A strangers cum part two

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A Strangers Cum Part Two

Early next morning I woke and stretched feeling my morning erection surrounded by something warm, I was still in Sue’s bum and seemed to be stuck as everything had dried up.

As I tried to pull out Sue woke with a start and winced waking Kathy up so I just stayed still.
Kathy Said “why don’t you two go have your showers while I whip up some breakfast and we’ll talk about things over the table.

With Kathy gone I said “sorry but I appear to be glued in … and sorry about getting carried away last night”

worry about it, I felt I owed you that after disturbing you last night” said Sue laughing.

“How about we head to the shower and see if we can sort this mess out” I said

It must have looked pretty weird as we got up together and shuffled along as I was led by the dick to the shower, I groaned several times as I was as we shuffled so by the time we got there I was as hard as a rock.

With the water going we stepped up to the sink and I rubbed some moisturising cream over my shaft and the whole area between us then started to push cream in beside my dick, I pulled but nothing happened except I started panting “maybe if I push in the cream will work and I can pull out”

“Worth a try” said Sue but its putting pressure on my bladder and I really really have to pee … now!

We turned and I stepped back until the back of my legs hit the bowl and we plopped down together a bit hard breaking the bond between us and I sank in to the hilt inside Sues bum casing Sue to moan at the sharp pain.

Sue started to pee and leaned forward and I could feel her warm wetness flowing over my sensitive balls making my horniness even more pronounced.
Water sports is not something I have ever been interested in but with my cock in a warm slippery hole, and my balls getting gently massaged by a warm cascade I was soon beyond caring.

I started to thrust gently feeling so damn good I was not stopping for anything so I reached around under her shirt, grabbed her boobs and started to thrust in and out getting deeper and deeper until I blew my load balls deep in her arse setting Sue off as well and I felt her shove some fingers inside her pussy and thrust back hard on my cock until she finished her orgasm.

Sues muscles started to push me out so I gently pulled back until my cock popped out and quickly stepped over to the shower to cleaned myself up while Sue emptied out the mixed mess.

We swapped positions as now that my erection had gone I needed a pee badly so I dried off and stepped to the toilet and just as my stream started Kathy barged in the open door.

“Oh, you’re both in here?” she said in surprise, “well after last night there didn’t seem to be any point being coy” I said as I finished off and washed my hands

“well go have your breakfasts while I have my shower” said Kathy as Sue stepped out.

I grabbed a pair of shorts and headed down to the table then Sue turned up in the T shirt and a short time later Kathy walked in naked.

“well I can’t keep up with you two, I thought you would be naked” said Kathy causing us all to burst out laughing.

“easy fixed” I said as I pushed my shorts down to the floor saying to Sue, ”we never wear clothes around here />
“we always wear clothes at home so this might be a nice change” said Sue as she pulled off the T shirt and we all had our breakfasts.

“Lets all head out on the back deck and enjoy some sun while Sues continues her story” said Kathy, “I’m really intrigued and dying to hear more”

Sue continued …
The next morning we really sat down and talked about our feelings, fears and fantasies, probably more than we had ever talked before and just before lunch decided to take a picnic and go back round to the nude beach.

John was really disappointed because we had the whole beach to ourselves being a Monday but I sort of felt relieved.

We had a spot under a small tree with some bushes so we could see the whole beach back to the walkways but the beach to the other end was hidden from view.

We had our lunch and a swim then spent the afternoon sunbaking and teasing each other, sometimes I would get John hard and sit on his dick without moving and sometimes he would be rubbing some lotion on my back and slide his dick into me and just hold it there so we were both pretty worked up all afternoon.

John suddenly pushed me on my back and slid into me so I looked down the beach and a nice looking guy was walking our way.

As he got closer the guy looked over and I smiled at him so he walked over and started stroking himself then moved out of view behind John probably to get a better view between our legs.

John turned to look then started plunging in faster for a few minutes then pulled out and sat on my chest putting his juice covered dick in my mouth saying, “her pussy’s all yours mate”

A few seconds later I felt a very small cock slide into me and immediately start to shoot.

I went off on another huge orgasm and sucked Johns dick as deep as I could then I felt the dick in my pussy pull out and another one just as small take its place.

John started cumming and once again I was so horny I swallowed it and sucked it clean while someone pounded his little penis in and out as fast as a jackrabbit.

John rolled to one side and I could see two young teenagers, one standing there with half a hard on glistening with juices and the other one fucking me with his lust filled eyes staring at my now uncovered tits and no sign of the good looking guy, just as I was about to say something the kids eyes glazed over and he started shooting inside me sending me into another huge orgasm.

I finally started to come down and unwrapped my legs from around the kids body, the kids pulled out and as I lay there panting I heard John say “what happened to the other bloke?”
The first kid said “he spunked and walked off up the beach past us just as we got here so …. Can I do it again?” he grinned madly stroking himself hard again

“I promise I’ll last longer this time” he spoke again and grinned cheekily

“its not about how long you last with her kid” said John “she likes to feel you cum inside her”

said the Kid and before I could object had laid down on top of me and was trying to find my hole.

I sighed in resignation and felt for his dick guiding it into the right spot and he started going for his life cumming in less than a minute setting off my orgasm.

As soon as I unwrapped my legs the other kid asked sweetly “can I have another turn too?”
Well I’ve gone this far so you may as well but this time just cum and don’t worry about making it last” I said to him

He laid on top of me and closed his eyes as I grabbed his cock and guided it in and he just slowly slid in and out the full length.

I lifted my knees back as far as I could and it was feeling nice and unrushed for a change, as a matter of fact there was a possibility I might actually cum before him, he sucked one of my nipples into his mouth and the other kid knelt down and sucked the other one and I knew I was going to cum but then I felt cum squirting up inside me and came anyway, this one was a long slow gentle orgasm and when he pulled out and John slid into me my orgasm just kept rolling along, as I stared into his eyes and urged him to go slowly I kissed him passionately until Johns cum joined the others deep up inside me.

It was truly wonderful for both of us.

As Sue was talking Kathy had come over and sat in my lap and was squirming away on top of my rigid cock so now that she had taken a break Kathy grabbed my hand and said “ I think we have some unfinished business in the bedroom”
I just said all friends right here” and grinned trying to pull her back into my lap but Kathy just said “uh uh, not in front of the kids” and dragged me off into the bedroom where she pushed me back on the bed and virtually impaled herself on my cock in one smooth motion and came within a few short strokes holding still as her orgasm ripped through her.

She started sliding up and down my pole again hard but slow, I took a guess and said “so the idea of fucking some young boys really turns you on eh?”
Kathy went bright red with embarrassment and her movements quickened
“maybe I might try and get a few in a motel room for you one day” I grinned and bugger me she came again this time taking me along with her.

We headed straight back out to find Sue and found her in the Spa so after making our apologies we joined her and she />
We had the beach to ourselves for the rest of the afternoon but we were both still pretty turned on so as the day came to a close we gathered out stuff and started walking back to our cabin and bumped into the guy with the big cock.
He started to back away but John started apologising straight away and pretty soon it was all OK.

John said “sorry mate but it was the first time anything like that had happened and I overreacted, I didn’t realise how much she would enjoy it and thought you were hurting her”
The Guy apologised saying” well I’m sorry I got carried away but not many women have been able to take me so when the head popped in I just kept going”

I noticed that his cock was starting to grow as he kept glancing at me and I was still pretty turned on so I said giggling “perhaps we can make it up to you?” and tried to wrap my fingers around his growing cock.

John just shook his head and laughed saying “sure, why not!” then laid his towel on the sand, stepped back and said and helped me down on my back.

The big dick was soon poised at my entrance but I wasn’t really expecting things to happen with no preparation and not surprisingly it would not go in, after all it was as thick as my wrist even if it wasn’t fully hard yet.

I asked John to lick me out while I watched big boy stroke that monster and when I got pretty close I asked him to try again.
It still wouldn’t quite go in comfortably, John was enjoying the show so I told him to lay on his back and I mounted him then I asked big boy to get behind me and rub himself on me and started to get really turned on feeling Johns cock deep inside me and that huge monster sliding up and down my bum crack ready to push into me.

John grunted and started cumming so I pulled off him until just the head was inside and let him dump his load at my entrance then said “Now try big boy” and lifted up a bit.
His big cock parted my lips and paused before the knob pushed in then it was all smooth sailing as he slid right in to the end of me in one long deep stroke.

Now I must admit it was a bit uncomfortable being so big so I tried to relax and started pashing on with John while big boy stroked that thing inside my stretched pussy.
It was getting better and better and pretty soon I could feel his pubic area hitting on my bum as he got deeper and deeper.
I knew I wasn’t going to cum from his pounding but it was now feeling pretty damn good so I lifted a bit more and moved my knees so he could get in as deep as possible.
It was sliding in and out easily and I knew that the new position was getting big boy off as he kept pushing that thing deeper until finally I had taken it all.
I could feel his balls swing up to slap my clit as his pubic bone slammed into my arse and his knob pushed at the very end of my pussy, then he roared and pulled me hard against his body as my super sensitive pussy walls felt the cum shoot up along the length of his shaft and exploded out into the deepest recess of my pussy.
My orgasm shot through me and squeezed his cock so hard he couldn’t have moved if he tried.
Incredibly I felt Johns rock hard cock rubbing against my clit and he came all over my clit as he rode along with my orgasm our tongues locked together in a passionate embrace.

After a couple of minutes big boy tried to pull out but it nearly pulled my insides out so we had to wait a few more minutes for it to soften right up and he was finally able to release himself from my pussy’s grip.

I said “I feel like I just sat on a beer bottle” as I stood up on shaky legs and we all watched as a big glob of cum slid out of my gaping hole hanging on by a long string before breaking and plopping to the ground before the next lot slid out clinging to my leg as it slid its way down before stopping at my knee.
John and I both started laughing before big boy giggled then pecked me on the cheek and said “Thanks Maam, that was awesome” and waddled off towards the carpark just like that!

I was shattered and so was John so we quietly walked back to our cabin and collapsed on the bed in exhaustion and were soon cuddled up asleep.

Next morning we talked on the way home in the car and I said while I had enjoyed it I knew it was because no one knew us down here and I wouldn’t be doing it again where someone might recognise us, I would just die of embarrassment if anyone found out so he better not say anything to anyone or he would never have sex with me ever again.

John was a bit disappointed but didn’t push the issue and things carried on like normal … for a while.

Kathy piped up “well, dunno about you lot but I’m getting all wrinkled so how about we continue this after we go out and get some lunch”
“Sounds good” said Sue
I didn’t say anything just stood up with my cock sticking out hard and proud
“not again” groaned Kathy as they both looked at my cock throbbing up and down slightly
“well if you don’t want to ….” I said then looked over at Sue and raised my eyebrows grinning cheekily.
Kathy grabbed me by the cock “not likely” she said as she dragged me off into the bedroom and sucked down my load in a few short minutes.

We dressed then came back out and remembered Sue had nothing to wear so I grabbed one of my business shirts a belt and a pair of Kathys sandals and we headed off to a pub for lunch

story by: Big Red One

Tags: exhibitionism fantasy group sex wife teen male / female sex story

Author: Big Red One

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