A weekend to remember part 3 (conclusion)

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Part 3:
Brooke's House.

I watched as Brooke got her clothes back on. She put her bra back on, having to slightly squeeze her boobs together to fit them in. Then she turned around, and bent down to pick up her shirt, and I got a full view of her ass. I could even see her anus, and I thought of how nice it would be to stick my cock in there.
She then pulled her skin tight shirt over her head, but I didn’t notice, still eyeing her ass. Then she bent over yet again. This time I couldn’t resist, and as I had a boner already, I slide my penis inside her ass. She jumped slightly in surprise but then she turned her head a little and smiled mischievously.
I started riding her up the ass, as if I hadn’t came twice in the last hour. It was so warm and nice in there, that I felt like my dick was going to explode in pleasure every second. She was still bent over from when I surprised her, so I put both hands on either side of her waist, and started going twice as fast. She started moaning, a little too loudly, but I kept going on her.
Then she stood up, making my dick come out of her anus, but still between her cheeks. She turned around, kissed me full on the mouth, and instructed me to go on my knees. A little disappointed, as I was having so much fun inside her ass, I knew I was going to give her oral. But it never happened. I was on my knees, and she laid flat on the floor. Then she put her legs on my shoulders, on either side of my head, and braced her hands on the ledge of the shower door, sat down on the floor, and told me to fuck her in the ass.
This was the weirdest position I had never dreamed of doing, and I hadn’t seen it in any type of porno before so I was mystified. But even so I agreed and aimed my dick at her anus. As it entered and I started fucking her, I found it was a lot easier to use more force and speed. She quickly grabbed a towel from beside it and bit into it. I worried slightly, but she didn’t tell me to stop, so I kept fucking.
Even though her shirt was on, it was still sexy seeing her breasts move up and down to the beat of my fuck. I finally felt pressure build up in the tip of my dick, and knew I was going to cum. I started going a lot harder and a lot faster for the next fifteen seconds and I could see her eyes tense and she bit harder, but I could tell she was enjoying it by the obvious urge on her face. I came inside her ass, and I stopped about fifteen seconds later.
She then pulled the two sided dildo from her towel and finished herself off, and I just enjoyed watching for a change. She came for the second time in, ten minutes apart from each time, and then pulled her panties and tiny spandex shorts on.

I also put my clothes on, and waited, as Brooke left the room, saying that she’d knock three times softly when it was safe. I sat on the toilet, recalling that in just a day’s time, I had had sex with two different girls, numerous times. As I thought about it, I heard a soft triple knock on the door.
Brooke and Kelly were motioning for me to run out the back door, which fortunately, was very close to the bathroom. I ran out, quietly opened, the door, shut it, and they told me to hide under the deck. I waited for about five minutes, and then I heard Kelly’s voice calling my name.
“Brian lets go!” she whispered urgently.
I crawled out from behind the deck and ran with them.
We ran all the way down her street, and came onto the boulevard, where there was a bus stop. We sat on the bench, and for the first time since the incident in the closet with Brooke, I felt extremely awkward, not having a chance before to talk after having sex with both of them.
It was silent for the first thirty seconds or so, as we all caught out breaths. Then Kelly broke the ice, and said, “That was fun last night. How’s your ass?”
I realized that it was in pain, as before I was too busy thinking about them. “It defiantly hurts.” I replied, grinning a little.
“Well don’t think it’s over yet, we got all weekend. Kelly’s sleeping at my house tonight.” Brooke said, talking for the first time.
I was secretly extremely happy about what she said, but my reply was a lot less enthusiastic. “What about my parent’s? They thought I was at Ryan’s house last night, how am I going to persuade them to let me stay at his house again?”
“Oh, I can think of an easy reason. Don’t you know what day it is today?”
“The eighteenth I think…..Oh shit it’s my birthday on Sunday”
right, and we already told your parents that we were throwing a surprise party for you. So you shouldn’t be home until late afternoon, tomorrow.” Kelly answered, with a hint of satisfaction in her voice.
“So… who’s, uh, coming to this party of mine?” I asked to ease a little of my tension, as for some strange reason, I was very nervous.
“Well, there are three, including you, so far.” Brooke said with a wink, and continued, “But if you feel the need to invite others, especially some hot guys, feel free.”
That was a little awkward, because I didn’t know if she was serious or not, but I still nodded, and grinned, trying to fit in with them.
The bus then came, and we got on, and started talking about normal stuff teenagers would talk about. We talked about bitchy teachers, made fun of what other people did during the week, and talked about the upcoming week. The bus finally arrived at the train station, so we got off, stepped onto the platform, and the train arrived thirty seconds later, which was rare as it was Saturday at about ten am.
The three of us got onto the train, and it was pretty much empty. There was a kid that looked like he just hit puberty with his dad, and I watched as he took a look at Brooke’s low cut shirt. We walked passed them, to the end of the compartment, where there was only a couple Asian girls talking in a foreign language, and sat down.

Brooke sat down first, and then I sat beside her. Not having enough room for Kelly, she sat on my lap. I almost immediately felt blood rush to my penis, and I started getting a boner. Kelly was just wearing a skirt, and I could feel her ass cheeks on either side of my leg, where she sat.
It didn’t take her long to notice, when she moved around on top of me to get more comfortable. Grinning, she sat right on in the middle of my legs, reached between her legs, and undid my zipper. She fidgeted a bit, but as I had a boner, it easily sprang out of captivity. Sliding her thong (I then noticed she had a thong, which extremely turned me on) to one side, she gently sat on top of my dick, penetrating her anus for the second time today.
As we sat, waiting for Brooke’s stop, we just talked about regular stuff, while I was inside her. As this was only her second time, Kelly winced a little after every bump we hit, but I secretly enjoyed them, as she moved up and down on top of me. Another bonus was that no one seemed to notice. The two Asian’s were about six rows behind us, and everyone else was too far to hear or see us.
Then Brooke’s stop came and she got off me quickly, I zipped my pants, and then we got onto a bus, finally reaching Brooke’s home.
Brooke’s house was massive. I guessed around seven thousand square feet, as it had three finished levels. She came in, greeted her parents, and gave us a tour of her house. The main floor was one giant room with a bathroom and a master bedroom to the side. There was a massive dining room, and an equally sized kitchen with two commercial ovens, and a walk in pantry the size of my bedroom at home. We ignored the upstairs, as Brooke said that the family rarely used it, only for guests staying the night. I assumed we would all be in Brooke’s room tonight. Then we went downstairs, and as Brooke was an only child, she got the whole basement to herself, as her parents slept in the master bedroom upstairs.
Down in the basement there was a pool, foosball and a poker table. There was a sixty inch plasma TV on one of the walls, surrounded by three beige, leather sofas. Then there was a mini bar in the corner, and beside that was a hallway with a bathroom and two bedrooms. It looked like they bought the house because of all the open space.
After showing us around, Brooke went to the bar and took out three Corona’s, saying that her parents didn’t mind us drinking, as long as we were responsible and didn’t get out of hand. I drank half of mine in one go, out of pure nervousness.
About twenty seconds after Brooke handed out the beers, Brooke’s parents said they would see her tomorrow. Apparently Brooke said she was throwing a birthday party for me, and asked if she could have the house for the day. Seeing how spoiled she was, (and probably why she sometimes acted like a bitch…. And no, I’m not complaining) her parents let her.
Brooke then crossed her arms, grabbing either ends of the bottom of her shirt, and pulled it off, showing off her pink frilly bra with her breasts almost popping out.
“I think that Brian has suffered enough this past night, and its someone else’s turn to try something new” Brooke said with a smile.
She instantly got my curiosity as she then sat on Kelly, leaning her breasts into her face, sat down, and kissed Kelly full on the mouth. Before Kelly could react properly, Brooke let go and said,
“I was surprised my first time too, but I am sure you will enjoy it…. I have seen you eyeing me up instead of Brian when we were both naked out of the corner of your eyes.”
Brooke told Kelly to stay there, and quickly got a bag from one of the rooms. Then she pulled Kelly’s skirt down, then her thong, revealing an already moist vagina. She licked it a little bit, and then continued, pulling off her socks and shirt, leaving Kelly with just a bra on. Then Brooke took off her shorts, panties and socks all at once, revealing her shaved cunt. She took Kelly by the hand, and pulled her to one of the rooms, leaving Kelly with a deep shade of red. Not knowing what to do, I followed, intrigued.
Brooke didn’t even make it to the bed. As soon as they got in the room, Brooke started kissing Kelly frantically all over her face. I sat in the corner of the room on a desk chair. I visibly saw Kelly returning back Brooke’s favor, just as I had done with Kelly in the movie theatre just yesterday. Kelly started getting so frantic; she pulled in Brooke closer, grabbed her bra straps, and started to rip them off. Getting the idea, Brooke did so to Kelly as well. Soon, they were both naked, really turning me on, as there boobs had a war of there own, squishing between each others, and rubbing all over their bodies.
Then Kelly moved down and started making out and sucking on Brooke’s breasts. Then she moved back up and started licking and kissing all over her face. Then Brooke turned around, grabbed control of Kelly, and pushed her onto the bed. Before they got back to it, Brooke reached into her bag, got out a few condoms, put them one on her pinky and ring finger, and the other on her pointer and index finger, making it look like she had two fingers and a thumb. Then Brooke reached down under and fingered her as they made out. After awhile, Brooke added in all four fingers into Kelly, making her moan in pain a little, but she really started to enjoy it. Then, Kelly having enough, and wanting control, pushed Brooke off her, put her pussie on Brooke’s face, and Brooke started licking Kelly’s pussie.
As Kelly was previously getting fingered with four fingers, she came first. Before she did, however, she started bucking her hips up and down, all over Brooke’s face so she could hold it in for more intense pleasure. Kelly came in Brooke’s mouth, and they stopped. Brooke, completely naked, came towards me, and kissed me full on the mouth with Kelly’s sweet juice in her mouth. After about thirty seconds she released.
“Happy birthday…. How’d you like the /> “It was pleasant” I replied, cursing myself for not thinking of anything more smooth to say.
“Well, for my second gift, I offer my body and that bag of stuff on the floor over there.” Brooke said, pointing toward the bag where she got the condoms from.
“I do, too.” Kelly smiled as I walked passed her to check what was in the bag.
Inside the bag there was about four sets of four feet long rope, three or four sets of handcuffs, about a half a dozen different kinds of dildo’s, about eight different colored boxes of Trojan condoms, a tub of Vaseline, a few (what looked like) gags, and some skimpy clothing. In the pockets were playboys and hustlers, with about a dozen sex DVD’s.
I first grabbed the hand cuffs, cuffing them both to the frames of the King sized bed. Then, ignoring Kelly for now, I decided to get my painful revenge to Brooke. I tied one of her legs to the other end of the bedpost, leaving one leg free. I then picked up two of the larger dildos, turned them both on, and sat on Brooke’s chest. I put the first one up the ass, and she screamed and moaned in delight instantly. Then I put the second up her cunt, making her moan even more loudly, and I still hadn’t moved them yet. I then grabbed both of them with either hand and started to penetrate in and out of her with the dildos at full speed and strength. Screaming or moaning in either pain or pleasure (probably both) I started going in and out with both dildos’ simultaneously going in and outside of her. After about two minutes I stopped, afraid I might hurt her.
She was breathing very heavily, and kept saying that it was the best feeling of her life. I had such a hard on that I could feel a pulse in my dick. I then moved onto Brooke and did what I wanted to do most.
Now, I wasn’t a huge fan of boobs who just fantasized about them, but Brooke’s breasts were just so perfectly round and big, that I just couldn’t resist. I laid down on top of her, put my face in her boobs, and started licking, sucking, and even biting her cleavage. (And she did yelp several times) I put my face in between her breasts and licked around the outside of her breasts. Then I moved up and sucked on her nipple for about two minutes, licking, playing and biting softly. There was just no stopping as I made use of my hand and starting massaging her other breast.
I started to realize though that Kelly must be feeling pretty lonely, and as I was her girlfriend, I defiantly had some obligations to make her feel comforted. So then, not looking away from Brooke, I brought my free useless hand and slid my fingers into her vagina. She was extremely surprised and moaned with deep pleasure. After about five minutes of this bout, I stopped and sat up off Brooke’s boobs, eyeing the fact they were both red and there was a few bite mark indents around her nipples.
I then moved to Kelly’s body, and without even thinking, entered inside her, and started to fuck. She was defiantly much tighter than Brooke, and I just kept having sex with her, actually making love to her for the first time. I didn’t notice that Brooke had left the room, but when it must have been at least twenty minutes (I was surprised at my ability to contain myself) I wondered a little.
Then a blindfold covered my eyes and I was held back with arms that defiantly were not from a woman.
“These men are here to teach you a lesson to not take control of woman” I heard Brooke say to me.
As I was probably half a minute from cumming, I still had a massive hard-on. Then I felt something penetrate my anus, and I realized that a guy had started to fuck me, while my arms and legs were being handcuffed to the bed posts. After about three or four minutes of this, I was actually sort of enjoying it. Then I could feel the guy cum in my ass, and then pulled out, a little too quickly, and I could feel more than his penis come out.
“Urgh, so now you’re shitting on my bed? Now you’re going to get it.”
Then another guy started fucking me, but this time, I could feel Brooke’s aggressive hands jacking me off as hard and fast as she could. It took not even a minute to cum with that friction, but she didn’t stop. She just kept going and going, until, yet again I came, but this time it hurt a little. But she kept going, and my dick was really starting to feel sore.

Brooke stopped for a second and then a second familiar hand continued. By this time the men had already came in my ass, and they were both done, and then the blind fold came off. My hard on was dying out, even though it was being jacked off so hard by my girlfriend. But when I looked up, Brooke’s breasts were on my face, and she was shaking them around.
“Cum one more time, and we’ll stop.” Brooke yelled.
“It’s not like I decide when to replenish my juice.” I said in protest.
do as I say” Brooke said, and then Kelly let go of my dick, and then started to suck on the half-limp erection. And Brooke started to shake her boobs all over my face, and after about ten minutes, I was able to cum again, something I didn’t think possible, even though it was feeble drops.
They both got off me, undid me, and me and Kelly went home, and just before she left for her bus, she gave me a deep long kiss on the mouth, a hint of salty semen still in her mouth.
“Just think, on Friday you were looking at my boobs in math class wishing for all of this” Kelly winked at me and left.
When I got home, I went to bed, and just before I fell asleep, I said to myself “Man, what am I going to do next week?”

The position I tried to describe at the very begining of this story actually happened to me with a crazy (good kind of crazy :D) girl I had am still dating right now. The first couple paragraphs were actually a play by play of something that happened to me and my girlfriend It was hard to describe, but hopefully I got the message across.

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