Birthday initiation

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Looking around the room, Rick surveyed the 5 couples already present,seated in the two rows of small love seats placed strategically facing him. His tall frame of 6 foot 5 inches and broad muscular build lent him an air of foreboding that he found useful in dealing with both female slaves and their sometimes too confident masters/husbands. Dark curly wavy hair and piercing black eyes, added to his dominant appearance and he knew his taut body was viewed and appreciated by both the women and men in the group. Dressed in black jeans, boots and a black leather vest, his bare tanned chest was visible thru the chains attached at the snaps down the front. He looked around approvingly as he checked the members for compliance. All had arrived on time, and with their slaves in tow. Everyone was now seated and ready, as Rick had ordered. The men/masters in like attire, black pants and shoes, bare chested, their slaves seated next to them, collared, leashed and naked. Some had nipple clamps with chains attached. All sat with legs wide open and hands down at their sides waiting for whatever stimulation they or he, should decide. Rick looked over at the first row and watched Mike lean over and bite his slaves right nipple. She winced at the pain, but stayed completely still. Rick knew Mike was the most sadistic of the group. He, Mike and Steve had brainstormed this idea a year ago and decided to invite the hot couples who lived in their subdivision to join them in this little bondage excursion. They met regularly twice a month at Ricks basement to explore the darker sensuous side of bondage. Things had started casually enough when Steve had confided in him one day at work that he had begun having a little rougher sex with his wife Donna. Seeing the bulge in Ricks' pants as he revealed details of taking her while she was tied up or spanking her round ass til she was dripping wet, Steve understood Rick to have the same primal interest he himself did. The three of them had great sex for over a year before Mike finally asked if either of them had ever gotten into bondage. The idea of "the club" was born, and since Rick was the only party not married or otherwise attached, it was his basement on the block that the three carpenters began to overhaul and set up for their home theater nights and play parties. Standing in the center of the room, next to a medical exam table complete with styrrups he had bought at an auction, Rick drained his beer and glanced at the clock on the bar. Seven on the dot, and he knew their last couple, Don and Carol would be arriving in a few minutes. He had instructed them to be the last to arrive as today was Carol's birthday and the group had decided to initiate them offically into the club tonight. Smiling outwardly he watched as Steve, walked from slave to slave and fingered each one as he kissed them deeply on the mouth and said hello. Footsteps were heard overhead on the tiled kitchen floor, then the basement door opened. All eyes looked up the stairs as the black shoes and pant legs came into view. Don entered the basement first, bare chested under his leather vest. He pulled the chain leash attached to Carol's neck collar and walked her into the room. Carol humbly stepped in behind Don and being embarassed at her nude appearance in front of everyone, tried to hide herself behind him. Growling his disapproval, Rick yelled at Don to get his slave in tow properly and Don jerked on the leash pulling Carol off balance and toward the seated group. As he did so her volumptous body came into full view of the entire group and they all saw she had been freshly shaven bare. Her bright pink nipples and pussy lips were a nice contrast to the soft white alabaster skin and long flowing auburn hair. Rick was pleased that Don had seemed so far to have followed his instructions. His slave was going to be great fun to initiate. Feeling his massive cock straining inside his pants at the site of her bald and smooth pussy, Rick ordered Don to bring her forward. Don walked to the center of the room and led Carol to the table. Noticing that her clit was already distended and protruding, Rick wondered out loud if Don hadn't taken some liberties with his new little pussy before arriving. Don admitted he'd tried to bring her to an orgasm just before leading her over to the house, but Carol had not cum yet and found it increasingly harder to be stimulated! "Thats not going to be a problem ever again, after tonight, trust me" Rick said, as he patted the table top and ordered Carol up. Stepping on the small attached step, Carol stood and faced Rick. Eyes downcast, nipples calm, and waited. She was inwardly dying from embarassment at the idea of all these people seeing her so completely nude and shaved. Steve approached them wheeling a plastic cart with a wooden box on top. She became more than a little fearful when upon opening the box, Steve withdrew a good amount of blue nylon rope, she heard clanking and what sounded like metal clinking. Not wanting to imagine what could possibly be in the box, or what it could be used on her for, she stood silently as Steve bound both her wrists together and he and Don then began lowering her to sit on the table. Rick stood off to the side as he watched Steve and Don position Carol, easing her back until she was reclining on the top with legs handing down the edge. Her large creamy breasts with their pretty pink nipples standing up indicated her arousal and he knew her pussy was already beginning to warm just at the thought of being so blatently exposed! When she was ready for his inspection, Steve moved to her left side and stood near hip level. Looking down, he grinned lewdly and blew a stream of warm air down over her left nipple. Carols entire body flinched! The unexpected stimulation surprised her and she blushed a deep red. Seeing she was embarassed, Steve laughed, and told her she was going to have a lot more of those moments before they were going to let her back up. Her legs were bent and feet placed into the metal styrups. This action caused her pussy lips to naturally pull slightly apart as her legs were spread wide. Carol was completely exposed to everyone! Embarassed and appalled, she closed her eyes and waited. Rick stepped forward and drew her tied arms up over her head, telling Steve to secure them tightly to the top of the table. Standing calmly at ther right side he watched as Don fingered the leash nervously in his hand and allowed Rick to take if from him as he waited further instructions. Turning to face the others in the room, Don realized for the first time the genius of the seating arrangements. He was at once extremely turned on, and embarassed for Carol as well, as he realized everyone could see right up inside her smooth soft pussy!! Feeling his cock bulge at the thought, he heard Rick give an approving grunt as he saw that Steve had secured her hands above her head, forcing her back to arch slightly and her tits to stand up even more than they were. Walking around Don, Rick stood at the foot of the table and surveyed the tie. He then looked out over at the small group and made sure the view was to his satisfaction. Switching the overhead lamp attached to the table on, he flooded Carols pelvic area with bright white light and with a nod to Mike, the exterior room lights were turned off. This caused her pussy to jump out in full glorious veiw, with her bald white nakedness all the more exaggerated. Rick knew how to play to the drama and the group loved him for it. It also allowed for some semi privacy as the men seated became aroused and felt the need to rub their own slaves clits or finger them. Everyone was in positon now, Don having been placed at Carols Feet on her right Steve on her left near the chest area and Rick on the left at her hip. Rick ordered Don to move up and open Carols pussy lips. "Pull em apart, hard, I want to see if she's wet yet". Don did as he was told and to his deight, saw her pussy was more than just a little wet. Aparently, being shaved had its advantages! Rick had told him it would make her more sensitive and he had been right. Ususally when he went down on her, it took him a good fifteen minutes to a half hour to get her this wet. They had barely touched her yet and she was sopping! Bending forward and leaning over her outstretched thigh, Rick looked into the tight hole of her pussy to see the moisture. "I'd say our lil pussy is ready, wouldn't you??" Carol heard them and wondered to herself what she looked like laying there, lewdly displayed and opened! She squeezed her eyes tightly closed and steeled herself in anticipation of what was to come. Looking back over at her Rick smiled and told her he had a nice surprise for her. Since Don had confided to them that Carol sometimes had difficulty cumming, they would declare her their "clit slave". In honor of her birthday, and being she was already in her "birthday suit", they would keep her clit in a constant state of arousal all night. Regardless of whatever else the masters chose for her that night, her clit belonged to them and they wanted it hard, and pink! Carol became instantly aroused upon hearing the plans for her pussy and her muscles involutarily contracted. "Thats what I want to see, Juice, lots of it, now use both your hands and stretch that pussy open wider. I want her all the way open" Don pulled her open further and was amazed to be looking to the very depths of her pussy as the tight walls began to contract. Someone in the gallery area moaned and he glanced up at the sound. "Oh yeah, thats wet", one of the masters said as he began rubbing his slaves pussy. "We can all see right up inside you honey, as that tight little snatch gets ready to explode" Rick commanded, and the room grew quiet. Carols breathing began to become labored as she lay there becoming increasing turned on by just the thought of being so exposed. Rick told Don to keep her open wide and to watch the interior of her pussy carefully as he manipulated her body. His lesson in becoming a DOM was beginning and he intended to learn how to safely inflict discomfort and pain as well as give her immense pleasure. Rick reached inside the box and withdrew a handheld electric vibrator. It was fitted with a round bulbous type appendage at the end and the handle fit comfortably in the palm of his hand. He plugged it into the outlet on the floor and leaning slightly over Carols hips, placed the tip against the little bud of her clit! Carol jerked her body from the contact and as she did so, Rick pulled the vibrator back, and brought his free hand down hard against her outstreched pussy lips and the exposed opening! Smacking her full on the exposed interior as he did so! he told her as she began to sob from the pain. Her pussy was on fire! The sting of his slap not only surprised her, but caused every fiber in her body to feel the impact of his blow. She knew she was in trouble and she also knew Don was enjoying this. Returning the vibrator to her clit nub, Rick proceeded to move it in small circles. He moved it at first lightly and very delicately as he directed the vibrations down into the very tip. Then pressed down harder as he began to manipulate the little mound of nerve packed flesh her clit stood on. Don was entranced as he watched her slit grow fuller, and emit a large copious amount of sticky fluid. "I've NEVER seen her get this wet". Rick just nodded and continued to buzz away at the little nub. Steve had been standing idly by as he watched Rick begin the nights events, But as her clit began to rise he saw her begin to slowly raise and rotate her hips to meet the vibrator, his own lust began to urge him to participate. He leaned over and kissed Carols mouth wetly. Deeply french kissing her and sucking her tongue into his mouth, he decided some additional was in order. He was impressed when Carol urgently began to suck on his tongue in return and pulling his mouth back from hers, bit her lower lip slightly. "ahh I think thats exactly what is in order." "A nice nip, or two, or three". He then lowered his head to her nipple and proceeded to suck on it, Hard! Carol fought against the sensations, she willed herself not to respond to the sucking but she could feel her pussy spasming. She certainly did not intend to disobey Rick and get smacked like that again! The vibrator was continuing to buzz her clit and she let out a long slow sigh as the wave began to build. Rick looked up at the beads of sweat forming on Carols brow and knew she was close. Leaning toward her face and over Steve's head as he sucked harder on her nipple he suddenly dipped the tip of the bulb into her pussy and frigged the opening with it! "Relax slut, just gettin a little with that he slowly circled her opening and asked Don how she looked. "man, the juice is running out of her and down her ass!, She's really turned on!" Rick nodded to Mike and he stepped forward and adjusted the camera mounted on the tripod at the edge of the action. Home were a part of the deal when they joined the group, and Rick had every intention of displaying a good bald beaver for all to watch later on. "Ok, Carol, this is the deal, your going to be be our little clit slave. That means your going to cum an awful amount of times tonight. I don't know exactly how many, but its going to be a lot. I intend to keep this little nub under a constant stimulation, and when it becomes numb from too much rubbing, as is sooo often the case on a hard clit rub, I intend to suck it, hard, even bite it, til the feeling comes back and your pussy cums again and again. There are five couples over there, watching your pussy fill with juice. Ten hungry people, Carol. All with one intention, to suck your pussy til you explode on their face! I'm going to rub you harder now, I want that clit to stand up for me so I can feel it with my lips when I bite it!" Carol could barely think, she heard Rick as he described what he intended to do to her and she had to agree that she was sopping wet! Her clit was burning with stimulation and her breast hurt from Steves mouth! She tried to distance her mind but found her contractions were pulling her back to the present moment and the incessant torture of her clit. Rick began to work the tip of the bulb harder and rub back and forth across the hard pearl. "Ohhh yeah, nice." he said as it became bright red and stood up from the pressure. "I want it hard, and red, and sore! mmmmmmmmm give me my clit, come on, I want it now" Carol began to moan and move her head back and forth as the sensation to cum built inside her. Rick told Don to watch her internally carefully as he suddenly raised the vibrator off her skin. He told Don to pull her open wider. Don replied that he had her stretched as far as he thought she could open already. "Not yet, shes' not , watch this", and placing his fingers into the top folds of her pussy lips just above her clit, he proceeded to pull back, hard, and up, toward Carols' stomach. This served to make the little hood that would normally protect her clit to peel back and her nub of flesh to protrude hard from her body. Her clit was standing straight up, beet red, and glistening wet! "Now, she's open", Rick chuckled. and ohhhhh soooo helpless, aren't you hunny?" With that, Rick placed the bulb end of the vibrators head ever so gently into the very crease of skin where the hood met her clit and pressed into the nerve packed nub. "I like to get the tip …..right …up…where the hood meets "Mmmmmmmmmm, is that it, huh?? Is that my clit?" "woooooo, that little bud is quivering now, my clit likes a hard rub". Carol couldn't take it anymore, she began grunting and moaning as her hips suddenly jerked and her pussy began to convulse as wave after wave of orgasm wracked her body. She kept cumming strongly as Don began to insert his finger into her. He fingered her to another orgasm and felt the telltale spasm trigger another round of pleasure he waited until the juices sprang forth and trickled down out of her outstretched pussy lips to her ass crack. Slowly working his finger up and down the wet slit, he gathered up a good amount and wiped it on the nipple that Steve was pinching. Steve thanked him and greedily licked the cone shaped tip, enjoying the flavor. He couldn't wait til it was his turn to tongue fuck her! Steve bent his head back to his task and began nipping the tips with his teeth. For now, he took satisfaction in knowing his mouth was making her run like a river. Carol couldn't get away from the incessant stimulation and her pussy was now bright red and beginning to hurt badly. The promise to keep her clit stiff and red was being kept and she wondered now how she was going to survive this "birthday gift". Slowly her clit grew numb as it became over stimulated and her pussy secretions began to ebb. The change was not lost on Rick, whose expert eyes had taken in the color of her skin and noticed her hips had stilled. " I believe its time for some audience A cheer went up from the group watching and the slaves were led single file to the base of the table. "Come welcome our little clit slave to the group and wish her happy birthday" Rick then instructed each slave and then each master to step forward between Carols bent legs and first plant a very wet kiss on her clit. Then they were to kiss the opening of her cunt while Don offered it to them. After kissing the peramiter of her pussy, her clit was to be licked, sucked hard, and finally bitten. This was to take place with her husband and new master standing on each side of her while Don pulled the lower lips wide and Rick held the folds of flesh near her clit back. "OH yeahhhh your totally open now, big clit all red and hard, I can't wait to see the movie and fuck you to it later." The first slave stepped forward and held her position of submission, legs spread wide, trimmed pussy leaking fluid. Bending at the waist she planted a wet firm kiss onto Carols flame red nub, then bent lower and did the same to her opening. Mike stood next to her and moaned softly as he pulled on the slaves nipple chain, making the attached clamps bite into her breasts. His slave slowed briefly, adjustd to the pain, then proceeded to begin licking Carols clit. Once she began sucking, Carol's hips rose gently. She began moaning and was on the edge of cumming hard when her clit was suddenly drawn up into the hot mouth and met by sharp pain from teeth. Being held in a tight grip, the teeth clamped down and forced a steady pressure against the little pea shaped muscle. Carol screamed out and came in gushes all over the slaves face. "good, good, now lick it off" Rick pulled the slave up to Carols face and Carol extended her tongue, trying to strain her head and neck to reach the pretty face so she could give the ordered tongue bath. While she tried to comply, the next woman slave was positioned and the stimulations began all over again. The line continued until all 10 people had tasted her and welcomed her into their group. Don looked down into his wife's pussy from his vantage point and thought she'd be remembering this birthday for a long time to "cum". He had a whole year to think of something to "top" this one. He smiled, secure in the knowledge that together, he and the group wouldn't disappoint her. He chuckled out loud as she screamed out against another set of teeth and another orgasm. Watching the juice run out of her sopping snatch, he looked back over his shoulder at her contortd face and said "relax, slut" we told you your clit would STAY swollen and red, and sore all night didn't we?" Rick watched approvingly as the new asserted himself and began to take genuine pleasure in his slaves pain. He quietly took his place in line to feed on her juices. Contemplating the enjoyment he would take from sucking and biting her to yet another pain wracked orgasm. His rock hard cock craving release. He wouldn't allow anyone to fuck her yet, not until she was begging to have her clit left alone! Looking Don in the eye, he nodded his head slightly giving the silent order and Don pinched her clit up and held it for the next slaves mouth. It was going to be a long, wet night for Carol thats for sure. Rick looked down at the tight bare ass of the naked slave standing in line directly in front of him and remembered how they had welcomed Marie into their fold. Grinning as he sucked his index finger and began to massage her rear opening, he made a mental note to check his dayminder for her birthday. The End

story by: LadySulas

Tags: domination/submission bondage and restriction fantasm bdsm sex story

Author: LadySulas

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