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Hi my name is John and i would like to tell you about the experience i had with my sister Claire.

We have always been close and would talk to each other about everything and anything. We both lived together with out grandparents until about 4 years ago when she moved away approx 500 miles. We always talk on the phone almost daily to keep in touch with how we were both doing at work.

About 6 months ago she asked if she could come and stay at mine for a couple of days because she wanted to see some old friends. This was fine with me because we hadnt seen each other for a while and it was a nice time to bee together.

She arrived about 9pm as she had been on the road for about 7 hours. I greated her at the door and she came up stairs into the lounge. She had bought me a few beers and herself a large box of wine. We sat up for the rest of the evening drinking and catching up on all the details.

She told me about her boyfriend Wayne who had been treating her real bad and threatened to hit her. She knew i never liked him and i had told her in the past to get rid of him. He had been cheating on her for some time which she knew but still put up with him. This made me even more anoyed the fact she had stayed with him but there was nothing i could do but be there for her.

We talked about the family and about old lovers for the next few hours and started to get drunk. It got to about 2am and she said she wanted to go to bed, so i made the spare room up for her and let her rest.

I was still awake and didnt want to go to bed so i started to look at the internet. I was wondering throught various web pages but couldnt find anything of interest so i watched tv for a while before going to bed. As i turned of the tv and the lights to the lounge i headed for the bedroom feeling quite drunk. I hadnt seen Claire for some time and i was glad she made the effort to come and see me so i went into the spare room and gave her a kiss on the cheek and said good night.

The next morning i woke up and went to get some breakfast, As i walked out of my room and past the spare room i could hear Claire on the phone. She was having an argument with Wayne so i stood at the door and listened. She was telling him it was all over and that she was staying at my house and if he had a problem with that he should come over. He knew i didnt like him so i guess he refused.

Claire came out of the bedroom crying which made me upset but i had to stay strong for her and not let her know i wanted to hit Wayne so badly. I told here to get a spare towel for the cupboard and have a shower. While she was in the shower i needed to pee so i open the door slightly and asked if i could use the toilet while she was behind the shower curtain. She said that was fine so i went ahead to pee. While i was standing there at the toilet i could see her body throught the slightly clear view shower currtain. She had a wonderful figure with huge breasts ( at least DD cup if not nore ). After about 30 seconds she put her head around and asked me what i was looking at. I was embassered so i quickly finished and left the room.

I went to my room to get dressed still thinking about my sister in the shower. I had never seen her naked before let alone thinking about her in a sexual way. Then thoughts went through my mind. Why could anyone treat het so badley when she is so hot. She is always a kind and gentle person who wouldnt hurt anyone.

I started to get naked and dress when she walked in with a towel wrapped aroung her body. I stood there naked when she walked up to me. She looked and my semi hard on and smiled. I smiled back but feeling very embarresed. she droped the towel on the floor and headed for the bed. I didnt know what to make of this but i could see her perfect tight body with her huge breasts and her shaved pussy which made my cock stand to attention.

She sat on the bed completely naked and there was me naked with a hard on just looking at her.
" Claire what are you doing ?" i asked in shock but yet aroused at the same time.

" John come and lay next to me, I want to feel like a women "

I wanted to run away but yet stay with her. I didnt know what to do but i guess instinct took over.
I sat next to her on the bed and she reached over to me and pulled my head to hers and she kissed me.

" Wayne is a bastard and i know you dont like him but please, please be with me now".
I kissed her back and couldnt control the feeling i felt. I put my hands around her waist and while kissing i caressed her butt. This made us both hot and we laid down next to eachother and looked into each others eyes.

She reached down and put her left hand on my raging cock. With one firm grip she grabbed my cock and started to pump it up and down.

Fuck it ! i thought and reached down to touch her wet pussy. She told me the night before she hadnt been fucked for about 4 months and by the wet ness of her pussy i could tell she wanted a good fucking. I moved over to her huge breasts and started to lick and suck her left tit. She had huge nipples which were hard and pointing up and i started sucking for all its worth. She was moaning softly and i suck as hard as i could. Then i moved dowm her belly ( kissing all the time ) until i reached her wet shaven lips.

I could smell her juices and placed me tongue at the top of her clit. She spead her legs and allowed me full access of her beauty which i lapped up. I liked her for more than 10 mins and she moaned and screamed with pleasure.

" Fuck me John, Please fuck me now "

Her pussy tasted soo nice and i could not resist so i arched my body forward and placed my cock just above her pussy.

" Im gonna fuck you hard " i said as my cock rested on het wet lips. With no hesitation the grabbed my cock and guided in inside her wet tight hole.

" OOHH FUCK ME HARD " Claire said as my cock filler her hole. She had the tightest pussy i have ever hand and i could feel her lips and innerds squeze me hard.

In and out my cock thrusted inside her and this felt better than anyone i had fucked before.
i could feel the pressure build up inside my cock as her wet pussy made slurping noinsed.

" Im gonna cum inside you baby " I cried and she shouted at me to full her pussy.

" Me too baby fuck Oh fuck yeah, yeah im cumming" Claire screamed at me as my cock pulsated and filled het hot tight hole with cum.

I laid there on top of her kissing her for ages as we both anjoyed what had just happened.

The next moring Claire left to go home and asked if she could come over next week.

How could i say no. So she gave me a long deep hard kiss at the door and left.

I went up staired feeling happy and complere, So hopefully next week will be even better.

story by: Dude100001

Tags: first time true story incest sex story

Author: Dude100001

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