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Bimbo Mom and Aunt

Sherry was the classic bimbo, she was not stupid just naive, she had been a party girl at college, she spent more time fucking and sucking then anything else. After her first year she quit got a job, in less the two years was married and had a son. Before the boy was a year old her husband was killed in a truck accident.

She was financially set but lonely and always horny. She had a few friends but since they had husbands she never had much social interaction with them. Sherry was a MILF as the term goes 5’2”, long blond hair big tits 38G’s and big nipples. Her ass was tight and firm so at 33 she was hot.

Her son’s friends were always talking about her being a Milf, how they would fuck her in every hole. Occasionally she would drive to pick him up from school. Tuesday she was waiting as he got out, she waved her big tits bouncing in the tight blouse she was wearing. The fact she had on leggings provided a great view of her camel toe. Bill and three of his friends all chuckled at her.

The next day they told Bill of a plan they had come up with to fuck her. After listening Bill looked at them, “you guys think she’s dumb enough to play strip poker in the garage while smoking weed”? Willie the black guy looked at Bill, “man she’s ripe for it once she gets it, it will be none stop fucking, you’d like to sink your cock in her right”? Bill smiled at the guys “ok yes I’d love to fuck her so let’s try it”.

At 3:30 Thursday they all showed up at Bills, Sherry knew Tim she had never met AJ or Willie. Bill introduced them to her they headed for the basement. Now she heard them talking about playing cards Friday night at Bill’s house. They knew she was listening so AJ told Bill “better check with her to be sure its ok”. Bill and Willie came up stairs where she was sitting in the kitchen reading. Bill asked her, she thought about it for a few seconds and agreed. Bill went to piss so Willie was alone with her.

Sherry was starved for affection and sex so any man paying attention to her was welcome even this black guy. She wondered if all black men had huge cocks? She was staring at his crotch which seemed to have a nice size bulge. “Would like something to drink”? Willie’s response startled her, “how about a beer and some pot”. “Silly I meant a soda or something like that”? He grinned at her “Oh well in that case Ice tea would be nice, it would nicer if it was hard ice tea”.

“Well I don’t have any beer or pot, so soda or soft ice tea will have to do for now, ok”? For the next few minutes they talked, the entire conversation was laced with sexual innuendos. She was getting hot and wet she couldn’t stop looking at his crotch, her nipples were hard as rocks.

Bill stayed out of sight long enough for Willie and her to have a good conversation, finally he yelled out as he came back to the kitchen. “Come on Will lets het back to the guys”. Looking at them she smiled, “I’ll bring down ice tea in a few minutes”. She made three ice teas but for Willie she added a double shot of Vodka, she giggled this ought to give him the idea I like him.

She brought the drinks down she made sure she handed Willie his, she paused as their hands touched, she gave him a wink turned heading back upstairs wiggling her ass more then necessary.

Bill and the guys joked about playing cards, but the conversation was mainly about her. They all knew she was listening. “Do you think she’ll sex herself up for tomorrow”? asked AJ. “I’m not sure guys she may be a MILF but I can’t guarantee it”. At around 5:30 they came upstairs to leave they all said good night, Willie was the last one out, her purposely brushed against her. Her hand touched his cock,

her face turned red, but she kept her hand on his cock for a long time before he moved.

At dinner she asked, “what would you like for snacks tomorrow”? He told her “they like burgers, fries or pizza”.

She told him it was doable, “what time will you be starting”? “About 7:30, ok”? “Yup I’ll have everything ready”. In her head she thought including me.

Friday night by 6:15 she had called for pizza and was sexed up for the game. She was made up very sexy she had a nice Daisey May blouse which tied below her green bra tight green shorts with green boy short and 4” green heels. She was ready.

She made Willie a hard ice tea as they came in she gave it to him, their hands touched, she felt a tingle deep in her pussy. The guys took their drinks heading for the garage. Pizza arrived they ate while playing. Willie came in “I need to go to the bathroom, please”. “Down the hall on the left, would you like another tea”? “Yes, if you want you can bring it to me”.

She thought the comment was odd but ok, as she opened the bathroom door she saw Willie standing their cock in hand it was huge. She gasped he pretended to be embarrassed she put the drink down without a word. She was back in the kitchen as he walked by, stopping to look at her,” we ok with this”? “Oh yes it fine”. He headed for the garage.

In the next half hour, she had two very strong Vodka’s. She smelled something it was emanating from the garage. She opened the door the guys were sitting at the table smoking pot. Before she could say anything, Bill said, “mom come on out stay have a joint with us”. She chewed her lip for a few seconds, but the Vodka had relaxed her quite a bit. “Well ok but this has got to be our secret do you guys They all gave her thumbs up.

By the time she finished the joint she was totally relaxed horny as a goat in heat and happy. She looked at AJ a MILF”? His response was immediate, “a mother we’d like to fuck”! She cocked her head to the side would you fuck me”? “In a minute Sherry”. She looked around the room “Bill are you ok with that”?

Bill sat for a long moment they all knew he would be the deal breaker, “mom to be honest I’ve jerked off a lot thinking about fucking you. Truth be known I’d love to see you in just your underwear right now”! Sherry looked around the room all eyes were on her, “would everyone like that”? A resounding yes from the table, she looked around thinking they were cute what harm could it do. “OK but two things, first this is our secret forever, now somebody close the garage door”.

“Hold on Sherry here have another joint”, she accepted it they all smoked another. After fifteen minutes she had finished the joint, “Can we get some music guys”? She stood up swaying to the music she undid her blouse, it fell to the floor. She wiggled out of her shorts then turned to face them. Wille pointed “guys she has a really nice bush” AJ told everyone “yes and a good size wet spot and nipples about an inch long”.

Willie stood up he took her hand he placed it on his cock, “ummmmm this feels really good and hard” she purred. “Why not take it out give it a kiss”. She went to work getting the cock out of his pants, the fact there were three other guys didn’t bother her. He looked at her giggling, “mamma seems your busted seems your tits like the attention”. She looked at her nipples, “yup busted they really enjoy the attention, I have a large wet spot between my legs has anyone noticed”? Now they all stood up.

What Sherry didn’t realize was the guys had take pictures with their cell phones Tim was even mading a video.

They walked in the house to the guest room she didn’t see Willie drop his short until his cock was free. She turned seeing it “Honey your cock looks wonderful I can’t wait to get it in my pussy”. He smiled “babe why not suck on it for a while, you do suck cock, right”? She giggled “I’d love to suck your cock honey, but I think the other guys should get their cock out as well”. She cocked her head, smiled coyly “I need a good fucking I’m wet and horny as hell Bill this ok with you”?

Bill smiled “only one thing mom I’m the first fuck you get tonight”. She was taken back but having a mouthful of Willie’s cock makes it hard to talk. She gave him a thumb up as she kept on sucking.

“Sherry baby give me a big spread I’m going to be eating pussy for a while” said AJ. Willie had his cock in her mouth, she was grunting like an animal because AJ was great at eating pussy she started bucking her hips she had the first of many orgasms. She heard Bill say I’m going to fuck this cunt now”! hearing that she said, “guys fuck me like I need to be fucked, make my cunt scream beg make her cream your cocks, please”.

Bill told AJ to move he got between her legs he put the head on her pussy lips his cock entered her, it had been five years since she had a cock, so she was tight. Bill looked at Willie and AJ “man this is one tight bitch she’s going to need a lot of work”. Both guys laughed as Bill finally got balls deep in her pussy, she gasped “oh god your cock feels wonderful baby please fuck the shit out of me make her scream”!

Bill was pounding her pussy she pushed her mound up to meet his downward strokes, she felt small jolts like electric shock from her pussy “oh my was what they heard she had an explosive orgasm. She creamed all over his cock. He stiffened, push as deep as he could go he blasted her pussy with a weeks’ worth of cum. “Oh god babe that felt great, but we have made a mess”, she laughed as she felt cum oozing out of her.

Bill rolled off her “Willie wait till you get in that pussy it is really great stuff”. She looked at Willie “babe my pussy is a bit messy at the moment but if you don’t mind sloppy seconds I’ll do my best to pump you cock till your eyeballs roll in your head I’ve never had a black cock in my pussy until now I can’t wait to try it”.

He smiled at her, his cock easily slid in her well lubricated cunt but even with her pussy still oozing cum she was tight. He started a slow steady rhythm, she was moaning “oh god your cock feels wonderful I love hard black cock she started creaming on his cock. She was a wild animal under him he continued pumping for another few minutes until he stiffens, pushed deep into her sloppy pussy he blew a large amount of cum into her hungry pussy again. fuck, fuck, fuck that feels wonderful she convulsed into one continual orgasm. It took a few minutes for them to catch their breath.

AJ and Tim were standing there watching they both had hard on’s both their cock was very good size. Her pussy was make sounds as air and cum flowed out of her. AJ smiled he looked at Tim “what about DPing her, Bill you ok with it”? “Yeah guys do it”. “So, tell us momma are you an anal virgin”? asked Tim “Yes why”? “Because in about 20 minutes you will no longer be”. Everyone laughed including Sherry.

Tim lubed his cock up, “come over here mommy sit on this”. She hesitated Bill smiled “go for it mom you’ll love it” she walked over turned around she sat on Tim’s cock, his cock slip into her ass with no problem. Now Bill and Willie each took one of her legs they placed them on either side of Tim’s legs. She was spread wide, AJ approached her his cock standing straight up. Then without a word he put the head on her pussy lips he pushed forward, she was now impaled on Tim’s cock deep in her ass. AJ started pushing in to her pussy as deep as he could go.

The sensation of two cocks in her at the same time was electrifying, her ass and pussy were being filled to capacity, her pussy started milking the cock in her pussy. As her pussy contracted on the cock in her pussy the one in her ass was being worked it as well was causing an intense sensation in her she had never felt before.


All she could do was moan “Oh god fuck me, fuck me, she started creaming on the cock in her pussy. The cock in her ass stopped moving she felt a warm sensation as cum was being pumped into her bowels. The cock in her pussy went deep the pumping stopped cum blasted out of the cock into her waiting sloppy pussy.

It took a while to regain their breathing control the cock in her pussy plopped out. She immediately had cum leaking out. “What the fuck just happened guys”? AJ smiled “you have just received your first of many double penetrations for the night, how do you feel”? She gave him a coy look I’m not sure I’d like to try it again then I’ll let you know”. “OK but first suck these two cocks clean”.

She put AJ cock in her mouth she thought this isn’t bad a lot of sex with no strings. She was such a good cock sucker AJ blew another load down her throat which she greedily accepted. She cleaned Tim’s cock, she looked at Bill and Willie with a devilish smile “gentleman I thought we were going to try that DP thing to see if I really like it as much as I think I do”.

For the next three hours she fucked sucked got DP’d three more times. The guys were getting dressed to leave, she was covered in cum it was on her face, tits pussy, ass and even her hair. As they were leaving she put her panties on she walked them to the door, “are you guys coming back soon”? Willie grinned either Sunday or Tuesday”. “Ok well no more jerking off the cum in those sacks belongs to me, you guys got it”! They all agreed and left.

Bill and Sherry went into the kitchen all she had on was cum soaked panties. Bill wasn’t wearing underwear so for a minute they just looked at each other.

Sherry looked at Bill, “sorry honey let me cover up”. bother mom the covered in cum look is really the right look for you”. She smiled at him, “ok babe I think your right this is probably a good look for me”. She wrinkled her nose at him, they discussed the evening in detail after about an hour she said to Bill “honey lets go to bed you sleep with me from now on, ok”? Bill grinned as the too of them headed to the bedroom they both were smiling.

Next morning Sherry woke up her panties were stuck to her ass and pussy she had leaked cum all night. She moved only to realize Bills cock was fully erect even though he was still asleep. Giggling like a school girl she gently pulled the covers down she started sucking his cock. He opened his eyes he loved watching her suck cock. Bill moaned “mom that feels awesome, but I really want your pussy”. She gave him a sly look, “you like my pussy don’t you”? “Yes, very much now please spread for me”. Smiling at him “ok baby all you have to do is ask”.

It took him a little time as her pussy was glued shut with all the cum she had gotten last night, but finally he was deep in. She loved the feeling of his cock in her she was moaning, she wiggled her ass in small circles, she felt a jolt in her pussy she was creaming his cock again “oh Bill as a second orgasm rocked her he stiffened a large load of cum shot out of his cock deep into her.

A few minutes later Bill rolled off her they laid side by side looking at each other, Sherry spoke “Bill thank you for the good morning fuck I see you nut sack was full again, that is something I’m going to need to attend to so perhaps at least once a day a blow job will get some of it out”. They both laughed “mom you can suck my cock any time you want”. “Well that’s great now we need a shower then coffee and food”.

Later that morning after they ate, Bill had left for several hours her sister Kay called. It only took her two minutes to figure out Sherry had been fucked after a few tense minutes Sherry started telling her, “hold on sis I’ll be over in 20 minutes”. The phone went dead Sherry laughed.

Kay sat listening to her sister for over an hour, “so the way I see it you have your own private protein supply plus a large bonus at least a couple times a week, right”? Sherry smiled coyly Kay look in her eyes for a moment “would you like to share some protein with you baby sister”? “I don’t know if theirs enough to go around” she was giggling. “Fuck you slut I think its only fair after all my tits are way bigger then yours”, “so is you ass sis”. They both were laughing so hard they were worried they were going to pee themselves.

Sherry sent a text to Bill asking him if the guys and he would like to fuck Kay. The response was immediate I would love to is it ok with you? She texted back Yes, when would you like to do her? He texted tonight around 7 if that work for her? She’ll make it work underwear color please. It took a couple of minutes for the text to come back, light purple so we can see the cum stain, does she have a bush? She texted yes it red you will love it just not too much.

At 6:30 Kay pulled into the driveway she hurried in with a small bag she had purple bra, cheek hugger panties with purple stockings and 5” heels. She had even bought purple eye shadow. Sherry and Bill were sitting at the kitchen table. “Hi sis what’s up”? Kay grinned at them “I hope Billy will be soon I’m going upstairs to fix up should I yell when I’m done”? Sherry nodded yes “hey Kay want a vodka”? “yes, please make it a double.

Ten minutes later her and Kay were in the bathroom drinking and talking. Sherry had on a pink thong she chuckled “the guys don’t like thongs because they get soaked quickly besides you can’t see the wet cum stains”. Kay grinned “well in this outfit the cum will be visible as soon as I start leaking”. “Kay Bill comes in quarts so be prepared to be leaking for a while” Kay chuckled.

They exited the bathroom, Bill looked her over “you look hot aunt Kay” “thank you sir do you approve of the outfit”? “Turn around please” she did slowly she wiggled her ass for him “yes I love it the guys will love it tomorrow night so please wear it again”. Bill walked over to her he held her by the hips the tongues danced in each other’s mouths. He started massaging her tits then he pulled her tits out “these nipples need sucking, wow how big are they”? she giggled like a girl “the girls are 44D’s your mother and I both have large nipples so when we get excited they stand up they get rock hard”. Bill smiled “like now”?

Bill laid Kay on the bed he was sucking her tit while gently rubbing her clit he sat up pulled her panties down she looked into his eyes “your wet Kay”, “yes honey I’m really ready”. Bill rolled over, the head of his cock pressed against her pussy lips a slight push he was in. She started moaning she hadn’t been fucked in 10 months. Bill was working his cock slowly into her pussy with each push he would go a little deeper until she felt his balls hit her ass. His cock felt wonderful she wiggled her ass while her pussy started contracting around his cock. “Wow Kay you and mom both have great cunt muscles”. She just moaned “Billy fuck my cunt make her cream for you oh god I love cock, deeper baby she is getting use to him. Oh, my fucken her pussy started creaming his cock she was orgasming it was too much for Bill he stiffened his cock started blasting cum deep in her pussy.

After a few seconds he rolled off her they rolled on to their side facing each other. Kay kissed his nose, “Bill you are a great fuck you just wrote you name inside my cunt with cum, it was wonderful thank you”. Kay got a sly look on her face “Billy baby since tomorrow your friends will be fucking me I think my anal virginity should be taken, if you’d want to I’m ok with it”. Bill smiled at her the lube”!

Around 11 Bill had fallen asleep the women went to the kitchen “Sherry I need to get home, so hubby doesn’t break my balls, what time tomorrow”? Sherry thought about it for a moment, “I’ll text you as I’m not sure at the moment”. Sis this is great I don’t want it to stop”. “Kay it wouldn’t stop if we keep it low key”. Kay left still in the cum soaked panties.

story by: biggoxx

Tags: fiction consensual sex cum swallowing threesome incest interracial older female / males sex story

Author: biggoxx

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