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Doug acted like a ship's captain. He slung a long rope skilfully over the flat bed, leapt up himself, on the second attempt, threw a huge canvas in a heap with other gear, drew the rope over it several times, jumped off, made a truckers slip knot and applied tension. I watched as his bulging biceps looked as if they were about to tear the elastic of his shirt sleeve.

I wanted to say something but in the end just blurted out; "I hope you don't mind me coming along."

"Mind you coming along? Of course not! Why should I? Quite the opposite really. It's not every day I get this sort of company, …er… well …., you know."

I didn't actually but as I had just mounted the stairs into the cab I felt a bit intimidated by the size of it all and how high up we seemed to be. There would be plenty of time to get to know Doug.

"I didn't know you were hot on computers and that stuff as well". ?As well as what?' I wondered, but he had a point to make.

"You've got to tell me what's what with all these electrics cos as far as I'm concerned we've got to get this bloody great bit of equipment on board. Make no mistake about it when the loading starts, I'm in charge right? That's all I mean, I just want you to know that!"

"As far as I understand it I'm just coming along to make sure we collect all the controls for this milling machine and make sure they don't get damaged." I was a bit surprised by Doug's assertiveness with me. Especially as he was the one who persuaded me to come along.

"I'll do my best Doug" I added simply.

"Yea sure I'm just a type who likes to establish who's boss. You know you get used to it I suppose but when you're driving a truck like this, anything and everything that happens comes back to you. You know what I mean? I'm held responsible" I got the feeling Doug was putting on the tough act to impress me as well as establishing his authority.

He was one of the drivers we got to know from the local haulage company. Mostly they shifted milled barley, corn etc for animal feed but this was a special trip to collect this large bit of stationary equipment which the boss had bought at an auction a couple of days before.

"You're new aren't you? I think it's a couple of months since you first made a splash here!" He gave me a knowing glance with a trace of a smile. "And a ?straight out of college know-it-all' I expect" He continued provocatively.

"Give me a chance I've just done my first year, I've got another three to go! I only left school last summer. Anyway what are these other things you reckon I'm hot on apart from computers?" It seemed like a way to hot up the conversation too.

"Oh well! Ha! Yes well you're the one to know!" he said trying to suppress a chuckle.

"Excuse me Doug! I don't know you all that well, but what the hell am I to make of that answer?!" In fact I knew perfectly well what he was on about but why should I let him out of his own trap!

"Yea well how can I put it? Jason reckons it's almost like he'd got a chick as his assistant."

"Like so many of you guys he's full of gossip but hasn't got the balls to say something to your face. Anyway no one humps around 100 kilo sacks these days or any bags for that matter, its all elevators and augers so what's his problem?"

"It's all right handsome! Keep your hair on! I don't think he was exactly complaining if you know what I mean". I maintained that I didn't but decided on another tack.

"It's the same with you drivers, you're all big muscular guys. I mean just look at your arms! Yet with this modern equipment you really don't need to be so strong? Power steering, preselector gears, hydraulic cranes, a girl could do your work easily!" I liked winding him up gently. There was something attractive in his effortless control of this hugely powerful vehicle, almost as if it were an extension of own power and I knew that was the way he saw himself.

"You are joking! OK you get some chicks as drivers but boy you wouldn't want to mess with them! Bossy boot types with bloody great arms; no not my idea of a bit of fluff! Anyhow just tell me why are you wearing a sweater on a hot summers day?"

Obediently I began to take off my sweater. I had a T shirt on underneath but as I pulled my sweater over my head it must have ridden up and exposed some of my bare chest.

"Hey look out Doug!! Keep your eyes on the road man!" Doug looked a bit sheepish as he had allowed the truck to veer slightly on to the hard shoulder. "I don't mind you looking at me but I suggest that we first pull into a parking place!" I couldn't help feeling a bit flattered at the way Doug had reacted and I knew that the gossip would have given him good reason. I realised too that my T shirt was not as loose as the ones I usually wore at the mill.

For about the next ten minutes Doug drove on in silence, I was beginning to regret allowing a situation which had embarrassed him but then suddenly he drew into a large Lay By. I was about to offer to take some clothes off but he immediately got out of the cab and went to inspect the wheels.

"Yup! I thought so! we've got a flat so that'll have to be changed right away!"

"Good excuse Doug! I'll give you a hand!" .

"What do you mean ?Good Excuse!!?' No you get yourself out of the way over there and leave this to me."

"I thought you had a sort of truckers rescue thing for this. Surely they don't expect drivers to change wheels themselves!" I suggested.

"Depends what sort of drivers you're talking about!" he replied hauling out a huge hydraulic jack.

"I'll leave it all to Muscle Man then!" I said sitting on a nearby crash barrier. It seemed like a good moment to catch the sun so I took my shirt off. OK I was being a bit provocative I suppose, but you don't realise at first when you start to fancy a guy.

Doug glanced around then came over to me slowly with his eyes transfixed on my bare chest. "Oh Carl! now you are fucking sexy" he said as he gently touched on my enlarged nipples and began to squeeze. Then as he made as if to kiss me he suddenly came to himself and began looking around furtively.

"For Pete's sake put your shirt on! If anyone sees you, what the hell are they going to think?"

"But there's no one else here" I said.

"Look do as I say, you never know when someone could pull in. There's plenty of room for a another couple of trucks!" Doug looked around again as he made some adjustments to relieve some discomfort in his trousers. It was obvious what was happening.

"I'll see about you later!" he added before returning to the job in hand.

Doug was not his usual self any more. He was impatient with everything he handled and I was worried he might have an accident. But just as he was tightening the wheel nuts he must have slightly grazed his arm on the bodywork as I heard him curse.

"Here you'd better have a plaster on that" I said.

"Oh it's nothing don't make a fuss!" but it was obviously bleeding very slightly. "Oh well I'd better get something on to keep it clean I suppose; I am almost finished!" He jumped back up to the cab but went to the sleeping compartment behind to get the first aid box and I followed him up, told him to get his shirt off, cleaned the minor wound and applied a dressing.

"I'm terrible for misbehaving with nurses!" he said as he put his hand up the inside of my shirt.

"Look we've got to get on, this puncture has already delayed us" I pointed out as I was genuinely concerned as we had a long way to go still and a lot of work when we got there.

"I don't think your boss Greg is going to be too surprised; when I suggested taking you he said he would understand if we had to spend a night somewhere." Doug made a mischievous grin at me.

"So Greg says you can grope me cos he's the boss! Fuck that!!" I suddenly felt furious, I didn't see why this driver, however big and sexy as he was, should treat me like this. I told him to finish the job and get going. Something had taken over in me I was giving orders. I never do that normally.

Doug was surprisingly obedient. He finished the job, jumped back up into the cab and started the engine.

"I'm sorry I just got a bit carried away please don't make a complaint because I could be in hellish trouble. How old are you?"

"I'm eighteen" I replied knowing this put me within the age of consent.

"I was kidding you about Greg. He never said that actually"

"It wouldn't surprise me if he did. Do you know he comes and hangs around my place in the evenings and starts asking me questions about the course I'm doing and I know exactly what he wants but he hasn't got the balls to do anything about it. At least you …Well yea!"

"Do you forgive me then? I thought you wanted it"

"Look I was genuinely worried about the time, that's all, and what you said about Greg did annoy me a lot, right!"

Doug glanced at his watch. "Whatever way you look at this Carl we're not going to make it in a day because of the tackograph. I've got to take my rest time or I'll get in trouble with the cops. There a place just down the road where we can walk over to a nice spot and have a swim"

"But I don't have any swim suit" I protested.

"Are you serious?"

"No! I just said that to wind you up!"

only one thing a guy can do with you!"

"Oh yea? and what's that exactly?"

"You're likely to find that out sooner than you think. Looks like we're in luck" Doug said as we pulled into a fairly large parking area which was completely deserted. "It's about fifteen minutes walk. Is that OK?"

"Are you puffing?" I said over my shoulder as we walked up over a crest in the woods.

"There down there! you've never been here before have you?" I think Doug was aware of being at least ten years older than me and though it may have made him wiser he was definitely not as fit.

I ran down the slope to a grassy spot by a deep pool in the river. Just upstream was a spectacular waterfall which deluged directly into the pool. Doug followed at a more sedate pace which almost reminded me of my parents.

"Now I thought a rugby player like you would be here first. Come on lets have a look at all these muscles" I taunted him while pulling up the front of his shirt to reveal his big hairy chest. He said he had stopped playing rugby a couple of years before but I was admiring his fair skin untanned, apart from the parts of his arms that had been below his shirt sleeve.

I had never undressed a guy before and even seeing this much of Doug's bare body was having a mesmerising effect on me. It was the closeness of little details like the freckles on his upper arm. Without thinking I began kissing his big bulging pectoral muscles at the top of his chest. It must have been something romantic about the place but I think my passion had taken Doug by surprise.

"Hey! hey! hang on! let's get your shirt off first. I thought I was the one who needed

As our naked chests came together I gently brushed the slightly raised areas of my emergent breasts against his powerful body. I noticed my nipples were more sensitive and enlarged than usual and it felt to me like electrical tingling as they touched his chest hairs. Doug reached for the buckle of my jeans and in a flash he pulled my pants down.

I had been naked before in the showers with fellow students and was used to being teased about my effeminate body. In fact I really like it but this was different. For a start Doug was a big man in his prime and I could feel his excitement mounting as he looked at my freshly exposed genitals.

Then when he took his pants off and I could only stare completely hypnotised by the sight of his huge cock and balls. They were so massive, strong and beautiful! At the same time there was something tender about his smooth pink shaft.

"You do realise why it's hard don't you!? and what it's meant for!" Doug's spoke with his deep male voice in my ear, and with a hand on my bare buttocks.

"Race you to the other side!" I said regaining some initiative as I tossed off my shoes and pants. I dived in and began swimming at full speed for the far bank. I looked round to see Doug in pursuit but unable to close the gap. I lay on the other bank and waited for him to catch up.

"All this muscle is fine" I said running my hand over his thighs "but there's quite a lot of flab starting you know. You should come to the gym with me."

"I can't do gymnastics like you, I'd break the equipment with my weight!" I noticed his cock had gone a bit flaccid in the cold water but was now starting to swell again. He put arms around me then ran his hand down my back to my bum and started exploring my crack. Then as I felt his finger on my ass cherry I almost lost control of myself altogether. I had never had a man do anything like this to me. Looking at his firm prick and feeling his finger it was so difficult to keep my senses. Doug said something flattering to me like how I had a chick's bum.

"You got to catch me. Come on I'll race you to the rocks!" I ran ahead of him again and sprung up onto a ledge to one side then came back to the point above where the track was. Doug tried to jump up too but he repeatedly failed as he did the first time he tried to get on the lorry deck.

I was only a couple of metres above him but there was a small ravine between us. "Hum you've definitely got a bit of flab there Doug, it's not all muscle is it" I said determined to regain something of my composure and a little of the upper hand. "If I jump across will you catch me?"

"Yes of course!" replied Doug relieved of his embarrassment.

As he held my naked body against his I felt the heat of his hard cock against my thigh. "Now about this flab, the thing is some of it can be quite sexy like this!" I said teasing him while squeezing his lower buttocks. But he didn't seem to mind even when I let my fingers run between his crack and located his asshole, still no resistance! Perhaps it was because at the same moment he was groping my raging cock and kissing my boy breasts.

"Hey we must get back to our clothes!" I said.

"Why can't we do it here?" Doug said in frustration.

"Because for one thing it's too uncomfortable and two, you need things like lubricant. Come on, you're the mechanic you should know that! More brawn than brain! Lets go! I'll wait for you and don't worry I won't be getting dressed until you've done what ever it is you say a man has to do to me!" I said with a wink as I dived back into the water.

I had made sure of taking a couple of things before we left the truck. One of these was a small tube of soft margarine. I unscrewed the cap as Doug approached and squeezed out a big blob on my finger, then turning round I bent down so he could see my applying it to my asshole. I knew this was fairly safe with a condom.

Doug's cock looked magnificent! There was no doubt at all of the reason for his raging erection or about where he wanted to put it.

"Doug I want you to know this is my first time" I said staring into his big brown eyes but they were flashing with excitement.

"I've never fucked a boy before either. Do you want it raw?"

"Let me put this on you" I said opening the condoms I had brought.

"You've got this all stitched up haven't you! You sexy little thing" he said as I pulled it over his huge hard fuck pole. I couldn't help licking him first but he had to restrain me as he said he about to ?blow'.

He wanted to do me from behind so I lay on my stomach so he could bring his huge naked body down on top of me. Looking around I saw his superb biceps bulging as they took the weight of his body then I felt his hot cock exploring my slit as he moved slightly forward so his knob located my asshole.

It was the best feeling I had ever had. I never realised how much I wanted a real man inside my effeminate body and there was nowhere I wanted it more than up my bottom. I had fantasised about this so often and now this was it! At first I just felt pressure on my anus. But this was Doug the truck driver on top of me. I had watched his strong arms control all that power. Everything did as he bid when he touched the controls, and now I felt myself opening up to him and the more I wanted him the more I felt my ass relaxing. Then suddenly he was inside me. Oh Wow! The feeling was overwhelming as I felt him drive his lovely huge hot fuck pole deep into my bottom

It must have taken him a full minute to bury his dick fully into my crack and right up my rectum. Then slowly he began working it in and out of me. I was groaning out loud with pleasure now and I suppose I must have become conscious of the sound I was making as, with my head on one side, I looked out through the grass. I was so distracted by what was happening to me that I hardly took in the fact that there were three other men hiding among the trees. I said nothing. I didn't care. I just wanted Doug to fuck me and I was hoping he wouldn't see them.

"Ah Doug you're a real man!; I'm ready for it now; go for it please!" I clenched my buttocks together and that seemed to do the trick. I felt his dick starting to jerk inside me then he fell on me grabbing my flimsy arms and almost crushing them as he exploded inside me with a massive orgasm. I'm afraid it was too much for the condom as the force and volume of Doug's ejaculations burst it apart and I felt this sudden hot flush inside as Doug spurted his spunk straight up my bottom. I was past caring; he just kept cumming and I loved it. I could feel his lovely big balls slapping my buttocks and I just wanted every drop of his virile fuck fluids.

I looked up and smiled at the visitors as they came out of the woods and burst into spontaneous applause.


So here's the scene: I'm lying face down in the nude on a grassy patch at this beauty spot by a river with Doug, the truck driver, on top of me. His massive muscle bound body almost completely covers me as he lies with his cock still buried deep in my asshole. But his recent exertions, where he has burst a condom and flooded my bum with his fuck juices, has drawn applause from a hitherto unseen audience of three equally muscular and handsome guys who were hidden in the trees but had now come out to claim their share in the action.

I think from a distance they might have thought I was a girl because all they could see was the profile of my bottom. I recognised two of them, Brad and Max were drivers well known to us at the mill. The third guy Neil was also big but a good bit younger. They were all in the nude now and sporting the most gorgeous erections. I just wanted to suck them all and I was not about to refuse any of them access to my bum either! As I looked at their big strong bodies I felt so hot in my asshole that I wanted them to fuck me immediately. But could I make it more exciting and play ?hard to get' for a bit?

"Good for you Doug!" began Brad, "You're must be the first guy with the balls to do what had to be done! Wow he really is girlie! look at those nipples man!!"

As Doug rolled over off me he had left the remains of the condom just sticking out of my ass crack. His cock was still thick and very slimy.

Doug tried to remove it intact but in doing so revealed to all what had happened.

"Hey you're no virgin now boy! Seems like Doug here's filled you up good and proper! Never mind lad you'll be OK he's clean as a whistle. In fact we all are aren't we?" added Neil surveying my bum and looking eagerly at the others.

"What worries me is that this is supposed to be his rest period!" Mused Max in his deep bass voice as everyone began to laugh.

"Come on! who's for a swim?" I said as I jumped up and dived in before any of them could restrain me.

I headed upstream towards the waterfall this time. The three newcomers were in hot pursuit but while Brad and Max clearly were in the same fitness bracket at Doug, Neil was hot on my tail. As we reached a point of the falls where you could stand waist deep and be engulfed in fine spray, the others were almost out of sight. Neil had let me get there but then grabbed me from behind. His youthful cock was really long and slim but incredibly hard. As I felt him jab into my slit I bent forwards slightly to help him.

"You're supposed to resist me! Carl, is that your name? Too late now! You're gonna experience real virility now boy!"

I couldn't even dream of resisting this beautiful blond youth. He was only a couple of years older than me but very muscular and manly in manner.

The cold water had done nothing to sap his penetrative power. It was lapping around my thighs and the spray showering over us only emphasised the hot feeling I had inside me as he thrust his fiery fuck pole up my eager bottom. The others had just arrived in time to see the action.

"I've got him! I've got him!! This is what you're getting Girlie Carlie! this is what you fucking need! Ah! I felt his hot jizz shooting up me with incredible force. He had been so vigorous inside me in the short time before he shot his load, I was overwhelmed by the sheer strength and power of this young guy.

Brad and Max were either side of me now, Doug had remained on the bank. Neil stayed in me for a while while his cock very slowly subsided. I didn't know which of these beautiful big cocks to suck first I started with Max, his seemed to be swelling in my mouth. It made me want him like hell but the excitement was so intense I don't really remember what I did except that I had managed get a hand around each of their big muscular asses and I thought I would provoke them by seeing how far I could go. I had grabbed the flesh of their firm buttocks and when they didn't try to push me away I slipped my fingers into their slits and quickly located their cherries. I remembered how Doug hadn't resisted and these two didn't either. Perhaps it was because I was still sucking their cocks in turn. They each even let me push my finger quite a way into their asses. The cool spray was showering over us and they just stood transfixed as if trying to pretend nothing was happening.

I took my chance while they were in the grip of their day dreams and swam off at speed back to the shore where Doug was.

"OK you two and Doug" I said wagging my finger as Max and Brad came ashore puffing. a deal here right! You three! I said pointing at them are unfit aren't you? The three of you all stopped playing rugby two years ago: And I don't want to hear about any of you fine beautiful guys having heart attacks; OK?"

"I play three times a week!" Neil interrupted.

"Yes I have just noticed that" I said. There was laughter. "Look the deal is this: You guys are going to get yourselves to the gym with me three times a week to get some fitness back right? I'll book you in cos I know the guys and I can get a reduced rate but you'll have to share the cost!"

"So we all meet three times a week. Yea that doesn't sound like a bad deal actually! What do you think?" said Brad looking at Doug and Max. I realised it probably meant me getting it several times on each occasion.

"Can I join you when I'm free?" added Neil.

To be fare on Brad and Max they looked hugely impressive. Brad was about the same size as Doug but with straight black hair and a smooth chest which emphasised his very large muscles. His cock looked about the same length Doug's but shorter than Neil's but it was quite thick and curved back a bit towards his belly button and his balls hung low in his scrotum. Max on the other hand was just massive all round. What I noticed most was the size of his cock and balls. I wasn't sure if I could accommodate his monstrous cock which, in my mouth, had seemed so huge and hard. But that had made me all the more desperate to have him up inside me. And when you with balls that size I sensed he would be very productive!

I casually got out my margarine tube and squeezed half the contents over my bottom and around my anus. Neil helped work it into my asshole and I noticed that his cock was very hard again and sticking out horizontally. As I took his whole length in my mouth I couldn't help noticing how big his balls were. If Brad and Max didn't hurry up this virile youngster was going to beat them to it again!

But Brad soon got me firmly on my back and told the others to hold my legs apart. This was marvellous! I loved the feeling of being held while someone else prepared to fuck me. I would have been fun to have struggled but I wanted them so much I couldn't bring myself to try. He was looking at me with his deep brown eyes as I felt his knob against my sphincter. I could see all his muscles tensed as he prepared to penetrate me. His strong thighs flexed as he pushed his prick into my asshole. There was no resistance. I couldn't resist! He just came into me! He was unstoppable and I felt completely conquered by his huge body as he started driving me crazy by whatever it was he was doing to me inside my bottom! Brad was completely in charge as he probed my gland and propelled my reactions in a way I couldn't control. I had never experienced anything like this. Wow this guy knew how to fuck! He was working his cock around inside me in a very deliberate way which was driving me crazy with excitement. I was groaning and squirming from side to side as he thrust his probing prick into every recess of my rectum.

I was soon in a state where I could think of nothing but Brad and his presence inside me and all the time there was this thrill building up somewhere deep inside my bottom. I wanted him more and more and felt myself being propelled into a huge orgasm. I thought I could feel myself trying to ejaculate but nothing was coming out. I just felt my genitals going into a terrific spasm as Brad suddenly let fly with his prick and dosed me with hot spunk and lovely virile cum gushing into the depths of my bowels.

There was no time for recovery or reflection as Max, pushing Neil aside when he tried to get in for a quick one, came over me still on my back with his massive frame. It was the right moment to challenge my asshole with a cock of that size because I was so excited by what Brad had just done to me. I had not been unable to ejaculate so my bum felt hotter than ever. All the same Max spared me nothing! His weight alone was enough to drive his massive member into me. It felt like I was splitting apart as he entered my inner sphincter. But there was no real pain just a feeling of being invaded by something utterly enormous! and then to feel it filling up my bottom first just with the size of it! before he began to thrust and jack off into me.

Soon I was orgasming wildly once more as the sheer size of Max's cock meant that every part of my internal genitals felt the pressure from him. But Max was getting vigorous and thrusting me at an ever increasing pace. There was something about the rhythm of his shafting that was provoking my orgasms to extremes. Soon I was shouting out (or so they told me later). Max rammed me relentlessly until my orgasm got so intense that my whole rectum contracted and squeezed his cock so much that he suddenly shot his load and allowed me to relax as I felt waves of hot cum fluids gushing from his huge hose pipe inside me!

Believe me or not I still hadn't been able to resolve my orgasms as these guys were just too big for my puny gland as their huge cocks had constricted my semen tubes.

Neil came up me again and seemed to know exactly what I needed as he drove his long dick past my gland a couple of times then buried it deep inside me. Doug had become excited again and started sucking my little cock. This time there was no stopping my ejaculations as I shot my load straight down Doug's throat to more cheers and applause from all and Neil pumped my bum with his fresh cum.

"Notice how he's gone all quiet now! Got what you needed didn't you? Shut you up a bit aye? No more preaching about heart failure now?!"

"Yea thanks you all gave me a bloody good fucking and it was even better than any of my fantasies. OK what you have done has certainly affected me but it doesn't mean you can't get heart disease except of course it will have helped to dilate you arteries. So no! the deal is still on and I shall expect you to conform!!"

There was laughter and good humour all round. I think we were all in a state of sexual satisfaction except that Doug made be bend down once more and did me doggie style while the others looked on.

I suddenly felt we had to get back on the road. I didn't realise how much time had passed but we needed to get at least to the next town and book into a Guest house for the night. Or that was my plan! The only thing was that the others had already contrived a different one. Seeing our truck parked and knowing I was with Doug on this trip they had not been surprised by what they had found. Neil had invited us all to stay the night as guests at the rugby club in the same town.

What do they say? ?It never rains but it pours'!

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