Better with age

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Better With Age

Let me tell you about this one older woman that I have met. Her name is Simone and has the freckled face of an angel. She is a 55 year old divorcee, 5’1” tall, 32c-23-34 body frame, shoulder length red hair, the legs of a dancer and an ass that is so firm, smooth, creamy and so desirable that you would almost want to fuck it before you do her pussy. When she walks in a crowd the men would stop and look at her; she is one hot looking piece of eye candy. I have even seen younger woman stop in their tracks, eye her and the expression on their faces is that of, “How have you stayed so young looking over the years?”
It was a Friday around five in the afternoon and I was just leaving my office for the weekend. The plans for the evening were to go home, eat diner, take a shower and relax for a couple of hours before getting dressed to go out with a couple of friends for a few drinks. We did this at least once a month since my divorce finalized about six months ago. I wasn’t really all that interested in picking up women yet. My divorce was the result of catching my ex-wife, with her boss, in our marital bed fucking and screaming such vulgar and filthy remarks that I have never heard her say during our 20 years of marriage. If you have ever been made a cuckold by the one person you thought that you knew, trusted, adored, would give your life for and loved with all your heart and soul, you will understand the anger and hurt that one will experience. That is another story that I will one day have to write about but right now Simone is the center and most important character of this story.
While sitting at the bar with my friends chatting and having a good time, in walks Simone with two of her girlfriends. She was wearing a black dress that came about two inches above her knees; the top of the dress keep her breast well covered so it appeared that she a respectable woman and not out looking to find a man to pick her up and take her home for a hot fuck.
As she walked in, the soft natural light that framed her before the door had shut was such a beautiful heavenly sight to see. Right away I had feelings stirring inside of me that I never thought that I would ever feel again. I was in love and I knew that she was the second woman in my life that I ever had those feelings for.
Simone and her girlfriends got a table no more than 10 feet away from me and my two friends. The band was playing a slow song so I got the courage up to go over and ask her to dance. My heart was beating so hard that I thought I was going to have a heart attack. My knee’s where week, my legs where shacking and I wasn’t sure that I was even going to make it the ten feet to her table. It has been a long time since I have had to approach a woman and I was acting like a high school kid on his first date. So then I thought, the worst that would happen; she would say no to me?” Well to my delight she accepted and I held my hand out for hers to help her up, leading her to the dance floor. We didn’t even touch bodies but stayed somewhat apart so that I could comfortable look in her eyes as we talked. After the song ended another slow one immediately started up and I asked her if we could dance that one also seems that I don’t dance the fast ones. To my surprise she again replied with a yes.
A fast dance played next so I escorted her back to her seat. She asked me if I would like to join her and her friends at their table but I said that I also was with two friends and that I should get back to them. She said with a smile that she enjoyed our casual talk while dancing and that she would like to continue with that chat and that there was more than enough room for all six of us at the table and that they were also more than welcome to shit with her and her friends. So I waved them over and they came, Simons’ two friends made room so that we could sit every other sex. Now there was a conversation between us all and everyone was enjoying themselves greatly.
Another slow dance came up and this time Simone initiated the request to dance. I just couldn’t refuse the woman that I was so hoping to one day make my wife. I know I know! We had just met. As a rule I don’t believe in the old saying of “Love at first sight”, but this time I had to let my heart, and not my penis, lead the way.
Taking her hand again and leading her to the dance floor, this time she pressed her body right up against mine. Her head was resting on my shoulder and mine snuggling right up against her head. She felt and smelt so good. She spoke into my ear saying that I was the first man that held her away from me on our first dance. Usually the try to pull her tight to them right off the bat and she always got the impression that all they wanted to do was to get in her panties. I was different; she could feel it and felt that I saw her as the lady she was and not just a one night stand.
Her body felt so warm and soft against mine. I could feel her breast resting against my chest and her nipples where quickly hardening and trying to tear slice through her dress and puncture my chest. My cock was starting to become erect and I was trying to hold my lower half away from her so she wouldn’t notice it.
She leaned her head back, keeping her breast on my chest. Looking into my eyes she smiled and said that it was too late, she felt my penis growing against her tummy and that she enjoyed it. She said that she divorced her husband because he had cheated on her and it made her feel as if she wasn’t good enough to please him sexually. Feeling my cock grow against her tummy told her that she could still stir the desires up in a man. Then she grabbed my hips and pulled my lower half back into her while laying her head back on my shoulder. I wanted to hold her like this for the rest of my life and it didn’t matter if it never went any farther than that.
Our friends where getting along great together and we were both happy to see that. It was one in the morning now and the bar was closing. God how time flies when you are having fun. We exchanged phone numbers and email addresses before leaving.
I walked her to her car; put my arms around her and for the first time, gave her a kiss on the lips. She kissed me back with passion and asked me if I would like her company for the night. She said that it has been over a year since she has been with a man and that she felt like there was something so special between us. Not having been with a woman myself since my divorce and feeling that something special in me also I said yes. God! Things where certainly moving kind of fast here but I was for the first time ready to try to get back into a relationship; especially with a beautiful woman like Simone.
Simone followed me home and having a two car garage I put her car inside next to mine. Closing the garage door we walked into the house through the kitchen entrance. I put my hands on her hips to guide her in. As soon as I locked the door and turned around Simone was in my arms French kissing me. Her lips were so soft and moist, warm and full of passion. Our tongues tangled together and I was fondling her firm tits. She was moaning in my mouth. I picked her up and carried her to my bedroom.
She told me to sit on the edge of my bed and facing me, while looking me in the eyes, I watched while she slowly stripped. Her nipples were magnificent, erect and standing straight out, and her clit was clearly visible between the lips of her cunt. She had shaved so that her pussy lips were smooth and bare. The only pubic hair was a small triangle of dark red hair that looked like an arrow pointing to her most secret body part. I couldn’t take my eyes off of her. She was absolutely gorgeous and I told her so.

When she was completely naked, except for thigh high stockings, she walked over to me and gave me a warm, deep, wet, passionate kiss, while unbuttoning my shirt. I broke the kiss only to lick and suck one of her breasts and bit gently on her nipples. She continued to undress me, and we got on the bed I started kissing her neck. Slowly I licked and sucked my way down the entire length of her body; from her lips, to her neck, to her breasts, to her belly, to her inner thighs, to her knees and down to her ankles. Then I started back up until I got to her slit and softly began to lick her wet fuck hole. I separated her cunt lips with my fingers and tongue fucked the inside of her pussy. She was moaning and her hips were trying to pump into my face. Simone told me to lick and suck her pussy harder but I resisted and continued to tease her; flattening my tongue and running it up and down the outside of her pussy lips. She was absolutely flowing onto the bed; leaving a big wet spot on the bed spread.
Then I began to rub my face up and down her mound again, I could smell her sex. She was so hot and wet and had a mini orgasm when I pushed my fingers inside her. I kept pumping them in and out while moving down and started to lick her clit. She screamed out load and had her second orgasm. This one was stronger than her first and I was determined to give her the biggest orgasm of her life before tonight was over. Her hips were thrashing so much that I had a hard time trying to keep my fingers inside her cunt. I licked faster and faster while she was cumming a third time. I didn't give her a chance to rest as I removed my fingers upward to touch her g-spot. I put one of my hands on her tummy while applying pulsating upward pressure with my two fingers inside her cunt against her g-spot. I felt her pussy grip my fingers tightly and knew that she was soon to have another hard orgasm. Her body stiffened, her face flushed almost the deep color red of her hair. She kept screaming for me not to stop and I knew that there was no way I was going to. All of a sudden her body started jerking like she was having a seizure. I yanked my fingers out of pussy and she started squirting hot cum about four feet out in front of her. I quickly put my mouth over her fuck hole trying to swallow as much of her sweet hot cum that I could. She was screaming in orgasmic bliss as her cum keep squirting out of her. After a complete minutes of orgasming she finally stopped squirting and in no way could have gotten up to get off the bed. She just keep shaking even after the orgasms stopped.

Again, not giving her much of a chance to rest I raised up and positioned myself between her legs, and put the tip of my cock against her opening. Even though I only have an average six inch cock in length it is a VERY thick one. I have never had a pussy yet that couldn’t stretch enough to accommodate me as long as I have given it enough foreplay and I do believe that I have given Simone plenty of foreplay so far. After all, she has had four orgasms already and I haven’t had a one.

Simone was wet and ready as I pushed gently and sliding in easily though her pussy was very tight around my cock. I watched her face and she had her eyes closed with an intense look of awareness. I kept my weight off her with my arms and with her legs spread wide and the bottom of her feet pointing up at the ceiling I began to slowly stroke into her. Gradually I was getting deeper and deeper till I was balls deep into her cunt. My heavy cum filled balls where slapping her ass with every in stroke. She started thrusting her hips up to meet me and panting. She was near orgasm for the fifth time but I was doing everything I could NOT to cum. At least not yet. I felt her contractions just beginning and I whispered softly for her to “Fuck me, Simone! Fuck me good! That’s a good girl, fuck me with your tight cunt”; the dirty talk just increased her arousal. Her spasms turned into a tremendous climax, with at least a half dozen deep, powerful contractions. I have never known ANY other woman who had contractions as hard and as deep as Simone. I had to push my cock in as far as I could and hold it there because if I moved, her contractions would have forced me out of her love tunnel. Even as she began to calm down her inner spasms continued and I almost cum just from the ripples created by her vagina, but somehow I held off.

When I was certain that she was through, I withdrew, and told her I wanted her to do something special for me. “Anything you want,” she said, “I’ll do anything for you.” I moved to sit on the edge of the bed and dropped a pillow on the floor between my legs. I told her I wanted her to lick me clean and then suck me off. I wanted to cum in her mouth and for her to swallow it all. She told me she didn’t do that normally but for me she would.

She knelt down and cupped my balls with one hand and began licking my shaft from the base to the head and back. She licked around the head and took just the tip into her mouth, sliding the tip of her tongue across the slit at the head of my cock. God did that ever feel great but it was still obvious that she was not experienced at sucking cock. I took her chin and raised it up to look into my eyes and told her “I really need you to do this well for me, so I’m going to teach you. Is that clear?” She then smiled and said “Yes, please teach me. I want to learn.”

I had her wrap two fingers around the base of my cock and using her other hand, to cup my balls. Then I had her begin to lick the tip, cleaning the leaking pre-cum as it dripped out. I showed her how to stroke with her hand around my cock and slowly take it into her mouth as far as she could get it into her throat. She gagged slightly on one deep thrust but kept at it. I had her tickling my balls with her nails and even tickling my ass hole. I could feel my balls tighten. I had been ready for so long that I couldn’t hold back any longer. I began to cum and Simone started to lift off me but I grabbed the back of her head and held her there as I fucked her mouth and came down her throat. She almost choked at first but between swallowing and letting my load leak out the corners of her mouth she settled into a rhythm and kept pumping me with her hand until I had emptied my entire load.

I had not gotten myself off for over a week and when I wait that long of a time without cumming I shoot HUGE loads. As I started to relax Simone looked up smiling at me and then started to lick my cock and balls clean with her tongue. “I have never let a man cum in my mouth before” she told me. In fact she told me she rarely performed oral sex; but then that had been quite obvious to me.

I asked her what she thought about it now. She smiled at me and said “At first I thought it was gross but when I felt you start to cum it turned me on and then I loved it! Did you know your cock gets even BIGGER just as you start to climax? And the taste at first, I didn’t think I could but it is not as bad as I imagined it to be and I wanted to swallow, even when I didn’t think I could”.
Simone got back on the bed, pushing me so that I was laying down and cuddled up to me. Just before we both fell asleep, I turned on my side facing her with my cock nestled between her ass cheeks. I was woken up the next morning with Simone, once again sucking my cock to hardness. Once I was hard she climbs on top cowgirl style and we fucked again before going out for breakfast. During breakfast she said that she wanted to go back to the house and suck me off again. She just had to taste my cum again. But she also said that she wanted me to eat her into multiple orgasms again. She had never had a man eat her like that before and she really loved it. Who am I to deny a beautiful woman the pleasures I have to offer her? After all, eating pussy is not only one of my favorite things to do but I have become a pro at it. To me there is nothing more exciting than dominating a woman by eating her into multiple orgasms; I love the taste of pussy also.
We have slept every night together since that first time, alternating between my home and hers. We have been together for a year now and I did ask her to marry me. She said yes.

story by: Unsatisable Senior

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Author: Unsatisable Senior

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