C or Baltimore with me. I could use the help and company /> “Ok, just no funny /> “Where would the fun be in that? I laughed
She gave me a chuckle and went to go get supplies.
“This is Owen, I’ve picked up a survivor and will begin my journey tomorrow after sleep, until tomorrow my friends.”
Just as I said that I heard Jennifer’s scream. I dropped the walkie talkie and sprinted towards the scream, I ran through the door with my rifle in position. There she was with her shirt ripped off and a smile on her face.

“Your right where would be the fun in that” She said giggling
I walked up next to her, gave her a kiss and pulled down her pants. She got on her knees and undid my pants. She toyed with my dick, then she began to lick my tip her luscious brown hair covered her face as she sucked my dick. After a while I climaxed, she only gagged a little but still gave me a cum covered smile. She stood up almost as tall as me, gave me a smile and said
“It’s your turn”
I kissed her on the neck and walked my lips down to her C-cup breasts and began to lick her nipples. I bit, sucked and toyed with them until she pushed me down to eye level with her pussy. I licked her, and toyed with her pussy with my fingers. It didn’t take me long to make her cum. I stood up and picked her up as she wrapped her legs around my body. I entered her smoothly and was able to quickly get my pace and make her go to cloud nine. I watched her as her body twitched and bucked as I ravished her pussy. After a good amount of time in new positions I reached my climax and slammed my dick deep inside her. I walked her over to the quartering area with her still speared on my dick. I laid her down on the bed and went to fetch all of our clothes and supplies. I closed the door to the quartering area and locked it. I walked over to our bed area and snuggled up against Jenn who was already half asleep. Tomorrow we began a journey together, but for now my dick was back inside her vagina, resting in the warmth as we fell asleep spooning together.
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