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it was a friday night just like all others come home eat dinner, go to bed and yes the occasional look up of porn.
while surfing the net i started thinking what it would be like if i were to hook up with my best friend who i always knew to be straight.
so after a week or so of thinking about it i finaly made my move it was another friday but john (my friend) was over. he was tall and had
black hair. me and him would always talk about fucking people like our friend erika who needless to say was a very attractive 16 yr old girl
who ive known for all my life. after a few minutes of bullshiting i asked him if he would ever with another guy. his answer although
good was very shocking." yea i think i would" was what he said. while thinking of asking him if he would do anything with me i got a massive erection
and as i looked at him i saw him staring at my know buldging pants and with a smurk if i might add. with knowing that he was liking that i was turned on
he walked over and unzipped his pants. after what seemed like a life time he pulled out what seemed to be a great looking cock smooth and not single thing wrong with it.
i was tempted to just reach out and grab it and go to town on working it and making him cum all over me but as i went in he pulled my chin up and said " dont u dare
tell anyone or this is no longer yours" i looked up at him and smiled giving the empression that i understood. after about 10 minutes of me just sucking on his cock
i felt him grab the back of my head and jerked his hips in and 2 seconds later i tasted what seemed to be the best thing in the world. i finished off what was left on my
chin and started to unzip my pants. he paused and looked at me with a questionable expression on his face as i asked him what was the matter he responded " we need to make
this more interesting" "how" i asked " let me call over my girlfriend and have her play with us too". with that my dick go even harder and i felt the precum seeping out
of my rock hard cock. 10 minutes later we hear a knock on the door it was his girlfriend amanda who was wearing a white see through shirt and a pink bra and a very
low cut skirt which showed off just enough of her ass to get me and john going again. we all went to my room where we began to take our clothes off. i was wanting to have
john fuck me first but amanda was begging for us to not do that just yet she said she wanted to be in the "mood". so after 5 mins of just straight foreplay which consisted
of me sucking johns dick and he sucking mine amanda playing with herself we began to real get into it.by this time john was bent over and his ass was in the air as he started
to wiggle it back and forth in front of me trying to get me to fuck him. so i slowly started to finger his ass until i could fit my cock in there and then i felt a warm and very
pleasurable feeling when i started to rock back and forth. right as i almost for got about amanda i felt something touch my asshole i looked back and there she was with a vibrater
pushing it in she got it in after a couple seconds of fussing with my tightness.she turned it on which made me go into over drive and i began to fuck him like there was no tommorow
i cam in about 5 or so minutes which was pretty good saying i only had sex once and it wasnt really that good.after filling his hole with cum i started to lick it out and gave some
to amanda who couldnt get enough so she started to lick off the remaining drops off me.john told me to flip over saying it was my turn so i moved so quck i pulled the vibrater out
it almost hit amanda in the fACE.LOL. he began to slowly put his rock hard cock in my ass and after it was in he started to pound my ass so hard it was putting holes in the wall.
after about 30 mins of non stop butt pounding he pulled out and shoved his cock in my mouth and cam so much i began to choke i was determined to take it all and thats what i did.we all ened
up passing out after a hr or so of more foreplay.

a few weeks go by and i havent seen john around or at school. so i began to worry so i called his mom and she said that he was in the hospital because local gangbangers shot him
as he was on his way to my house. in a hurry i put on my shoes and ran to the hospital to find him not there …..was i tricked? i wondered. so i got home to find my sister in her room crying.
i asked what was wrong and she told me that her bf and her broke up so being the good brother i was i comforted her and told her that she was a beautiful women and lots of guys would be lucky
to be with her. with a smile she looked up and kissed me on the cheek. she then pulled my lips to hers and started kissing me.i pulled her off of me and asked her what she was doing she was like
well you said there are guys out there for me who better than my brother who loves me and cares about me…. after a long pause i told her not me im here cause i love you but not in that way. she
unbuttoned her shirt and let her 36 d's out and then began to say how much do u love me know. i did a double take and said no sis i cant do this to you. she then contiued to pull off her skinny jeans
and reveal the most beautiful pussy i have ever seen with that i couldnt resist i charged her and started to go down on her. i did this for about 10 mins until she started to thrust her hips and she began
shaking i pulled away and i was sprayed with a waterfall of cum. so i put my mouth back over her pussy and began to taste her wonderful juices. i began to pull my cock out and put it in her tight pussy with
one big thrust her eyes opened wide and began to moan i tried to shut her up but she was getting louder by the minute. i then heard foot steps and hear tht door begin to open its my mom. she walks in like nothings
wrong and then leaves. so i was going to cum and about to pull out when my sister grabbed my ass and pushed me back in and said " fucking cum in me i want to have your baby".so i cam in her and man that was the best
feeling in the world. after a few days of us just fucking i began to want more so i asked her what she thought if i brought a friend home. with a smiling face she looked at me and said sure. so the next day i finally
see john and tell him what i want to do and he agrees. so the day following that we get home to find my sister not in bed with me or john but with my mother…. so i walk in and ask what the hell they are doing and my
mom walks up to me and throws me on the bed with both my sister and my mom trying to fuck me i call john over to help so he gets me and trys to fuck me so willingly i let him my mom ands sister watch. my mom moves her
pussy to my face and i begin to eat it and my sister starts to suck on my cock. i begin to feel john tense up knowing he is about to cum i try to flipp around and he pushes me back down. he cums right in my ass.
it begins to flow out and land on my sisters face. i lick it off and make out with her for a few while my mother licks me ass and john licks my balls. this went on for many morwe hrs until my mom went to bed and we all
did to. we never had such a relaxing fun filled family moment again… until we got our camp.

story by: hershrykisser

Tags: young fantasy incest boy / boy sex story

Author: hershrykisser

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