Blackmailing jenny

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Blackmailing Jenny

I am an average guy with a normal life and good family. I have 2 kids and a wonderful wife
who is a nanny. I am a landscaper and the money is ok so my family is doing ok. I do not work
for anyone but for myself. I normally work weekdays only and spend time with my family on
weekends. I am 45 and very sexual. I love sex and sometimes it can be a bit common but sometimes
I wonder what if or wonder what it would be like to have someone young to have some fun. I have
never cheated on my wife and we have been married for 18 years. As time went by I found myself
thinking more about young girls and their smooth bodies and oh how it gets me so aroused.

Now as a landscaper sometimes I get jobs out of town and so I am forced to drive long distances
to work. Anyway one normal Tuesday morning I got a call and it was for a new job about 2 miles
away and so I took it and was happy for I knew it was not far away. This particular job was to
design the brushes and fern trees, plant some new flower trees and relay the grass in the back yard
for an upcoming teenage party. At first I was not bothered about the occasion but just do my
work and move on. As I arrived at my new temporary work site I was met by Bill and his wife Tammy
who quickly showed me around and gave me my final words before they continued for work. It was a
pretty house, beautiful landscape and they had a large pool and a very very posh pool house.
Now based on the size of my project I assumed it would take me about a week to complete in time
for their teenage party the following Saturday. As I got down to business I started with the brushes
I was interrupted by Bill who was off to work as well as Tammy. They told me if I needed anything that
I can speak to the nanny who is home along with their 15 year old daughter Jenny. I continued and I
then took a rest under a well branched out almond tree. I had my lunch and continued work.

As the days went by I was now on day 3 and making positive progress. I was pleased with my work so far
and so did Bill and Tammy. They were so pleased that Bill eventually took a day off from work and
was actually my assistant. He even fix me a few drinks after work. Day 4 arrived and when I came to work
I was once greeted by Bill but this time he invited me inside their house to discuss something.
I went in and was given a cup of coffee and Bill moved to say that their nanny was taken to the hospital
with a broken ankle and so they asked me if I can keep an eye on the house and also make sure that
Jenny is safe since its summer and its too late to get a replacement. I was offered $200 for two days
and I quickly agreed since there was money involved. They only wanted me to keep an eye out but
at the same time do my job around the yard. I was happy cause I was going to make some extra cash which
will surely come in handy since my son wanted a PS2. Now I finally was introduced to Jenny and I was
very amazed at her beauty for a 15 year old. She had nice small breasts and a lovely shape. He was
pretty. I introduced myself to her and quickly realized that she is a very out spoken young lady.

So Bill and Tammy went off to work and Jenny was having some friends over and so she mentioned it to
me and I just went about my work. Soon after a young boy and two girls showed up and they all made
their way to the pool. As I was laying out the grass I took a look and saw the girls undressing
and bouy oh boy was I having a treat. Such beauty and innocence before me. Now as I looked I can
clearly tell that Jenny was the sexiest and is the girl in command. As they did their thing I was doing
mine and was now more thinking about what would it be like to make love to a young lady like Jenny.
I was only thinking about it but had no intention to go further. As I took a break to have my lunch
I noticed that Jenny and her friends went into the pool house and locked the door. At first I was a
bit curious as to what is going on in there and soon laid back and took a quick nap. When I woke
up I realized that I had slept for 15 minutes and so I got up and made my way over to the pool house
to request the use of a bathroom. As I approached the front door I can hear lots of laughing and
the kids talking. When I knocked Jenny opened and I asked to use the toilet but I was quickly and
surprisingly greet with a rush a marijuana smoke from inside the pool house and I asked Jenny what
is going on and she was not shy in telling me that she and her friends are smoking some pot and
trust that I won't tell her parents. I was more for the cash and so I agreed. I went about my business
and on my way out just smiled at Jenny and went back to work.

About an hour later the smoking party was over and Jenny and friends came out and they left and Jenny
came by the pool to relax when she stared to talk to me about different stuff. As she was lying there
in the sunlight in her sexy blue two piece string bikini I was very interested but at times would
remind myself to behave. Eventually Jenny asked me if I ever used pot and I told her yes that I
smoked it a few times but only when I want to relax. Now it was visible that she was high and what
she asked next got my full attention. Jenny asked me if I want to smoke some pot with her and I thought
about it and realized that it was just an hour before her parents come home so I assured her that if
she want we can do it the next day when I was going to complete my project and would have almost the
entire afternoon to just chill out and wait for Bill to come home and approve my work and then get paid.
Jenny agreed and so it was a date and I was very very excited. I went home and for the rest of the evening all
that was my mind was Jenny in her bikini talking to me.

Next day arrived and I got to work earlier than usual. Bill and Tammy made their way and I quickly
went to work and within 2 hours I was finally finished and within minutes Jenny came out and told me to join her in the
pool house. I packed up all my tools in my jeep and went in the pool house. I went and freshened
up and came back out and took a seat o the sofa. We started to smoke and after about 5 pulls I was
already high and jenny was also high. She was sitting opposite me and I could not help but notice
that she had on a mini skirt and I can see her red panty. At times I would take a quick glance and
she did not notice. The more we talked and smoked the more I looked when suddenly I realized that
my cock was waking up and I was starting to get very sensual. I knew she saw the bulge in my crotch
and in a quick dash Jenny asked me if the pot was making my cock get hard I told yes and also she was
causing it too. She laughed and told me that I too old for her. I told her that I like to see her
beautiful body and she smiled. As we continued I discovered that Jenny is very very sacred if her
parents knew she smoked marijuana and that they would go absolutely crazy. She also told me that
she sometimes sneaks out at night to go to the movies with her friends, she also mentioned that
she also drinks. Now I heard all she said but a small voice kept telling me to make a move on her
and I eventually did. I asked her if she ever slept with a boy before and shockingly she said no.
I was moved and so we then lit our second joint when she got up and sat next to me since she is high and
tired of passing across the sitting area.

So here she was, next to me and I was nervous yet motivated so I turned to her and asked her if she
ever thought about what her first sexual encounter would be like and she was a bit shy and so I
stopped and we continued to smoke. What happened next nearly knocked me out. Jenny asked me why is
my cock hard and bulging? I froze and then answered that the weed was making me horny. Jenny told me
to go take a bath and I was a bit embarrassed. I then turned to her and held her hand and said "If you
don't do as I say, then I will tell your mom and dad everything you just told me"? Boy did she get
scared and dropped the joint and said "what"? I told her " I want you to have sex with me or else I
will tell your mom and dad everything". She got scared and moved to the next sofa and I can tell that
she was about to do anything to prevent her parents from discovering her secret lifestyle. Jenny
then agreed and for me it was like Christmas in Summer. I was so happy and asked her " so how do you
want us to do this"? she said " you are in charge and please don't hurt me". I assured her that it's ok
and that she will enjoy it so much she will beg for more".

I got up and took her by her hand and we went into the bed room and it was so neat and posh. Jenny
sat on the bed and I proceed to take her shirt off and it was so nerve racking. My heart was racing
and my cock was raging with excitement. When I took her shirt off I was met by her two lovely little
breasts. She had no bra on and then I pulled her skirt down to reveal her red silk panty. She was very
shy and I stood up and took off my shirt and then dropped my pants and then my shorts and my solid
7" of love meat sprang forth and when Jenny saw it her eyes opened and she said nervously "please
don't hurt me, your cock is too big". I had to remind her that she better keep quiet or else. I moved
closer to her and she laid on her back and I parted her legs and damn, what a beautiful cunt. She was
neatly shaven and her lips were so smooth and pink. I just had to touch and when I did touch her
mound she jumped and I was so thankful for my opportunity. I moved towards her pussy and gave it a
good lick and she gave a small groan and I start to suck on her virgin cunt. Her pussy tasted so
delicious and I was like a hungry animal. I was so horny and Jenny started to moan and groan with
more intensity. She was enjoying her first lick and I was in ecstasy since I was not actually getting
what I have been thinking about for almost 8 months.

As I sucked her juices I can tell that she was near her climax and so she was. I then stuck my finger
in her cunt and she was wet and hot and she grabbed my head and was ramming it into her pussy. She
then buckled my head with her legs and started to scream out yessssssss, ohhhhhhhh,
please don't stop, awwwwwwwww, please don't stop, suck me, lick me, And she soon
quieted down and released my from her strong hold and I asked her " did you enjoy that", she said
"it was amazing but I want your cock in me". That was the best news in my whole life and so I moved
up and over her and positioned my self and then I started to rub my wet cock head up and down her
pussy. I felt so wicked and evil. Here I was with this 15 year old virgin ready to consume my
rock solid cock and it felt great. As my cock head made contact with her pussy lips I can literally
feel her heat and her wetness and pussy juice was making it all more wild. I then pushed my cock head
inside and stopped and pulled back out. I had to take my time cause I did not want to hurt her. So I
decided that I would hold my excitement and I went back down and started to suck her pussy again.
Within minutes Jenny was getting out of control and I sucked her intensely when she was about to
have her second orgasm. As she was now moan and groaning she started to beg me " p lease fuck me now,
fuck me, I want to feel you inside". What better words do a man want but to hear a 15 year old virgin begging
for your cock. I moved up and positioned my self and pushed my cock slowly in her tight vagina.
After 2 inches I made contact with her hymen and gave a quick hard push and broke her and she shouted
it hurts". I did not stop and soon I started to fuck her hard. Her pussy was
tight and was holding my cock in her. Every stroke was more intense that the previous one.
I was in heaven, as our skin touched and I was fucking her she started to move in motion with my
every push and she was now enjoying my cock.

Jenny started to tremble and I was about to blow my load but tried my best to hold back but
I soon shot loads upon loads of cum deep in her tight pussy and to my surprise I was still rock hard.
All the months of frustration was too strong in me. I continued to ram her and after about 10 minutes
I can feel my back tickling me and knew I was going to cum and so I picked up my speed and I was now
fucking her with real force and she was in so much pleasure. We both were enjoying the moment to
the fullest. Eventually I held her arms and let my cum go and I squirted loads and loads in her
wet cunt. I did not know I had so much cum and as I settled down I pulled out and I can see cum
oozing her worked hole. She looked at me and smile and said "that was great". I smiled and said"
I told you you would enjoy it". Jenny asked me if I can come back tomorrow and I told her that my
job was done and so I got dressed and we talked for a while before we both went outside. About 2 hours
later her dad arrived home and approved my work and hand me a checque but then asked me "Do you know
any good, honest nanny around"? I quickly told him that my wife is a nanny and she is very good.
He asked for her to take a visit and so she did. Soon my wife got the job and so now I have a good
reason to come by the house and see Jenny.

Strangely sometimes when I am free my wife would call me up and ask me to come by the house and keep
and eye on the house and jenny cause she had to go shopping for groceries. That was my window to
make love to Jenny and so my hunger for young pussy was met with more than I could have imagined.

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