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Gina has another adventure, this time with a girl from another story of mine.


Gina sat on the curb watching the happenings at the annual Triangle Block Party her new neighbors held every first weekend after Labor Day. The celebration took its name from the island that formed a fork among three streets a few doors from Gina's house. About a hundred feet on a leg, the Triangle had been made into a neighborhood park with grass, shrubs, benches, and a stone walkway. A spreading oak tree shaded the haven, allowing locals to relax out of the mid-day sun.

A flyer announcing the party had been left in the mailbox some weeks ago. Daddy decided he and Gina should attend, to socialize a little. That surprised Gina, since Daddy remained so reclusive he sometimes seemed on the verge of abject paranoia. Then again, he had reason to be cautious. If neighbors learned he kept his preteen daughter a willing sex toy–complete with collar and chastity belt–he'd be in prison an extra century after he died there. But Daddy trusted Gina wouldn't let slip what went on behind their closed doors.

The annual block party seemed a nice idea, best for its informality. Residents simply took over the streets at the Triangle, starting about seven in the morning to set up barbecues and picnic tables. The flyer laid out rather than iron-clad rules decided by some stuffy committee. It was requested everyone bring enough food and drink for his or her family, plus for three neighbors. Trash bags were needed, as well as extra charcoal and disposable place settings. Alcohol was strongly discouraged, for children would be present.

It felt good to be in the sun without the steel that always wrapped Gina's neck and waist. Only the presence of Daddy's girlfriend Toni Ann dampened an otherwise good time doing something different. Like the attention whore she is, Toni Ann flirted with all the men. And right in front of some of those men's wives! Maybe one of those women would get pissed enough to throw a drink in Toni Ann's face.

One could only hope…

"You look bored," someone said from behind.

Gina turned to see a slender girl with dark hair and olive complexion, who looked about thirteen. "Hi!" Gina greeted. "Most of the kids are off riding their bikes, and adults annoy me. All they talk about are sports and their jobs."

"Yeah, they grate on me, too. How come you didn't go riding?"

"I don’t know anyone. I'm new here and haven't had a chance to make friends."

"Well, I'm Susie," the new girl introduced, sitting.

Gina introduced herself and asked, "How come you're not out with the other kids, either?"

"Bike riding with little kids stopped working for me when I learned how to drive."

"I'm eighteen. I know–I don't look it. It sucks graduating high school and still being hit on by boys just starting there. My dad says there's nothing wrong with being but I wonder what life will be like when I get to college."

"Which one is your dad?"

"The guy over there in the blue polo shirt," Susie answered, pointing. "He's talking with that other guy in the green shirt who's with the woman in the white tank top. I wish I had her tits."

"That's my dad and his bitchkitty girlfriend!" Gina laughed.

"No shit! Small world, huh?"

"Yeah. Too small."

"You don't like her?"

"She's okay, I guess. It's just me and Dad after my parents divorced. Since Toni Ann started fucking him, she thinks she can tell me what to do and give me My dad home schools me, so already I can run circles around her. Her advice is like me telling you how to drive."

"She's bossy, huh?" Susie asked with a wry grin. "Or is it you don’t want some stranger getting between you and your dad?"

Gina ground her teeth, realizing she had revealed too much and in too strong a tone. The instant she laid eyes on Susie, she wanted to fuck her. So, if she might get her hands on the perky A-cup swells of this hot-looking older girl, she didn't dare come across as some vindictive child. "It's both, really," Gina admitted, looking away just for show. "I don't know which matters more."

"It's just me and my dad since my mom died when I was twelve. I'd get pissy, too, if my dad hooked up with someone."

Gina nodded with her lips pursed, still acting. Susie would freak to know Gina had fucked both Toni Ann and Daddy last night in their hottest threesome yet, all of them cumming over and over. Gina didn't like Toni Ann as a person and, more, for the sexual threat she posed. But the adult woman had such a tasty soft shaved pussy and returned the same as Gina gave.

"Hey!" Susie decided, standing. "Let's meet each other's dads, then go to my house. I'll put on a CD, and we just hang out a while."

"Sure!" Gina agreed. "Better than being around all these old fogies."

At the house, Susie grabbed a bottle of vodka from a cabinet and led to her room. The girls sat on the bed. "Toni Ann's got one hell of an attitude," Susie complained, drinking a swill and passing the bottle. "Must be those big tits all the men are drooling over."

Gina never before tried alcohol. The delicate sip held in her mouth burned her tongue and brought tears to her eyes. Susie snickered at the younger girl's grimace.

"Just swallow it."

Trying not to giggle at the word Gina let the alcohol go down. It hit her unaccustomed stomach like a hot charcoal. she coughed.

"Anything you want to listen to?"

"Whatever you like. I'm easy to please."

"Not that I've seen," Susie teased, slipping a disc into the player. She took another drink and passed back the bottle.

Gina drank a larger swig, this one not feeling quite so harsh. "I like your posters," she flattered, scanning the bedroom. "Hot guys."

"Fun to look at when I work myself off."

"You, uh, do that, too?"

every girl?"

"I always think I'm doing something bad," Gina lied. "But sometimes I can't help it."

"Nothing wrong with a girl taking care of her needs," Susie reassured. "Even at your age."

"I guess."

"When did you start touching />
"When I was eight."

"I started when I was seven. I had my first orgasm at eight."

"I don't know if I had one yet. Usually I get bored after a while, but sometimes I get this awesome rippling deep inside. Then I have to crash."

"That's an orgasm," Susie explained. "But I never had big ones till after I started getting my period. Now I can really get myself off, usually several times. And cum even harder when I'm getting laid. I finally did it my first time the other night."

"Who is he?" Gina asked.

"I can't tell you."

"Oh, c'mon! I won't tell."

"I />
"You're lucky," Gina said, acting dejected. "I never kissed a boy. I don't even know what to do."

"One day you'll learn," Susie promised.

you teach me? I'm really scared of fucking up when I finally get my chance."

"Just go slow and, when your lips meet, push your tongue a little into his mouth. He'll return his to yours, and you go from there. Whatever happens after that, happens."

"Think I can make a boy hard?"

"Boys our age get hard soon as they see a pretty girl. French kiss a boy and you'll own him in two seconds."

"Do you get turned on by French kissing?" Gina asked.

Susie laughed.

"Did it feel good when you got laid? I sometimes push my fingers inside when I play with myself and wiggle them a little. I busted my cherry last year, so now it feels good when I do it."

"A dick feels great in there! He's thrusting in me, and his hips tap my clit. All those sensations are />
"You're making me get horny," Gina giggled, taking another sip of vodka.

"Yeah, I'm getting tingly, too," Susie confessed.

"You />
"Together? In front of each other?"

Gina nodded, nibbling her lip.

"A few girls in high school did that together while watching online porn," Susie told. "They said it didn't make them lesbo, but I don't know. I never had a close friend to talk about it with, let alone do it. Besides, you're only eleven. I could go to jail if we did it and anyone found out."

"I'll never tell!" Gina promised, mixing her lies of seduction with guarded truth of experience. "Girls in my old school practiced kissing with each other, but I don't know if they did more than that. Kids talked about this music video from some Russian girl band and the girls in it were kissing and stuff. The boys all thought it was cool. One boy said it's natural for girls to be together. Whatever that means."

"Boys either like dick or they like girls. Girls are more relaxed around each other; they can be open and intimate without being lesbo. That's probably what he meant."

mind playing with myself in front of another girl if she's doing it, too. I want to learn stuff so I don't look like a geek when I finally get with a boy."

For further show, Gina crossed her legs and fidgeted.

Susie took another sip of vodka, passed the bottle, then replaced the cap after Gina returned it. "Too much and people will know we've been drinking," she warned. "I can get in trouble for giving you booze."

"Okay," Gina said. "I feel funny anyway. But in a nice way."

"Yeah, I'm buzzing, too."

"The nice feeling you get from a few drinks. Too much, though, and you get drunk and that's impossible to hide. We have to go back to the party."

"Not now, I hope," Gina worried. Her seduction had moved quite far along, and her swelled clit pulsed with desire.

"No, not now," Susie comforted. "We need to let the booze wear off. Then brush our teeth, use mouthwash, and drink some orange juice. We can't go back smelling like vodka."

"Oh, okay."

"Boys like to be in charge. They'll play with your hair, telling you it's beautiful. And you really have beautiful hair. So long and />
"Your hair is pretty, too. You're what boys from my old school call a babe. Especially since you're older."

"It would be nice to have tits, though," Susie sighed.

Gina swept a light caress over her new friend's A-cup right-side swell. "You have more than I do," she reminded, smiling with feigned timidity. "I don't know much, except that boys like tits no matter how big."

"Odd, isn't it? They like them but I doubt most know what to do with />
"Sometimes I pinch my nipples when I play with myself. It's like there's an electric wire between them there."

"It's your pussy, hon. You can say the word, you know."

"Okay–my pussy."

The girls giggled. Susie slipped closer, playing in the younger girl's abundant locks with loose fingers. "Would you mind if I brush your hair?" she asked. "It's really pretty and so damned long. Do you curl it?"

"No, it's just me," Gina said.

"Sit on the floor, okay?"

Gina displayed her pleasure while the older girl brushed her wavy waist-length blonde hair, pulling her shorts tight to her clit and scratching light along the insides of her spread thighs. From her place on the floor, she could tell Susie, too, had become aroused. A girl's sexual scent of arousal can't be hidden from another girl.

"I really want to kiss," Gina whispered.

Susie stopped brushing and bent. Despite rampant desire, Gina didn't wrap her in a tight hug. Instead, she savored the older girl's soft mouth while acting with nervous fear she didn't have. For further show, she held a gentle hand to Susie's cheek while gripping her sex with the other.

Gina cooed when the girls' mouths parted.

Susie breathed.

"Uh, did you like it? I did."

"Yes, I liked it. You're soft, more than my man."

Gina rose to her knees. "Am I pretty?" she asked, her eyebrows raised. She nibbled her lip and clenched her thighs tight. />
"Yes, very," Susie told her new young friend.

Their next kiss lingered many minutes. Gina wanted to push the older girl back to ravish her, but Susie seemed to still be clinging to mental firewalls. Susie often parted their manic craze to catch breath, but she fast returned to the kind of passion only girls can know when together. Gina had to settle for the loose embrace between them while they shared a new and profound delight.

"I'm so fucking horny," Gina gasped, climbing onto the bed. "I'm really wet."

"Me, too!" Susie panted. "But if our shorts are spotted…We need to get them off. If anyone />
"Oh, yeah! Okay. Uh…you first?"

"How about together? Panties, too."

Susie suffered genuine uncertainty, while Gina faked hers. But the glisten between the older girl's smooth revealed folds told everything that needed knowing.

you shave?" Gina asked.

"Yes," Susie answered, her lovely olive complexion showing a hint of blush on the cheeks.

"I don't have anything there yet. Why do you do that?"

"It makes me feel sexy. I like the softness when I'm meeting my needs."

After a pause of shyness, both real and faked, the girls kissed again. This time, Susie didn't seem quite so coy.

"Thanks for this," Gina whispered, spreading her thighs to freely rub light fingertips on her engorged clit. "I don't feel like I'm bad anymore."

"You're not," Susie said, watching a moment. Restoring the deep kissing between them, she began working her own gem, too.

"Does pinching your nipples make you feel good like when I pinch mine? Can I touch your tits?"

"You can do that, honey. Sure."

Fully nude in seconds, the girls continued masturbating together, each using one hand on herself with the other teasing her lover's nipples. And the kissing–that wonderful erotic kissing with a mouth so sweet and soft! Gina finally had her new friend where she wanted, completing the first part of seduction. The next level would better be initiated by Susie, so Gina had to wait. She could easily cum right now, but she dare not push the moment.

"My man sucked my tits," Susie said between frenetic breaths. "Want to try that />
"Whatever you want!" Gina gushed. "I'm so wet; this is better than all those nights by myself!"

The girls moved into a sixty-nine at each other's nipples, with Susie kissing now and again to Gina's navel but no lower. She even tongued in the shallow depression the way Gina would do the opening of Toni Ann's love tunnel. Gina copied every move, acting like she had no experience. But she began to worry. Trained a long while by Daddy, Gina could hold off orgasm. Susie, however, hadn't come close to that pinnacle after all this girl-on-girl play.

"Bite my nipples!" Gina begged.

"Do mine, too," Susie demanded, granting the younger girl's wish.

"Your tits are so soft! I wish I had tits. And you're really nice to me! Playing with myself has never felt good as this."

"Are you going to cum?"

"I don't know. I'm all wet, but…I don't know. Are you?"

"I'm holding back," Susie said. "I want to watch you to cum first."

That's all Gina needed to hear. "Can I play with your pussy?" she ventured. "And you touch mine? Won't it be like how you got laid the other night? You can show me how you did it so you can orgasm, and you do it to me so I like with a boy?"

"Go ahead, honey."

Nibbling the older girl's nipples and kneading her budded breasts with an experienced hand, Gina slid a finger along Susie's slit inside those silken shaved folds. She stroked up and down a few times before at last penetrating the slick flowing tunnel. Going rigid, Susie hitched a breath. Teasing that little bean inside, the one Gina knew so well of her own body, she worked her teen lover to the edge of fulfillment using her G-spot. Then she backed off, scratching light over the smooth mound of the soft pretty pussy she was so dying to taste.

For her part, Susie all but raped little Gina with two thrusting fingers, her upright jutting thumb lusciously pounding that tiny needful clit like a padded hammer. She stilled a few seconds when Gina halted her play to withhold Susie's climax, but went back to work after recovering herself. Susie rolled her hips with need, responding to Gina's every teasing touch; the girls had come into sexual harmony with each other.

"Oh!" Gina squeaked. She started finger-banging Susie the way she was being fucked–like how Daddy always used her and the way her rich-man lover pounded his wonderful cock in her two weeks ago. Gina loved being in control, but her building orgasm could never be stopped now.

"Gonna cum, honey?" Susie lilted.

"Me, too…Oh, now, honey!"

Bucking and thrashing, the girls came together in mutual extended orgasm, their pussies filled with fingers pressed to the hilt. Screaming, Gina buried her face into Susie's tummy, holding her lover in almost a death grip.

Susie bit into the flesh of Gina's ribs, and warm wetness on the younger girl's skin told of flowing tears. The bite fell short of actual pain, but it and those tears revealed the force of Susie's climax–and that it happened with Gina.

"Holy. Fucking. Shit!" Susie at last gasped after a quiet moment, the girls still in sixty-nine and holding together in a loose cuddle of sexual exhaustion.

Gina hummed.

"Not even my man got me off like that!"

"You gave me a big-girl orgasm. My first!"

Summoning strength, Susie sat up to take Gina in a tight squeeze as if she were cuddling a baby. The girls kissed deep, warm, and long while they together used the bed sheet to swab each other of the sweat of their shared ecstasy.

"I guess you're no longer a virgin," Susie teased, brushing Gina's cheek with her hand.

"I'm glad it was with you," Gina whispered. She kissed her lover's palm, then a trail to Susie's wrist. "I was really afraid until today. Now I know what it's like to be grown up like you."

The girls showered together, cleaning away all trace of the vodka they drank and their hot bedroom encounter. While they both agreed they liked boys, Susie admitted she would enjoy being with Gina again. Maybe they would do more next time, the older girl hinted. She seemed to be straddling the fence, as it were, so Gina 'remained open' to Susie's intimations. Seduction often takes a long time, after all.

Also important but not a serious thing right now, Gina had truly made love for the first time.

On the way back to the block party, Susie admitted the man she fucked two nights before–the one to whom she gave her cherry–was her own father. She enticed him, she said, because she didn't want any other man having her first. Her Dad is a real man, not some poser like from high school.

To further tighten the girls' new bond, Gina she wants to fuck her own Daddy. But if she told him, she further lied, he would go all kinds of nuts that not even a shrink ever heard of.

The girls giggled.

Poor helpless Susie: She doesn't know all what Gina can do in bed. But she'll find out. Susie was little Gina's first real seduction, Gina's first real conquest. And today is only the beginning! Once Gina could finally go down on Susie's pussy, the older girl might never return to men except maybe for her dad.

More, and better, Susie's dad might enjoy what Gina could offer him now that she had an 'in' with him through Susie and after having met him. The first encounter–if there be one–would be a freebie blowjob if Gina could get him alone. After that, Gina would charge him cash if he wanted again with her. Not at the level she expected from her rich-man lover, of course. But she already had her 'fee scale' for men in the neighborhood after watching them at the block party, and expected they would gladly pay to get with her over and over after she showed what she could do for them. Plus, after any such first encounters, Gina always held the added option of blackmail.

Really…Who could resist sex–and pay for it– with a beautiful, willing little girl who would never tattle long as she got what she wanted?


story by: LiamB

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Author: LiamB

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