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I'm at my farm when Ellen calls asking if she could spend the night, she had just finished an assignment and remembered she was close to my farm. I'm in the barn when she arrived, she had not seen many animals mating. She stood there mesmerized watching a 2000 pound bull mount one of the cows. Then she remembered our three dates when I mounted her, laying my 200 pound body on her back. Later that I heard Ellen turn off the water in the shower, she stepped out, drying her slim figure, her breast are medium size with nice brown nipples. Then I seen her shaved pussy and my dick went super hard. I watched as she finished drying herself. I can only see her from the side, but that is great for me. I went back to my room and started masturbating. My long thick cock is rock hard, she turned her back to the door, bent over to dry her feet. I see the lips of her pussy looking at me. I damn near shot my load there in the hallway.

She bends over to the bottom dresser drawer, I see the shape of her pussy lips. She laid the towel on top of the dresser and bends over to open the drawer. Then she stays bent over like she’s straightening the things out. My cock is rock hard, so hard it is painful and pointing straight up at my face. While bent over she widens her stance and
her pussy lips seperate, showing me her wet, pink inner lips. With that I don’t care, I take hold of my cock and step forward. Placing my cock head at her entrance, I rub it up and down her slit and Ellen lets out a low moan. Pushing her hips toward me so the head of my cock goes in her cunt. She starts to come up from being bent over; I’m
thinking she’s going to freak out. Instead she rests her forearms on the top of the dresser and pushes back
into me. Slowly I work my fat cock into her. Ellen asks me to take hold of her waist so I can push more of my
cock into her. I‘m taking long slow strokes, into her slippery pussy. She puts her right hand between her legs massaging her clit, she tells me to fuck her faster and deeper. I’m slamming my cock into her when she has an orgasm, humping her ass into my cock.

As she is calming down, I continue thrusting my cock, slow and easy, in and out of her pussy. She says she has a confession, that she had missed me over the past few months. She said she remembered she just had to have my cock in her. She had hoped that when she bent over and I saw her pussy that I would take her from behind. When I didn’t jump her right away she got worried and decided to spread her legs to make sure I knew she wanted my cock. Then she asked me why I didn’t cum? Well I have a confession also. " In fact I had jacked-off thinking about her pussy and how good it would feel to fuck her. And… well… I had shot a lot of cum eariler… so I could last a longer later." Ellen asked me to pull my cock out of her and to come to follow her to the bedroom. Ellen then tells me she wants to try something she calls, bull fuck. I ask her to explain. " Well, I've seen the bull breed the cow." I say yes. She says she liked watching him. She goes on to say, " I'll lie on my back, with my legs spread wide open and I want you to smell and lick my pussy, just like the bull does in the field."

I feel my cock throbbing, Ellen got down on her hands and knees on the floor. I walked up behind her, laying my chest onto her back. Wrapping my arms around her grabbing her breasts, then I mounted her. Without touching my cock with my hand, I poke the tip of my cock head around her pussy until I find her open slit. Pushing my cock head into her cunt. Then just like the bull, I give her pussy two short thrusts and then one big hard thrust, burying my big cock all the way into her pussy. The sudden force of my rapid thrusting hips pushing the tip of my cock between her pussy lips, and deep into her. " Oh my god," she screamed. Her eyes flash open, she gasps for a breath, she feels like she is being torn apart by my massive cock. The pain rushing through her like a tidal wave, but the feeling of being impaled on my shaft turns the pain into pleasure, she has dreamed of experiencing this again. My thrusts are hard, fast and deep, and the first thing that flashed through her thoughts is how hot my cock is, then she feels my seeping hot cum entering the depths of her. As I continue to fuck her with force, the pain turns to intense pleasure, and she drifts into the world of pure lust. She has never felt such pleasure before until I fucked her, and she found the slut in her pushing back against my cock. No longer aware of the things around her, she became the slut she knew was in side her.

" Oh yes, fucking yes, fuck me, fuck me." She screams out the words, without caring who hears her cries of pure lust. Her whole body feels on fire, her skin feels like thousands of small fires on her flesh. There are no words that will describe how she feels inside. She has never felt this with any man before, and for the first time in her life the slut inside is getting what she needed, a good hard fucking. It is like she has started climaxing the moment my cock entered her, but when the massive one hit it shook her body. It feels like every muscle, and every fiber of her body exploded like the eruption of a volcano, and she struggles to keep from losing conscious. " Oh yes, fucking yes, god I'm dying," she screams out. In her weak state, she cannot prevent my girth from entering her battered sore pussy.
" Oh my god," she scream out. The girth of my cock going in sent pain throughout her body that went beyond words. Her beautiful face is marred with pain, and tears trickle down her cheeks. The pressure of my cum filling her became over whelming. The mere thought of her cum mixing with mine brought on another climax that rushes through her.

I made an effort to pull back, but my effort only tugged her body toward me. The pressure of my girth against the inside opening of her pussy is painful, but at the same time she drew pleasure from it. Now she feels she has become one with me, and I'm her Master who has the control, and she is my bitch who has to endure whatever happens. Ellen became submissive, and did not move. I stood with my girth holding her in place. She lowers her head down on her arms and closes her eyes in an effort to gather her thoughts and to calm her body from the intense fucking I'm giving her. Her pussy feels numb, bruised and sore, the constant pain keeps pulsating through her body. No idea when my cock will go down, she remains still and thought about her ordeal with me. My cock and cum is hotter than any man's, she has experienced before. My thrusts are faster and harder than any man's, she had experienced before. She has never climaxed so hard in her life; it is like her whole world has exploded. Ellen has lost track of time, and with one lunge by me, my cock slips from her, and the sudden gush of my cum tinged with blood rushed from her pussy and down her thighs. The sudden rip of pain from my cock brought a scream from her.

She tells me she wants me to breed her. After telling me what she wants, I’m so horny I remember how many times I mounted her, before I breed her. I do as she asked smell, lick her pussy then mount her again thrusting my cock into her pussy. Each time I mounted her I buck harder into her making her moan more. Then I feel my cock swelling up as it gets ready to ejaculate into her pussy. I tell her that I will breed her when I mount her this time. She tells me to thrust hard when I pump my semen into her cunt. I smell her sweet musk pussy making my cock strain to get into her. I give her cunt a couple of licks, then I mount her, slamming my cock into her pussy till it slams against her cervix. I give her cunt a few short strokes then I buck up into her, hard, shooting my semen into her cervix. I
thrust into her again shooting semen, grinding my cock against her slippery wet pussy lips, breeding her like a bull. Ellen cries out, " Oh yes!! YES!! Breed me!! Fuck my cunt with your big cock!" Afterwards I ask her if I did breed her, but she says no, that she is on the pill. She says she wants me to be just like the herd bull and keep servicing her as much as I want. Believe me I’ll be mounting her as often as she'll let me.

After I finished I stood over her, she tried to stand up. I put my hand on her shoulder and held her down on her knees. Ellen looked up at me as I looked down at her. I held the back of her neck with one hand and presented my hard cock to her with the other. I smiled and said, " Why don't you put it in your mouth, Ellen?" She swallowed hard again, looking back at my cock in front of her face. Her eyes stared at the fat, swollen cock head pointing at her. She wanted to do it. She wanted to take my cock in her mouth as I had asked. She wanted to make love to my big, hard cock with her mouth. But, I can't bring herself to perform such a nasty act. She looked up at me to tell me that she couldn't. But before she can say anything, I pull the hair on the back of her head making her gasp. As her mouth
opened, I pulled her head forward and stuck my fat cock head into her mouth saying sternly, " I said suck
it, Ellen."

Her eyes went wide as she feels my spongy cock head on her lips. For a moment, she didn't know what to do. Ellen loved the feel of my hard meat in her mouth. She begins to suck my head in her lips. She slides my tongue over my head. She looked over at the mirror and saw herself on her knees in front of me, my fat, long cock sticking into her eager sucking mouth. I seen her looking at herself, I said, " Yes Ellen. That looks good, doesn't it?" It has been to long since I have been given a blowjob. Ellen lost all interest in sucking a guy's small dick in college. Besides, when she did go down on a guy, he wouldn't last long and that would be the end of the sex. Ellen held my cock around my thick shaft with one hand, guiding it deeper into her mouth. Her other hand came up to fondle and massage my heavy balls. She closed her eyes as she begins sucking my cock harder, sliding it in and out of her mouth. I put both of my hands on her head, entwining my fingers in her short blonde hair. " Oh yes, Ellen. You're real good at this. Mmmmmmm. Yes, suck it. Suck my cock."

Her eyes open as she feels me pull her head towards me, sticking my cock deeper in her mouth. She looked up at me and seen my head laying back and my eyes closed. Her eyes went wide as I pulled her further and shoved my cock into her throat. I held her head in place with my hands and fucked her face faster and harder. Ellen started to choke and gag on my thick cock. She brought her hands up to push my hips back so I couldn't thrust so hard and deep. But, I'm too strong for her and she realized that I wasn't aware that she is resisting me. Ellen then decided to relax and let me use her mouth. She brought her hands down and relaxed her head and throat. She found that when she stopped struggling, she didn't choke so much and was able to take my cock a little easier. I continue to pump my fat hard cock into her mouth. Ellen feels my balls slapping her chin as I thrust my cock deep into her throat. She can tell from my grunts that I'm frustrated that I can't get all of my cock into her mouth. It isn't from a lack of trying, but her mouth and throat simply aren't big enough to take all of my monster cock.

I pulled her head into me as I thrust my cock into her throat. As I yelled out, she feels my hot cum shoot into her. She didn't taste it because my long cock is deep in her throat. I kept cumming and cumming. She thought it would never end. She sat there on the floor panting and trying to catch her breath. I had been fucking her mouth for several minutes and she felt as if she had just run a marathon. I took a step back and used a towel to dry off the saliva and cum on my semi-hard cock. Taking her by the hand I lead her to the bedroom. Ellen is too tired, excited, and frightened to try and stop me. Ellen didn't think I was hard enough to fuck her again. When I cupped her breasts and rubbed my growing cock against her ass. She dropped her hands to her waist pulling her hips tightly to me, letting my hard cock press along the length of her crack. When grinding against her wasn't enough, I pushed her to the bed, forcing her to bend over the bed and spread her legs apart. " No, no, John, please no more," Ellen said. " Shhhhhh, quiet, I know your sore, but I promise it won't hurt like it has before," I chided. She tried to get from under me as I swatted her hard across her naked ass with my hand.

" Don't pull away from me, Ellen, do you hear me?" I admonished. " Don't you ever hold yourself from me," I said menacingly. She lay there crying quietly trying to understand how I could do this to her so many times. Ellen grimaced as I entered her, " Oh god….stop, you're hurting me….please, it's too big….too big," She whimpered when I pushed my bulbous, purple cock head deeper inside her. Oblivious to her pleas, I held her hips thrusting into her, my long thick cock filling every inch of her. Faster and deeper, deeper and harder until my body tensed and I begin to grunt with my urgent thrusting into her. Finally, holding her tighter, I stiffened and she feels me forcefully erupt, claiming again what I already perceived as belonging to me. When I finished, I pulled out of her and slowly milked the remains of my cum onto the small of her back where it pooled and slowly dripped between her cheeks. I walked away.

story by: horny fox

Tags: fantasy sex story

Author: horny fox

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