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David and I were home alone for the first time this week. David was my best friend. He came by everday after school because his mom works late. My mom left a note on the fridge that said she whent shopping. David had already taken a soda from the fridge and when to to den by the time I found the letter. After reading it I got a bag of chips and when into the den with him. David was going through his book bag looking for something. He pulled out a paper slip with a disc inside. He told me it a porno that he took from his brothers room while he's away at shool. I took the dvd and put it in and ran to the front door to make sure my mom wasn't home. I whent back to the den and david was sitting there just starring at the screen. I sat beside him and I quickly became focused on the screen too. I never seen a woman naked befor. I never even seen another guy naked aswell. He was much larger than I was but david and I were only twelve at that time. As I watched this guy have sex withthe woman I got hard. Harder than I ever been. I took a quick look over at david to find that his dick was erected under his pants. I found myself gaining more focus on david than the tv. He took his right hand and shoved it into his shorts and pushed his dick down between his legs and closed his thighs. But it popped back up. I couldn't help from laughing. He laid down on his stomach and continued to watch to the tv but all could foucus on now was his butt. I never really noticed guys or girls but now I was locked in on his round bottom. He was so into the tv, I thought, that maybe he wouldn't notice if I touched him. I lifted up the back of his shirt slowly and I could she the position of his crack. I reached out to touch his butt when he jumped up and ran to the bathroom. I thought to myself, damn. When I heard the door close I noticed it didn't close all the way. I walked down the hall slow and eased my eyes around to the door and looked through the crack in the door. Just as I though, David was jacking his dick. I was shocked to see that his dick was bigger than mine. It was so full and long. For a second I forgot he was twelve. I watched him for a minute or two. He had his pants droped to his feet. His back was against the wall and his eyes were closed. I watched as he roled his fist and used his precum to lubricate his dick. He was so into it. I popped my eyes open wider when he started moaning loud. I wasn't sure what was about to happed. He was smiling and his knees started shaking. His fist fucked his dick and he was in another world. All of a sunden he yelled and a streem of white stuff fleww from his pink dick. When he let his dick go to reach for a piece of tissue it just hung there and it looked so good. I watched David clean himself then pull up his pants. I rushed back to the den as soon as I heard the toilet flush. I sat down and starred at the tv. When he came back to the den looked over at him and he laid down. By this time he was no longer horny but I was. I wanted to feel what he felt. I just had to have my forst orgasm right then. David told me to wake him up when my mom gets home. I told him I would. David was sleeping on his for about 20 minutes, the whole time I was looking at the lump in the crotch his shorts. I finally biult up the courage to touvh him. He was always a hard sleeper. I first rubbed it and then I poked it. It was flaccid but firm. I took my time and slipped my fingers under the band of his underwaer and I pulled his shorts up so I could lif out his dick. It started swelling. And I thought he was going to wake up. He just laid there and didn't move. I held his dick in my hand and it was warm and heavy. I smelled it and it was like young boy meat. I liked that sweat smell he had on him down there. I licked the head of his erection and he kicked his left leg. I stopped for a second. I was being very careful not to make noises. I then opened my mouth as wide as it could go and I wrapped my lips around the head of his cock. He started moaning and I didn't care he tasted too good. It was salty. And precum was rolling from his head again. I suck his dick slow for a long time forgetting the fact that I he was not aware of what I was doing. I whent down deeper and tried to put david's dick all the way in my mouth but I couldn't. When I was about to stop David put his hand on my head and said keep going. My heart started pounding. And he started gripping my hair. I was getting enjoyment out it it much more now that he was ok with it. I stopped and stood up and took off all my clothes. Reached over and pulled off Davids pants and I got between his legs on the couch. I suck his dick a while longer and he told me he wanted to try. I thought to my self, "YEAH". We switched position on the couch and he lowered his mouth onto my dick. I was erected 5 inches and David swallowed it. I was about to loose my mind. I never felt anything like this. David sucked me harder than I sucked him. He was enjoying it to. I took a handfull of his hair and pulled his mouth clover to my pelvis. He swalowed me again. I was feeling some sensations I never felt befor. I pulled my dick from his mouth and asked what's wrong? I couldn't talk. He grabbed my cock and started jerking it and I yelled out loud and I shot a hot long streem of jizz onto my stomach. I looked at it and david just started licked the head of my cock again. It was still hard as a rock. It was so slippery. David said I wanna try something else. I knew what he was talking about. He sat up on the edge of the couch and layed back with his legs up in the air. I looked at his butt hole and felt arroused againg. My dick got harder. I spit on his ass hole and licked it he jumped and laughed. He was enjoying the pleasure it was giving him. I licked some more then I rubbed the head og my cock along the crack. I loved the feeling. When I pushed my dick against the hole in Davids ass he yelled. I pulled back and licked my finger and stuck it in his but. He liked it. After I played his but with my finger it was getting moist. And loose. I pushed my dick back up to the hole and it slid right it. My knews buckled and I was in paradise. his ass was so warm and it felt so good. I looked down at david and he was griping the arm of the couch and was moaning. I asked him if it hurt and he said it felt good. After fucking his smooth ass slow I started going faster. I got ontop of him and I moved down slow. He looked at me wild. I kised him. We kissed while I fuck his as hard. He put his added his tongue to the kissing and I put mine in his mouth too. I coulnt belive what we were doing. David heard the car pull into the yard and I just had to cum. I fucked his ass harder. I bit the side of his neck because it felt so good. I was cumming again the car door slammed shut and I was almost there. Just as I hear my mom searching for the key I thrusted into david one last time and pulled out. I moved up and shoved my dick in his mouth and came. He sucked my head and it was so good to me. When he swallowed all my cum we grabbed up all our clothes, and turned off the tv. With quick thinking we put on our underware and ran out to jump in the pool. David and I are still best friends till this day. We are both 20 years old now and we have been sleeping together every since. I think I love him.

story by: JayrenJulious69

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Author: JayrenJulious69

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