A day in the woods chapt 8, 9 and 10

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Chapter 8

Paul answered the phone. He was starting to get worried. He had been home for a few hours and heard nothing from Jessica. He called the office and got no reply. She didn’t answer her cell phone. Out of desperation he even called her apartment – still nothing. He feared the worse that she had been in an accident, but in his gut he knew there was a worse beyond that. He was relieved to hear his mate’s voice, and then he sensed the apprehensiveness in her voice and asked what was wrong. Jessica started to sob as she recalled to Paul everything that had happened.

Paul’s heart sunk. He knew the full meaning of everything that Jessica had just told him. He was silent as he tried to think of what they could do, but his mind was blank. All he could think of and focus on was the trouble that Jessica could be and what her fate would be. He wondered if they could just leave. Leave the security of the pack and go out on their own. He had money saved, they could just up and leave and forget all of this and go out on their own. As he was trying to put it all together Jessica told him that she would call Mike. Paul snapped back to reality, he said that he would tell him but Jessica said it was her responsibility to tell him. Paul agreed and said for her to call immediately as he was going to head over to their house.

Beth was working away at the reproductive problem. She knew she had to be close, there were a finite set of possibilities and she was narrowing down how many were left. The hybrid fact added a twist to it but she was still working under the pretense of normal human reproductivity. Eliot was checking through the gate. He noticed the new guard there but thought nothing of it. Guards change all the time; he smiled thinking about the “changing of the guard” he was eager to see Beth. They had been getting close, not only to solving the problem but to each other as well. Eliot was remembering the times of when they were younger as he drove through the gate. The young guard took notice of him as well, and the car he was driving and the license plate number. He looked through his note pad; as he thought it was it was the same car, and he knew, the same man from the park earlier. Justin Blake may have just found himself a way to get off of guard duty as quickly as he got on. He checked the man through as he was in the log for a pass. As he drove off he made a note of it and thought how ironic that he be placed here and this to happen.

Mike’s face was shocked as Jessica told him what had happened. As he was trying to put together a plan of action Jean had just let Paul in. Mike glared at Paul; he hung up the phone and told Paul, “We have to go.” Paul agreed and the two men left and got into Mike’s van. Mike wasted no time in getting into the city. Traffic had decreased some at least and the majority of what was left was trying to get out of the city, not in. He asked Paul if there was anything else, was there something that Jessica hadn’t told him? Paul said he knew as much as he did. He apologized for his wife. Mike had told him that the woman was still alive, “It would have been easier to take care of if she had died though.” Paul was shocked to hear his friend speak like that. He had always thought of Mike as more of a passivist, but now understood why he was the leader and why things ran as smoothly as they did. He reassured him that they would come up with something and also that at this point in time, he had no reason to make things any worse for Jessica.

Paul was relieved to hear that. After hearing Mike’s take on the situation he was starting to fear for his mates’ life as well. The two of them pulled into the apartment complex lot. Paul felt a knot in his stomach as they got closer to Jessica’s apartment. What Paul didn’t know is that Mike felt the same way. As they started to climb the stairs Jessica ran out the door and greeted them. The three of them hurried and shut the door. Jessica had cleaned up everything and had dressed Anne’s wounds. The two men looked at everything, and then Paul went and hugged Jessica. She was trembling and wasn’t sure what Mike would do.

Eliot walked into the lab and over to Beth. They sat and discussed where they thought things should go and what they should do next. Beth explained how they were running out of opportunities, something that Eliot knew too well. He exhausted all of his, that’s what brought him here. Beth said she wanted to take a look at the ovum again, one of Jessica’s before the change and one after. The lab’s high power microscope had been down and they had just gotten it repaired today, finally. The work had put the lab behind terribly but Beth had arranged for them to have access to it for half an hour tonight while everyone was on break. Her boss was a little suspicious but granted her the request. It was originally proposed that they stagger breaks so that they could continuously work and try to get things caught up. Beth desperately wanted the chance to use the large scope though.

As the rest of the group went to break Beth and Eliot had gathered everything together they would need. The two of them worked quickly as they knew they wouldn’t have long. Eliot prepared the specimens for examination as Beth worked on the adjustments on the scope. Eliot placed the two ova in position and stepped back to be with Beth. As she started to run the exam she also made use of the scope’s ability to record the images. As the image came into view Beth smiled that the scope was working again. As she increased the magnification Eliot and Beth looked at each other and smiled. Before them was finally the possible answer.

Paul had gone to get the van and moved it up by the door as Mike had told him. He had sent Jessica to get a bag together for Anne, a couple changes of clothes and some personal items. He also asked her to find an address book she may keep. They would have to call her boss and let them know she would be out of work for awhile. He also wanted the names and numbers of anyone close to her, people like her ex and her mother. They would undoubtedly call her at some point in time and he wanted to be proactive instead of waiting for them. Jessica found the address book but also found a journal Anne kept. She quickly read through it, especially the part about the Saturday in the park and time she was with Jessica. Jessica put the journal back in the drawer and took the bag down to the van. She placed it in back and she and Paul went back upstairs. Although Mike had told him everything would be ok, he still held Jessica’s hand tightly as she did his. As they walked into the apartment Mike told them to give him a hand. He had Anne by the shoulders and told Paul to get her feet. Jessica was to lock up after them and make sure no one was looking. Quickly they loaded Anne into the van. Mike told Jessica to get into her car and follow them home.

Beth and Eliot looked at the image before them. They made sure to get all pictures possible and then looked at the time. Everyone would be back in less than 4 minutes. Quickly Beth made one last measurement. As she reset the scope, Eliot removed the samples and replaced them with the ones that were there. The two of them were walking out of the lab as the rest of the night shift was walking back in. One of the techs talked briefly to Beth, curious to see her here so late at night and even more so with this strange man he hadn’t seen before? Beth and Eliot went back to her office. They put the disc into Beth’s computer and brought up the images. What they both saw was that the hybrid ovum was unique. Instead of one cell wall it had two. It was strange how the transformation made the males weaker and the females stronger in that respect. By injecting the sperm into the ovum as you normally would they would still have the thinner, inner wall to get through. Although it wasn’t as strong as the primary wall, it still obviously proved too much for the weakened sperm. Could it possibly be this simple? If only Eliot had access to equipment such as this many years ago. He could have possibly solved the whole problem then. If only a scope like this was available when Katarina was alive. Maybe they would have never been at the cabin when she was killed. They both knew the next step. They needed to see if this was actually the answer. There was only one way to find out.

As they prepared to leave Eliot told Beth he would have an answer for her soon. He would wait until morning to call Mike and let him know. It was late and although he was terribly excited about the news he would wait until the morning. Not knowing everything else that was going on, Mike could have used some good news. Eliot pulled Beth close to him and kissed her, slow at first and then harder. His hands slid around her back and as they broke the kiss he looked at Beth and smiled, “Thank you so very much! I couldn’t have done this without your help.” Beth smiled as well. She hadn’t had feelings like this in sometime. She actually thought she felt Eliot getting hard as they kissed and was somewhat aroused herself by his kiss and his arms around her. She told Eliot that it was nothing and that if he had the same equipment he would have found it himself … eventually, as she winked at him. He asked her if she wanted a drink to celebrate the discovery. She said she didn’t think there was any place open at the late hour. Eliot offered if she wanted to come over to his house for a drink then, Beth agreed. As they drove out of the lot Justin took note of the time and how the two seemed to be together although in different cars. He knew there was something up and couldn’t wait to see Chuck Carson in the morning.

Mike and Paul arrived at Mike’s house with Jessica right behind them. He pulled the van into garage and closed the door. The entire pack was there and Jean had told them all she knew. They opened the rear door and carried Anne inside and down the stairs to the spare bedroom. Mike checked her wound, cleaned it and replaced the bandage. They all went to the living area and he explained everything that had happened in detail along with Jessica. Ray and Jake leered at Jessica as the story unfolded before them. Mike glared back at them and the two scowled and then sat back. They knew not to challenge him but were going to push the boundaries; they had just pushed too far. Mike went over with everyone what they all were to do. Jessica was going have to take a couple of days off, as well as Paul. Everyone else was to work as normal. Jessica would also have to call Ann’s work as well and let them know she was in an accident and would be out for the remainder of the week. He told her to be as vague as possible but also told her the direction to take if they pressed for more information. As soon as Anne was awake they would find out when they should tell her ex and her mom what was up with her absence. Mike wanted Jessica there when she woke up so she saw a face she knew. Not a group of strangers in a strange place.

Chapter 9

Eliot pulled into his driveway with Beth shortly behind him. The two of them got out of their cars. As Eliot walked to the doorstep Beth stood and stared at the small secluded house. She had always expected Eliot Crane to be in something a little grander, something more like her own house. She then realized all that Eliot had sacrificed for his love of Katarina and also for his friends. He had poured his life into this one thing; she admired him for his devotion to this one problem and his resolve to find a cure for it. As Eliot slid the key into his door he turned and looked at Beth, changed your mind now have you?” Beth smiled as she shook her head no. Eliot opened the door and they walked inside. The house was modestly furnished and clean; this was the Eliot that Beth knew. She looked around a bit as Eliot closed the door and went to make a couple of drinks. Photos on the wall spanned his life and career; there were even a couple of the two of them from when they were in college together.

Eliot came back with the drinks in hand. He handed one to Beth, to what I hope is an end to my search.” The glasses met and the two of them drank. They sat together on the sofa and Beth started to talk of the next step, of what they should try next. Eliot put his finger to her lips and stopped her in mid sentence. “As much as I am looking forward to this, I want to spend this moment with just you.” Beth stopped trying to talk and blushed. She actually felt warm all over and it wasn’t the drink. She opened her mouth slightly and as Eliot’s finger pressed a little farther in Beth sucked it in completely. He withdrew his finger and smiled as he looked at the sly look on Beth’s face. He leaned forward and kissed her lips, not slowly but passionately, pressing his lips hard against hers as he put his hands on her waist and pulled her towards him.

Beth moved closer as they kissed, her hands on Eliot’s chest pulling at the buttons. Eliot pulled Beth’s blouse from her skirt, sliding his hands under it and pushing it up over head. Beth had Eliot’s shirt off and tossed it with hers. They kissed and their hands explored. Eliot unhooked Beth’s bra and his hands found their way to her soft breasts. As he rubbed them her nipples became erect and Eliot pinched at them. Beth moaned and she worked at opening Eliot’s pants. Eliot kissed his way down from Beth’s lips, over to her ears and down her neck, sliding into the floor as he sucked her hard nipples into his mouth. Beth’s hands were in his hair as Eliot unzipped her skirt. She lifted her ass slightly and he slid it down over her legs and dropped it to the floor. Eliot kissed his way up Beth’s legs encased in a pair of thigh high hose. He reached bare skin and his breath was making her moist. He licked at the crotch of her panties making them even wetter. Beth wrapped her fingers in his hair and pulled his head up slightly. Looking between her breasts into Eliot’s dark eyes, she asked if there was someplace else they could continue this. As Eliot stood his erection was more than obvious. Beth finished taking off his pants and they slid to the floor. Eliot took Beth’s hand and pulled her from the sofa. They kissed as he led her to his bedroom.

Justin Blake finished his shift at Chemcorp and headed for the office of Diamond Security. He was sitting there when Chuck Carson came in. Chuck’s broad shoulders almost filled the doorway. He recognized the young guard sitting there and asked why he was there instead of at home sleeping after his shift. Justin told him he had some information he may want to know about. Chuck had him follow him into his office. “So what is this information you have?” Justin told him about his night at the guard shack and more importantly about the car he had come through. Chuck couldn’t believe it; he asked Justin if he was absolutely sure. He assured him he was. Then he told him about the two cars leaving together. Chuck stroked his goatee, He told Justin he wanted him to keep an eye on the two of them. He didn’t want him raising suspicions, “Make a note of when they both arrive and leave. Make sure you go inside to go to the bathroom, nose around a bit while you are in there if you can. Maybe I will have to make a visit and check up on security there?” He dismissed the young guard and gave him his private number and told him to keep him advised.

Jessica woke the next morning. The first thing she did was to call her work and tell them she wouldn’t be in. That was easy. Then she called Anne’s work. She told them that she was in an accident. They had taken her to the emergency room the night before and she was ok, she just needed rest and wouldn’t be in the rest of the week. Her boss was concerned but understanding. He told Jessica if she needed anything to just call, “Anne is lucky to have a good friend like you, she speaks of you often.” Jessica hung up the phone, she thought about what her boss had said, she wasn’t exactly sure of how good of a friend she was with what had happened the night before.

Anne slept the rest of the day. Jessica was by her side constantly watching her friend tossing and turning. Paul had gone back to the apartment. He finished cleaning any last remaining traces of what had happened, he also set up Anne’s phone to where the calls forwarded to Mike’s house. Everyone else went to work leaving Jessica alone with Anne. She watched over her and paced the house. She didn’t eat much thinking of everything she had done. She also thought of the journal Anne kept and her fascination with Jessica and their sexual encounters, now she was to become what she so desired whether she wanted to or not. Jessica was thrilled when Paul returned to have someone for company. They sat and talked, Jessica found herself apologizing profusely. Paul even told her about his thoughts of them running away. Although it seemed an easier way she told Paul they needed to stay and make this right.

As everyone returned that night Anne continued sleeping. They checked her wound and just as Jessica’s had, it healed remarkably fast. If there was any doubt about Jessica’s bite, it was confirmed now. Anne woke that night a little after midnight. She was groggy as she looked around. “Where am I?” she thought to herself. Then she saw Jessica sleeping in a chair. She didn’t recognize the room or any of the surroundings. This wasn’t Jessica’s apartment either, “Where the hell am I?!” As Anne tried to figure out where she was she was also trying to figure out what was wrong with her. She was waking up and felt better than she had in a long time. Her ears rang, but she could hear the slightest noise. Her nostrils filled with smells and her eyes were clearer than they had been. All of her senses stirred and then Jessica woke up. Anne asked her what was going on, “Where are we?” Jessica sat up and told Anne to sit down. She didn’t want to, she felt great except for the bandage on her neck, and she wondered where that came from as well. She told Jessica about this dream she had the night before. It was so real and yet so strange. She didn’t believe in things like that and had no idea where it came from. As strange as it was though, the bandage on her neck was real, as well as, the marks on her neck, the bite marks.

Jessica told Anne to sit still for just a moment. She left the room and went and got Paul. When the two of them returned she introduced Paul as her mate. The confused look on Anne’s face continued. She told Anne that this is where she had been and who she was seeing. Anne looked at him, he was cute, and she could definitely see why she was attracted to him. What did she mean by mate though? She didn’t say husband, she said mate, why? Jessica told Anne to be quiet and listen. Paul had gotten her an extremely large glass of water; Anne realized how thirsty she was and drank like she hadn’t drunk in a week. Paul refilled the glass several times as Jessica told her everything. She started at the beginning, on that fateful Saturday that Anne didn’t go jogging with her. Anne sat in amazement at the story she told. “What a bunch of crap!” was her first thought, sounds like some B movie. But as Jessica went on Paul helped fill in some of the details as well. It was becoming more and more believable, then the clincher. Jessica asked her to remember the last night with the wolf, what did Anne remember? Anne thought about everything, the wolf on the stairs and her letting it in. She remembered how it felt, she also remembered Jessica being there and the wolf being gone, “It wasn’t possible was it?”

Remembering the night was making Anne wet. She had never been licked that well in her life. She was more than willing to make the wolf feel the same way. She sat there and her skinned burned, it was like an itch under her skin that she couldn’t scratch. She slid off the bed and onto her knees, she felt her body stretching, changing. Anne looked up at Paul and Jessica, her face extended as hair started forming all over her body. The look in her eyes as they changed said she now believed everything she was just told. Paul remembered the first time Jessica changed, he told Jessica what to expect. The two of them stripped quickly, and as Anne finished transforming into a shaggy wolf, in the room with her was two more. She growled at them like a frightened animal, front paws down and her hair rose. Paul stood still; it was Jessica that slowly walked over to Anne. She was quite aware of what was happening and knew that some where inside Anne was there as well.

Anne stood from her defensive stance as Jessica approached. They sniffed noses and then in proper fashion, they sniffed asses. Jessica could smell Anne’s excitement; she knew that was why she changed. As Anne relaxed, Paul came closer, they too sniffed noses. When they sniffed asses Paul caught the scent of Anne’s wet pussy that he had smelled across the room. He looked at Jessica, as if seeking approval. Jessica moved over to him, nudging him with her nose. She knew what Anne wanted, what she needed, and she knew she couldn’t provide it for her. Paul licked at Anne’s wet pussy; her tail lay to one side giving him full access. While he did Jessica was licking him. It wasn’t long and Paul’s pink cock was hanging from its sheath. When it was he mounted Anne. He stabbed at her wet hole and finally found it. He thrust into her harder and faster, as he did his cock swelled inside her. Anne howled, this is what she craved, Paul’s cock filling her and Jessica licking them both. Anne’s howl had woke both Mike and Jean. From upstairs they could hear what was going on. Mike went downstairs into the basement and opened the door. He saw Paul knotted with Anne and Jessica licking up whatever leaked out. He quietly closed the door. He knew he was going to have to stay home and see what all happened.

Beth woke the next morning, naked and laying in Eliot’s arms. It had been quite awhile since she was with a man, especially to wake up in his bed. It had been even longer since she woke up with Eliot Crane. She was slightly sore. Eliot had fucked as if he hadn’t been with anyone for quite awhile either. The sheets were stained with their juices and Beth smiled a smile of contentment. She relaxed in the comfort of his arms and his bed when Eliot woke up. He leaned his head over and kissed Beth on her cheek, she turned her head to make sure the next kiss was on her lips. The two of them finally found the strength to get out of bed. Eliot’s stomach was sore, it had indeed been awhile since he was with a woman and hadn’t used those muscles like that in quite awhile. They both headed for the shower. Eliot washed Beth’s body as he kissed her under the streaming water. They both wanted more. They rushed and got out of the shower and both called into work. Now they had the day to themselves. It had been a long time since Beth had an excuse to take off a day of work. She and Eliot spent the day together in and out of the bed. They spent the night together as well. When the two of them woke the next morning they knew they would have to go to work, even as tempting as it was to take off again. Beth got dressed, easier this time than the day before when she had to search for her clothes. She kissed Eliot goodbye, agreeing to see him again that night at the lab.

Eliot smiled and waved as Beth drove off. He knew he had to call Mike and tell him of their discovery. He should have called the day before but was consumed with his own self indulgence. As Mike answered the phone Eliot told him the good news. Mike in turn told Eliot of all that had happened as well. Eliot asked if there was anything he could do. Mike told him not at this time. Mike told Eliot that if there was anything the two of them needed to further the tests to let him know. Even with all he was dealing with it was good to get some positive news. He told him he would talk to him more later as he hung up the phone.

Chapter 10

Mike woke the next morning early and was waiting for Paul as he came up from the basement for breakfast. Paul felt a knot in his stomach as he saw Mike and wasn’t exactly sure what to expect. The two men talked about all that happened the night before and where Paul thought Anne was with the conversion. Of course she didn’t believe anything at first, but then more of it started making sense to her and naturally the clincher came when she morphed into a shaggy white and brown wolf. Mike told Paul to fix him and Jessica some breakfast. He wanted a chance to speak with Anne alone and assess the situation for himself.

Troy Johnson was more than a little concerned. He had been trying to get a hold of his ex-wife with no success. It was unusual for him not to be able to reach Anne one way or another. He finally was put in touch with Anne’s boss who told him of the accident she was in, well the accident he was told about. He told him that she would be out of the office all week and needed rest. Then her boss mentioned Jessica was the one who called in for Anne. As Troy hung up the phone he cringed at the thought of Jessica. He had only met her a couple of times and even then it was brief, but in the back of Troy’s mind he was jealous of Jessica. Jealous of the way she spent more time with Anne than he did and annoyed of the way she influenced Anne to be a little more rebellious than she had ever been before. Troy knew he was losing control over Anne and didn’t like that, didn’t like it in the least.

Troy went to Anne’s apartment. The knock on the door yielded no response so he used his key that he had talked Anne into giving him, well it was more like demanded. He looked around the apartment; it looked as if Anne had left in a hurry. Only a few items were missing, the essentials he thought, and there was also something that had been spilled on the floor that had been cleaned up. It wasn’t blood but it had him curious as well as the musky smell in the apartment. Troy thought that if Jessica was taking care of Anne maybe she was across the hall, maybe that was why there wasn’t much missing. Anything else that she may have needed was easily accessible. He locked the door behind him and reluctantly knocked on Jessica’s door. Just as before there was no response. “Where was Anne at?” he thought to himself. His mind wondered as he strode down the stairs. He was angry that Anne hadn’t called him if she was indeed in an accident and also that he didn’t have a clue what was going on.

Eliot went to work that day with a lot on his mind. His renewed romance with Beth, the hopeful end to his search and also what had happened with Jessica. He did smile though over the thought of his hopeful end to his search as that could very well be two fold; the end to his search for the infertility problem and also his end of being alone. Eliot piddled at work that day, his mind obviously else where. At lunch he took time to go over the results again and confirm once again the findings. He could hardly wait until the evening so he and Beth could further their tests, but also to be with her and see how she was reacting after spending the last two days with him.

Mike walked into the basement bedroom; Jessica and Anne were both there asleep. Mike woke them both. After a rather informal introduction Mike dismissed Jessica to get some breakfast. Jessica stood as the sheets fell from her body. Naked from the night before her nipples were hard in the cool air. Anne was shocked how nonchalantly Jessica walked in front of Mike and wrapped a robe around her before she went upstairs. She never thought of Jessica as being that bold before. Anne pulled the sheets up a little higher to cover her own nakedness, not quite as free as Jessica with Mike in the room. Mike sat in a chair opposite from Anne; he asked her what she thought about all that happened in the last couple of days.

Anne wasn’t really sure. It was a lot to absorb and she was still trying to put it all together. Mike finished filling in the blanks; the process is irreversible, what is done is done. He apologized for her not being given the opportunity to choose for herself whether or not to make the change, he assured her that this is not the way things are done normally. Obviously things got a little out of hand and Jessica headed for the closest comfortable place she could find. Some of what Mike said Paul and Jessica had told her the night before. Mike’s voice though made Anne more at ease, it was soothing and she could see as Jessica had why he was the pack leader. He told her that she would have to take at least the week off to adjust just as Jessica had. He didn’t want the same thing to happen to her that happened with Jessica. She should call anyone with whom she would normally have contact with and stick with the story. Just make sure to tell them you are with friends and not at home but they can call your cell if they have to get in contact with you. Mike also made sure she knew not to leave the house as the dangers for her at this point in time are tremendous. He told her that his first concern is the pack and everyone in it. He also told her that the only way off of the road she was on was death. If she was truly repulsed by the fact of what she had become or didn’t think she could function in life like this, they could make the necessary arrangements for a painless death for her.

Mike left the room. It had been three hours that the two of them had been together. As he went upstairs, Paul and Jessica were sitting at the table. He told them both to give Anne a little time to herself to think about everything and see what she wants to do. “She knows where we all are if she needs anything.” Anne sat in her bed with the sheets slowly dragging off of her body. She went over to the full length mirror and stared at herself. She looked the same she thought, nothing different. If anything was different she thought she was a little leaner, then again she thought it could also be that she hadn’t really taken a good long look at herself naked like this in quite awhile. As she looked at herself she thought of all that Mike had just told her. She sat in the chair weighing the consequences of it all, the pros and the cons. End of life was not an option, that she was sure of. She didn’t see why this could make that much of a difference in her life. The change so far she had been quite pleased with, this was definitely something worth exploring. She sat there naked in the chair as she got her cell phone out and made a few necessary calls, the last one to Troy as she knew that would be the hardest. He questioned relentlessly about everything. Why her car didn’t look like it was in an accident, about her apartment, what was wrong with her and where was she?! He was angry at her vagueness and wanted concrete answers to his questions. Anne thought to herself that she still didn’t have a clue where she was. She was in a basement and that was all she knew, she didn’t even know if she was locked in. She also knew that a feeling of defiance was growing inside of her; she was becoming more reluctant to answer Troy’s annoying questions. She hung up the phone ending that she would be in contact with him soon and if he absolutely had to get a hold of her to call her cell; she would be home in a week. As she turned off the phone she could almost hear Troy screaming and see his face flushing as his blood pressure rose. She smiled and put on a robe and decided to see if she was locked in or not.

Eliot finished his day, got his desk cleaned up and was set to leave when his boss called him into his office. As Eliot sat he looked at the clock on the wall. His boss noticed his eagerness to leave. “I have noticed how you seem to be a little pre-occupied with something lately Eliot, today Eliot said it was nothing just some things in his personal life. His boss continued, he told him of how they were thrilled to have someone of his caliber working for them and that they grant him a little more leniency than they maybe would others because of that. Then he asked him the question that was on his mind, “Are you considering taking a job with another company?” Eliot almost laughed, “Is that what this about?” He assured him that he was quite happy with his work and place of employment. He also told him that he had a couple of personal projects that he was finishing up with and that also there was a woman in his life, possibly. His boss smiled, “Well a woman in your life definitely explains your pre-occupation, don’t let me keep you from her any longer.” Eliot rose and walked towards the door, eager to get to the lab across town. He looked back over his shoulder at his boss smiling at him, was it obvious to everyone that something was going on in his life or was it just his boss being concerned over losing an employee?

Eliot didn’t give it much more thought as he left the building. He was focused on getting across town to Beth. He smiled as he pulled up to the guard shack; Justin was there also, smiling as well. “Good evening Dr. Crane” as Eliot pulled through he didn’t think much of the greeting he was given by the young guard. Justin made a note of the time and then plotted what time he should excuse himself to go to the bathroom. It was a little after 10:00pm when he placed the call that he needed a break. It had been a little better than 3 hours since Eliot arrived. Eliot and Beth took the time to check their results before attempting artificial insemination of an ovum and then place it in the womb and see if it worked. They didn’t want to get that far without the very real possibility that it was all going to work. From all that they could conclude, it seemed as though everything should work just fine.

The two were in Beth’s office going over things when Eliot changed the subject, Beth was glad he did. He asked her if she had any regrets to the past couple of days; her reply was simply no. Justin walked into the building to go to the bathroom. As he exited the guard at the desk asked him if he would stay there as he made his rounds. Justin said he would walk the building and he could stay at the desk. The desk guard readily agreed and Justin left the lobby. As he was leaving he looked at the marquis and made a note of where Beth unit was. He walked through the doors and turned the corner and headed down the hall to Beth’s unit. Eliot had rolled his chair over to Beth’s desk. The two spoke briefly before he leaned over and kissed Beth. She responded and the two of them were soon locked together with there hands exploring each others bodies. Justin looked around and was hoping to get the chance to look through Beth’s desk; he didn’t see anyone and slowly crept up to the unit. He was about to enter when heard a gasp, he stopped and listened again. Eliot had slid his hand up Beth’s thigh and under her skirt. His fingers were probing at her and although she would love for him to take her, she also knew better than to do it at work. Justin peered through the break in the blinds. He couldn’t make out everything but he could at least tell there was a lot more than just research going on.

Anne realized that she wasn’t a prisoner at all. She had gone upstairs earlier in the day and had breakfast with Jessica and Paul. She spent most of the day with them as well. It was later that evening when the rest of the pack came over. They wanted to see the latest addition to the pack and what all was going on too. The group of them sat around, exchanging stories and experiences, Anne had already heard Jessica’s story earlier that evening. The thought of the whole pack taking her excited and aroused her. Anne was intrigued by it all. She was curious and interested and asked many questions. As the night wore on Mike had Jessica see her downstairs to bed. He wanted to take this chance to get the reaction from the rest of the pack and what direction they thought they should take.

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    My sexy wife, alice, and i were invited to a house party on labor day weekend. we were told that it would be total nudity, group sex, and possible gangbangs. we have been in the lifestyle for 10 years, and love it. however, alice is a little uncomfortable with group sex and has never been part of a gangbang. threesomes and two couples in one bed are ok. i told her if she was uncomfortable we could decline. she answered...

  • Leigh’s review – a good spanking

    My head now dangled between my arms as I lay over his lap, my ass perched high in the air. Mr Sung was watching closely which only turned me on more. Whack! Whack! Whack! I felt the stings as Mr Thompson’s hand came down on my cheeks - hard and relentless. He moved from one cheek to the other, never really hitting one area on a repeated basis. I knew I was in trouble.This was the third time I had...

  • Retirement center dance

    We're sam & sally in our 70s sally has said repetedlyshe is a one man woman so the following blew my mind. We go to these dances because she loves to dance. me? I shuffel to slow #s.but since we have great sex after I'm all for it. this time there was a stranger who danced with her & they were good. I said so to her & she replied that he kept trying to feel her up. you can...

  • Out of control

    Well I have never done this, but here goes a true story that hasn't stopped. I am a service man with a good family life and great friends. That's were i got into trouble. We are all pretty close the guy"'s I surved with i wouold do anything for. Well a good buddy of mine had to deploy out. Well from the first time I had them over to the house and i met his wife there was like this...

Thick busty wife craves older pervert men who are very aggresive and dominant

Christening the Shower

Birthday sex story

Tomorrows friends with the ex, maybe

My Dear Sweet Slave: Part 1 – New Pet

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