My summer with ben

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The summer after high school I took a full time job helping out a mentally challenged 28 year old man who lived with his grandparents. I needed to make some money before going off to college. I knew them from the church I went to and their house was within walking distance. Since I was friendly with the family, they were nice enough to pay me cash for the time I spent taking care of their grandson, Ben. They saw me as this nice, quiet girl who was always so polite with them.

I wanted to take school seriously when I got there, but I also wanted to have some fun. I tried to get more serious about my grades in high school. By then I hadn't had sex in a while during my senior year, and not even after graduation.

Ben was a sweet man with a mentally retarded intelligence which required constant supervision and help with various things. Whenever I saw him he was always so happy to see me. I would go for walks with him in the neighborhood and read books to him. We sometimes played simple children’s games and we also watched movies.

During one of our afternoon walks on the trails in the woods near his house, he and I stopped to sit by the creek. As we sat side by side on some rocks, we started talking about if he had ever kissed a girl before. He said he hadn’t. He asked if he could kiss me. I smiled and nodded. He pressed his lips up against mine for a few seconds. I slowly nibbled on his lips and opened my mouth slightly. I felt his tongue touch mine lingering in my mouth. It felt nice. I felt warmth spread in my pussy. It was getting wet.

Sometime in the second week, when we were watching a movie, Ben asked me if he could kiss me again. He saw the couple in the movie making out. I put my hands on his neck this time when we kissed. Our tongues met again, this time Ben seemed less shy about it. I felt the heat rising in my pussy again. While we kissed, I unbuttoned my blouse and pulled my bra straps down to reveal my tits to Ben. He cupped his hands over my breasts rubbing them softly.

“I touched myself thinking about kissing you last night.” He told me as he went to suckle on my nipples.

I rubbed my hand over his pants feeling his hard bulge. “Did you cum?”

he answered as he kept sucking my tits. He pressed his body up against me. I wanted so much to undo his pants and have a look at his cock, but I didn’t have the nerve to do it. That day I just let him rub himself against me and he sucked on my tits until he came in his pants.

I couldn’t stop thinking about Ben after that. I wanted him inside me so badly.

After weeks of getting along great with Ben and his grandparents, they asked me to stay a little later some nights to help them out. They were generous with their pay. I needed the money and liked the time I spent over there so I stayed more often. During these times, I had to fix Ben dinner, give him a bath, and help him get ready for bed.

The first night I helped Ben in the bath, his grandparents retired early to bed leaving us alone for the entire time. I felt nervous and excited in the bathroom watching Ben take off his clothes and climb into the bathtub. I made sure to fill the tub with warm soapy water. I looked at his nude body when he was getting into the tub. He had a nice body. It was lean and fit, but not very muscular. The thick black hair he had on his head seemed to cover him entirely on his chest, genitals, and legs. He always had this softened vacant stare when he looked at me. He was so sweet to me. I knew he had a crush on me. I had this desire, an aching yearning inside of me, to let this mentally handicapped man have his way with me.

“Do you need me to get a washcloth?” I asked him.

“No, I like to use my hands.” He splashed the water around him a little as I shut the faucet off. The tub was about halfway full of warm water and some soapy bubbles floated around him. Through the faintly tinged white water, I could see Ben’s limp cock stirring slightly in the water.

Beth, his grandmother, had told me he needed my help washing himself in the tub. It was easy enough, just a thorough clean wash and get into his pajamas for bed. I started to lather up the soap in my hand to help him clean his chest and back. He just sat there not really doing anything except for splashing in the water a bit. As I washed his chest, I noticed his cock was hardening in the water. He reached his hands over his shaft and began to stroke it absentmindedly like I wasn’t even there. I kept washing him while I watched him touch himself. I didn’t say anything. I didn’t want him to stop.

His dick was hard by now. It looked like it was six or seven inches long and more than two inches thick across. As he continued to stroke himself in front of me in the tub, I felt so turned on. I wanted to see him cum. He then looked up at me and said, so beautiful, Vivian.” His breathing became heavier. I couldn’t help myself at that point and I reached down to stroke his cock for him. He moved his hands and let me. He watched as I quickly stroked his shaft up and down. I leaned down into the tub and put my mouth over the soapy head of his dick and began sucking it. I kept stroking the shaft in the water with one hand while rubbing his balls with the other. Within seconds he started cumming in my mouth. I swallowed his cum still rubbing my hand up and down his shaft and balls. I felt his body shudder in the water.

Ben and I didn’t say very much for the rest of the time in the bathroom. I wrapped a towel around him and we went into his bedroom so he could get ready for bed. I helped him dry off with a towel in his room with the door shut. As I wiped the bathwater off of his body, I saw his dick getting hard again. My panties were already soaking wet from my pussy juices. I was so turned on by the sight of his hard cock again, I knew I had to feel him inside of me. I knelt down as he stood there naked and took him into my mouth again. I sucked him slowly while unzipping my shorts. I stopped and looked at him for a second.

“Ben, have you ever fucked a girl in her pussy before?” I asked him taking off my clothes.

“No.” He shook his head. I laid back on his bed without any clothes on, and spread my legs open for him fingering my own wet cunt.

“Do you want to fuck my pussy?” I pushed my fingers inside of my hole inviting him to shove his cock inside. He nodded dumbly walking towards me. He positioned himself standing between my legs as I raised them up in the air. I opened them wider helping him guide the head of his cock into my cunt. We both watched, my upper body propped up on my hands with my elbows extended, as his fat prick pushed slowly into my velvety fold. Instinctively he knew to pump his cock in and out of my cunt.

“Oh you’re so tight!” He cried throwing his head back and closing his eyes. He continued to grind his hips forward thrusting into me harder and faster. I felt him pounding harder and harder into me, so I tightened my hold around his thick shaft. Oh god, it felt so good. I raised my legs higher and pulled them close to me so his cock angled into my pussy just right. I felt him bumping hard into me hitting my spot. Ben rammed his meat into me the way any young man would who had never felt the warmth and wetness of a velvety cunt wrapped around his pole before. It turned me on so much to know that I was letting this mentally retarded man fuck me bareback. I was taking his virginity. I wanted him to cum inside me. My pussy juice squirted out down his shaft as I came. I tried so hard to keep quiet.

Ben got himself into a rhythm fucking me in that position for a really long time. I just kept cumming and squirting. A few times he paused to grope at my tits. He pinched my nipples in awe. Then he continued to pound furiously into my cunt watching my tits bounce. Waves of pleasure flowed through my body. Everything tingled. I hadn’t been fucked like that in a long time. When Ben finally came, the expression on his face was pure bliss as he emptied his balls inside my fuck hole. I wrapped my legs around him holding him inside of me. He lay on top of me panting.

We lay back in bed panting. Our bodies were sweaty in the dimly lit room. Ben rolled over and I felt his limp cock pull out of me. His warm seed spilled out from between my pussy lips. He looked down fascinated.

“Can I have a look?” He asked me.

He peered down between my legs as I lay there naked spreading them apart for him. His fingers parted my cunt lips and pushed into my hole. More of his sperm came out. I rubbed my fingers over my pussy and tasted his cum. He watched me lick my fingers. He pushed his fingers back inside my hole and further in. I moaned again. He looked up at me with delight, as if he had found a button inside of me, and he kept pushing his fingers in and out. I moaned more as he finger fucked me. I began to squirt out of my fuck hole again. This excited him even more and he finger fucked me harder. He pulled his fingers out and sucked my juices off them. I wanted so much for him to fuck me again, but I noticed how late it was getting. I didn’t want anyone to be suspicious about me staying so late. I got dressed and helped him get dressed. I tucked him in bed. I told Ben not to tell anyone before I left. I didn’t want to get in trouble. He agreed.

The next time I came over, Ben and I went for a walk in the woods. This time we sat at the same creek again. Ben asked me if he could see my pussy squirt again. He said he loved it and wanted to watch me cum again. The idea of doing this with him in the wood made me hot, so I took my shorts and panties off. He said he wanted to see me naked, so I took my shirt and bra off too. I sat on top of my clothes on the rock with my legs spread for Ben. He leaned down to examine my cunt closely this time. He pushed his fingers into my pussy and my juices flowed out over his fingers. He rubbed the warmth over my lips and clit and then pushed his fingers back inside my hole. He began finger fucking me like he did the other night. I moaned and squirted cumming on his hand. He kept at it a little while longer. I felt so good like that. I stretched my legs apart sitting on the rock leaning my naked body backwards rubbing my hands over my tits. I panted watching my cum squirt out and saw the delight in his face.

“Oh, Ben, please fuck me.” I wanted him inside me again. This time he undid his pants and pulled his underwear down around his ankles. I stood naked in front of him bending over, bracing myself against some of the rocks near the creek. He kept his clothes on and worked his cock into my tight velvety hole from behind.

“Oh god,” he said pounding his cock into my pussy.

“Fuck me, Ben. I’m your little cunt. Cum in me.” I moaned feeling his fat shaft stroking in and out of my wet tunnel. I stuck my ass out feeling his hands grabbing my hips. He drilled his dick into my cunt. As he held onto my hips I felt him spreading my asscheeks. I thought about him fucking me in the ass. Ben shoved himself hard up into my tight slit and shot his load in me.

“Oh, Vivian,” he said holding his cock inside me while I was bent over in front of him. He pulled out of me and I sat back down on the rocks. “Can I see?” Ben was so fascinated with looking and playing with my pussy. He pushed apart my cunt lips and watched his seed spill out. He shoved two fingers into my hole letting more of his sperm drip out.

“Do you like it when I swallow your cum?” I asked him catching his cum on my fingers from my hairless slit. He nodded. I sucked on my fingers closing my eyes and moaned.

Ben then he rubbed his fingers over my cunt lips a moment, but his eyes were drawn to something a little lower. His fingers traced over my asshole. I tightened my anus for a second, only to relax, and I felt his finger enter inside. He worked his finger in and out of my asshole as I continued to pant with my legs spread open sitting on the rock.

It felt so good, I wanted to feel his dick up inside my ass. “Use your cock, Ben. Fuck my asshole.” I lifted my legs up still spread apart for him as he fumbled with his dick pushing his head into my anus. His cock was mostly hard, while he continued to pump, I felt his dick harden as it slid in and out of my ass.

I reached my hand down to rub my clit feeling myself climaxing again. I was getting off so much thinking about how Ben had now fucked all of my holes. I felt like such a dirty whore at that moment. I let a mentally retarded man fuck me and I loved it. I was getting paid to look after him and I let him use my holes to feel good. I felt a wave of orgasm hit me. I wanted so much for him to cum in my ass now. Ben leaned his weight onto me as he humped his cock into my asshole. I pulled him close to me kissing him passionately on the lips. I felt his tongue in my mouth and we locked lips like any passionate lovers would. I tightened my anus around his shaft as he pumped in again. I heard him grunt against me. He shoved his dick all the way in releasing his load into my ass.

Ben and I carried on like this for the next month without anyone knowing. I would suck his cock sometimes when he took a bath. A few times I even took off my clothes and rode his dick in the tub. I still remember how dirty I felt when I pressed my wet tits up against him straddling my legs around his waist. He learned to hold me up and fuck up into my hole when I was on top. I loved letting him use my pussy like that.

Most of the time we had sex in the woods. He would ask to finger fuck me on that rock until I begged him to fuck me. It was the second time he had his cock in my asshole, and I asked if he wanted to cum in my mouth. I wrapped my mouth around his member telling him my ass tasted good on his dick. He took so much pleasure in this, he wanted to cum in my mouth after fucking my ass every time after that.

When I had to get ready to go away to college I stopped working this job and never saw Ben again. On our last day together, I spent the whole day with him. His grandparents thought it was so sweet how close we became.

I spent the day doing everything to please him and make his cock feel good. I stroked and sucked him letting him cum on my face and tits one last time. When he was ready to go again, I let him fuck me in the ass. In our last hour together, we talked about it, and he said he wanted his last memory of me to be my cunt. In his room, on his bed I rode his thick cock one last time feeling him empty his balls into me.

Ben was one of my many dirty little secrets. I couldn’t help but want to do such naughty things to get off.

story by: wantedescapes

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Author: wantedescapes

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