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It was just after 5:30 on a Monday evening as Cedric walked through the halls of the empty school. The day wasn't very hectic or even tiring for that matter, but the joy of being free from his job was still satisfying. The hours had flown by…the after school program was done, the kids were gone, school was out..time to relax. He entered his boss's office, a little taken back that she and one of his co-workers were preparing to leave. "I have an early meeting today, and Kristen's gonna drive me so we really have to run. After you sign out, would you mind taking the office keys to Tyra? She's in the computer lab doing data entry for next week.." Cedric nodded his head with a grin while reaching out for the keys and stepping aside, allowing the ladies to get by. As they left, he made his way over to the cluttered desk with a sigh of relief, that quickly became a small smile. He finally would have the opportunity to talk to Tyra….she was about 5'5, 115 pounds, of slender shapely chocolate. He'd been working closely with her since she joined the program a few months back, even taking over her class a few times, but had never gotten to speak on a personal level with her.

He quietly slipped out of the office and down the hall, checking around as he walked. He didn't necessarily think anything would go too far but nonetheless, he wasn't trying to get rejected in front of an audience. He knew he wasn't quite her type standing 5'11, light skinned built with light brown eyes and big lips…but he figured, hey…he wasn't ugly, and the worst that could happen is a "no." He stood in the door way of the lab and gazed in at her. She sat about 6 feet away, typing with her legs crossed and eyes glued to the screen. She hadn't even noticed he was there. But he noticed her, his eyes traced from her beautiful black hair to her amazing eyes, down to her sexy lips…all the way down to her skin tight jeans and white slip on shoes that showed just the right portion of her beautiful feet.

gone," he said, snapping back to reality. She turned, catching his slow glance just as he looked away. "Oh, am I suppose to finish this all today?" she asked. He took a second to let the song of her voice echo his thoughts before he responded. "Not sure. No one left specific instructions but I was sposed to leave this with you" he said, walking over and laying the keys at her side. She sighed. "Well I guess I'll finish this first stack then, paper work is so annoying to finish," she said, flashing a playful smile as she rolled her neck back to the screen.

"That's not a normal neck move" he said.
"Na…my neck's a little tense from playing with the kids, kinda bothering me."
"Well…I do know a thing about massages if you're /> "I don't think its if the principal were to come in?"
he said, "the only other person here is the janitor and he's taking lunch in the falculty room for about an hour.."
"Still, I have all this work.."
"I won't interfere.." he interrupted. "Besides, looks like you need one," he said stepping behind her resting his hands on her shoulders.

She nodded and turned back to her work, trying not to shiver under his touch. As she typed, he began to gently relieve her shoulders, sweeping his fingers over the edges and interior, allowing his fingertips to dive into her skin lightly as he went. Tyra couldn't help but close her eyes and sink into the sensation. Cedric swept one hand up to her neck, stroking it softly, causing Tyra to glance back at him. As their eyes met, Tyra became a little flustered and in a panic blurted "Uh, maybe that is enough for today."

"I can just take off if /> "No!…uh, no…its not you, I'm just a bit tired is all," she replied.
"Ok, well let me walk you to the office?" he asked, stacking the papers and loading them in one arm.
With his free hand, Cedric pulled her seat as she stood and pushed it into the table as she headed for the door, glancing up to watch her ass as her hips swished. She didn't have a ghetto booty like a lot of the girls he'd dated, but it was a nice round little bubble and he watched it intently as he had many days before. His eyes moved up just in time to see her looking back, turning away she said "you coming, or what?"

"Right after you," he said smiling, hoping to hide the worry he had over if she'd seen him looking. As they walked down the halls to the office, he stayed two steps behind, partly from his worry but mainly so he could keep watching her. As they came to the office, she dropped the keys, stopping abruptly to bend and pick them up. Cedric pretended to not see her stop and crashed his crotch into her firm cheeks. She linger on him for a moment, feeling his jeans rise, then picked up the keys and opened the office. Cedric entered after her, laying the papers on the desk and turned to leave. "Can't wait for me to clock out?" she asked. He stopped in his tracks, closing the door and locking it. "Only if you don't mind working late."

Silence….one second….five seconds….twenty seconds….

Cedric turned nervously, not knowing what to expect. "I'm sorry, I…" his sentence ran off when he gazed upon Tyra, now standing in only her jeans and a black lace bra that he could see. "Let's work.." she said. He raced to her, taking her strongly into his arms, caressing her hips tightly as her lips pressed passionately against his, and their tongues danced around in unison. Cedric unbuttoned her jeans, and pulled them to the floor, exposing her black thong before sliding it off with his teeth. He put her down in the chair and got on his knees in front of her. He suckled her thighs, gently and slowly, pausing every few seconds and blowing the moist spots he left. Tyra's legs wriggled in pleasure on his shoulders as drops let out from her wetness. Cedric lapped up each one, dropping it with his tongue onto her clit before sweeping it back up as he traced "love" down her lips. Stiffening his tongue, he drove it in and out of her walls, a little deeper with each stroke then moving up to wrap his lips around her clit, making a slow, low hum to create vibrations on her clit. "Oh baby…baby don't do that, baby Imma cum" she moaned. Cedric let the humming increase as he rolled his tongue through his lips, sliding two fingers in and out of her as she came on his fingers. He pulled them out slowly, running one finger over his lips before sucking it dry. He enjoyed the aroma and taste, both sweet. He held his other finger to her mouth and watched her suck her cream off, she enjoyed it hesitantly.

"Lay down on your stomach," he said, motioning to the floor as he removed his clothes. As she did, he applied slight pinching pressure to his lips to massage her neck down to her lower back where he laid wet kisses and warm, moist slides of his tongue. Tyra was on fire and he could tell. He spread her legs slight and laying over her back, slid his stiff pipe into her slowly, stopping just past the tip. It felt so good as he sank into her, wet and tight, just enough give for him to slide in smooth. She moaned in pleasure, "gimme that baby, you so thick." He smiled, leaning her up into doggystyle position and stroking all the way in, causing her to gasp slightly. He pulled back slowly and then slipped in once more, watching her butt shake as he made contact. He continued for a few moments, taking in her moans and savoring her moisture before picking up speed and driving in with his hand on the small of her back. She turned her head back slowly, glaring at him and licking her lips "You gone make me cum again daddy? Make this pussy cum, oohh" she said daringly.

He tilted back and stroked with precision, stroking her spot twice with each pump. As he felt her starting to explode Cedric dug deeper and laid Tyra on her side with one leg on his shoulder and continued stroking at an angle, bring her to cum twice more. As she came down, she told him to lay back. She sat on top of him facing away, "Watch this ass" she said, eager to make him explode. She went to work grinding her hips slowly, as he grinded into her from below. As she began to swell inside she rode him quicker, bouncing up and down on his rod quickly and hard, looking back in pleasure every few seconds. Cedric was loving every minute and in a few moments, they both exploded together, Cedric's seed seeped into her deeply and forcefully, causing her fifth orgasm as she screamed his name before laying with him. That paper work never did get finished. After 20 minutes, they both got dressed and went home enjoying what had happened into the late hours of the night in their minds. Yet, none of their dreams could have prepared them for the next day..

story by: Mr.Cee

Tags: fiction consensual sex male/female job/place-of-work oral sex black sex story

Author: Mr.Cee

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