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This story is dedicated to the one and only my babe.
Many thanks to my editor Lorena Levine.

Little by little, light peeked into my eyes as I opened them to the afternoon sun. I was still tired and sore as my arms slowly moved a bit at my side. I finally noticed the room, taking a few seconds for my hazy mind to realize that I didn't know where I was. I slowly took in the room, starting with the bed I was lying in. My first thought of the bed was that it was very soft and plush.

What really caught my attention was the fact I was between sheets, which was strange, as I never sleep under one. I also seemed to be swimming in a sea of brown, which is a warm color, but not one usually seen. The comforter had a rivet-like pattern, and felt amazingly yielding to the touch. The pillow under my head was average in size and had the same design and texture as the comforter.

The light was coming from the slightly open white blinds of the window to my right making the off brown color of the comforter almost white where it touched. As my gaze traveled down the wall, it touched a beautiful, bright white border, coming to rest on a brown that matched the bed very well. A brown square decorative pillow lay on the floor near my side of the bed. Above my head I noticed a few simple

knickknacks bringing back memories of the night before; I was amazed that our activities of rocking the bed back and forth, lost in our passionate lovemaking, had not knocked them down onto us or the bed.

More thoughts of the night drifted into my mind of her, lying together afterwards staring into her eyes, which didn't open very far as the evening progressed. I liked the way her eyes would widen when I made her laugh or teased her, but as we looked at one another in the soft candlelight, her eyes never seemed to open more than halfway. I remembered her glorious mounds and my gentle teasing that they were bigger then my head which elicited many laughs and outright protests that there were not! They were perfectly round as she lay on her back, coming up in a peak where her tweaked nipples stuck out. It amazed me how much more sensitive her left breast was compared to her right, when I had taken them in my gentle mouth and hands to play with them.

However, I didn't have to imagine her any longer as she entered the room from the bathroom. She walked to her dresser at the foot of the bed in a dark purple towel. That towel was hiding some of the most beautiful sights in the world. She did not find what she wanted in the top drawer, and as she bent over, her backside stuck into the air and I got a glimpse up the towel, her soft white butt cheeks very round and firm, but that was not what drew my attention. What did was the sinuous slit of her pussy, the best I had ever seen, a straight line never broken by the lips. If I had thought of what my ideal pussy would look like, it was hers. I'd never liked a girl whose lips twisted out, breaking the line of the pussy, or lips that were so big that they puffed out. No, that was not hers, her pussy was shaved every day, and it was soft to the touch and had the look of what I would call a little-girl pussy. I was enthralled with her pussy and had not been able to get enough of it the night before.

I made a noise deep in my throat, unconsciously getting worked up so easily at the show she was giving. I think she jumped a bit then she turned around and gave me one of those smiles I loved so much. “Finally awake?” she asked, as she walked around the bed. She leaned down and gave me a kiss, pressing her tongue into my mouth, as I reached up and grabbed the back of her head to pull her to me. Her red hair cascaded around us, the curtain of it blocking the sun from my eyes. As she lifted her head, she looked down and laughed. “My, my, someone is awake isn't he,” she teased, as her hand rubbed down my blanketed chest to the tent my cock made.

With that, she stood, running her hand down my arm and said, “Honey, I have to get ready to go, but I have a little time. Want to join me in the shower?”

“You don't have to tell me twice,” I told her as I threw the covers off me. I stood in front of her, rubbing my right hand up the outside of her thigh to cup the butt cheek under the towel, I laughingly told her “I can't think of anything better.” She grabbed my left hand and led me out of the bedroom to the bathroom.

On the way to the bathroom, I noticed that there were candles everywhere in her room, and as we entered the bathroom, it smelled of strawberries, and I saw that she had lit some in there as well. With me in tow, she kept walking, standing in front of the mirror, a grin on her face. As I came up close behind her, she let her hand drop from mine. My hand came up her body as I pressed my naked self into her back; my hands came around to the front of the towel. She had ample cleavage, and I toyed with it for a few moments where the cloth met her soft flesh; sticking my finger down between her two breasts, I tugged lightly, and the wrapped towel came loose to fall at her feet.

She pushed herself back into me, my cock sliding between her butt cheeks. Pressing in a bit, I was wrapped in warmth as she stood on her toes and came down a few times, stroking me. My hands slid down from her breasts and around her. I took a step back and let my hands slowly stroke her back and drift down, pushing her forward, bending her over the sink. My hand came to the small of her back. Last night I had discovered that she loved when I stroked there just above her ass. I used my palms to apply gentle pressure, rubbing up her back, then down again.

My right hand finally came between her legs. She slowly parted them for me as my index finger started to rub that nice, straight, perfect line. I rubbed all the way from the back to her clit, never breaking into the line. But as I came back up, I let my finger break into it and rub over her clit, going deeper into her lips; I let my index finger enter her slightly wet pussy. Switched to my middle finger and rubbed it in a circle where my index finger had left off and started to push it into the hot, wet, tight little hole. It was unbelievable to me that she was so tight No matter how hard I had tried last night, I could only get two fingers into her little pussy, and that had only been when she really got worked up When kissing me, she would raise her hips from the bed, and I would push my middle finger into her honey pot. I started to work my middle finger in a quick thrusting motion making her moan and arch her back. She pushed her pussy against my hand, working with me as my finger penetrated time and time again into her as fast as I could.

When she couldn't take anymore, she groaned, “God baby, take me to the shower.”
I stuck my lips to her ear and said, “Go hop in. I'll be there in a second.”

As she disappeared into the shower, the steam warming the bathroom, I walked over to the toilet and relieved myself. Finishing up, I washed my hands, brushed my teeth, and then stepped into the shower, sliding in behind her. She turned and kissed me as the water pelted down on us. As I rubbed the side of her body and back, she pressed herself into me, squashing her big breasts into my chest and her hands stroking the hair on my chest. We stayed like that for only seconds though, then I told her to turn around and I grabbed a bottle of shampoo I grabbed one that smelled like mangoes, put some into the palm of my hand and started to work up a good lather, as I had done the night before. I stroked her scalp and washed the red hair that I loved so much.

Finally, having worked the shampoo into a good lather, I let it sit then grabbed the shower head, removing it from the holder. I told her to close her eyes and take a breath for me. I rinsed the soap from her hair, using the nozzle as a massager, moving it around her head, lifting up her hair and making sure the shampoo was completely out. When I was done, and her hair was clean and the smell of mango filled the little steamy bathroom. I grabbed her loofah, then I reached down and coated it with soap after it was wet, I started to rub her shoulders. The soup spread over her soft skin, and I worked it in well, massaging her at the same time. I cleaned her back and down her calves, as I got close to her pussy, I let my clean fingers toy with her pussy. When I was done with her back, I turned her around and kissed her, my cock rubbing against her pussy, then, as it hardened, her belly.

Breaking the kiss, I began to clean the front of her body with the loofah. I started again at her shoulders and rubbed her breasts very carefully. When I reached her nipples, I ground it in a bit, twisting it in a circular pattern. I moved down her belly and sides, pulling it off her skin and using the loofah to tickle her. My girl was so ticklish that, after a second of laughter, she brought her hand up to mine, kissing me and laughingly pleading for me to stop. I went back to washing her, using my pinky to clean out her belly button. I went down the front of her legs avoiding her pussy. I dropped down into a catcher's stance which put my head level with her pussy. I used my other hand to push her back into the wall leaving her at an angle, and proceeded to let my tongue drift over her outer lips and parting her slit. I pushed my tongue as deep as it would go into her pussy. Using the upper part of my lip to tease the clit, I ate her out as my hand washed her feet and legs.

She was moaning loudly now, so I rose up from my stance, pulling my tongue from her pussy. I came up to kiss her, letting her taste herself on my lips and chin. I washed out the loofah and hung it back up. Grabbing the nozzle from the holder again, I rinsed her off slowly, using the various settings to tease her. She used her hand, sliding it up and down on my shaft. I was hard and ready to take her. As much as I wanted to take her in the shower, I knew I didn't have long so I put the shower nozzle back. I grabbed her around the waist from behind, and hauled her out of the shower, dragging her back into her room, where I shoved her soaking wet body back onto the bed.

She stated to protest as I hauled her out of the shower, but I was having none of it. As she fell back onto her bed, soaking the blankets, I grabbed her legs and lifted them. I put them on my shoulders and stuffed her little pillow from the floor under her ass. As I lined myself up with her pussy, it was hard to see the hole in the perfect line. I slid my index finger down it to locate it, and then pushed forward with my hips rubbing my cock down my finger, I guided myself into her.

She was still so tight that I knew I was going to have to work slowly. I put my cock in a little way, and then drew it out, quickly thrusting, always forcing a bit more in than the last time. Finally my shaft stopped, and I was buried all the way in her, my balls resting on her ample ass cheeks. I rested for a moment, both of us enjoying the feeling. I watched her eyes as I started to pull out; she closed them as she always did when I stimulated any part of her. I almost fell out of her, but I pushed forward with everything I had in me, driving hilt-deep in her again. I began to pick up the pace, driving it into her like a wild man. We were both lost in passion and I watched her face contort every time I thrust back into her. I noticed that her hair was more black than red when it was wet and spread out under her head.

I knew I wouldn't last long at this rate, but I wasn't worried, as I knew she didn't have much time and still needed to get ready to go. Our passions and needs were taking us over in that moment. We ground our pelvic bones back and forth with blinding speed. The wet slap of skin broke the silence of the afternoon; with each thrust my balls smacked against her ass. Her hand came down and rubbed her clit in fast circular motions. Her moans became heavy and her breath was ragged. Her chest rose fell quickly, her breasts flying all over the place as I pounded into her pussy. As they had the night before, her legs began to shake and I could feel the tremors start in her pussy, she was gritting her teeth, and I she was close to cumming, so I doubled my efforts.

Prior experience taught me that she didn't want me to cum in her pussy, so I tried to regain some coherency to hold off my impending cum. Finally I heard her scream that she was cumming. Her pussy clamped down on my cock as I drove it deeper into her. As her pussy started to spasm around me, I felt her hot juices starting to flood her pussy. I was too sensitive to the sensation as it hit my head, I pulled my cock out and my first stream shot between her legs, over her pussy to land on her left breast. My cum came out in torrents on the top of her pussy, but finally slowed as my cum receded, I saw that there were ropes of it all over her breasts, stomach and bald little pussy. I let her legs drop to the bed and slid up through my cum on her stomach to meet her lips as she kissed me passionately. Our tongues danced until I finally drew back. She opened her eyes, a smile splits my face and she giggles. We laid there for a moment, my cum gluing us together. She brought her hand down and grabbed my first rope from her left tit, getting a good coating of it on her index finger; she stuck it in her mouth and sucked it off.

She smiled up at me as she withdrew her finger, and then reminded me she had to finish getting ready. I let her up from under me and we walked back into the bathroom, where she washed us both off. I crawl out as she finished and dried myself off, tossing my towel in her hamper. I grabbed another one off the rack as she stepped out; I used it to dry her body and hair. We walked naked back to her bedroom, where she told me that I made such a mess, but kissed me to show me that she wasn't angry. As I watched her, I remember how much I loved the fact that she wasn't shy around me and enjoyed the way I stared at her. I started to dress, finishing quickly. I walked out of her room and up the short steps to the living room to allow her to finish getting ready.

Finally, I heard her coming up the steps. She called my name, wondering where I went. I called to her and as she walked into the living room, she gave me a kiss and asked me if I want breakfast, as she was going to fix herself something quick. I smiled, slapped her ass and said, “Nope, I don't do breakfast, but let's go. I'll talk, you cook.”

story by: DeGuru

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Author: DeGuru

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