A cruise with my granddaughter, part ii

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We slept in each others arms for most of the night. I felt secure holding her close to me, secure in our love for one another and very tuned into the bareness of her body. She had a perfect little body that she was more than willing to share with me and I drifted off thinking of how lucky I was to have this beautiful 15 year-old, lying naked next to me, cuddling her warm willing crotch into my side and loving me back just like I loved her.

Went we finally awoke, the ship was gently rolling from side to side, indicating that we were nearing our first destination, Nassau. We were to dock there at about 10:00 in the morning so I determined that it must be about 8 or 8:30 went I woke up. Kristy was snuggled up to my side with her sweet little head resting on my chest. Her arm was draped over my stomach and her tender heaving breasts were cuddling up to my waist. She had her leg lying over my thigh and her crotch was barely touching my hip. I was in heaven feeling the warmth and softness of this granddaughter of mine.

As she yawned and started to open her eyes and feeling my warmth against her, she smiled and cooed and snuggled deep into my chest. I greeted her with a hug and she softly said, “Good morning Gramps. I love waking up in your arms. You make me feel don’t know, so warm and fuzzy and loved.”

I chuckled and said, “All that, huh?”

She jumped on top of me like she was mounting a horse with my tummy being the saddle and she smiled playfully as she tried to tickle my stomach. She said with a devilish sneer on her face, “Yeah, all that!” and she bent her head down and gave me a big wet kiss. As we kissed, she must have wanted to start up where we left off last night because her kiss became passionate and she started grinding her pussy into my belly.

I had to fight off the temptation to see how far it would go but I knew that I couldn’t keep up so I rolled her to my side as I tried to cool her off. “Whoa now Sweety, you’ve got to remember that Gramps can’t keep up with you. No matter how much I want to or how hard I try, you’ve just got too many years on me. The mind is willing but the body just won’t respond. I’m sorry, Kristy, I know I’m not that much fun,” I said with a sense of reality.

“Well, last night you were a lot of fun. In fact, you were so much fun that I thought just maybe you were ready to start up again. But please don’t say that you’re no fun because you are a lot of fun. I’d rather be with you and all your experience than three guys each a third of your age who didn’t know what they’re doing,” she explained. “Besides, we’ve got all day and I want to build it up so tonight we can do it again, and again and again,” she said slyly as she tried to tickle my belly again.

“O no, not that again,” I said disgustedly. “Well, we’ll see.”

We stopped our fooling around and we lay there, side by side, for a moment, each lost in our own thoughts. I finally asked her, “Kristy, speaking of my experience, where did you get your technique for giving oral sex. My God, Sweety, you didn’t just pick that up.”

“Did you like that?” she said enthusiastically.

“Yeah, I did, but where did you learn to do it that well and with whom?” I asked with emphasis on the latter part of the question.

“Gramps, are you jealous?” she asked in a needling way.

“Answer the question,” I said emphatically.

“Well, if you must know, I practiced a lot with a cucumber, a pickle, a piece of sausage and a carrot. I think I got pretty good at it too,” she answered. “I can take it all the way back without gagging now. Didn’t you like it?”

“Kristy, I loved it. I just thought that maybe you had a boyfriend that you practiced on that’s all,” I confessed.

“Gramps, you are jealous aren’t you? What would you have said if I did have someone that I practiced on?” she asked.

“Well, I probably would have thought, “Now see what you’ve done taking this sweet young little girl and corrupting her with your perverted ideas and I said truthfully.

She looked sadly into my eyes and said very seriously, “Gramps, don’t feel that way. You haven’t corrupted me. You’ve taught me something no one else who has any experience would. You’ve taught me how to love someone else, not only emotionally but physically. You’ve taught me how to give of myself and to receive from others, openly, warmly and totally. You taught me so many things, Gramps, and I will always love you for that.”

I thought of what she had said for a moment. I appreciated how she felt, but I did have one more question. “Kristy? Did I hear you use some rather crude language last night?”

She blushed and hesitated a little and then confessed, “Well, yeah, you did. That’s the way they all talk on the videos on the net. I wanted to learn some more about, you know, sex and stuff, so I would watch videos on the net and that’s what they say.”

“Does it turn you on to talk like that?” I asked.

“Well, not really. Does it turn you on?”

“No, not at all. It actually has the opposite effect on me. You see, when I hear language like that coming from a young girl like you, what does it say about her? It says to me, “Hey this girl had been with lots of guys; she’s a whore, a slut. I know what I’m dealing with. Now I’m not saying that you can’t use language like that, but now you know how I feel about it,” I explained.

She though for a second and then said, “I’m sorry Gramps, I just thought that it would turn you on. I’ll never use those words again, I />
“Sweety, I’m just saying how it affects me. Maybe some guys like it, I don’t know. Maybe I would like it in a certain setting. You have to make up your mind how you want to come across, that’s all,” I concluded the talk.

She continued to cuddle but didn’t say a word.

I suddenly felt the urge from my bladder and rolled out of bed and proceeded to the bathroom. When I came back into the room, Kristy had removed the sheets from her body and was lying out in the open, reading a magazine. The view of her stopped me I my tracks.

It appeared to me that she had gotten up out of bed to get reading material and had flopped back down to read and had not bothered to cover back up. However she got to that position, I was sure happy about it. She was lying there, prone, on her back with her right leg bent at the knee with the magazine covering her breasts in the reading position. Now looking at her breasts would have been fantastic, but the view that I got was unbelievable.

Her long, athletic legs curving upward from her feet and flaring out at her hips and made a glorious picture, but the real prize was her light brown patch of hair growing between those beautiful legs. It was sparse and curly, barely covering the lips that hid her treasures and it petered out as it went up her abdomen and down into her opening. It did not extend outward around her legs but confined itself to the area it was supposed to cover. I was absolutely absorbed in watching her down there, it was so beautiful.

Suddenly she asked, rather loudly, “Gramps, are we going to go over to Paradise Island today?” She was oblivious to my presents there watching her most private place and when I answered her so close, it startled her.

“I had thought that we would take a cab and go around the island of Nassau and maybe go over to the resort to grab a bite to eat. Why, did you find something that you wanted to see over there?”

She brought her legs together and drew up her knees to the side as she answered by saying, “I was just looking at the pictures in the magazine and I just wondered if we were going, that’s all.”

“Well, if we don’t get up and get ready, we won’t see anything, now will we?” I said as I walked over to her a slapped her on the butt gently.

“Ouch, Gramps, that wasn’t nice,” getting to her knees. “How would you like me spanking you on your butt?” trying to swat me on my rear, but not really to hard.

I deflected the attempt and grabbed her by her wrists and struggled with her for a moment. She lost the fight but ended up right next to me with her arms around my neck pressing her naked body into mine. I could feel the blood start to flow towards my cock as I got aroused. Feeling her warm pussy grind into my crotch was stimulating and tempting, but I knew my limitations and I backed away as I said, “Kristy, you little rabbit, you could go on and on and on, couldn’t you. Oh how I would love to keep up with you,” as I gave her one last kiss and scooted her off of the bed.

“Now go on and get cleaned up so we can get something to eat and go ashore and see Nassau,” I instructed. She smiled and headed towards the bathroom, glancing over her shoulder at me.

When she got into the shower, I made my way into the bathroom to shave and take a sponge bath to get the smell off. I then walked out to the room to dress as the shower turned off. She made her appearance from the bathroom wearing a towel around her and as she got to the closet, she dropped it and stood there, looking at me smiling, totally nude. She took out a pair of panties and slipped her feet into them and then looking seductively into my eyes, she stood up and pulled them up over her hips, covering her crotch.

My heart was racing as I watched the show. It was almost as seductive as watching her remove them. They were the thin little boy boxers that the girls like to wear. They were maybe three inches wide at the crotch and instead of bands at the waist and the legs, it was made of wide lace material that clung to the skin but did not leave a panty line.

Kristy, next pulled out a strapless, form fitting bra that fit her bust perfectly and as she hooked it into place, she smiled and asked, “Do you like to watch me get dressed, Gramps?”

“I sure do, Sweety,” I said, not taking my eyes off of her beautiful body. It was so perfectly shaped; curving in all the right places, in just the right proportions. I continued to stare as she pulled on her white little shorts that were just a little too small and topped it off with a loose fitting, blue and white striped top that she pulled down over her bare shoulders. As she turned to face the mirror and started brushing her hair and applying her makeup, I caught a glimpse of her rear end as it was being cradled in those tight white shorts. If I didn’t know that she was wearing panties, I would have sworn that she was riding bareback.

After eating at around 10:30, we were cleared for disembarkation and as we walked down the gangplank onto the dock, we were bathed in the warm tropical sunshine of The Bahamas. We found a taxi driver that was willing to show us around the island, including Paradise Island and we enjoyed the entire day out and about the beautiful island. We even managed to get in some shopping so we came back aboard ship with a lovely dinner gown that Kristy looked fabulous in. I could hardly wait to see her in it at the formal dinner that evening.

I decided that we would eat at the Steak House aboard ship that evening, so I booked a reservation for us for 7:00. I fussed around getting into my tux and felt as nervous as a school boy as I waited for Kristy to make her appearance from the bedroom. Finally, about 6:45, she came out to the main area of our suite, looking the very part of a princess.

First her hair, she wore it up in a bun, twirled around in a manner that displayed her grace and elegance to a tee. Her shoulders were bare except for the single pearl that graced her lovely neck, matched by the drop pearl earrings I had purchased that day in Nassau. Under her soft shoulders was the bodice of a pale blue satin gown that hugged her figure down to a foot off the floor. She was wearing the matching bracelet and a pair of lacy white gloves. She looked indescribable.

We literally glided up to the restaurant and were seated at exactly 7 sharp and we enjoyed a wonderful 5 course meal that took us two and a half hours to consume. We talked and joked and were silent, looking into each others eyes. The waiters were polite but attentive and as we left, the hostess wished us a good evening. “This is going to be a great evening,” I thought.

We danced in the lounge and I shared a cocktail with my beautiful date and then I suggested that we go outside and watch as the ship headed out of Nassau to a private island owned by the cruise line. As we cleared the harbor the music from the lounge came streaming out over the few couples that were out there taking advantage of the scene. I asked her dance and we started swaying to the rhythm of the love song that was playing.

As we danced in the warm tropical evening’s air, I looked down at my granddaughter with the most loving eyes imaginable. She had her head resting on my chest with both arms draped over my neck. I bent down and kissed her on the top of her head and whispered, “I love you, Kristy.” She just snuggled into my chest and sighed.

We danced there on deck until it was past midnight when I led her down to our suite. I opened the door and followed her into the interior and then stopped and locked the door. I took off my jacket and laid it down over the back of a chair and joined her in front of the couch. “Kiss me Gramps,” she cooed softly and I responded.

Taking her deep within my arms, I met her lips with mine as I gently kissed her mouth with a warm tender kiss. I rotated it around, kissing her entire mouth; her lower lip, her upper lip and then the inside of her lips. I sucked on them softly, opening my mouth to hers as I inserted my tongue to explore her oral cavity. As I extended my search into her mouth, my hold over her became more urgent as I pulled on her shoulders and back and I crushed her mouth with my own. I began to feel the need of her presences and I was determined to find it.

Her hands came up to my chest in a defensive posture and she pushed me away. I was startled as I broke the kiss and back off. I found a smile on her face as her eyes told me to trust her, so I followed her lead. She untied my bowtie and unbuttoned the buttons of my shirt and then she pushed me down into the couch. As she took a couple steps backward, she had a shy little smile on her face.

It was a strange smile, one that I couldn’t read very well. I had seen her smile with contentment, in a devilish manner, even with a sense of daring, but this smile I couldn’t read. It was almost a nervous smile, one that said that she didn’t know if what she was about to do would meet with my approval. What could she do at this minute that would not meet with my approval?

She slowly reached around to the back of the beautiful gown that she was wearing, to the zipper holding it in place. She took her time as she moved her hand down and the tension of the garment around her bosom released. She quickly caught the dress as it gave way in front and stopped its fall down to her waist. She moved her other hand in front and cupped her breasts, holding the dress in place and then slowly, very slowly she let it slide down her front. As it made its way down over her breasts, revealing the fleshy part and then the entirety of the breasts, I became aware that she had not been wearing a bra the entire evening.

As her hands let the gown drop to her tummy and then to her abdomen, it became apparent that there was one more shocking revelation to be made. It cleared her crotch area revealing that she was wearing nothing under her beautiful gown but her birthday suit. She was nude, naked, bear as the day she was born and I was shocked, but I loved it. If I had only known, I would not have been able to keep my hands off of her the entire night.

As she stepped out of the gown, I realized that she was standing in front of me wearing her hair up in a formal bun, her single pearl necklace, her drop pearl earrings, her pearl bracelet and a smile for me. I was the luckiest guy on earth. I couldn’t have imagined a greater turn on, but she had one more surprise for me.

She stood there posing openly as my eyes devoured her body and then she turned to her purse that she had lying on the table. She took something out but I could not make out what it was because she had her back to me. Then, turning around, I saw what was in her hands. It was a can of gel and a razor.

“John, would you shave me,” she asked simply.

My mind was a burr with questions; did she just call me John, my first name? Did she just ask me to shave her? Was this my little granddaughter? My God, what am I supposed to say? Hell yeah, I’ll shave you. I’ll shave that tight little cunt of yours, I’ll lick it, I’ll fuck it, I’ll do whatever you want to it! Just let me at it!

My voice quivered as I asked one simple question, “Kristy, do you really mean it? This is not my little granddaughter, this is someone entirely different. What’s going on?”

Her demeanor had changed as her persona switched from the little slut back to my loving little granddaughter. “Please play the part Gramps will you. For me, please,” she insisted. How could I refuse?

“I’ll shave you, you little slut. I’ll shave you, then eat your bare pussy and then ram my cock into her shaved little tight cunt and make you beg me to stop!” I roared in my most threatening voice.

“Then take the gel and razor and shave my cunt as smooth as a baby’s butt,” she said in character as she slowly walked over to me and spread her legs. I looked directly at her pubic hair and thought to myself what a turn on this is going to be, but also that I would spoil this view. It was a magnificent sight; her curly light brown pubic mound of hair, so light and sparse I could clearly make out the lips it was covering. It said, in a way, that “I’m a young lady, not a little girl. I’m dignified not a slut. I may be virginal, but not necessarily. I am shy and demure but youthful and ready to explore. I am playful but serious. I am ready.” As I applied a thin covering of gel over the hair I knew that my little granddaughter was growing up into a woman.

I took great joy in lathering up the gel into a covering of foam that intermingled with the pubic hair and covered the sight I had. Now it was a new sight, a different sight, one that was erotic in its own. As I pulled the first stroke down with the razor on her mound, I lightly took off the foamy mixture that included the pubic hair and left in its wake, a smooth, clear section of the softest looking skin I could imagine. The next stroke left another section and the third yet another, until I had removed all of the hair that was growing above her pussy.

I then directed her to come over to the couch and lay back. The foamy mixture was still clinging to her pussy lips so I placed a towel on the couch so she didn’t leave a mess. As she exposed herself to my gaze once again, I found myself trembling slightly from the excitement of what I was doing. I was shaving my cunt of all of her pubic hair, making it smooth and completely void of all reminisce of modesty. I was making her into a slut and I loved it.

I carefully slid the razor down over her labia lips being extra sure I did not knick or cut her. My hand was steady now as I made sure that I removed the slightest little hairs from those luscious lips. Then I moved into the crotch next to her legs. Shaving outward, I eliminated all traces of any hair growing there and then turned my attention to her area beneath her opening; her anal area.

She knew that I needed access to this very private and sensitive spot so she grabbed her own knees and pulled and rocked her self backward at the same time, exposing herself to the razor and my eyes. I searched but found no major evidence of any growth down there but I couldn’t resist the opportunity to look and droll over the sight. Her puckered rose bud was tight as it could be and I ran my finger around it on her legs, she stuttered and moaned loudly. This must be a turn on for her as much as it is for me.

I applied a little gel and began lathering it up into the foamy substance. As I lathered, I would prod into her anus just a little and tease and caress it with my finger. She was responding by emitting a womanly odor that I knew very well, that encouraged me to continue to with my explorations.

I applied the razor to the lathered area and, oh so softly, ran it around, over and onto her anus, taking great care now to apply enough pressure to really make contact to the skin. She would shake and shutter at the sensation and then I noticed the moisture she was emitting from her vagina. She was getting very aroused and was about to orgasm.

As I wiped the foam off of her anal area, I gently teased her anus once again with my finger and ran my hand up onto her bare pussy to inspect my work. I found it smooth to the touch everywhere I had shaved. There was no stubble, no knicks or hair remaining; I had completed my task and now it was play time.

As I continued to run my hand over my handy work, my fingers began to insert themselves in the most delicious places. They first ran up and down on her labia lips, right on the slit in the middle. I was amazed at just how tight they were. They were firm yet soft and unyielding to the touch. The freshly shaved skin was smooth and soft and there was just a little spot of moisture escaping from down near the end.

I continued to rub and as I did, I put a little pressure on the slit and it started to separate to the intruder. She began to move her hips a little and she moaned softly to the touch of my finger as it made its way inside to her pink little slit. I ran it along her crack, causing her to respond as it made its way closer and closer to her erotic spots. Finally touching them, she reacted with a submissive movement of spreading her legs even wider, moving her hips into the touch and a loud, she was in ecstasy.

I began probing my finger at her vaginal opening, just slightly inserting it around the edges at first. As I ran my finger around and around, she strained to push her opening up into my finger. I resisted the insertion for the moment as she expelled more of her juices onto my hand. I felt the dominance change at that point, but in all reality, it had transferred over to me with the first stroke of the razor.

She had started out our session being very forceful with what she wanted and she knew my role in making it happen. But once I started, she had quickly taken the submissive role and now she was like putty in my hands. Feeling that power turned me on beyond belief, but I knew instinctively that with that amount of power came a great deal of responsibility.

I now felt the need to taste the drop of moisture as it oozed out of her opening so I scooted down and took my position between her out spread legs, right there with my nose replacing my finger. As I began to lap up her juices, she gyrated her hips and bucked them up to meet my exploring tongue and cried out loudly, “Oh John, yes, eat my pussy!” I guess that she wasn’t as lost in her lust as I thought because she remained in her slutty character.

The taste, the aroma, the sensation of feeling her smooth pussy lips surrounding my mouth was driving my desire to the point of recklessness. I opened my mouth wide to encompass her entire crotch in one big mouth full. I let my tongue go down and explore her anus as my teeth gently grazed over her clitoris. Again she went ballistic. Her hands went to the back of my head as she pulled it into her open crotch, driving my tongue deeper into her wanting anus. I was going wild as well and I suddenly bit down on the labia lip, pulling it away from her pussy. It must have hurt her some because she yelled her displeasure but continued to ram her crotch into my mouth.

I settled my mouth upon her clitoris, taking it between my lips and sucking it into my mouth. Pulling it away from its protective hood, I sucked it up to my teeth and ran them over the sensitive node causing her to shriek from the stimulation. I tried to muffle the cry but I don’t know how successful I was. If anyone was around to hear her cries, they surely knew what we were doing.

There was only one way to throttle her passion and her vocalization of it and that was to have her fill her mouth with something that would block her throat. I slid off of the couch, grabbing her by her hips and brought her with me to her feet. I got into a prone position, facing up, pulling her crotch down to my face. She caught my drift immediately and literally dove down to my erect cock as she straddled my face. She shoved her cunt down on my mouth and she drove my cock down her throat, taking it as far as she dared on the first insertion. I went crazy with lust.

I sucked hard on her clit as I inserted my middle finger into her opening as far as it would go. She spread her legs even further, giving me the un-vocalized indication that she wanted it in further. I switched to my index finger as I withdrew the middle one and started rotating it around her anus. This sent her wild with pleasure and she managed to take my cock down her throat even further. Now I was humping her mouth and she was ramming my fingers up her cunt and ass hole. We were both mad with utter lust.

I felt it well up deep within my groin and I knew that it was coming. I sensed that she was close also. I bit down hard on her clit and that did it. She started jerking her body as her muscles tightened up and she started to cum. A muffled cry tried to escape from her cock filled throat as she reached for that one blissful moment of pleasure she had been built towards. As I shot down her throat, she started sucking harder and choking both at the same time as she was writhing uncontrollably on my fingers. Suddenly, as she licked the last little bit of cum off of her lips, she rolled off of me and tried to gather herself.

As she lay there, gasping for air and convulsing all of her muscles, she kept whispering, “Oh my God, Gramps, that was wonderful, that was unbelievably />
How could I disagree? We lay there, on the floor of our cabin, out to sea somewhere in The Bahamas, totally spent from one of the most erotic love sessions imaginable. Yes, it was unbelievably wonderful.

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