A chance bi-pick-up

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A Chance Bi-Pick-up

I had been feeling pretty horny after the day''s conference. I had
been three days away from home and the work had been intense.
It would be another couple of days before I got home. After
dinner I walked around the city for awhile. I needed relief and was
trying to decide what to do. I knew that I could not get to sleep
unless I could get off. Should I go back to the room and wank
off? That wouldn't be quite enough – I wanted to have some
erotic stimulation that would build excitement for a while so I
wouldn't feel so empty after a quick jack-off. I decide to go to a
nearby arcade a couple of blocks from the hotel. It was one of
those places with booths where you drop quarters in the slot and
watch porno movies. I had been there before. It was a good quick
way to get off when away from home. I usually went from booth
to booth as the heat built up, and after about four booths, I
would be so hot that I would come in the booth. The
management was good enough to have Kleenex in every booth.

As I moved out of the first booth with a half hard cock that was
still in my pants, to my shock there was a distinguished looking
guy coming out of the booth across from mine. He was shopping
from booth to booth as I was, but he had not bothered to cover
his cock. It was standing straight out of his fly – I guessed about
seven inches and fully hard. He looked startled as I was about the
sudden encounter. At first he put his hand down as if to cover
himself, but then smiled and passed on to the next booth. When I
went into the next booth, all I could think of was that beautiful
hard cock sticking out of his pants, and how bold he was to walk
around like that. That scene was far more exciting than what was
flickering on the video screen. As the movie flickered on, I wasn't
aware of the screen action.

My mind had flashed back to my teen age buddy with whom I
learned to masturbate. He had given me my first orgasm, as a
matter of fact. At age 12, I didn't know anything about sex. He
was 14 and one day when we were playing in our favorite barn,
he grabbed me between the legs and asked if I liked to play with
that thing. I was shocked and confused but strangely excited. I
asked what he meant. He quickly learned how ignorant I was, but
he also felt my little dick getting hard. I was amazed at the
growing good feeling and the hardness of my tool as he opened
my pants and pulled it out. For the first time I saw my cock fully
hard and sticking straight out. As he stroked it up and down, I
thought this is really pretty great. He brought out his cock, quite
large compared to mine, and showed me how he pumped the
skin up and down on its shaft. He placed my hand on his prick , as
he shifted his stroke to mine. It kept feeling better and better,
until I had this fantastic feeling as I came in my first orgasm which
was dry but still it was the finest feeling I had ever known. I liked
also the wonderful feeling of his cock as I continued to pump
him. I knew something else was supposed to happen and it did
with several squirts of white sticky stuff that shot up almost as
high as my chin. It felt so slick as I continued to pump him as he
began to get soft. In the days and months ahead, my friend and I
had almost daily get together in our barn and learned all the
good feeling that could come from our dicks. In a couple of
months, I was proudly squirting too. We had three years of happy
wanking before I moved away. All, all these memories flashed
through my mind in a few seconds.

As I turned to go out of the booth a second time, I realized that
the memory of the hard cock across the aisle was far more
exciting than the big tits on the tiny screen in the booth. As I
moved on to the third booth, the guy with the big dick moved
out of his second booth, cock still hard as ever. This time we both
smiled and I heard myself saying, "That is a very beautiful cock you
have there; Why don't we get out of here and see if we can enjoy
these hard things in a bit more privacy." "Why not?" he said as he
tried to push his hardness back into his fly. Out on the sidewalk, I
said, never done anything like this before except when I was
a teenager. Seeing your cock like that, I remembered when my
boy friend and I jacked off together. I got the idea that we might
be boys again and do that." He indicated that he had similar
thoughts. "What do you suggest?" he said. "My hotel is only few
block away. Why don't we go there?" I suggested that if either of
us got cold feet we could still back out, but I thought it would be
great fun. On the way to the hotel, we got better acquainted.

He lived in the suburbs, was married and had a couple of kids.
Occasionally, when he worked late, he would stop off at the
arcades to get a bit of raw sex to prepare him for a hot night with
his wife. I suggested that we remain anonymous for the time
being for the security of both of us. In the room, we were a bit
uneasy. I kicked off my shoes, and said, "Perhaps it would be
easier if we begin where we left off in the arcade." He chuckled
and we both pulled out our hardening shafts. Anticipation was
sending tingling shocks through my crotch. I immediately
grabbed his very hard piece. I could tell immediately that it was
longer and thicker than mine. It felt very good. We moved close
and I put my cock along side of his and took them both in my
hand. He did the same. After some nice fondling, we got
undressed and lay on the bed facing each other. He was gorgeous
– a fat 7 inches set in a sea of shiny black hair that spread almost
to his belly button. A few strokes and the pre come was dripping,
making both heads very slick.

I slowly pulled his skin tight back against his groin so that the
glans stood out shiny and dark red, almost purple. I moved my
fingers around the whole thing, shaft, balls and slick head. I
shared my memory from my youthful play with the friend next
door. The last night we were together, I told him, we decided that
we would try sucking each other. It was a hot night and we were
afraid that it would not taste good. We took turns sucking but
chickened out at coming in the mouth. I said that memory had
fired my fantasies ever since and that now I would like to suck
until it came. I was leaning close to the head of his cock then, and
without reply, he turned and we went into 69, both gobbling two
raging organs. He was so big that at first, I could not take him all
the way down my throat. I finally relaxed and it was a thrill to feel
it filling my mouth and slipping all the way down.

After some slow in and out sucks, I felt that we were getting
close. The feeling was beyond all that I had fantasized through
the years. The soft velvety feeling combined with the cock
hardness was great. I loved the way it twitched when I would
squeeze hard with my sucking and scape my teeth over the
gorgeous head as I pulled it out for the next big suck. Secretly, I
had decided that I wanted to come first just in case, on
ejaculation, he might be overwhelmed with guilt and not want to
continue. It felt so wonderful as he intermittently stroked and
sucked my inflamed meat. I slowed down sucking him and told
him that I didn't want him to stop, but if he didn't want to take
it, I would pull out. But he stuck with it, speeding up his sucking
– his sucking got stronger so I felt like I was being pulled by some
strong pump.

Then I began to shoot. I thought my whole insides were spilling
out. The first squirt startled him. He jerked but managed to
handle the second shot. His mouth came loose and the last
streams hit his face and his chest. I tingled all over and collapsed
with my head on his thigh with his long hard thing right before
my face. So he wouldn't move away, I took it in my hand and
slowly moved my hand on the shaft.

When I got my breath, I asked him how he was. He seemed more
excited than ever. He said the taste was strange but very exciting
to feel me shoot into him. I reached up and took a handful of my
cum from his chest and smeared "my cum" on his shaft – that
incredible smoothness of semen made his penis ever move
inviting. He was roaring hot now and I felt could hardly wait for
his turn. With his hand he pushed it back into my mouth. I pulled
it back out just long enough to say that I was going to make him
come in my mouth and that if he had any special requests he
should let me know. Then I settled into a steady delicious process
of making him feel it all. As he began to build to his eruption, I
could feel all the organs in his crotch begin together to make it
happen. From his straining throat I heard him: "O God, that's so
good, don't stop! Eat it! Eat it! aaauurrggg!!

His balls drew up tight, his cock sprang tight against his belly, the
head swelled and got very hard, I felt the pulse at the base of his
belly, and then bang – a thick shot hit the roof of my mouth. I
jammed it further down my throat and the next two spurts went
straight down to my belly. The head was so big, I had to back off.
The rest of it began to ooze out the sides of my mouth and fall
onto his thigh.

I was quickly aware of the taste. It was not unlike my own that I
had spread on his cock, before I took him. With my finger, I
moved what remained of his cum around in my mouth, and
savored its musky smell and flavor. I liked it – thought to myself –
this is a very unique bit of stuff -nothing else in the universe quite
like it. As he began to soften, these thoughts went through my
head. This is all that my fantasies imagined and more. With
tongue and lips, I pulled the last drops out of the head of his cock
that was very much tamer than it had been all night. As both of
us began to come back to our senses, we were unconsciously
massaging the bits of slickness that were all over us now.

He spoke first. "This feels strange. I have often thought about this
kind of experience, but never thought I could do it. I have enjoyed
my own cock so much and wondered what another cock would
be like. It was pretty special to be able to do this." We spent the
next half hour talking about our early experiences. He said he
loved to suck his wife''s pussy, but sucking a cock was very

We went into detail about our early jackoff times and of first
fucks. After some of this talk our penises began to recover from
their massive shots. As I took hold of him again, we agreed we'd
like to cum one more time. There was a tang in my throat from
the taste of cum; I wanted now to watch and feel his beautiful
cock as it shot out into the air. It was exciting to see it rise, get
hard and twitch again. His cock head was purple now. I held his
balls in my left hand, and I could feel them turn and tighten as his
climax approached. I came just before he did, but my attention
was focused on what I had in my hand. He shot only 3 squirts this
time about two inches into the air and onto my fist. With that
smooth lotion, I caressed him down to a lovely soft piece of pink
skin nestled in a sea of black hair on his belly, just as his hand was
nursing my soft little treasure back to normalcy.

He cleaned up, got dressed, thanked me for what he called his
grand initiation. We agreed that we probably would not have a
second encounter, since I lived so far away, but we would never
forget this one.


story by: G. Snave

Tags: fiction blowjob bi-sexual cum swallowing sex story

Author: G. Snave

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