A day in the life part 2

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A Day In The Life Part 2

A bright flash. The sound of thunder. By the heavens she missed Miami. Sure hurricane season was a problem, and it did rain every day, but that was nothing like the thunderstorms of the Midwest. Usually Colleen found the sound of the thunder and the flash of the lighting to be rather relaxing. But that was not the case tonight. Tonight she was hunting.

After having burned down the penthouse she was staying at in Miami: Colleen had headed north up interstate 75 not sure of where she was heading. She had been on the road for about two hours when she received the call. The number was blocked, like it always was but she knew the voice on the other end of the line.
“Are you ready for your next assignment?' the deep rough voice asked.
Her usual reply.
“Then continue up I-75 until you reach Ohio. We've tracked the next target, Devon to a small farm town. The towns name is /> “Roger that.” She said, and then she hung up.

She continued down the highway until she found a rest stop. She had pulled her vehicle in and programmed the towns name into her phone. After arriving she found that her hunt would be much easier than she though. The town was home to roughly 500 people, most of whom lived in a 6 by 6 block village, with the remainder spread out over a 20 mile area of farms. Ironically she had found her target the first night. Sitting the only bar in town throwing back shot after shot.

When she had arrived everyone in the bar had looked at her, except for her target. Clearly strangers where noticed in this town, adding a bit of a challenge to her kill as she would be the main suspect if he where to just turn up dead. She often found it amusing how most people thought a town like this would make the kill easier. She sat at the bar, as far away from her target as possible, and had herself a few white Russians while some small town band played on the stage. The lead singer was a handsome looking lab with chocolate colored fur. The rest of the band was comprised of similar dogs as folks tended to call them.

Three drinks in her target left the bar. She was fine with that and let him escape for the time being. It wouldn't be hard to find him and anyway leaving now and stalking him would make her seem more suspicious. About ten minutes after he left the band finished their final song. Some of them began to pack. Meanwhile the lead singer and the bands drummer, a rather large Great Pyrenees even by the breeds standers, made their way to the bar. As they drew closer the differences between the two was rather amusing to her. The lab had a sleak and dark chocolate coat while the drummers fur was courser and almost as white as her own. The say near her, and she smiled. She had played this game before. One, or sometimes both, would sit a couple seats away and order their drinks. After a round or two they would saunter over to her in a way that only small town dwellers could and ask to buy her a round, or if their drink where particularly effective, proposition her to go home with her for the night. That is almost precisely what happened. After two beers the lab made his way over to her and offered to buy her another drink. She gave him a curt nod of approval and he waved the bartender over.

The bartender was a bull a bit on the small side for his species but still large compared to most of the patrons in the bar.
“Another one there Tom?' the bull asked as he made his way over.
“Yup, and another one for this fine young lass.” the lab replied casually. The bartender nodded and began mixing her drink. Once he her's made up her popped the top off of the bottle of beer using one of his horns and brought them their drinks. While he worked the lab looked over at her.
“Now whats pretty lil thing like you doing in an ol' run like this one? An in such a pretty red dress?”
“Just sort of passing through.” Colleen replied looking him over. This close she could see that the lab was well toned, though not overly muscled, she licked her lips a little when her gaze drifted further south. His back side filled his pants nicely and the bulge in the front was more the suggestive.
“Well, do ya have a place to stay?” he asked. His tone suggested that he was hoping for more activities, but also hinted at small town hospitality.
“Not yet.” she said with a coy smile and moved herself closer to the lab.
It was at this moment that the bull dropped their drinks off for them. As he did he leaned over the bar and gave the lab a soft jab to the shoulder.
“You better watch this one, little lady” he said, his voice hinting at southern accent. “Got a regular silver tongue on 'em. Hell I bet he could sell shoes to a snake.” he joked.
“Aww come on Hank, now that's just down right unfair.” the lab responded.
Hank smiled and walked away, letting the lab return his attention to the white fox in front of him.
“Any way miss, if you'd like a place to stay I've got an extra room. Be more than happy to put ya up for a spell.” Tom said somewhat sheepishly after Hank's interruption.
“Well that is rather kind of you.” Colleen said with a smile.
“But… “ and here the lab frowned as she continued to speak.
“… I think I'd rather spend the night getting to know a certain chocolate furred lab.” She smiled.
His ears perked up at this and he joked with her.
“Well that must be one lucky lab to get to spend the night with you.” he winked at her and took a drink.
she said playfully as she finished her own.

Once the lab finished his beer she offered him her hand and he took it, helping her off of her stool, and then together they made their way outside. He held the door for her and once they where outside she turned and asked him.
“My car? Or yours?”
“Well ma'am if ya don't mind I'd rather take mine.” he said respectfully.
“Not a problem at all.” she had responded and let him lead the way.

He lead the way to an older model ford, one of the ones with a single large bench seat in the cab and a rather large bed in the back. He opened her door for her and she pulled herself inside before he closed it for her. Once he was in he started the vehicle up with a loud rumble.
“Sorry, he said smiling embarrassed, the exhaust pipe busted off an I ain't had a chance to fix it yet.”
“Oh I don't mind one bit.” She said as she slide across the bench seat to sit next to him. Her leg pressed against his and one hand resting on his muscled thigh.

Grinning he backed out of the parking lot and drove to one of the closer farm houses on the outskirts of town. The pulled up a long drive way and by the time he parked the truck her lips had already found their way to his neck where she nibbled softly.
“S…Shall we go in?” Tom asked, being ever the gentlemen.
“No…not yet. Let's enjoy this wonderful night air.” she hummed softly.

With that he pulled her into his arms and pressed his muzzle to hers. Kissing her with a passion that burned soft yet intense like the embers of fire. He then swept her legs from underneath her and carried her to the barn out back. He even kept her up as he opened the large door.
“You might want to take your dress off.” he suggested as he moved to a large pile of hey that sat at the back of the barn. She nodded as he set her down. She moved to the near by work bench and removed her dress. Taking care to slide the pistol on her thigh off as she shimmed out of the red garment. She then folded the dress, tucking the pistol underneath so he would not notice.
When she returned to him he had removed his shirt and was waiting for her by the pile of hey.
She moved closer, her body tense with purpose. He in return smiled as he saw the black lingerie trimmed with red lace that her dress had been hiding. Slowly he licked his lips.
“My oh my I truly am one lucky dog.” he teased as she fell next to him.

He then rolled over so that he was above her and they began to kiss each other softly. As the kissed the passion between them grew and as it did she began to work his belt as he removed her bra. Belt gone, and bra discarded together they both removed their lower garments. She was surprised to find that the lab did not wear underwear. Finally free of their clothing they pressed themselves against each other. The heat of their bodies keeping out the slight chill that lingered on the night air. His scent filled her nose. He smelled of fresh hay, cooked meat with just a hint of sweat that she found rather appealing. He in turn found her to smell of fresh snow, icy water and with just a hint of pine and frozen dirt. He too found her scent appealing and began to kiss his way down her body. She was so slender compared to the women of his town that he was almost afraid that he would hurt her. But those eyes of her's a bright and burning blue. Like ice that seemed to see him down to his vary core told him a different story.

He worked his way down her neck. Down her shoulder and then over the top of her breast until he found her right nipple. He bit it softly while he left hand trailed upper her side to cup her other breast softly. As he bit and released her nipple his hand would squeeze and release on her other breast in an opposite motion, always generating pressure and pleasure on one breast or the other. She in response to this found her hands tangled in the shaggy hair on top of his head and her legs trying to wrap around his waist. She could not believe how excited her body had become. It had certainly been a while since she took a lover. But he was not her first since she had escaped. Yet still even during those times she had not been this aroused or this wet. Thinking about it however caused her skin to warm, and had it not been for her fur she surely would be blushing.

Tom feeling her skin grow warmer looked up at her. “Everything alright?” he ask softly between his tender bites. She in return nodded and pulled his muzzle up for a kiss. She used this moment and rolled over so that she sat atop his chest. She knew in this position that he could smell her arousal, but she would be just out of reach of his tongue. She then grabbed his wrist and pinned his hands above his head. She paused for just a moment to look into his eyes, which were golden like honey, as his body began to betray his thoughts. Her smile was mostly kind, but he say a playful wickedness in it as well as she moved to kiss his chest. She then began to work her way down and in passing bite his own nipple softl for a bit of pay back. But unlike him she did not stop there. She moved down his belly and to his waist, where she licked his hip softly sending a shiver up his spine. It wasn't long until she was at his sheath. Her tongue moved slowly over the exposed pink tip of his cock slowly coaxing him out of his sheath. He shivered and soon found his paws on top of her head as her tongue worked him over. She was far more experienced than any woman he had ever been with, but he thought it to rude to point this out to her. Within a minute she had him fully aroused and she had slipped his head, and part of his shaft into her muzzle where she sucked softly, as her tongue swirled around his head.

She decided to let him have some fun as well and rotated her body around so they where now in what was commonly refereed to as the 69 position. Tom was more than happy to accommodate her in the position and he lapped at her eagerly. His tongue pushed deep inside her and as he pulled it back his tongue would widen and press softly against the outer walls of her tight passage.

Unable to resist she let out a long soft moan. The feeling was both pleasurable and at the same time weird to her. In her past few if any of the males she had been with had taken the time to attend to her wants and needs rather than focusing on theirs alone. Tom however was doing just that and it made it harder to concentrate on him. Perhaps sensing this top pulled her body up, so that she sat astride his muzzle. He quickly got back to work, and soon she was rocking back and forth as he drove his tongue even deeper into her. A few moments later she came as his tongue rocked back and forth over her g-spot. Her body releasing a long built up flood of her bodily fluids all over his muzzle. As this happened Tom let out a deep moan of pleasure, and as she shifted to his side he began licking his muzzle clean. She joined him in this and in a matter of seconds his muzzle was once again clean.

“Now it is my turn.” she said factually as she crawled between his legs. Her target however was not his manhood as he had expected. Instead she moved herself further down, and once she had confirmed that he was freshly showered she began to lick at his tail hole softly. This caught him by surprise, and he was unable to suppress the long subtle moan that escaped his lips as her tongue traced its way around his hole. Slowly she began to work her way in, and after a few minutes of gentle prodding she had worked her tongue deep enough to find his prostate. There she flicked the top of her tongue across it; alternating between a series of rapid and light flicks and slow more forceful movements. As she did this she brought a hand up and began to stroke his shaft. Before long his knot had fully formed and his shaft was harder than it had been previously. He lay there his back arched and moaning as she worked him over. Seeing that he was more than ready she quickly changed tactics and stop her licking. His face only registered the disappointment for a moment until he say what she had in mind. As his back was once again touching the floor she had straddled his lap and was slowly lowering herself onto the tip of his manhood. For a moment he held still as she worked. As his head slide inside her he found it almost painful due to how tight her body was. She was warm, and very wet from their activities however and it wasn't long before she had worked his full shaft into her.
“Are you ready.” he asked softly wanting to make sure she was okay.
Her only answer was to nod her head softly as she slowly began to bob up and down on his shaft. Instinct was taking over however and he soon found himself thrusting gently. Once she noticed this she stopped her movements and let him take care of the vertical work as she began to gyrate back and forth slowly. The union between the two of them lasted for almost an hour and by the end both of them where sweating heavily. In their final moments she felt his shaft begin to twitch. A subtle movement compared to the others that where going on in that moment but one she had learned to feel after so much It was in this moment that she chose to separate the contact and instead covered his manhood with her muzzle. Two more thrust and he was pumping his thick and heavy semen into her mouth. She moaned a little as his taste was delicious. They spent the night cuddled up together nude and warm in the soft hay.

That had been three days ago. The following day the had repeated their mating several times until neither could continue. She had almost been sad to leave him but her mission always came first. If not for herself then for the others, who had not escaped and where still being forced to serve others against their will.

Now she found herself tracking her target through the woods that surrounded the north-east side of the town. During her days with Tom her target had gathered some supplies and gone camping with a few friends. All this information had been happily provided by the owner of a small market located in the center of the town. Especially when she told her story that she and her target had once had an intense relationship and that she was looking to reconnect.

The woods while not overly large in size had been difficult to navigate however due to the large number of thorn bushes that grew on its floor. But after a day she had gotten lucky and found the campsite while its occupants where out. What they where doing she could only guess as the woods did not provide optimal hunting conditions. As she herself was learning. She had found the cleanest spot she could to post herself up with her rifle, but even with all her pickiness she found herself laying atop several branches with long thorns. As she lay, the thorns slowly worked their way deeper into her skin, and when she shifted her weight they drove themselves in deeper. The scent of blood was faint in the air, but it was there none the less. This caused her some concern because if the wing shifted the right way it would carry her scent toward the camp. Luckily though the wind was blowing in the opposite direction when her pray, and his friends had returned.

Originally she had planned to kill him as soon as they appeared but with each of them being armed with various shotguns she decided to wait. It was difficult to lay there, thorns stabbing into her as she watched her pray drink beer and have fun with his friends around the fire. Slowly night came and three hours after the sun had set the group had decided to call it a night. As her pray put out the fire his two friends made their way towards her. Her heart beat as they drew closer and closer, and as they did she moved with a painful slowness to draw her pistol. She managed to undo the latch on her holster and she kept her hand ready. If they found her she would be able to kill the two of them, but not before they raised the alarm to her pray. Luckily for her, and for them she though, they stopped a mere foot away from her.

They where clearly drunk, and the odor was terrible in her nose. They stunk of sweat and cheap beer. But then she heard the sound of zippers being undone. She thought they had smelled bad but the stench of their piss landing so close to her nose was even worse. It took all of her control not to shift, not to move or to vomit as each of them formed a pungent and disgusting puddle. She managed however and once the men where done they moved back to the camp. She waited patiently for the trio to go to their tents and retire for the evening. That is when she would strike. Her target was much more guarded than her previous hits had been so she was being extra careful. Eventually though they each went to bed. Sadly her target went first, slipping inside his tent he zipped it shut. He was already snoring when the other two decided that the evening had grown to late for their taste. Unfortunately for her they dowsed the fire before going to their tents, casting the campsite in total darkness.

Even though her scope came with a night vision setting it would not pierce the fabric of the tents. With a soft sigh she waited until the other men could be heard snoring softly from their tents. Once she was ready and sure that they where out cold she stood slowly. Her body hurt from holding still for so long, and the puncture wounds on her belly did nothing to alleviate her discomfort. Silent as a shadow she moved into the camp. Her prey was in the middle tent of the three and she smiled to herself as she made her way around the hole that had served as their fire pit. She pulled out her pistol and attached a silencer to the end of her barrel. Once that was done she pulled a knife from behind her back and made her way to the rear of his tent. Slowly she pierced the top of his tent with the tip of her blade, and just as slowly moved the blade downward. Creating her own opening in the tent, that the others would not notice until it was to late.

Once the opening was complete she stepped inside the tent, her knife in her left hand, and a silenced pistol in her left. She lifted the Walter P99 and aimed it at the back of her targets head. Devon lay there his chest rising and falling slowly. She took a moment to look him over. Unlike the others she had killed he was still rather young, roughly in his late 30's or early 40's his body was still well toned, with only a little sag brought on by age. He was feline, and his fur was brown with black tiger-like stripes running from his spine over his sides, and stopping just short of the white fur on his belly.

She was just about to pull the trigger when she felt something slam into the back of her head. Then everything went dark.

Want a part 3? let me know 😉

story by: lonelywolfboy

Tags: consensual sex fantasm interracial teen male / female sex story

Author: lonelywolfboy

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