Awakening pt. 5 (2)

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After a couple of weeks at school Jess was starting to fit in. She’d made a few friends, and had become particularly close with Tyler’s ex.

Over the weeks I hadn’t exploited my powers as much but today, (after Jess’s request the night I’d had my fun with Hannah) I was planning on testing my limits.

Tyler’s ex was called Rebecca; she had wavy brown hair and blue-green eyes. Her angelic face was framed by her hair and her 34D boobs were incredible for her age and her body was the only one boys talked about when it came to girls.

Rebecca wasn’t a slut but she used her looks and, according to Jess, was a sure fire lesbian (or a Bi, at the very least), she just needed some encouraging.

That's why Jess had signed up for netball practice and, I would be staying behind (invisibly of course,) to do a little encouraging,)

The lessons sped by and as the bell rang at three I stepped into the boys toilets, flicked my switch, and stepped out to watch them practice.

At first, I was content to watch from the side of the yard they were on, but after a while I remembered my promise to jess, to let her know I was still there.

I floated up to the roof of the adjacent building, and picking my chance, I angled the ball someone had just thrown, and sent it flying into the Netball teacher’s face, it ricocheted with such force that it easily bounce up the side of the building and with a little encouragement, the ball managed to reach me and with a little flick a sent it spinning on the tip of the roof.

Some of the girls were pointing at their teacher, some had followed the balls path and jess was behind them all, trying to restrain her laughter. She struggled to wave at me but I got the message, I let the ball roll back down the roof and onto the court.

The teacher managed to carry on with the activities and I waited on the opposite yard as they walked down the slope towards the girls changing rooms.

I gently placed my hand in Jess’s to let her know I was still there but she kept a hold of it.
We walked down the yard and jess stopped, pretending to tie her lace, as she bent down I followed her and she whispered,

“You can come in if you want,” she muttered under her breath, grinning as she stood.
I kept a tight hold of her hand and followed her inside the forbidden area of school, where no boy had stood before.

I let go of her hand and settled myself into an empty corner of the room.
My gazed wandered lazily across the room examining each girl with a near expert eye, (with all the practice I was getting.)

First I examined the only twins in the school, both had auburn hair, long and tied behind them in a ponytail, they had both just relieved their bodies of the upper clothes and were both wearing white almost paper thin bras, with laces hanging from in front of where the tits would have been.

Second was Lucy, she was the most athletic person in the school and was taking part in the Y11’s cross country she was that good. She had a tight arse and small, but full breasts, she was hot in some ways but she treated a lot people around school like shit and I didn’t like her that much.

So, when she had unbuttoned her top to reveal her kinky black bra made of thin laced material, I wasted no time in popping the clip on her bra and sending it fluttering to the floor.

And, to my utter surprise she let it. The bra simply fell to the floor and she didn’t even attempt to stop it.
Instead she turned around and giving me a perfect view of her erect nipples she glanced around for something,

she groaned, “Had anyone got a spare clip, mines just friggin’ /> The girls around her said they hadn’t and she giggled, “Guess I’ll be going without then eh?” she grinned, her tits were seriously hard now and as she lowered her sport-skirt I saw a darker patch among the black material of her panties.

Watching seven girls strip around me was sending emergency messages to my cock, and in my invisible state I pulled out my cock and slowly started to massage my throbbing tool.

The other girls weren’t of much note. Not really any boobs of such, and simple full-panties, (Leaving pretty much everything to the imagination.)

Last dressed, and last out of the changing rooms were Jess and Rebecca.

Rebecca was still struggling with her bra and an almost naked Jess wandered across the room to help her.

“So why d’you split up with Ty?” she asked innocently undoing the twist in Rebecca’s strap.

“Oh, no reason, just got bored, she sighed regretting something and jess poked for something more.

“Bored with what?” Jess asked grinning,

“Oh shut it you!” laughed Rebecca, sitting up straighter.

“So did he actually show you then?” Jess asked. I knew this was pretty painful for her, asking about the prick who’d tried to feel her, but she was putting on a brave face.

“No,” Rebecca sighed, “But I showed him, as a dare,” the grins returned on both girls faces.
Jess asked, enticed, />
grimaced Rebecca, “Just up top,” she sighed again,

“And . . .” Jess left it hanging,

“He didn’t seem that impressed,” Jess nearly choked,

she coughed; kidding me right?” Jess was incredulous.
“No, he just kinda nodded,”

“O. M. G.” Said Jess slowly, “Your boobs are massive,” she finished untangling her friends bra and undid the clip, removing the bra and placing it on a bench.

“Look at them!” Jess cried, still behind Rebecca. “How could anyone not be impressed with that? Hell! I'm impressed with them!” Rebecca laughed,

asked Rebecca shyly

“Are you kidding!? Porn stars would give a fortune for boobs like them!” they both laughed and jess sat down beside her friend, undoing her own bra.

Sat side by side jess looked down.

“Look, see. Your boobs are massive,” Jess said a final time.

“Yours aren’t the bad,” commented Rebecca, turning to get a proper look.

By now I had started pumping some seriously horny thoughts into her head and the two girls were sat very close together, with only their panties on.
asked Jess drawing her friend on.

“Yeah, look,” Jess’s friend cupped her hands and held up both her breasts, “Look, nice and firm, not too big or too tiny, they’re great.”

Jess leaned into her friend, causing the pressure against her tits to increase, and cupping her hands under Rebecca’s boobs she looked into her friend’s eyes.

“I think you’re perfect,” said jess, leaning even more,
“I think you’re perfect too,” replied Rebecca closing the gap, their lips touching for a fleeting moment before jess snapped back.

“Not here, come back to my place.

Rebecca nodded and dressed, following her all the way back to the hostel.
I flew home and get back before them, I’d just settled myself on her desk when the door of Jess’s room flung inwards and the two giggling girls skipped in.

“You really think I'm perfect?” Rebecca asked, shyly.

“Of course I do!” Jess snuggled up to Rebecca and cupped her breasts again, “For god’s sake Becky, look at yourself, you're />
“Aaaaw . . . thanks Jess, you've been really nice to me since we met,” Rebecca pushed Jess back so she was lying on the bed, “And If I may say so, I think you're perfect too.” The teenage girls giggled as they flirted with each other and Rebecca went to straddle Jess.

“So, Rebecca, you gonna show me your goods or what?” asked Jess, “So I can see if I was right or not,” she grinned,

“Of course,” nodded Rebecca slowly moving to unbutton her school shirt, “But you've gotta show me yours too,” she confirmed, hands stopping below her first button.

“I promise Becky,” Smiled Jess, “Now come on and get those buttons off!”
Rebecca wasted no time and soon her bare chested form had been pushed back and spread across Jess’s bed.

Jess sat beside her lying friend, grinning as her hand traced slow, lazy circles across her tummy and under her breasts,
“Oh Jess,” Rebecca moaned as the tingling began in her crotch, “Get a move on!” Jess leaned across her friend and placed a hesitant kiss on each nipple, looking up; Jess saw her friend nod her approval and carried on.

While gently pinching, tugging and twisting her friend’s right nipple, Jess set about twisting her tongue around her left.

Rebecca groaned as the tingling in her lower reaches increased, and Jess increased the speed of her /> Flicking her tongue around and across Rebecca’s left tit, nibbling the odd occasion, and suckling gently; her free hand crept down towards her friend’s trousers and began to undo the clip.
Her right hand twisted and pulled the surrendered nipple with evermore pressure and speed.
As her friend opened her mouth to release another groan, Jess broke off her tit-teasing efforts and thrust her tongue into her friend’s mouth.

All other actions slowed to a halt as two best friends engaged in the most emotional kiss either of them had ever had.

Their tongues danced around each other as the two girls writhed around on the bed, kissing like no tomorrow.

Finally, after almost five minutes of rolling and kissing the girls fell apart and lay side by side on the bed.
said Jess, breaking the silence.

Tyler, did he ever, y’know touch you, down there like . . .?” Jess stuttered through the embarrassing question.

“No,” Rebecca answered, she added, slowly.

want me to?” jess asked, sitting up and gazing into her friends eyes.

“What, like . . .” Rebecca stuck out her tongue slowly and wiggled it a bit.

Jess nodded, “Yeah, like that.”

“Mmm, I dunno,” Rebecca seemed hesitant and as I watch jess slowly stripped herself completely and began to do the same to her friend.

“Trust me, you’ll love it!”

“Oh, go on then!”

Jess finished stripping her friend and as she drove down on her friend’s innocent pussy I couldn’t help but admire her perfect round butt.

I watched in fascination as Jess ate out her friend. Tongue flicked over clit, labia and the shaved mound were her pubes would have been.

The tongue flickered across the surface of Rebecca’s sacred hole.
The speed of her flicks increased until Jess tongue was swiping across her friends opening furiously.
Suddenly, without warning, Jess dove deep into her friend’s cunt, licking and slurping she attempted to suck her dripping friend clean.

Jess’s unrelenting attention brought Rebecca to a climax outclassing any thoughts that she might ever have had of sexual pleasure.

Her juices flowed freely from her cunt and jess continued against hope to like clean her friend’s cunt.
“Oh, my, god!” panted Rebecca, “That was /> “Told y’ so,” said Jess smugly.

“But, I feel kinda guilty leaving you like this,”

“It's okay, honest!” said jess leaning over her bed, as she opened her bedside drawer she revealed to both me and her friend a huge, veined, and battery powered 8 inch dildo.

“OH MY GOD gasped, almost screaming. “How do you get all that in?”
Jess just shrugged, “Practice, mostly,” she grinned, oh yeah, do you wanna got out with me?”

“Do you, Rebecca, want to go out with me, Jess?” Rebecca paused for a moment,
that, like, make us lesbian?” Jess nearly choked right there.

She stopped for a second, then, looking down, Jess ran her tongue up along her friends still leaking cunt, over her belly button, up between her breasts, and stopped just below her chin,
“I dunno,” said Jess, “Are we lesbians?”

Rebecca laughed, then on a more serious tone, “But wont we get bullied ‘n’ stuff?”
my best friend, Ryan, he’ll K-O anyone who picks on us,”
Rebecca was silent for a moment, “Was he the guy that, head-butted Ty?” Jess laughed,
“Yeah, that's him,”

Rebecca nodded,

“Okay them, I will go out with you, but lets take it easy, at school at least,” Jess nodded,
“Of course.”

I decided to leave them then, as they began to lick each other clean, and once again, I found myself staring across a grasy valley, down to a temple, and a shrine to Aphrodite.

Hope you enjoy, any comments are always welcome and if anyone wants to add them to the story just let me know, 8 – )
Next one in the pipeline, = )

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