A life changing summer

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We have lived in our neighborhood for 12 years. The children were small when I was able to buy the house with the money in the divorce was 7 and Phillip was 5,my name is Mary Lynn Hewitt.
The summer that I had my radical life changing had just turned 19 and was home after her freshman year at college. I did not see her much,as she was working at a Preschool -Daycare in the Arvida complex off Yamato Road. Phillip was 17,and away at computer camp for a month, before going off USC to study computer science.

I have been online for about ten years,so email and all its eccentricities are part of my life.One day,however,I received an email that came in on the evening of June 15th and said simply,

“ When you go out to shop tomorrow,do not wear any panties.”

I just sat there and looked at the screen. I hit reply and typed “who is this"and sent it off,only to have it bounce back in 10 seconds. The message said there was no such address.Who would send me an email like this I thought?It was hard for me to admit that I was somewhat scared, but also quite turned on.
I thought of some guys I knew at work,at the health club and in the neighbor hood,and I even thought of Lional Able,my sexy British neighbor,but he was out of town on one of his trips.
The next day I went shopping,I hesitated about the panties and then put them on and went about my business.That night about 9,I received another email that said:it was too bad I had decided not to obey,I had missed a thrill. That I should please think about it more.And that was it– again I hit reply and it bounced back.
My head whirled as I sat on the window seat in the living room and stared out at the night.How did he know I’d wore panties? Was I being stalked? Who was behind this?

For two weeks I received no emails and was really disappointed.The next email came in again at 9 in the evening.

It when you go to the library, do not wear a bra,wear that lavender t-shirt,you look wonderful in it”

I did not even bother to hit reply. I sat there thinking,Well,I have another chance.Then I pulled myself back to reality.What was it that was making me even consider doing it.Who was I, or who I was I becoming?

I came into the kitchen the next morning,and ask my two young adults:

” I am going to the library soon, anyone want to come?.”

I knew full well if one of the kids came I would wear the bra for sure.They both shook their heads,
“We are playing tennis with the Sutton Twins at Pioneer Park,”

They gulped down the OJ,inhaled the bagel and off they went.There was nothing for it now,I took off my bra,put on my lavender t-shirt,grabbed my backpack and took off for the library.I had gone braless before but never like this.It was fun,and I enjoyed it.The email came in –prompt as ever and it said:

“ That’s my girl”

It was the second week of July when the next e-mail came.I was in my bedroom,Heather and some friends were in the Florida room watching "The Gilmore was over at Cliff’s house. I looked around to make sure no one was able to see my screen and I read these words:

“Beautiful one,Tomorrow at the City Hall Art show,no panties,no bra.If you do not comply there will be />
I sat there stunned!What I thought,am I crazy,this could be some weird serial killer setting me up by stalking me! But somehow I knew that was not true.That section of me that had been deprived for so long was kicking into gear. I began planning what to wear so as to disguise the fact that I had no bra and panties on.I had planned to wear shorts and a t-shirt,but definitely not now.Funny,I had already made up my mind to obey.
The next day was bright and beautiful and hot as are days in July,in South Florida.Heather was all excited as one of her pictures would be in the juried show.She and Phillip and entourage took off early.I told them I would meet them there. By ten o'clock,I was a nervous wreck and had tried on most of the clothes in my closet. It was pretty evident no matter what I wore,the no bra look would seen.I settled for a long flowered skirt,and a wine colored loose blouse.I felt very decadent as I parked the car and walked in among the crowd.I was greeted by numbers of people I knew.There were a few glances from guys that told me I was right about my braless look.The no panties,however would remain a secret,or so I thought. LionalAble was there,a smile on his face,in fact as one of the judges for the show. He put his arm around my waist and hugged me. I wondered if he could feel the no elastic at my waist,maybe he knew? Again and again I felt a pleasurable feeling that comes with being naughty.Times passed and It was almost time to go home.Heather had won a third and was happy.The skies opened up and we all got drenched.Needless to say,I ran,no I sprinted for the car as my clothing clung to my body. there were two off- duty police officers who were watching me;one of them lived on my block.But my kids never noticed.Bless their self-absorbed little hearts.
At 9 I was at the computer. There was absolutely no mail.I was at a loss to say how I felt.For 5 long days there was no mail.When the next one came,on Aug 5,I was absolutely blown away with the request. It said:

“On Tuesday you will receive a package from UPS. On Saturday night at 12:00 midnight,you are to put on what you find in the package.You will then walk to the your bay window,If you look up to your left and right at the far top you will find a hook.You will attached the leather cuffs around your wrists to the hooks.You will be on your toes,on the window seat,your arms spread very wide with help of the hooks and cuffs.You will stand,in the window for 60 minutes, absolutely motionless.Be sure and turn off all inside and outside lights.Your children will be away for the evening.You did well the other day, but we must help you get rid of your inhibitions. Look on this as a step,if you do not do this, you will be />
I was a basket case the rest of the week, would the kids be around when the UPS driver came.? They were not,and in box was a pale green satin corset with no bottom and no top,pale green stockings and a pair of leather cuffs.I went to the window,and sure enough there were two hooks there.Would the kids be going out that night,how long would they be out,when might they be returning home?It was not till Friday I found out that Heather was going to South Beach to a new dance club and would stay with her friend Sal that night. Phillip was going to be with his dad in Daytona. The coast was clear, the scene was on.Or was it? Finally I decided I would do it.

On Saturday night,11:30 the phone rang.My cousin Mary calling from Denver,it was early there for her.I talked for about 10 minutes,then reminded her of the time difference. She reluctantly said good bye,and I drove for the closet to get dressed or undressed as the case might be.

Everything looked wonderful,I looked wonderful,I stood there marveling ata me I would not have even chose to allow. At five till midnight I approached the window,the house dark, the outside lights off.I stood on the window seat, attached the cuffs,spread my arms and legs and was there –on display,for all those who happened to pass by.The 60 minutes passed slowly, it was heaven and hell.No one passed by,no bushes moved,no shadows appeared.I stayed there –was almost reluctant to get down.My nipples were hard as bullets,and there was pussy juice dripping down my leg.What was I becoming?? Not only did I enjoy being an exhibitionist, but I enjoyed obeying his />
He watched as she pulled her arms loose from the cuffs,and stretch her arms and legs. His camera kept clicking noiselessly

Two days and no emails later,the photos came.In a plain brown envelope,no return address, postmarked Deerfield Beach.I sat on my bed and stared at the images– of me–in the window. It was a night photo,therefore it had a green cast and that all but obliterated the corset and stockings.I appeared absolutely naked.Someone had been out there,watching and taking pictures.I began to cry,not out of fear,but out of need,and as the tears fell so did the juice from my pussy. I was saturated,my panties were wet through and though and my tears were genuine.I took a shower, reached for my bike helmet,got my bike out of the garage and headed for the ocean.I left a note on the kitchen table, saying:
”I am biking,will grab something to eat out. You are on your own. Love MOM”

I made sure the pictures were put away in the safe in my room,I could not bring myself to destroy them.I chose to bike to a park that was far from my house.I wanted to be exhausted physically so I would not think.But think I did, and I finally reached the conclusion that I wanted an alternative life style and what implication it would have I did not know!I began to research on the web and found so many sites my mind was boggled at the things I did not know I found out not only was there thriving alternative communities out there,there was a Bondage Club near by.I waited for another email, none came until the night before the kids left for school on Aug 28th. It said:

“This Saturday morning,you will have a visitor.He comes from me,let him in and let him to what I sent him to do.It is for your pleasure and reward.Do not hesitate to strip for this, this is />
Oh my God,I thought,now what! Clearly I was in for a new experience,but not with the writer of the emails. My mind whirled with possibilities and finally I had to let it go and wait.I was being rewarded for obeying,my mind boggled.

The kids got off with the maximum of chaos and effort.A few of their friends who were staying behind to study,came to see them off along with the Bennett's who lived next door. Their dad from Daytona,who would take them to the airport.Along with others,Lionel Able was there to pass out hugs and gifts.

I went off to work,feeling a little empty but thinking to myself that no mother has a cure for the “Empty Nest Syndrome” that I was having. On Thursday I rid up the house as Clara was coming to clean on Friday while I was at work.I put out clean sheets and wondered why I was doing that,made me wet wondering. Friday I came home, the house clean and empty.I pulled out all the emails and the pictures from the safe and one by one went over them. I visited some web sites and thought seriously about signing up. I went to bed and surprisingly fell asleep

Saturday morning was hot and steamy. There was a hurricane out there somewhere in the South Atlantic.I had a cup of coffee.I still wore my sleep shirt when the doorbell rang This was it, but it was not– it was a man selling Termite inspection.I managed to get rid of him,he was reluctant.I think he was more then interested in my night shirt.Funny how much of an exhibitionist I was becoming.At 11 the doorbell rang again.I answered it and there was a young man,about 28 or so.Tall, blond, and good looking.

said,“I am here to give you a message courtesy of a friend” and he handed me a card

“Where shall I set up” he asked.”

“Oh, in the bedroom, I think”

I waved my hand in the direction,he headed off that way,carrying what looked to be a table and I followed while reading the card. The note read:

"From my hands to your body
From my heart to your soul
One day it will be me"

“My name is Jim and I am going to give you a tantric deep message,"the young man said.
I frowned,but he explained no further.

“Please remove your clothes” he said as he looked at the bed.

He felt it and said it would be firm enough to use and more comfortable then the table.

“Lie on you back,we will put a pillow under your heard and a pillow under your hips.Spread your legs apart and bend your knees a little.”

He began.His fingers had warm oil on them, and he began to massage my toes,feet,thighs, abdomen,chest and nipples.I began to feel relaxed and yet wide awake.It was a truly relaxing and yet erotic experience.I drifted off somewhere Never once did his fingers stray,only did their wonderful job.I don’t know how long I lie there, but when I woke up.He was gone.

An email came a few days later.The sender was glad I had enjoyed the message and that it was time to be a bit more daring.On Thursday around 2am,I was to wear my black lacy peignoir and I was to take a walk around the block,with Heather’s dog,Buster. It said that I was not to run,or jog,but leisurely walk.Again,if I disobey there will be a harsh discipline.I stared at the mail.However at two a.m.,as if guided by an unseen hand,there I was,in my black lacy see- though Peignoir walking Buster. A Police car came slowly down the street as I finished and started to turn into my driveway. Two faces stared at me, trying not to look at my very obvious body. One voice said,
“ Hello, Mary Lynn,dogs do have to be walked at difficult times,but watch out it gets chilly this time of night.”
As he said this his eyes were fixed on my chest.I looked down at my very prominent nipples aggravitated by the lace and the chill.I walked into the house,tuned Buster loose and fell on my bed;exhilarated and exhausted.

By the middle of September,I was getting weary and frustrated and wanted this game to be over.I wanted to find out who was doing this,and to actually touch him and have him touch me. There was only one way I knew to accomplish this, I would disobey him, surely he will show up to discipline me, anyway that is what my logic system told me.I waited for the next email.It did not come for a week.

“You did as you were told,excellent slave, now you will find the next task challenging. Your daughter has a web cam hooked up to her computer, transfer it to your computer,follow the URL I give you,it will open a door to a viewing room. You are to stand in front of the camera, and slowly strip till you are naked.You will be able to see how many people are watching by the number at the bottom.When you are naked you will play with you nipples,and your clit and then lie down on your bed and masturbate till you cum.”

Aghast! Well –I thought I picked the right command to disobey, there is not way I am going to do this.And I didn’t,in fact I grew very cowardly and actually went on a early long weekend to Key West.The weekend was an alternate in hell as I was sad I did not obey,and fearful about the discipline. It was also an alternate iheaven,where I argued with myself that I had finally come to my senses,this lifestyle was not for me.I would go back to a normal life and block any further emails.
I was back home about two weeks,and had received no emails.He evidently knew I had disobeyed.I was working in the yard around the Gardenia bush when Mrs. Bennett came over and ask me if I had heard the news.

“No“, I said “what news“

is moving out,he is going back to England,after all these years.” She chatted about a few other things and then left.

My heart stopped for a fraction of second, and I ran,literally ran into my house.What should I do?Was he the one?Yes,I was pretty sure of it. Was this the discipline?Oh God,this was terrible! I paced and paced,and finally threw open the door about and ran across the street and walked in the unlocked front door.The house was cool,seemed to be deserted and I went from room to room seeing evidence of packing being done.I sat down and cried,then pulled myself together after a while and started to leave.I heard a noise,a car pulled in,it was his car.I ran for the front door,it was now locked.I struggled with it,to no avail.I heard the door from the garage to the kitchen open and the footsteps coming toward me.
What I did was not thought out,I just threw myself down on my knees,my head touching the floor and waited.I could see his shoes now as he stood in front of me.I kept saying

“I am sorry,I am sorry,I am sorry,don’t leave,give me another />
He left me there on my knees for a long time.Finally,he did not speak,but grabbed me by my hair and dragged me into another room.He stripped me naked,with no sign of emotion.He tied my wrists together,and threw one end of the rope over an exposed beam and I was hanging with my toes baring touching the floor.I was blindfolded and spanked,he used many kinds of whips.Some felt like velvet caresses some felt like hot irons,my body was on fire.My pussy was leaking juice and urine. It went on and on and on.I begged,I pleaded,I cried. He knelt before me,spread open wide the lips that sheltered my clit,he then put his tongue on me and in me and sucked me dry.The pain disappeared and I was crying again.He took me down,put me in a warm bath,put cream on some slashed skin and never spoke.I grew wise and did not speak either.Finally I looked up at him, tears falling from my eyes,

leave me,I will die without you. You made me what I am.”

He stood before me,that face I knew so well.

“ I love you woman,but never ever forget who you are and who I am again.”

He that my pretty slave.”

He did not leave,the neighborhood settled down.I live in my house,he lives in his.There is a special room is in his house,because my kids still come home at times.
We make love,a lot,in many,many ways and in many places.I learned that the touch of lips, and the hurt from his hands were both signs of his love for me.I rarely disobey,for this is my life. I am a happy slave.

story by: Shamor_two@yahoo.com

Tags: fiction exhibitionism voyeurism mind control domination/submission bdsm sex story

Author: Shamor_two@yahoo.com

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