A cruise with a black twist

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We are middle aged and have worked hard all our lives my wife is 49 still looking good with huge tits and a very nice round ass , she is not slim but nice and hour glass shape ,being a business woman dresses to please and never looks daggy.
We decided to treat ourselves to a cruise and chose a world cruise which would take around three months.
We boarded the ship and found our cabin moor like a penthouse suit emptied our cases and went on deck , the staff were fantastic and very helpful with anything we asked for or wanted champagne flowed and soon sailed out of the harbour waving to all the people left behind , it felt good and Kim was so relaxed and ready for a great holiday. the first two days we spent getting used to the facilities knowing what was available to us , the evening we dined and relaxed in the bar chatting to whoever was around and mostly retired couples and most were very wealthy but great company.
It was on the fourth night as we sat down to dinner that a new guest arrived at our table he was around 6ft I say 60 and very black he wore a white dinner jacket and bow tie and had the grace of a perfect gentleman , the ladies at the table all blushed and enjoyed the vision even my wife took a deep breath he introduced himself and sat next to my wife and it was not long before he was chatting to all of us the evening was eventful to say the least it was evident that Sam had made a huge impression on us all.
Over the next week we saw lots of Sam and even met him for coffee several times Kim was so relaxed around him we even spoke about him while in bed and I noticed she was a little randy after mentioning his name , so I used Sams name while I stroked her back and found she responded very well to the point that sex was the best its been for years Sam was always to be found around about the ship and he would spend time sunbathing next to us , then one day I asked him to apply oil to Kims back , black hands on white skin is very erotic Kim responded and was enjoying the massage I knew she was hot as she arched her back and slightly open her legs allowing Sam to oil her inside thigh he slapped her ass and got up displaying a huge bulge in his shorts and I mean huge he very quickly sat down and hid his erection not before Kim saw the size , the night she mentioned Sam's predicament so I asked if she would like to see moor of Sam's cock as he was very interested in her , she scalded me at first but later asked if I would mind if Sam was to show her moor of his cock I was thrilled at last my prudish wife was letting her hair down and I told her I would love to see Sam seduce her , and that night I got the fuck of my life with extras.
So over the next few days Kim was very at tentative to Sam's advances and showed she was keen and enjoyed his company and attention , that evening we went to the night club but before going we all changed into casual clothes I got changed first and told her to take her time as Sam was at the door so we both went down and waited for Kim to arrive , wow she entered with a bang short dress high heels stockings and her hair in a bun , she looked stunning and sexy both Sam and I stared with erections we all danced till early morning and Sam got to feel her body all over and Kim got to feel his huge cock not actually but only pressed against her ass , we went to the bar for last drinks and they went out to the deck for fresh air as I carrying the drinks I saw Sam standing behind her massaging her shoulders and nibbling her neck and then it happened she turned and there mouths met and that's when I knew she was ready for Sam there tongues were deep in each mouth and both were sucking and slurping she came up for air and I heard her gasp with pleasure and he did the same as well as telling her that he was going to fuck her brains out all I could here was her saying when when.
In bed that night I could smell his aftershave all around her neck and I asked her if she was ready for Sam she hugged me and asked if it would be ok and would I like to watch as Sam has suggested me be there.
The next day Sam and I sat and arranged the evening it was to take place after the show we had booked to see it was a comedy and we laughed for hours as the curtain came down we set of to the bar for drinks and then went back to our suite Sam went to shower in his room and we did the same dressed in our towels we sat around I made the first move and got up and told them to go on the balcony as I got champagne ready they stood on the balcony he again was behind her kissing her neck and then massaged her very hard nipples she let the towel drop and he did the same and I could see his huge cock resting between her ass cheeks she reached around and held his cock her eyes went so wide then lifted it to rest up her ass cheeks and then backed on to it with rhythm he rubbed it up an down so she could feel the thickness her body was now ready I could smell the aroma coming from both of them they embraced each other and kissed watching this black man seduce my wife was unbelievable he walked her on to the couch and told her to suck his cock on all fours I could see she was soaking and liquid was oozing out of her I watched Kim try to take as much as she could down her throat she gaged several times as he pushed it far down as he could , he asked if she was ready for fucking she was hysterical and jumped up he made her stride as he sat holding this weapon he started to feed his head into he open snatch I could see she was in pain as his cock head was huge all she could say is fuck fuck it is so big then little by little it started to enter but the pain was bad and she cryed then all of a sudden she groaned and in it went oh my god oh my god it is so fucking big but feels so good she said, he held her there for a while and then started to withdraw slowly then slam it back in it was all I could do but masturbate watching this huge cock spread my wife and then atch as he fucked her brains out I think he fucked her in every position that night and I must have wanked moor times than I should as I was so sore.
Sam came round most nights to enjoy my wife and she loved having his huge cock one memorable night was we were having a drink and she started to stroke his cock this must have been to much for him as he groaned and I watched this man ooze so much cum it was everywhere all over her face his chest and around his balls and then she liked it all up even around his ass and balls

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