A vampire's goodbye.

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Seventy years had passed since I last laid eyes on her. In those years, even though her body aged, she remained beautiful. Like a fine wine or an artist’s painting she had aged gracefully. Her hair still dark brown had just subtle streaks of white, her skin was slightly tan, reflecting her Hispanic roots, and her eyes still the magnificent auburn that captured my heart so long ago. It was always the eyes that held me, that pierced my very soul and made me want to return to her. I stared for what seemed like days, but only mere seconds had passed before she asked, “ Who are you? Not another doctor I hope.”

I knew she wouldn‘t recognize me.“ No, I’m not a doctor, just an old friend of your first husband.” I informed her.

Her heart speed up, drastically, I would have known regardless thanks to my enhanced senses, but the heart monitor attached to her chest informed us all. It’s the reason I finally came to see her, seventy years and I could never bring myself to look for her, for I knew if I had, I would have turned her into what I had become. Even though it is what I wanted, no, what I longed for, I did not want it for her. Why should I curse her with the evil I possessed. I had watched from afar , my family wither and die. One by one they passed, everyone I knew was dead, except her, she was the last of my human life that remained and the only part that I every really longed for. When I heard of her poor health, I decided it was time to see her and confess what happened to me. I wasn’t worried about her telling others my story, I didn’t think she would and even if she did no one would believe her, they would just blame it on the chemo.

“ What do you mean an old friend of my first husband. There is no way you could have known him, he died seventy years ago and you seem no older than twenty five.” She exclaimed.

“ I would like to tell you how I knew him but, I think it would be better if we were alone.” I told her as I glanced at her children and grandchildren. They had no need to hear my story, they were not of my blood, plus I couldn’t go telling everyone my secret, not unless I had a death wish. She looked up at her family and asked them out. To my surprise they left quickly, I thought they would have argued with her given the topic of my visit. As the last one left, I closed the door. I took a seat next to her and was greeted by her tears. I always hated it when she cried, those eyes already digging into my soul, ripped me to pieces when she cried. I took a long, deep breath and began my tale.

“ Your husband, he did die seventy years ago, but not completely , he lived on but as something else. I guess you remember his interest in the supernatural, especially vampires?” I asked and she nodded. “ Well, it was back in the year two thousand and ten, while on a trip to South America that he found a real one, actually he found three.”

“Wait, a minute.” She interrupted “ How do you know this and how did you />
“Please, Let me finish.” I told her, as I continued. “ He was in Peru at the time, his ship had docked and was not set to leave for five days. Two of his shipmates and himself set out one night for a local bar. He was looking just for a drink, as usual, his friends had other things on their minds. The only bar in sight was a dark and crowded place. Out of options they went inside and bought a few drinks. This bar was not a place for outsiders. Your husband knew that it was a place for the supernatural, He could feel it, so he watched his back, weary of the kind of people that took the fascination to far. After a few hours, three of the most beautiful women approached them. These women had the looks of goddesses, they were so graceful in their movements that they seemed to float rather than walk. He suspected they were triplets, for they looked the same, Very pale skin, tall, slender and their eyes were deep red almost black. The only difference was the hair, one blond, one black, one red. Your husband, always the gentleman, greeted the women but kept an eye on them. He had the feeling that these women were not just pretending but just might be the real thing.

After some conversation about the who, what, where, when, why of their lives, he realized that the women had yet to spare any details about themselves. It bothered him that they said nothing but only asked questions, almost like they were sorting them out. He didn’t realize when his buddies left the table but, suddenly he was alone with the women. He knew that he had better leave and got up to say goodbye. As he walked back to the docks, he could not get his mind off the women, his curiosity over the supernatural had him wondering. He was so deep into his thoughts that he had passed the docks completely and traveled a good distance. He turned to go back and there they were, the women, were standing in front of him, they appeared out of nowhere and he was helpless to fight them off. His body was frozen, not out of fear but interest. They approached him, took him in their arms, and he passed out. He awoke in what was at one time a plantation house on the coast. It was deserted and had been for a while. It reeked of death and dust.

“I won’t tell you all that happened to him, I don’t want to upset you.” I explained. “ It would do you no good to hear of his pain, his suffering, or his death. I will tell you though, his last thoughts were of you, he has killed with your name on his lips and tears in his eyes.”

Even though I didn’t speak it aloud I couldn’t help but go through what happened in my mind. The women dragged me up to what once was a glorious bedroom. The air was thick and stale, it too smelled of dust and decay, but for a strange reason I liked it. Candles were everywhere, thick black curtains covered the windows, they would block out any light that tried to intrude. There was no bed, only big pillows, dozens of them laid out all over the floor. I didn’t resist, I wanted this, I knew what was coming and desired it with every fiber in my body. I fell onto the pillows and the women fell on me. Their hands were all over my body, touching and squeezing every inch of my flesh. My clothes, torn from my body. It didn’t matter anyway, the pure ecstasy I was experiencing had my mind spinning with pleasure. The black haired one kissed my lips and her tongue assaulted my mouth, her breath, her saliva, entered my mouth and tasted sweet, tasted like life but seemed to promise death. She kissed with passion, fury, and need. I had yet to experience a pleasure like that from anything, it felt like I had an orgasm from her kiss, maybe I did. As we continued, I could feel lips on my chest, kissing and nipping up and down. The red head was gently sucking my nipples and running her hands up and down my chest, clawing gently with her nails. Again this too felt like I was cumming over and over. My head was spinning with pleasure. I should have known only death would come from this but the thought did not bother me.

I wondered where the blond had gone, Like she was responding to my thoughts , I felt her between my legs. Her nails scratching down my thighs, her breasts pressed against my leg and her lips, oh god yes, her lips were gently kissing my skin, starting from my feet and moving up. She grabbed my cock with one hand and with the other probed my ass and took my prostate hostage. She put my dick to her mouth but she didn’t suck it, she made love to it. With her hand on the tip she rolled the head between her fingers while her mouth licked it up and down. My body felt like it would explode at any minute. The blond started to stroke my cock up and down, covered in her spit, it slid easily, she gently sucked on my nuts as she continued , first one then the other, the texture of her tongue sent a violent surge of pleasure up my body, I tried to gasp for air but the black haired beauty still kept my mouth covered by her gentle yet firm lips. The lack of air didn’t bother me, my mind was occupied with other needs. The warmth of a mouth swallowing my dick gained my attention. The red head had swallowed my cock, all eight inches were down her throat. I could feel her tongue vibrating my shaft and her throat squeezing the head. It was the best blow job I had ever had, the blond, still sucking my nuts, placed another finger in to me and rubbed my spot with inhuman speed. I never had it that rough before. I thought I wouldn’t like it but it brought my ecstasy to a higher level, I couldn’t take anymore. The orgasm building up inside my was so large it hurt. With one final prod of my ass, I came, it was so much it shot strait up in the air a good foot. All three women were there waiting to catch every drop with their hungry mouths and licking up any that was missed.

My dick stayed hard, it was even harder than before. Without speaking a word the blond straddled my face. She slowly lowered her pussy to my mouth, it had to be the most beautiful cunt I’d seen. Her lips were not large but they stuck out slightly and it looked tight, almost like she had never had sex. The smell was intoxicating as her pussy neared my face and a single drop of wetness fell from her perfect lips and into my mouth, pure honey. She held it just barely above my mouth and I eagerly dug in. I couldn’t move my head an inch, not that I wanted to. She held it still and ground her clit on my nose. I could have drowned on the wetness that was pouring out of her, I must have swallowed a gallon of it, yet hungered for more. My attention was divided between this beautiful pussy on my face and a hot mouth back on my cock. The red head was getting my dick nice and wet, it glimmered from her spit. She dropped it from her mouth and in a swift move mounted it, she didn’t even ease it in, no , she seemed to have the desire for her cunt to be full of cock and now. What a tight pussy she had, she squeezed my cock so hard with her muscles I thought she would flatten it. Up, down, up, down she went, her pace picked up and despite a pussy on my face I couldn’t help but moan. The blond liked this, the moaning, it caused my tongue to vibrate even more. With one last downward thrust on my dick the redhead screamed from her orgasm, at the same time the blond came as well and from beside me I heard another scream of ecstasy, the black haired one must have been pleasuring herself. As the moans of the women calmed I was able to get a grip on my senses and took a good look at the women.

Now, I was in fear for my life.

Their eyes were black, their mouths wide and fangs hung sharp from their teeth. There wasn’t a doubt in my mind what was coming next and what could I do? There was no escape, no rescue, no hope. I said my goodbyes to my loved ones, prayed, and closed my eyes. There wasn’t much pain, just like donating blood it only hurt for a second. But unlike donating I could feel the life being sucked out of me, literally. My thoughts alternated between the fear of death and the pleasure I was feeling, It felt wonderful to be sucked dry by these women, no pain only pleasure. My mind grew cloudy, my thoughts drifted away, I was dying.

The women stopped.

I had just enough energy to watch them unlatch from my body, their mouths dripping my blood. They kissed each other sharing the bounty that was my blood. Eyes that were once black were now deep crimson with an violet iris. The look of satisfaction on their faces bothered me, they were unsure of what to do. Should they finish me off and dump my body, never to be found. Or should they keep me. I laid there for a time, wishing them to finish me off, now that they had stopped feeding , the pain of my bleeding started to set in. I burned. My veins were dry, my heart felt like it was pumping air. I begged them for death. The laughter that rang out was loud and piercing.

“No, we have other plans for you. My delectable friend.” said the blond one. My heart beat faster, only increasing the pain. The black haired one bent to kiss the blond on the breast, she let go to reveal two bleeding holes. This was it, I knew I would get my wish, they were going to make me one of them. I was elated as the blond placed he breast over my mouth and feed me. I drank. The flavor was wrong, metallic and salty. It eased my aching thirst. What happened next I do not know, I awoke a few days later in the same room. I could feel I had changed, all my senses were alight. My throat burned like I was eating fire, there was a motion next to me and a muffled cry. I glanced over to see what would be my first victim, a local girl tied and laying naked.

Lust took over and the cock was rock hard. I could not help myself, I mounted her and with a force that made her scream in pain I fucked her. Her screams grew louder and my thrusts grew harder. She bled from the damage I caused, the smell of her sex and blood overwhelmed me. I let her go and buried my face into her warm and bleeding pussy. I swallowed all I could, I heard the orgasm that I brought her to and lost control biting down, hard, on her thigh. Her cries grew quiet as I drained her body. I remember hearing her heart stop and knew she was finished. Dead she was as I was but I would continue on, she would rot. Behind my I heard the approval of the three twins who were now my teachers in this new life.

A warm hand squeezing mine brought me back to the present, I looked in her eyes and knew that she understood. She knew who I was and tears welled up into her eyes. I kissed them away, savoring the taste as it was all I would get. I did not come to taste her although I wanted to. She asked but one question.

“ Why did you not come back to me? I would have gone with you.” she told me.

“ I could not return then.” I explained. “ I belonged to them until they released me after I knew enough to be on my own and they had grown tired of me anyway. That took twenty years. By then you had moved on, you had children and even a grand son. I was not going to ruin your new life. I only came now to ease your mind of me and I just needed to see you, to touch you, hear you one more time. I have eternity to live and just wanted the chance to say goodbye. I can not die you see. Nothing will kill me except another vampire and even then it is /> “ Take me now.” she commanded. “ My life is over here I can live another with you.”

“ Your body is too weak.” I explained “ You would not survive it.” I knew she would ask this of me and though I wanted to try, oh god did I want to, I would not risk her dying at my hands. She understood and accepted my reasoning. We sat and talked then for hours. A gentle knock disturbed us, her family had grown restless and demanded to be let back in. She handed me something then and closed my hand over it. I placed it in to my pocket and said my goodbyes, as did she. Just as I was about to step out of her room she called to me.

Out on the busy streets below I pulled the item from my pocket, there lay a delicate gold wedding band. Inscribed were our names. She never stopped loving me and I would never stop loving her.

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