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My first story guys, be gentle with me.
Behind the scenes

Class sucked today (its not abnormal), but what kept me going was the fact that my girlfriend promised me some sex action after the class was over.
She sat at the desk five feet to my left so my eyes were pretty much on her 36d tits the whole time, fantasizing about what she would let me do with them this time. She said we were going to try something new. Maybe she wanted to try anal sex, or maybe not.
Almost every time I point out anal sex during sex she would get turned off, she told me that It’s because she disliked that phrase and favored calling it "going behind the scenes", but I think she is frightened of having my fairly large cock in her tight little butt.
I liked jasmine, my girlfriend, not because she was a cute 5"6 blonde but because she and I were very much the same. I also liked her smile, and the way she looked at me, with her large azure eye, always trying to get as close to me as possible, which is to a certain extent the reason why we are so close. Every time she gazed at me, though she maybe a few meters away, I felt she was nearer. I think, no, I know she loves me even though I don't know what I feel towards her.

After a tedious lecture and a lot of fantasy, class was over and I approached Jasmine and told her. "It’s about fucking time."
She countered with a big smile, "Want to do it here."
/> I looked around, a few people present, they were openly staring us and probably with a little bit of envy. I started unbuckling my belt; she was still smiling, possibly waiting to see how far I will go. I lowered my jeans a little showing off my ck boxers.
"Enough lets go." she said while grabbing my arm and dragging me outside, my jeans still a little drooped.
We got into my vw golf and drove to my apartment.
"So what are we going to do today" I enthusiastically asked still looking at the road, her eyes are always on me.
"Its something I saw on the internet and I thought it would be pretty fun and kinky, but you'll be getting the most out of it"
"Anal sex" I asked impatiently.
/> /> "Yeah, am going to fuck you in the ass" she giggled.
"Not funny jasmine, not funny", I still couldn't resist a little grin on my face.
"Just read that on the internet and I had to use it on you" she said looking jovial.
"Anyway, what are we trying out today?" I asked nonchalantly trying to get that horrendous image of her with a strap on fucking my ass, now I know why girls don't want to go 'behind the scenes'.
"It’s a surprise, I can't tell you."
"Okay I will just have to wait and see." There was a bit of silence, I drove faster so we would get there faster.
She got bored of looking at me and gaped down to my jeans.
My cock grew hard; it probably noticed it was being watched.
Jasmine lifted my shirt a bit and ran her hands through my chest and abs, feeling me up. I looked at the speedometer and noticed I was at 60. She easily slid her hand into my jeans since they were already loose, then into my boxers; I slowed down to 40 so I could enjoy what she was doing.
She touched the head of my cock and rubbed my pee-hole with her forefinger, rubbing pre-cum all over my dickhead.

"Ooh! Someone's wet." she uttered while slowly stroking my cock.
"Are you?"
"Pretty much, yes, want to feel?" she asked
/> She took my hand from the steering wheel and moved around the seat so that she could get my hand to touch her thong panties and they were quite wet.
"It seems that you have been wet for a while." I stated.
"Yeah, I was thinking about what we were going to do after the class and it got me so horny."
I smiled, “Great minds think alike"
She smirked, we finally arrived and she gave my cock one last stroke and run a finger through my pee-hole again and hastily removed her hand from my jeans and sucked her finger as she got out of the car. She’s a nasty girl. I thought.

As I entered the house, I reckoned I have never been as excited about having sex since the first time we had sex, which was about eight months ago. By then Jasmine was 18 and I was 17, yeah she is about four months older than me but that does not matter, beside its not like it’s obvious. I am 6"1 and pretty well built, a have decent amount of muscle. And she also has a good body; she is a bit slender with long legs and a sexy butt which makes her look younger. Her eyes also make her appear youthful. But at this time, we are both eighteen and her 19th birthday is in three months and mine is three months after hers.
We got into the house and she bounced around the house and ended up in my bedroom.
My dick was getting harder by the second and jutted and was now pointing straight ahead, towards pussy. She went into my wardrobe and removed a black bag.
I removed my shirt and jeans and was left with boxers and socks.
"Get out, I don't want you to see me yet" she beamed seductively.
"Okay, girl, take your time." I got out of the room and went to the kitchen freezer and took out some red bull (building up some energy) and waited for her call while sipping.

"Honey, am ready." she called. I was keenly waiting to see what she was doing. My boxers looking like a triangular tent and I went in and I was so turned on by what I saw that at some point, I thought my cock would poke a hole through my boxers.
Jasmine was wearing a woman uniform from the top. Only black hip huggers enclosed her cunt, she also had black heels
This made her slender legs look marvelous. She had handcuffs and she had cuffed one of her hands.
"Good lord, damn it jasmine, you're fucking hot."
"Thanks, am going to be you're slutty police officer." she cuffed her other hand behind her back and knelt beside the bed then opened her mouth wide.

I think she wanted me to fuck her mouth, yeah she probably did.
I removed my boxers and moved forward, I ran my dickhead round her lips then I pushed it inside her mouth and then down her throat. If there was one thing she could do well was swallow my cock. I grabbed her head and pressed her head towards me. I could feel my cock in her throat, I was fucking her mouth and it felt great I had to stop at various intervals to avoid cumming. I was feeling a huge orgasm building up, I removed my cock and felt a cold breeze on my saliva filled cock, I was giving her time to breath and I also wanted to know if she was okay. She commenced sucking my balls, I was in heaven. I wondered how people were fairing back on earth.
"Oh yeah baby, that's it suck my balls, you have the best mouth in the world” I moaned.
"Mmmm you like me sucking your big balls don't ya."
"Oh yeah baby" I said as I returned my dick into her mouth and started thrusting my hips back and forth allowing my cock to move in and out of her throat. I looked down at her and saw those big cobalt eyes looking back at me, it was so adorable. I gave her some time to breath then continued even faster, my cum was coming up my shaft and I was really near orgasm. This was going to be great, my pelvic muscles tightened and constricted, I pulled her head to my dick till I could felt her lower lip kissing my balls, my cock rippled seed into her throat and I could feel her swallowing my cum which produced a sort of vacuum in her mouth that felt so great. My penis shot three more shots, each with a reducing amount of sperm, into her throat. I released her head and she sucked my cock dry.

"Mister, you are going behind bars for fucking me so hard, anything you say will be held against you in the court of law."
I grinned. “Instead of taking me behind bars officer, why don't you me take you from behind!"
She smiled and replied, "Sounds like you've got a deal, mister"
I lifted her up unbuttoned her top and unhooked her bra. I massaged and pinched her nipples and then pushed her to the bed.
"Oh yeah take me, mister, am all yours fuck me till I cum"
She said as she lay on her back.
I started spanked her ass, "Oh you've been a naughty officer, haven't you." I removed her panties exposing her very wet twat. I inserted a finger then licked it.
I continued spank her and savor her sweet pussy juice till she replied. "Yeah I have been very naughty during my duty, what are you going to do about it?"
"I am going to fuck you in the ass" I replied. There was a long pause before she replied. I was hoping that wasn't a turn off and that she would give me the green light." she has never even let me touch her asshole since we started having sex, I was getting used to pussy I now wanted ass.
Finally after a few minutes of loud silence, she replied.
"Then what are you waiting for mister?”
"Great, I find irresistible you officer." I grabbed some lube and I had to unwrap it since I had never used it before. I moved toward her so that I’d settle on her lower thighs and my hard dick hovered over her ass. I poured it on my cock and let a little lube trickle into her tiny asshole. "Is my cock really going to fit?" I deliberated.

"You ready, officer".
"As ready as am going to be, go in" the 'police officer' said.
I rubbed outline of her hole then inserted my fore finger in and rotated it.
"Oh that’s it pour a little more lube though." I did as she asked then this time; I inserted two fingers and moved them in and out of her hole. I enjoyed hearing her moan.
"Okay this is it officer, I am going in." I warned.
"You are welcome inside me mister, but if you fuck me too hard am going to have to arrest you."
"Don't worry; I’ll be gentle with you." I said as I inserted the head of my cock inside her ass, it was a little too tight. I looked at her face and it looked as if she was in pain. I added more lube and slowly pushed the rest of my cock in. "Holy shit, fuck me." she moaned but she still looking like she was in pain.
"You okay there cop?" I asked her while my dick was fully logged in her.
"Yeah, am ok" I slowly moved in and out of her getting great pleasure from this. I spanked her butt while increasing my motion.
"Who’s your daddy?" I inquired as I simultaneously spanked and fuck her ass.
"You are" she said in between moans.
"What is your daddy doing?"
"My daddy is fucking my ass." she said then continued moaning. She was going to make me cum just by her words; I grabbed her handcuffed hands allowing me to put more thrust in fucking her. I was fucking her pretty fast now and her asshole was getting loose every time I rammed my cock in it. I was going to cum too soon so we decided to change our position to avoid this. I lifted her to enable her to kneel on the bed, then I pushed her face down to the bed so it looked like she had bent over while kneeling, she was so damn freaking hot.

I stood up then inserted my cock into her pussy to lubricate it with her juices the rammed it into her asshole. I grabbed her handcuffed hands and then continued fucking her. This was without a doubt the best sex I’ve ever had; I even forgot that I had come earlier.
"You like cock up your ass?" I asked her as I swiftly moved my penis in and out. The bed was rocking madly, almost suppressing her moans.
"God knows I do"
"God knows I love having it there" I said as I felt cum running up my shaft, my muscles tense once again as I released shots of my seed into her rectum. I removed somewhat soft cock from her ass and I let her suck preparing it for more penetration. I lay back on the bed and assisted her get onto of me; she introduced my dick into her vagina and rode me.
"It’s your turn to cum baby" I said staring into her beautiful eyes.
"Oh yeah that's it" she said then dropped on me, and kissed me then kissed my neck, her tits felt great on my stripped chest and I loved the feel of her weight on me.
"I love you so much Nick, I love you so so much" she whispered softly into my ear, she had probably forgotten she was supposed to be a police officer.
"I love you too honey, now do you want us to fuck or keep talking?"
"Fuck please."
"What, I can't hear you"
"Fuck me Nick." she said, this time rather loudly. I enfolded my hands around her, pushing her to my self and allowing me to fuck her at full speed. It wasn't long before I felt her body tensed up and her tight pussy tapered as she came consequently making me come in the process. We just resided there for a couple of minutes making out with my cock inside her. I could not resist humping a couple of times,
She woke up and stood beside the bed and I noticed that my semen oozed from her both holes and what was most interesting was that cum from her asshole slid down and mixed up with cum from her pussy (my Cum and hers) and it seeped down her left thigh to her knee. What a mess I had made. She turned around and wiggled her hands.

"The key are on top of your dresser, free my hands I want to get cleaned up"
I took the keys and threw them inside the drawer.
"What are you doing, Nick!"
"C'mon, lemme have a little fun."
"Stop fooling around Nick, get me out of this things." she said, I did not listen. It was so arousing the way her tits seemed larger when her hand were behind her back. I also liked that she had no control over what I was going to do. I grabbed her tits and toyed with her nipples, I sucked her left nipple while playing with her right one. I could feel her heart beating relatively fast when I sucked her left nipple. I slid my hand down and fingered her snatch; I removed my hand from her cunt and sucked it. I pushed her to the bed and she fell on it but her legs were hanging off the bed. I spread her legs open and plunged my face on her wet pussy, there was probably a little bit of semen left but I didn't care.
"You're nasty she said and went on moaning. I sucked her clit and I was trying to look at her face but her boobs blocked my view, frankly I liked it that way. I rubbed her clit till she came then we made out a little. I prevented my self from fucking her again.

"Nick, lift me up." she said. I looked her cute little pussy, so wet and looking so juicy.
"My cock is dry because of the dried cum."
"Its late nick, I have to shower then start going."
"Come on let me get it a little wet."
"I can’t suck you again, I don't know if I even have any saliva,
Just put it into my cunt, its flooding down there."
I stuck my dick into her pussy and rammed it in a couple of times and then lifted her up. I freed her from her cuffs then spanked her ass as we headed for the shower.

"Next time, you’ll be the cop." she said.
"Yeah, I loved the role play."
"Great, I can’t wait to see you in handcuffs." she sneered.


story by: TeenWiz

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Author: TeenWiz

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