A midnight encounter: jason and me

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A Midnight Encounter: Jason And Me

I woke up and looked at the clock it was 2:40am. I rolled on my back and stared at the ceiling as my right hand moved to my pussy and I began to stroke myself through my panties. The feeling was delicious as I felt myself moistening and I could hear Jason snoring softly next to me. I quietly pulled off my nightgown and my panties as I then began to massage my breasts gently kneading them and squeezing them. My right hand went back to my pussy as my left hand began to circle and squeeze my nipples.

I pushed two fingers in me and smiled to myself at the feeling as I noticed that I was getting very wet. With my left hand I began to circle my clit first one way then the other round and round until I felt that familiar tingling sensation begin to spread though me. I could feel the warmth of my moistening pussy as I gently and slowly finger fucked myself for several minutes. I knew that if I continued like this I would cum soon and I did not want that, yet.

I rolled on my side facing Jason’s back and took my finger and very lightly began to trace the outline of his muscles in his back. As I moved to his shoulder and down his arm he rolled over on his back and groaned softly as he slept. I smiled and thought ‘Perfect! Men are such predictable animals.’ I then got on one elbow and leaned carefully over him trying not wake him I kissed him on the forehead very lightly. My nipples just barely brushed against his chest causing me to quiver slightly as I worked my mouth down the side of his face licking him gently. As I got to his ear I heard his breathing change and I heard him whisper to me saying “uummmm Ellen, sweetheart, I love it when you do this.”

I whispered in his ear.

I began kissing and licking his neck inhaling his male scent as I felt my pussy getting very wet now. I took my right hand and began to massage his chest and I cooed softly as I felt his muscles. I was kissing and licking his neck as I moved my right hand to his still limp cock but I did not stroke him, not yet. He likes for me to do my “Magic Act” as he calls it so I left him alone for the moment and just cupped his balls and gently massaged his inner thighs.

I began to rock back and forth some so that my tits swayed back and forth brushing lightly on his chest as I worked my mouth under his chin going to his other ear. “Oh god, you are really good at this.” he whispered. Then the only sound was our breathing and the slippery sounds of my kisses and gentle sucking on his neck.

The taste and aroma of him was getting me more and more aroused and I badly wanted to rub my warm and now soaked cunt but I didn’t. I put my forehead on his chest for just a second “ah” I whimpered softly and then resumed my duties, kissing and sucking on his chest and stomach as I slowly made my way down to my reward. I felt his cock begin to swell a little and I looked up at him. His eyes were closed and he looked completely relaxed.

I moved to between his legs as he opened his eyes and looked at me as I put my hand around the shaft of his still soft but swelling cock. He smiled at me as I put him in my mouth and pressed my lips to his pelvis. He calls this my “Magic Act” because it goes in small and soft but comes out huge, stiff and firm. I had learned to throat when I was in college and I take him in my mouth and encourage him with my tongue as he grows. At first it is regular blowjob but as he stiffens I put my lips on his pelvis and let him grow down my throat. There is a bit of a time limit though because once he passes a certain point I can’t breath so I hold my breath as long as I can.

“Oh BABY! Jeeeez… that feels excellent!” he said softly.

There was just a bit of a gag as I lifted my head to pull him out of my mouth and there he was in all his glory. “Ta Dahhh.” I said motioning to his cock with my hands and smiling. I leaned forward to kiss him with the intention of straddling him and impaling myself on him but he surprised me by tickling my ribs and I yelped as he grabbed me and flipped me on my back.

“Baby, I’m going to give you something to ‘Ta Dah about.” he said as he held me down and tickled me.

I was giggling when I felt his cock slide deep into my pussy. My eyes flew open wide as I saw him looking down at me. My back arched some as he penetrated me. I swooned. I absolutely LOVE how it feels when a guy first pushes his cock into me. I LOVE being fucked to but that first penetration takes my breath away. He filled me completely as I lay there staring at him as my thighs twitched some. God he was in me so deep.

Jason is 6’3” and I am 5’6” so he towers over me, I like that, and while he is not fat at all, everything about him is large. I don’t care what some girls say, for me, size does matter. I lay there an awe of him as he began fucking me gently, with a slow easy rhythm. “Oh, Jason I cooed quietly.

One of the many things that I don’t understand about guys is this. Do their cocks have like a pussy radar or something? I mean he could not see what he was doing and his cock slid right into me. He did not miss high or low or to one side or the other. He split my labia right down the middle and, oh boy, that is the best feeling in the world. He has done this many times, I don’t understand it but I like it.

For several minutes not a word was said as he just fucked me gently. The only sound was our breathing and a few grunts from me as he went deeper on some strokes and the soft squishing of my pussy. My hands were just above my head as our eyes locked and we just stared at each other, stroke after stroke. If I were a cat I would have been purring loudly. He made me feel so whole, so complete, so completely feminine.

As I reached up and cupped his cheek with my hand a ripple of pleasure spread though me gaining in intensity with each stroke of his cock. I knew that I was going to cum as my thighs twitched again and I just let I flow through me. Jason smiled at me and said cumming aren’t you.”

I said as I closed my eyes and enjoyed a very nice but small orgasm. I squirted just a very small amount but enough to hear a faint splashing sound and I felt the moisture on my tummy and thighs, as I began to massage my tits.

“Yeah, baby, that’s a good girl, let it out…..You are absolutely gorgeous when you cum, honey, god I love it when you do that.” Jason whispered as he leaned down and kissed my forehead.

I opened my eyes and looked at him as I pushed my tits up and in and began to pinch and tug on my nipples. His motion never wavered. His cock was like a piston in a car on cruise control plunging deep into me then withdrawing only to plunge back in again. I released my tits and began to rub his hairy chest gently. I cooed contentedly in time with his strokes.

I felt my pussy begin to tingle again and I knew that I was cumming and I grabbed is forearms. “Look at me, Ellen, I want to watch you cum, honey.” Jason said as our eyes locked. I watched him as my orgasm built and my thighs started twitching, his grin turned into a smile and then a broad smile as I arched my back a little as my orgasm crested.

I said much louder than I intended as I came much harder than the last time. His pelvis was pressed to mine so my cum was spread by the weight of his body on mine creating a squishy wet sound. I released his arms when I came and my hands went to each side of my face and they shook rapidly from side to side as I climaxed. His cock never so much as paused as he kept his steady rhythm, in and out and in and out, over and over. I was in heaven.

I put my hand to his cheek and cupped it, smiled at him and said “You drive me wild, you know that? Don’t stop, please don’t ever stop. I want you inside me always, fucking me deeply.” he leaned down and kissed me deeply in a long passionate french kiss that made me shiver. His tongue probing deep into my mouth as his cock continued its probing of every inch of my drenched and squishing cunt.

You know, I like fast and furious, wild and crazy sex just as much as any other girl but sometimes a slow, easy, consistent penetration is just what I need and want. I was getting it now and it was heavenly. I lay there for the longest time as he kept fucking me gently and I was enjoying the penetration immensely as I closed my eyes and relaxed. I kept lightly brushing his arms and chest with my fingers as I cooed softly, completely content.

He leaned down and kissed me again then asked “Baby, would you turn around and put your head back for me?”

I knew what he wanted, he wanted to fuck my face. I said “hhmmm baby, sure if that’s what you want.” Jason has throated me many times and at first I really didn’t want that. He was perfectly fine where he was but Jason gets what Jason wants.

I really don’t mind being throated that much the thing is that it takes effort on my part, LOL. I don’t want to puke or suffocate either one is REALLY bad so I have to stay fully aware of what is being done to me. We have a system that works pretty well. I lay on my back on the bed with my head off the side to straighten my throat as much as possible. I put my hands above my head on his hips and I will pull toward me when he can push in and push when I need him to pull back. To be honest I don’t have to use it much as Jason has learned how to do it.

I got in position and opened my mouth as wide as I could, as his cock got closer I could smell my pussy on him and I just wanted him in me, any of my holes was fine. I felt the head of his cock pass through my mouth and push down my throat and my body tensed as he passed my gag point but Jason knows to just keep pushing in with a slow steady pressure. Once he is past my gag point I can take him without much problem and when he strokes me the gag response gets less and less rapidly.

After a few strokes I could comfortably take him deep in my throat and he began fucking my face as I reached down and began rubbing my pussy. “Good god, sweetheart, I don’t know how you do that but I love it, honey!” he said as he pushed as deep as he could down my throat and paused.

He fucked my face for several minutes then he pulled back into my mouth as he grunted and I felt his semen erupt from him in my mouth. He squirted his manhood over and over and twice he slipped out and squirted my face. I swallowed as best I could but his cum was running down my face as it was leaking from the corners of my mouth. When he finished he just pushed his cock back down my throat and resumed fucking me.

Usually Jason’s cock will sometimes relax after he comes but not always and this was one of those times as he just kept fucking me. For a few minutes the only sound was the wet slurpy sound of his cock sliding in and out of my mouth when. After several more minutes I was really into this now and enjoying myself immensely when he pulled out of me, stepped back and looked at me. “More, please.” I whispered.

“Come and get it, babe.” he said.

I got off the bed and got on my hands and knees jutting my chin out a little to straighten my throat some. I felt this hands on the back of my head as he pushed his cock down my throat until my lips were firmly pressed against his pelvis. He then began to move my head back and forth over his cock pausing for just a few seconds every forth or fifth stroke to let me breath.

I was completely relaxed now and really enjoyed the feeling of his cock sliding so easily back and forth in my throat somewhat forcefully. He pinned me to his pelvis and said “Oh baby, you have no idea how good this feels.” He then pulled out of me and I sat back and reached over to the bedside table and opened the drawer and pulled out a dildo and held it up for him.

What we were going to do was one of my favorite sex positions. “Get on the bed, sweetie, I’m going to fuck your eyeballs out.” Jason said playfully.

I got on the bed on my back again with my head over the side and again he slid his cock down my throat but he also bent over and began to fuck my pussy with the dildo. I LOVE the feeling of getting fucked from both ends as he began moving his pelvis fucking my face. As he fucked me with the dildo I started playing with my clit and almost immediately I came HARD. Squirting Jason’s chest with a half scream as he pulled out of my mouth as he does when I cum.

“ Oh god, baby, fuck me some I said but he pushed his cock back into my mouth and cut me off. I felt him slide back and forth a few times when he grunted and I felt his semen erupt deep in my throat this tume. He pulled back just a bit and when he pushed back in there was not enough room and his semen oozed out from around my lips and began to drip down my face again.

He let me breath for a few seconds around his cock as he kept fucking my pussy. I felt another orgasm crash over me just as he pushed his cock back deep down my throat. I came silently squirting him again as he grunted again and said “Ah, JEEEEEZ!” as I felt him erupt in my throat yet again. The feeling of my orgasm cresting and him cumming only pushed to a greater orgasm. My entire body tensed as he pulled out to give me a breath but as I started to scream he shoved his cock as far down my throat as it would go. I squirted long, hard and silently. The feel of him cuming so far down my throat was weird but weirdly erotic.

He slowly came to a stop as his cock finally began to relax. As he slid out of my mouth I just lay there enjoying my “freshly fucked” afterglow. He leaned over to kiss me but thought better of it when he saw the condition of my face.

Chuckling he said “I think you need to clean up some there Miss Sword />
I just smiled at him as I slowly got to my feet and went into the bathroom. I cleaned my face but decided I needed a shower as his cum had dripped into my hair. After a quick shower I got back in bed with him as he held me tight squeezing my left breast gently he kissed me goodnight.

I looked at the clock, it was 4:02 am as I drifted off to sleep.

story by: Ellen340

Tags: blowjob consensual sex male/female cum swallowing true story oral sex sex story

Author: Ellen340

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