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Gwillam was an average 18 year old guy, recently started college and going through a new rite of passage in his life. He had a comfortable lifestyle, with plenty of friends in his neighbourhood and college. This, of course led to a good social life with plenty of parties that Gwillam would attend.
Despite all this, Gwillam still had one thing that bothered him somewhat. Although he was always a highly sexed young man and always had been, as he could remember he was still a virgin and in addition to this and despite the parties he had gone attended in the last two years he had had very little action on this front! Many of his friends had been having sex or a good deal of foreplay, but somehow Gwillam had been evaded. “You don’t put yourself out there enough!” his friends would say when he voiced his concerns. Maybe this was true, he did find it difficult to get with girls. He was afraid of rejection and possible humiliation, although, this he kept quiet!
He lived with his elder brother Jacob and their parents. His brother was currently dating a girl from Gwillam’s college. This annoyed Gwillam as he secretly thought that he’d seen her first! But of course she had never acknowledged Gwillam’s presence during break times or in the cafeteria. She was in her final year at the college and had a large group of friends, most of whom were attractive, if slightly raucous friends. They were one of the more popular groups at college, but in spite of this Joleen was one of the sweeter, quieter members of the group. Gwillam had noticed this and hoped this would be his opportunity one day! But he waited too long and now Jacob, his own brother had met her at a party one night and got there first!
Now Jolene at least acknowledged him with a shy smile. She was very attractive and only because she was not as rowdy as her peers she would go unnoticed by many. She was quite small, with long straight sandy hair, often tied in a lose bun or ponytail, soft pale, thick lips, that complemented her soft features and green/hazel eyes. She wasn’t skinny but had an amazing looking figure, with enormous breasts for her height and size. She often wore tight blouses or woolen tops that really hugged her big shapely chest. Gwillam often found himself staring at them, a slight stirring in his groin area!
Now she was dating Jacob she would occasionally come round the house, usually when nobody was there. Gwillam was desperate for any kind of sexual activity and when his parent were out he would surf the web for hardcore porn, but now he was after bigger thrills! When his parents were out, Gwillam would pretend to go out and hide in his room, listening intently for sounds of Joleen moaning in horny ecstasy! But always he was disappointed when all he heard was the TV, or silence except the sound of his own heart pumping so loud he feared Jacob and Joleen would hear him and find him out!
One day in early spring, his mother and father announced they had booked a two week cruise as a last minute deal for their anniversary and the brothers would be left at home for the first time without their parents. “no parties” Dad had warned, mainly aiming this at Gillam, as Jacob was more sensible and happy just to hang about with Joleen.
Gwillam agreed but secretly planned to have a few friends over anyway, hopefully even get a few nice girls to come and he may get lucky!
The next few weeks couldn’t pass quick enough and Gwillam could barely contain his excitement as mum and dad left in their taxi. But just as he got to the computer to inform his friends Jacob had got in there first, yet again to say “I have dad’s contact number here and if you think every night will be a party, you’re mistaken. Joleen and I are living here as well for these two weeks and Dad said no parties so you’ll have to just party round your friends houses”
“what a total and utter wanker my brother is!” Gwillam thought bitterly as he stormed out the house. “24 and he acts like he’s 54! I suppose he will be there every night with his slut of a he angrily kicked the wall in frustration “he’s so utterly boring!”

It was only 12.30am and Gwillam was trudging up his own front garden path after one of the least exciting parties he had been to all year. The only girls that came were soon whisked away by some of the older guys who had their own cars, leaving a small group of jealous and frustrated 18 year old guys. The evening had started so promisingly- Maxine, Sophie and Kirsty had all turned up as promised, all looking glamorous and sexy things were going well Gwillam was even becoming hopeful as Maxine leaned into him and he caught a site of her rounded breast, cupped tightly in her lacy bra! But then Kieren and Edmund showed up, revving their engines loudly and the girls heads were turned and they all sped off into the night.
Gwillam bid his friends farewell and gave it up as a lost Friday night. The front room lights were still on. Jacob would be up watching some sci fi rubbish no doubt. “I’ll just sneak off to bed, can’t be bothered talking to that kill joy” thought Gwillam. “or maybe I will ruin his evening, if Joleen’s there I will just go in and start playing on the computer. He can’t have it all his own way!”
As he entered the house, it was quiet he thought he may sneak in and give them a fright! But what he saw next immediately changed his mind! Through the gap in the door way he saw Joleen on the sofa kissing Jacob passionately. Jacob was caressing her big tits, undoing her tight blouse at the same time. Swiftly and silently Gwillam sneaked into the next room. From there he could spy through the crack between the sliding door and the wall. Joleen was now on her knees unbuttoning Jacob’s trousers. Gwillam sat on a dining chair in silent awe. In one swift movement Joleen yanked down his trousers and, like a jack -in-the-box Jacob’s rock hard penis sprung free. It was enormous! He had trimmed his pubic hair and his balls were smooth. This seemed to turn Joleen on. She licked them, taking each in her mouth on at a time. Jacob was grinding into her face, rolling his hips in perpetual motion. Then she licked her way to the bulging purple red helmet of Jacob’s erect cock and wrapped her soft, sweet, heavenly and oh, so thick pink lips around it and sucked. It was deathly silent. Only the occasional soft groan from Jacob penetrated the deafening quiet. Gwillam feared his fiercely thudding heart would be heard. Suddenly he realised that his crotch was severely aching. His boner had pitched a hard tent of denim in his jeans, straining to be released, he quietly removed his underwear, allowing his own hard dick to spring free. He so wanted to join them, he felt excited, jealous, anger at his brother (due to the fact it was not him!) and oh, so very horny! Careful not to utter a sound he grasped himself and began to wank as he watched Joleen’s blonde head bob back and forth, back and forth. He had never felt his cock so hard it felt amazing. His swollen, taught head was pulsating, dripping pre cum onto the laminate floor. This has to be a dream! Jacob slipped Joleen’s black bra off and one by one her big smooth boulders flopped out onto her chest. Gwillam almost gasped aloud!
Jacob buried his aching bone in between her soft mounds and groaned loudly, drowning out the silence as Gwillam saw hot, white jets of semen squirting from his big brothers hard dick cascading over Joleen’s big mams and neck. This was too much for Gwillam. With a silent grunt he fired his own hot load onto the floor below.
What an evening!

story by: hornyguy_2008

Tags: fantasy sex story

Author: hornyguy_2008

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