August 1 – ellen's birthday

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We sat in The Mansion of Turtle Creek, a 5 star restaurant in Dallas, I in my tuxedo and her in a tiny black dress which left her delicate shoulders exposed and plunged deeply into her perfect cleavage. I can't remember seeing it before, but it had clearly succumbed to her own personal aura and turned, as her clothes so often seem to do, into the Sexiest Thing Ever. It is Ellen's birthday dinner, and I'm not hoping to get lucky. I'm already lucky. I handed her a small box with a bow on it. Ellen opened the box and gasped seeing the keys to a 2016 Porsche 918. " has ever given me a car." " Enjoy it." I said. She pulls my eyes from the sweep of her collarbone with a raised glass. " To us," she said, and we clinked and drank. She said " Live long and prosper." I chuckled.
She giggled, then turned her hand sideways. " I love how dirty this will be later," she said, giving the air a few lewd thrusts. " You're " I'm not nearly drunk enough for that kind of language," she said, and leaned back in her chair, tilting her head to finish the last of her wine. The movement of her throat muscles mesmerized me as I watch her swallow, and I almost jumped when her foot brushed against my shin under the table. She'd slipped her high heel off, and I feel the soft warmth of her flesh through the thin fabric of my pants as she toed her way up my leg. She caught my eye over the top of her empty glass and held it, mouth turned up into an unutterable smirk. My pulse surging into my throat and my cock, already rock hard gave a joyful leap in my pants.

Her foot kept going. I raised my own wine to my lips, trying to play it cool. I took a sip. She attacked, her foot surging up to my groin like some kind of fleshy sand worm. I hardened even more as I inhaled a mouthful of Merlot. She continues to smirk as she watched me collapse into a fit of choked coughing, then she stood up and made her way around the table. A waitress stopped, looking concerned. " Is he alright?" " He'll be fine. Can we use your bathroom real quick?" Ellen asked. The other diners were starting to stare. I couldn't catch my breath. " Of course, it's right down the hall. Do you need any help, or…" " No, thanks. We'll just be a minute." Ellen helped me down the hall and into the bathroom, where I spent the next few minutes hacking over a marble sink. Finally, I caught my breath and looked up. I caught my own face, beet red, in the mirror, then saw her standing behind me, still smirking.
" All better?" She asked, voice soft and sultry. " Yes," I croaked. " You're terrible." She reaches over to the door with measured intent and clicked the lock closed with an air of finality. When she spoke, it was in a sultry tone.
" But now I have you right where I want you." She paused and stepped closer, hips swaying, then swooned into my arms, forearm draped theatrically over her brow. " Teach me of your love." " Right here?" I glanced around. It is clean and fancy, but still a bathroom. She caught my eye in the mirror. " Right here. Right now." " You are a dirty girl."
" Then fuck me like one."

I pull her upright and kiss her, and she responded forcefully, pushing my lips apart and sliding her tongue deep into my mouth. Her hand circling around to grasp at my hair and she mashed her lips into mine. I slide my hand down her back and over her ass, all the way to the back of her bare thighs. The feel of her skin against mine electrified me. I realized my cock is painfully hard and throbbing against the tight fabric of my pants, and she must have realized it too, because she broke away and ran her hand quickly down my chest to free it. There is a little delicacy and much urgency. We both needed a fucking, and we didn't have much time. She yanks down my pants and pulls my cock out of my boxers with a grin. My hands slide up from her thighs to her breasts, and I squeeze them through her dress. I feel her erect nipples through the fabric. I wanted desperately to kiss them, run my tongue over them and suck them roughly into my mouth, letting her feel my teeth on her sensitive skin, but there is no way to get at them without ruining the careful arrangement of her strapless dress. I growled in frustration and bit her earlobe. A little too hard, perhaps. She gasps and her hands convulsed around my cock. It is too much. I needed to be inside her, to fuck her like the perfect, horny little bitch she is. I pull away, too quickly for her to follow, and spun her around by the shoulders. I force her a step forward, pushing her hips into the counter and bending her over until her face almost touches the mirror. One hand went to the back of her neck, gathering up a fistful of her long hair, and pulling her head back. I lock her gaze in the mirror and held it while I ran my other hand down…down and down, then up the skin of her thigh, up under the fabric of her dress. Her thin silk panties are already soaked. I brush my hand lightly over her swollen mound, and she moans.

Loudly. That wouldn't do. I release her hair and pull her panties down over the smooth curve of her thighs, calves. She obligingly lifted one foot, then the other, and I crumpled the cloth in on hand while the other ran back up the inside of one leg and straight to her slit, burning hot and sopping wet and already slightly parted. She arches her back, eyes closed as I slid my finger through her wet folds, but as she opens her mouth for another moan, I force the balled-up panties in her mouth. Her eyes flew open and I smirk at her in the mirror. A little bit of payback goes a long way. Her eyes twinkling at me knowingly, but when my finger found her engorged clit they crinkled shut again and she bit down hard on the soggy cloth. I keep up the pressure, running my finger in circles around her hard button while my other hand slips from her mouth to her throat. I held her head up and leaned forward until my lips brushed against her ear. " Like that, do you?" My voice is the barest whisper, but she nodded, as vigorously as one can while being held by the throat. " Goddamn, you are a horny bitch, aren't you." The head of my cock has worked its way through her wet folds and now rests at the cusp of her steaming cunt. " You want that cock in your pussy?" She nodded again, her head fluttering up and down in my grasp. She bares her teeth at me in the mirror, sharp and white around her macerated panties, and I thrust forward carefully, pushing just the tip of my cock through her tight opening. She groans, a desperate, almost subsonic mating call that I feel in my fingers through her soft skin. It is all I could take.

I force myself into her, one long thrust that slaps my balls up against the hood of her clit. She gasps, loud even through the cloth in her mouth. Her hips bucking back, forcing me even deeper into her. Her eyes shot open. We lock our gaze in the mirror and held it as I fuck her, with accellerando of hard, deep thrusts and her soft muffled gasps. I feel myself building towards a climax, but I held on. I can tell from the increasingly ragged rhythm of her breath, the racing of her pulse under my fingers, that she was building, too. I squeezed her throat ever so slightly and slid my other hand up on her thigh, across the firm flesh of her ass, and then down into the cleft between her cheeks. My thumb came to rest against her puckered asshole, and I begin to press against it rhythmically. She moans and thrusts back towards me, wriggling encouragingly against my probing thumb. Her asshole softens quickly with the pressure, and I feel her giving in, in anticipation as I switch my thumb out for a long middle finger. I knew she is on the edge, and I didn't keep her waiting. I thrust my finger into her, down and down into her tight asshole, relishing the feel of my own knuckle pressing into my cock through the thin walls of her pussy. She froze, locked in a breathless muscular rigor as her release rushes through her. Her cunt tightening on my cock like a giant vise, and I groan as she pulses around me. I thrust again, again, driving the entire length of my cock into her spasm cunt with animal determination, and her whole body shuddering with each hard blow. Then I buried myself in her one last time and my orgasm hit me. I came violently, semen raging through my cock like molten metal, pumping and pumping as she milks me for every last drop of hot cum. Finally, the flood subsided, and we both collapsed forward onto the counter top, panting as her pussy and my cock went through their final twitching throes. She turns her head to rest her cheek on the cool stone, and I kiss her earlobe gently. " I love you," I whisper. " I know." She whispers.

We left the bathroom flushed and unmistakably glowing. The waitress stood in the hall, looking vaguely concerned and vaguely amused. " Is everything alright?" asked the waitress; a formality, since the answer was obvious. " Yes, we're fine now," said Ellen. " Just got a little bit down the wrong pipe is all." She smirks that little smirk of hers.
Somehow, my face flushed even redder. The waitress, thankfully, had the grace to say nothing at all. We left going to the new penthouse, Ellen stood at the bar gazing out at the city lights, she feels a rough whisper in her ear.
" Don't turn around. And don't fight me. You'll have the best night of your life." My sandpaper growl and my next words raised goosebumps on her flesh. " I'm gonna fuck you so hard again, you're gonna scream and beg me for more."
With that, she feels my body press up against her back, my breath in her ear, and my hand slowly traveling up the back of her thigh. Two of my callused fingers quickly dip inside her sopping wet bare pussy. She feels, more than hears, a low, mean chuckle. " Such a little slut, aren't you? Can't wait for my monster cock to fuck you at again."
I roughly grab her arm – even that sent shivers of anticipation rippling through her body – I start to steer her out of the bar area. Ellen has yet to see my face, but the sound of my voice has her nipples tight into hard little buds poking against her dress. She just wanted to turn around and rub her pussy on me again as soon as we got out the door of the room, but she didn't get the chance. As soon as she feels the hot humid night air hit her, she feels my rough hands quickly grab her from behind and blindfold her. After the scarf is securely tied, my hands trailing down her neck and sharply grabbing and twisting her nipples through her dress.

I arches backward, trying to get my mouth onto her neck or mouth for some sensory satisfaction. " Not yet, you hot little bitch. You want it so bad again, don't you?" my voice sent more chills of longing down her body. they seem to center and end at her pussy, and she feels her wetness running down the inside of her thighs. I then shove her roughly onto the lounge chair on the balcony. I jam roughly into her pussy with two fingers and give a hard rub. She moans, her body arching into a taut bow. " Please," She whispers. She isn't sure if she is whispering for me to stop or to continue touching her. I knew, though. " You just want me to rub that wet little slit of yours, don't you? You slut. All you can think about is cumming right now." I muttered those lines to her. I tied her wrists behind her back and spend a few minutes roughly caressing every inch her bare flesh. Every time I run my hands near her nipples or her pussy, she tries to press herself toward me. Even though she is scared of this new situation, her body knew that she had always fantasized about being taken forcefully by me. Her body is reacting accordingly. She hope the door to a night of sexual fulfillment had opened.

She is pushed roughly toward a bed and pressed down face-first into the mattress. She feels her dress lifted and her bare pussy exposed. With a muttered, " Let's get one outta the way," she feels her slick pussy lips parting and the rock-hard head of my monster cock start to enter her. She feels each inch pushing deeper and deeper into her. She is so turned on by now her pussy is gushing. I'm savoring the feeling of entering her again, too, as I enter her almost gently. She feels the head of my cock finally hitting bottom, and she moans. Her pussy contracting around me. I feel so good. Just as she is about to start moving, she feels me pull my cock almost completely out and then slam it back into her. There is no more " gently " now as I slam her pussy from behind, entering her fully and deeply with each thrust. She starts to cum almost immediately from the feel of me slamming into her. She is writhing on the bed, moaning, and open her mouth to scream. The feeling is indescribable. She keeps cumming around my monster cock in her pussy. After a few minutes of this, she hears me groan, and she starts to feel the pulsing of my cock in her pussy.

She just keeps squeezing me with her pussy, feeling jets of cum being shot deep into her pussy. " Oh, God, baby, you're she hears me groan as she feels a warm kiss on her neck and me collapse on top of her in release. She just wanted to take a warm bath, lay down and get some sleep now. Probably when she woke up she would feel much better. Climbing out of the bathtub an hour later, skin glistening wet with droplets of water, Ellen wrapped a towel around her body. Turning away from the tub she almost jumped out of her skin. I lean casually against the doorway watching her. Ellen's breath caught as she found my dark gaze silently studying her, exhilaration pumping through her veins. " W-what are you doing? You startled me." Ellen is unaware of how tightly she is clutching the towel around her. I smile and blatantly look her up and down. My green eyes spoke volumes of what I was thinking and what I wanted. Ellen's body having a mind of its own came alive by just the way my eyes devoured her. Her pussy quivering and she feels the telltale signs of her need for me again trickling down her thighs. She wanted me. " I can ask; why are you not asleep but I'm staring at my reason." I answered advancing on her, taking slow deliberate steps. I stalked her until she is backed against the bathroom counter.

Thoughts of the restaurant flitting through her mind but everything is quickly forgotten when I reach under her towel and slid my hands up her thighs. Her body shuddering from my calloused touch. I drag my hands up, deliberately brushing her mound with my fingertips before gripping the curve of her waist and lifting her onto the cool surface of the counter. I waste no time in pulling away her towel and spreading her legs wide so I can fit between them. The clean scented smell of her pussy wafted up through my nostrils and it is like a sweet aphrodisiac. My cock straining against my shorts. I push her shoulders back gently, prompting her to lean back on the palm of her hands for support, and then pull her buttocks forward just a little to the edge of the counter. Ellen's eyes following my every movement, her swollen breasts heaving with anticipation. She didn't protest or open her mouth to say anything. Every last thought is instantly diminished when I lift her legs over my forearm, spread her pussy lips and buried my tongue into her pussy. An inaudible moan escapes from Ellen and her hips jerk at the sensational fire that starts burning where my mouth touched.

My tongue rubbing her clit back and forth, twirling my tongue around it then sucking it into my mouth and inserting two thick fingers into her at the same time, slipping them skillfully in and out. My onslaught on her vulva has disintegrated into warm bolts of delicious lightning that has her whimpering louder. When Ellen's first orgasm hit, a scream tore from her lips and her hands gave out underneath as her world again came shattering down around her. My hands instinctively wrap around her waist, stopping her from hitting her head. I lick her sore clit tenderly because of how sensitive she became after two previous fucking. After I rose up, I push my shorts down and step out of them. I position myself between her thighs again, pushing her down until she is laying on her back. I lean over Ellen, propping one of her legs onto my shoulder. Then stroke my throbbing cock, I start teasing her wet opening causing copious amounts of her milky white cream to coat me. I finally breach her tight opening, groaning through gritted teeth when the wonderful tight feeling surrounding my cock is enough to make me lose myself within her warm depth. Ellen feels so tight, hot and so wet, it took every ounce of my self-control not to ram my cock all the way into her. But to Ellen it is pure torture. She grabs my ass, trying to force me all the way inside of her.

" Oh baby Ellen, you are going to kill me," I rasp giving in, pushing all the way into her greedy pussy. Ellen's back arches at the 'full' effect of my cock and she is thankful that my thickness and length didn't make her sore pussy uncomfortable, but extremely pleasurable. I start working into her steadily and slowly, biting down on her bottom lip at the erotic sight of my cock sliding in and out of her. The sweet friction of having him inside her created a thick creamy white line every time he pulled out and entered her again. I feel the first rush of my climax when her pussy starts making repeated rhythmic contractions around my cock. I knew her orgasm is imminent. Determined to hold out a little longer I use both hands to cup her ass, lifting her off the granite counter. I start thrusting vigorously into her with every inch of my nine inches. The unmistakable squelching sound resulting from my skillful ministrations to her sopping cunt echoing in the bathroom, along with my grunts and her moans. Ellen's body stiffens for a mere second and then there is silence just before she screams, " Oh God! The rocketed sensation that blasted through her is a pulsating burst of intensity as her vaginal wall start contracting faster.

I knew my mission is accomplished again, when my woman starts jerking and trembling in my arms. Letting go of my final restraint, sweet ecstasy starts at the base of my drowning manhood and spread throughout the nerve endings in my body like a wild fire. " Fuuukkkk," I gasp as my body seized up and my orgasm sent me sailing on waves of passion that caused my vision to darken momentarily. Through pounding heartbeats and heavily labored breathing, I gathered Ellen into my arms and planted kisses all over her face. Pulling away, I gazed deeply into her honey colored eyes and whisper, " I love you." She whisper back, " I love you too." Followed by a sigh.

story by: horny fox

Tags: fantasy sex story

Author: horny fox

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