Body snatch

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I was a 63-year-old overweight bald man named Dr. Jake L. Edih, virtually ignored for my looks, which was okay with me. Being a professor at an ivory league university, I have spent the majority of my adult life doing research in biomechanics. My wife and I married after our senior year at Princeton she was the only woman I ever dated or had sex with for 36 years. Together we produced one daughter and two grandchildren. She passed away 4 years ago and since that time most of my time has been spent on my work, I had no desire to date or even go out socially. Things change. I've changed.

In layman terms my work involved using a normal person's electronic brain impulses to stimulate and bring a patient out of a coma or catatonic state. My assistant was a graduate student named Burt Winters. Burt was a young good-looking guy, quite popular on campus. He took over teaching most of my classes and he probably has slept with all the good-looking female undergrads attending. Most men would probably feel envious, I really didn't care, I didn't even think about sex. In fact one night alone in bed I reflected on sex and that I didn't even have the desire to masturbate in years.

One night every thing changed. The completion of my life's work. The evolution of the device was a small square rectangular box with small copper disk on the back and a round lens in the center in the front. Most people would say it looked like a camera. It was held up to the head like a camera, however the copper disk would line up just under the frontal lobe. Simply put, when the button was pressed the persons amplified brain waves were sent like an electrical current from the center of the lens. This resulted like a flash camera and those brain waves would be received by the patient and "jump start" his brain, like one would with a car battery.

We tried it on monkeys, but the brainpower was too low, it had to be done by a human. Burt volunteered to be a test subject. I refused of course; this was science, not some old Frankenstein movie. That night about 6 pm we were celebrating which we hoped was the conclusion of our project. Burt brought a bottle of champagne and although I don't usually drink I had a glass. I would like to say I was drunk and blame it on that, however to be truthful, the drink only relaxed me enough to make a decision I secretly wanted. He coaxed me to try it on him, but when I refused, he had picked up the device and pointed it at me.

An hour later, I felt like I was daydreaming and then snapped awake. Burt told me that the device did more than what we thought it might do. He had actually been in my body. His mind was with mine; he saw his body standing around like a puppet with no mind to guide it. He had total control of my body and even felt the emotions and some of the memories that I had. It was nearly a shared mind experience with him in control. Getting nervous he pointed the device back to his body and returned to his mind. I vaguely remember doing what he told me but as if I was doing it in a drunk or stoned sleepy state. I had no recollection of him being in my mind, it was as if I decided to do those things.

We were quite excited and I then tried it on him. The device flashed and in as soon as the flash dissipated I was looking at my old body through Burt's eyes. I wasn't just wearing a costume however, I felt like Burt. His emotions, his thoughts were mine. I walked about the lab feeling strong and young again, I also felt horny. I noted that the two minds living in one brain must have a magnifying effect on stimulating the arousal lobes of the brain. I looked at my former body it was wavering like a drunk. I walked over and laid it down on one of the lab tables. I wanted to leave the room and go out doors; I didn't think Burt would mind me using his body for a bit. Everything felt new even taking deep breaths through his nose felt good. I left the lab and decided to take a walk through campus, although I actually sprinted and jumped a lot of the way, something I haven't done in 30 years.

"Hey Burt wait up". I turned to see Liz Domkins a stunning 20-year-old undergrad in one of my classes. As she approached my… er… Burt's cock started getting hard. His memories of fucking her swept through mine.

"Where you off to?"

"Hey Liz, Just taking a walk and you?"

"Looking for you stud."

Liz winked and snuggled up close to me. I spoke like Burt, even using the same vocabulary and syntax. I knew what he knew about her, but was still me. I never felt such sexual urges before. I was ready to rape her right here out side the hall with all these people walking about. But I was a professor, a reputable and cultured man, not some kid. I knew I had to return to the lab and give back Burt his body. I knew this but the desire was too strong.

"Lets go back to my place… you can tutor me some more" she said as she wrapped her arm around mine and we walked toward her campus apartment. I knew what she meant; Burt's memory of there three other tutoring sessions strained my (Burt's) cock against his tight jeans.

Liz didn't waste any time. As soon as she closed the door to her apartment behind us she wrapped her arms around me and sucked on my tongue. We both undressed each other; I was ripping the buttons off her blouse and exposed her 36C breasts. She undid Burt's belt and pulled down his jeans and briefs in one sweep. I looked down staring at the large hard cock. It was the first time I ever looked at another mans erect cock. It was several inches longer than mine then it was gone, engulfed by that lovely mouth of Liz's. This was my first real blowjob. I was married for so many years, but it was always missionary position, and my wife, bless her soul, was not adventurous when it came to sex.

Liz sucked on Burt's cock, my knees felt weak and I fell back on to the bed while her lips kept gripped to my cock. The sexual arousal was stimulating my entire being, I was started to think about the pleasure areas of the brain and what would show on a CAT scan but soon even I had a hard time thinking and just gave into the pleasure. Liz must enjoy it; she never stopped taking the large penis deep into her throat. I placed my (Burt's) hands on her head pushing more of the cock into her mouth. I didn't just cum, I exploded and not just with jism from the cock, my flashes like fireworks in my eyes and then an overwhelming rush of pleasure that I never experience. Not just me, no human. I am sure it couldn't even be on the scale of a heroin addict's initial rush.

Liz swallowed the cum and wiped her lips. Then sensation wore off but not the arousal, I wanted more. I pulled her on top of me and flipped us over. I sat up looking down at this beautiful young woman and the cock was instantly hard again.

"Jeez Burt… still hard?"

I didn't say a word, but pulled her body toward my cock and filled her pussy. I couldn't believe the stamina Burt had or was it the brain's arousal. I fucked her hard and fast, Liz was gasping rolling her eyes toward the back of head in pleasure. I bit on her nipples while maintaining a fast and furious pumping of her pussy. I pulled out quickly and turned her over replacing my cock into her pussy as quick as I could, missing just a beat or two. I watched her tight round ass bouncing on the cock. I spanked her butt with a few slaps finally grabbing it holding my cock deep in her cunt as I came again. The same sensations happened. The pleasure was just as rewarding as the last time.

Liz was exhausted to say the least. She gasped "Burt… honey… that was… oh my… I think I came 4 times… I never… oh jeez." She then fell asleep. I took a shower and while soaping the Burt's body I got hard again. I handled the cock with wonder; I was actually getting horny again. As I got dressed I reached into the jacket pocket and felt the device. I looked at clock, it was nearly 11o'clock, and I was gone nearly 5 hours. What would Burt say? He would know what I did. I would be a laughing stock. The fuddy duddy professor using his research to have sex with coeds. I couldn't return his body, besides which I realized I didn't want to and on that thought my cock… yes MY COCK, got hard again. I would not let go of this power or pleasure.

I knew someone would discover my old body at the lab, awake but unconscious. They would question me as Burt. I could snatch another body and then another, virtually living forever. Snatch, I needed sex, but I couldn't just spend all night looking for women to fuck I needed to plan my future. Snatch, speaking of snatch I saw Liz sprawled over the bed. I could take her body. Being a heterosexual in a female body should keep my sex desires under control so I can plan out what to do with my new extended life. I took out the camera device and aimed it at Liz. FLASH.

Part Two

As Liz I felt sore and a little tired, but I started feeling more and more energetic. Burt's mind was slowly taking control of his body once again since the dominant mind was transferred out. I put in the bed and gave him a sleeping pill. This would give me few hours head start. When he awoke, he would either tell an incredible story that no one would believe or he would tell the story that an experiment backfired making Professor Edih a vegetable. Having been intimate with his mind, I knew he would choose the latter, and probably steal my notes on the project to build another device. Although a bright grad student, I knew he would never succeed. It was chance that caused the device to be able to put someone's mind into another's body.

I was now a female; I knew what to do because I was partially Liz. I cleaned my self-up and dressed. I was going to seek another male body. I wanted the best physically shaped body I could find and decided to head out toward the frat house where the football team was housed.

Liz was familiar with this frat house. She had been to several parties there and had dated one of the guys, Vincent. Liz liked to fuck and I knew instantly all the sex she has had. Being in her body was fascinating to me. I walked like her, shook her ass to guys she passed in the hall like she did. I planned to find the body I wanted, and then I would leave the University. Hopefully the body I find will have some available funds, a credit card and a car.

Walking down the street I was greeted my many looks and leers by fellow students. I felt horny. The sexual arousal did not go away and although I had no penis to get hard and strain against my clothing, the vagina ached. It was a weird and new sensation to me. I mustered up any control I had to keep me from shoving my fingers into the pussy. As I walked my thighs rubbed against the pussy lips. What was I thinking? I needed some relief, I needed to get fucked.

This thought caught me off guard. I never entertained any homosexual thoughts the 63 years I lived as a man. Being in Liz's body along with the mind transfer that activates the sexual arousal part of the brain I was feeling desperately horny and the thought of a man having sex with this body didn't matter, it was about having a cock fuck the pussy so that it can feed on the pleasure that occurs from the orgasm. I realized it then that I was addicted to this feeling and that I would have to perfect the device.

As Liz I arrived at the frat house around midnight. Most of the football players were up and they were all very happy to invite this gorgeous body in for a few drinks. Most of the guys stood around talking to me. Then Vincent came over; one of his frat brothers probably fetched him from his room. Liz's memory of fucking Vincent played in my head like remember an old favorite movie with random highlights. Vincent leaned toward me and kissed Liz's lips. Part of me felt uncomfortable, but a stronger urge made me feel good. At that moment I knew I needed to fuck him.

"Lets go upstairs and talk a bit okay?" I grabbed his hand and he led the way upstairs to his room. I heard mumblings behind me of some of the guys saying, "damn", "shit", "hot". They all wanted me and my pussy was on fire in anticipation. Vincent was a second string receiver on the team and I knew he didn't have the body I wanted, but I had to extinguish this fire that was building up below.

"So Liz, why'd yaw come back here… thought you had the hoots for that teacher />
Damn, all he wanted to do was talk. I just wanted a quick surge of the pleasure so I could continue my mission. Liz knew what to do and being a former guy, two former guys, I knew also. Vincent might want to talk, but he wasn't about to pass on some pussy.

I looked at him the sexy way Liz does to guys. I dropped the purse and undid the buttons on the blouse taking them off and unzipping the skirt allowing that to fall. I stood before him in a thong panties and lace bra. I walked toward him pouting my lips "did you really want to just talk?"

Vincent was a man of few words and he stepped out of his sweat pants kicking them across the room. While he was taking off his t-shirt I went down to my knees and looked at his cock. It wasn't as large as Burt's but I was hoping it would do the trick. Instinctively I licked the tip of the cock and sucked it into my mouth. I was remembering how Liz blew me and tried to replicate it. I wasn't thinking that I was sucking a man's cock, that would have repulsed me, instead I was concentrating on the pleasure by brain was receiving by doing this action and surprisingly the stimulus was very pleasurable and small fireworks were going on behind my eye lids. I didn't want him to cum in my mouth and pulled away. He threw me on the bed and dove between my legs. His tongue was licking my pussy and he was sucking on the clitoris, which intensified the pleasure.

"Fuck me Vinny… Fuck me hard" I yelled. Vinny then mounted me. The sensation of feeling a cock entering the pussy was fantastic. It's as if a missing piece finally found it's home. He rode me steadily fucking the pussy in and out calling me I wasn't really paying attention of what he was saying; I was feeding on the pleasure sensations like an addict. I was on the verge of Cumming when all of a sudden Vincent stopped and groaned. I felt warmth fill the pussy, he came, but I didn't. I needed more.

"Do it some more… come on"

"Shit Liz, I am done… maybe later"

"No! I need more fucking, I didn't cum yet"

I was getting frantic. "Hey if you can't fucking finish the job then send in someone that will"

Vincent looked at me. There was no way he was going to admit to his frat brothers that he couldn't satisfy a woman. He fumed.

"Oh yeah" He got out of bed and walked out to the stop of the stairs. "Okay guys, I warmed her up, come and get it the line forms to the right"

At first I was scared. There must have been 30 guys downstairs and now I was going to get gang banged, well not me, Liz. What was I doing to her? She would never have normally done this type of thing. I started to get out of the bed when one of the larger black guys came into the room naked. He had the largest cock Liz or I have ever seen. I leaned back in the bed staring at it. He walked next to me said "hi Liz" and then shoved his 11inch cock in my mouth. I started thinking if I should choose this body; I wondered what it would be like to be a black man. He then pulled my face off of his cock and turned me over on all fours. He was still standing on the side of the bed as his cock stretched the pussy. As he was fucking me the fireworks began, this time bigger and brighter, I was having an Orgasm. I opened my eyes and saw another cock in front of me and started sucking it.

My brain was filled with pleasure, large fireworks. I had fucked all the guys in the house. Some two or three at a time, Liz's ass was even fucked several times for the first time in her life. I staggered out of the room; many of the frat guys were lying around the room. I saw a guy named Kenny. He played tight end. He was 6'2 with blonde hair blue eyes and very muscular, just the body I could use. I also found out he owned the Eclipse parked out front. I reached for the purse and pulled out the camera device. A couple of the guys reached out to me for they were ready to go again.

"Wait guys this is my first gang bang and I want to take a picture"

I aimed the device at Ken and pressed the button. FLASH!

Ken stood up and took the camera from Liz and gently pushed her into the arms of two of the Frat guys, Brad and Pete. I was now Ken and I headed to his room to get dressed, pack a few things and get in the car I considered fucking Liz before leaving but two of the guys were already doing that and the sexual arousal has so far been quenched. I don't know how long it would last, but in this body I would be able to pick up any number women to satisfy these urges. I needed to find a place to work undisturbed so I could perfect the device. I needed money, access to my bank account. I couldn't go back to my original apartment, I am sure the police had already been there. I decided that I would visit my daughter; she had an extra bankcard for my savings account.

Part Three

Kenny had $120 in his wallet and an ATM card in which I was able to withdraw $300 more. I drove the car to the airport and paid cash for a ticket to Boston where my daughter Tammy lived. I spoke with her a couple of weeks ago when I couldn't attend the funeral for her husband. She told me that she would be renting out the room that used to be my grandson Jim's. Jim enlisted in the Navy and was on the USS Carl Vinson for a few years. I called as Kenny and made up a story that I was one of professor Edih's lab students and that I was transferring to Boston University. I asked if the room was still available for rent for about a month. Luck was still with me and took the earliest flight out.

While waiting for the plane to board I was thinking about changes to the device. I had checked it with my luggage for even though it looked like an ordinary camera, the x-ray machine would view it as something very suspicious.

Although my mind was busy with equations, the rest of my brain still needed a pleasure fix. The uncomfortable erect penis pressing against my jeans was proof of that. Across from me was a very attractive woman in her early thirties wearing a business outfit. I had felt her glances on me and when our eyes connected she gave an embarrassed smile and looked away. I clutched my jacket in front of me to hide my erection and moved next to her.

I introduced myself as a University student visiting family up north. Her name was Evelyn Rasterdam, an attorney traveling on business. Her attraction to Ken's body was obvious and our conversation continued smoothly with small flirtations. I asked if it were okay to change my seat next to hers, the plane wasn't fully booked and this wouldn't be a problem. She was agreeable and soon we continued our conversation and flirtations through take off.

I played with her hair and she caressed my arm. I even moved in for a smooth light kiss on the lips. She asked about my age and I laughed.

"I am a lot older that I look" I said truthfully. "Look we both have lives and plans to live, what matters most is enjoying the opportunities that come our way without upsetting those plans."

I was either learning to control the sexual urges caused by the mind merge or I was getting used to it. The sexual urge was so strong, that if I gave in to it I would have attempted to rape every woman on the plane. As it was I knew I had to have Evelyn on this flight to satisfy the urge or else.

Luckily for me she was game. Being Ken, a 6'2" blonde blue-eyed Adonis helped, but I like to think it was my mature nature and conversation that won her over. I placed a blanket on my lap with a mischievous grin. I knew what she had in mind but that pleasure would not relieve the urge entirely. Instead I suggested she go to the bathroom and that I would follow.

Standing outside the airline bathroom door I knocked 3 times, looked around and slipped inside. Evelyn had already removed her jacket. We embraced and franticly I reached under her long skirt and pulled down her panty hose. I bent her over the toilet pulled out my aching cock and forced it in her pussy. No foreplay, no preliminaries, this was about satisfying the urge and the only thing it wanted was fucking and Cumming. I reached a hand under her and played with her tits as I kept fucking away. She had one hand bracing her self over the toilet and the other stifling her moans. I started to cum, the pleasure released, the fireworks in my eyes dazzling me. But it wasn't over, the mind wanting more. I released her and she sat on the toilet. I placed my semi hard cock in her mouth and instantly it was fully erect. I could tell she was surprised by my stamina. She was hesitant in giving head. But what was she going to do, embarrass herself by calling for help. I started to fuck her face steadily; every now and then she would gag taking in the entire length of this cock. Then the pleasure sensations would happen again.

We fucked once more in the bathroom before the plane landed. At the baggage claim she gave me her number and Kenny promised to call her. I knew Kenny, and when I decide to give him back this body I am sure that he will call her again.

I took a taxi to my daughter's house. I was now pretty confident that I could control these sex urges now. First of all she was my daughter, I wouldn't feel sexual toward her at all and secondly, I was reasonably sure that my computations would work in adjusting the device. Once the urges began I would go into town and satisfy them, which would be no problem with this body.

My daughter looked great; at 42 she still had her mothers slim figure and dark hair. Her husband Adam had died in a car accident and I was so preoccupied with my work I didn't fly up for the funeral. Seeing her so fragile now I was almost about to hug her and tell her the whole true story. I debated this while she was showing me around the new renovated room that was her son's. It had it's own private entrance and was a nice sized efficiency just above the garage. I couldn't tell her though. First of all she was to vulnerable now and secondly, she would probably be frightened of what her father had become – a parasite – living off of other humans. I paid her a month in advanced and she invited me to dine with her and her daughter tonight. I thanked her for her hospitality. I noticed that when she turned to leave she smiled and battered her eyes a bit. Her face flushed slightly… she was attracted to me. As the door closed I realized that I was once again fully erect.

It was about that time, alone in the room that I thought about flying back to the University. I would find my body and flash my mind back into that old geezer and destroy the device. I looked in the mirror but did not see a parasite. I saw a young handsome man… with urges.

That evening at dinner I was introduced to my granddaughter Kirsten. It was terrible, a disaster the worst thing that could happen. She was the most beautiful woman I had ever seen. She had just turned 17 and was looking forward to Prom this next weekend since she was the prom queen. Her mother told me she had also been selected as one of the finalists to represent Massachusetts for the Miss Teen USA Pageant. Needless to say my cock was straining against my briefs. My palms were sweaty and I wanted her, but not just her. my daughter as well. Thoughts of this threesome filled my mind despite trying to make pleasant conversation. Half way through dinner I had to excuse myself blaming air fatigue. I went out that night to a nearby bar and sex with the first woman I met. I didn't even remember what she looked like and it didn't matter. The craving was satisfied but just for a short time.

The rest of the week followed the same pattern with the cravings getting so bad I was unable to work on the device. Then one evening my daughter knocked on my door. She told me that her father (my old body) was in a coma at the University Hospital and she was leaving immediately. She asked if I would look in on Kirsten and she was really upset that she would not be around for her prom. I was to make sure her boyfriend Donny did not spend the night.

That night I came down from my room above the garage and entered the house. With my daughter Tammy gone and Kirsten out for the night, I was going to find the check book to my account, cash out and move to another state where I can fully concentrate on working on the device. Donny came over that night to pick up Kirsten for the prom. I immediately hated him. He was a good-looking kid, but a punk. I could tell from his demeanor that he had just one thing in mind for tonight, sex with Kirsten. I couldn't let her go out with this scoundrel. I ran back to my room grabbed the sleeping pills and the device and ran back down stairs. Kirsten was still getting ready.

"Hey Donny, you look pretty good in that tux".

"Yeah… it's bad".

"Let me take a picture of you for Kirsten". With his smug attitude I aimed the device toward him and FLASH.

There was a lot to do now. Now that my mind was inside Donny, I had to give Ken the sleeping pill before he became too cognizant. I then put him in front of the TV. Kirsten came down in her prom gown. She was stunning and sexy. She called for Ken but I showed her he had fallen asleep in front of the TV and we should leave him alone. We left.

While in Donny's body I learned that tonight both of them planned to lose their virginity and Kirsten had given head twice before to Donny. All night during the prom, the sexual urges around all these nubile young ladies were driving me crazy. Kirsten was no help, slowly grinding her body against mine as we danced every slow song. I knew she felt my hard cock against her; she even playfully squeezed it under the table. I couldn't do this though, she was my granddaughter… or was she. Technically I was in Donny's body, it would be him making love to her so it wouldn't be incest. I was rationalizing it to appease the urges. On the way home, Kirsten wanted to stop and park. I suggested we go back to her place.

"But Ken is there, he will tell mom".

"Kirsten I didn't want to tell you this before incase you got mad at me but, I put a sleeping pill in his drink. That's why he was asleep in front of the TV when we left. He will be asleep all night". I kissed her, darting my tongue in her mouth and caressing her breasts. I felt her panties and she was moist already. She agreed and stroked my cock all the way home.

Up in her room she shyly undressed. I should have been patient and fumbling with her like Donny would be, but I wasn't. I devoured her. I ate at her pussy like a starving man until she begged me to stop. I mounted this young beauty trying to be gentile, however I snapped her hymen and continued fucking her fast. She was scared and confused; I kept kissing her hard to stop her protests. It didn't even occur to me that I was raping my granddaughter. I did manage to pull out though and I showered her flat tummy with cum. She cried. I tried to apologize but she kicked me away. I gathered my clothes and left downstairs. Ken was coming around. I picked up the device and aimed it at him. FLASH.

Soon I was ushering Donny out to the street by his collar. I warned him that if ever told anyone what happened tonight I would press charges against him for rape. He ran to his car and sped off, probably wondering why he did what he did.

I went upstairs and knocked at Kirsten's door. She was balled up under the covers. I sat and held her telling her that Donny was inexperienced. That boy's that age have uncontrollable urges. We then kissed and I made slow methodical love to her. I didn't have to rush off and leave know or go into town picking up skid row women. I had someone who could satisfy the urges while on worked on the device.

A few weeks later when Tammy got home, I found myself alone with Tammy. She was obviously now flirting with me, telling me how she should start dating again that she was still youthful. I agreed with her and the same rationalization that I took with Kirsten works for my daughter as well. I was now fucking both my granddaughter and my daughter, all though neither one knew about each other. With two women to satisfy my urges I was able to stay even though I had found the checkbook. I made drastic changes to the device. I was going to have to test it out. I then heard a noise downstairs. Looking out from window to the driveway below I saw a sailor getting out of a cab. Tammy and Kirsten where jumping and hugging him, it was my grandson Jimmy; he was on leave from the Navy for two weeks.

It was difficult juggling the two women so that neither knew I was fucking the other, but with Jimmy home it was going to be impossible. I went down to meet him; I was introduced as a friend of the family. He was a nice kid, about 22, almost the same age as Ken. Then it got me thinking. If all this fucking was out in the open, I would be able to get work finished and out of here.

For sure this device has corrupted any morals I had. I was no longer rationalizing about me having sex with the girls technically not being incest. I was contemplating using incest to keep my plans on target.

I waited for Tammy to go to work. Got out the device and the sleeping pills and went looking for Jimmy, planning for me to take over his body and seducing his sister. Jimmy however was not around, Kirsten was. I then thought about Liz, how easy it is to seduce someone as a beautiful woman. FLASH.

Jimmy was working on his old mustang, trying to get it up and running. I as Kirsten came down stairs in just a white T-shirt and short shorts. "Jimmy can you help me with something?" "Sure sis what is it?" "The TV in my room it's all fuzzy and stuff"

Jimmy slid out from under the car and wiped off his hands on a towel. He followed me up stairs. The urge was back stronger than ever. I could feel his eyes watching the swaying of my ass and hips. Jim walked over to the TV and started looking at the connection in the back. I picked up a glass of water to give to him and pretended to trip spilling the water down the front of my T-shirt. Jim turned to laugh but his eyes were focused my nipples, quite prominent now.

"Err, I think you should change" I looked down and giggled.

"I guess" I then lifted off the shirt in front of him.

"Jeez sis… give me a break here"

"Come on brother, we used to take baths together"

"Yeah, when we were five"

I walked up to him; I could feel his breathing heavy. Looking into his eyes I said, "do I turn you on?"

He stammered and tried to clumsily move away, but I placed both of Kirsten's hands on his chest and moved them slowly up around his neck.

"Jimmy, I am not a virgin. I have needs"

"Buu buut your…" Kirsten then moved her hand over his hard cock as she squeezed it we kissed. Jimmy lost all control. He took the shorts off of me and while he was licking my pussy he shrugged off his pants. The pleasure was back. Perhaps it was because I haven't been in a woman's body for a while but the fireworks were back even more so. He moved from my pussy to my mouth. I watched him stare at his cock at it slowly entered his sister's pussy.

"Sis, ohmagod, sis, your so tight… oh sis… I can't believe this"

"Fuck me brother, yeah fuck me hard, harder… do me good"

He picked up his pace and he hammered me, his sister and his grandfather. Is there such thing as double incest? The fireworks were back again and again. The pleasure took up my mind.

Afterward, there were no doubts, no regrets. Not after the first time, not after the fourth.

Part Four

I looked over at my grandson Jimmy he was sleeping. In his sister's body I had given him a hell of a work out. I slipped out of bed put on Kirsten's bathrobe and walked over to the body of Ken. I pulled out the device and FLASH. I looked up at Kirsten; she was in the daze period where her own mind was now starting to retake possession of her body. I slipped out and returned to my room above the garage. I was wondering about the moral complications I created. I decided it was best that I leave now. First of all I was feeling guilty about taking over Ken's life let alone the moral depravity I created within my own family. I wrote a note saying that I decided to return to the University and that I would contact them soon.

I wondered how Kirsten's relationship with her brother would be like now that she was thinking on her own. I stopped by her bedroom window and peeked in. There was Kirsten giving her brother a blowjob, so I guess she had come to grips with her true feelings.

I got a cab to the airport and got Ken a one-way ticket back to campus. Just before boarding I went back to the rest room area and pointed my device that looked like an ordinary camera to someone who was just arriving. He turned out to be a guy named Ray Berman who came to see the New England Patriots play the Oakland Raiders tonight. I gently sent Ken toward the gate and in minutes he was walking onboard the plane.

I as Ray Berman walked toward baggage claim. I knew that I was going to be met by my best friend Alex and his wife. I was starting to feel those urges again. I was starting to control them, at least I like to think so, but in reality I was just getting used to pushing them away a little bit longer until it was uncontrollable. I knew that if I got in the car with Alex and his wife, that I would wind up fucking her. I knew they were decent people and that I couldn't let that happen. Just as I walked out of the concourse I aimed the camera toward a taxi driver, just then someone bumped into me and the device went off FLASH.

In an instant I was being jostled and shoved finally someone pulled my arm and I was in a Limo with four guys. "Melissa are you okay?" I nodded yes. The Limo departed and I realized my situation. I was in a body of woman named Melissa Stark, a sports reporter. I then realized that my body-switching device was gone. Ray Berman had it, probably wondering how he came in possession of a camera.

"We have to turn back," I said. The man next to me put his hand on my knee asking, "Why Melissa, what's the matter". I faced the man his name was Al Michaels.

"I left my camera behind, I dropped it just as I got in the car" "Ha, hey hon, how about I just buy you a new camera, what would you like? Nikon, Minolta, my favorite is Leitz or we can as Marty to give you the number 6 camera to borrow, it only focuses on Swanny there"

"Hey Dennis I'm serious" I said. This Dennis Miller was always joking around I knew. Al squeezed my knee, "Mel, someone probably picked up that camera and its gone by now".

The man named Dan Fouts spoke up "just hope you didn't have any pictures on there from you interview with Jay Fiedler." Everyone in the limo laughed. But they were right, Ray probably left already. I searched the mind of Melissa Stark. I was a TV reporter with Monday Night Football crew, we were going to report on the game tonight, the same game that Ray and Alex were going to at Foxboro Stadium. I never watched football, but Melissa had a great deal of knowledge about the game. Having been in Ray's body and mind I also knew what seats they were going to be sitting in at the game, hopefully I will be able to get away and get the camera from Ray before he uses it. Otherwise, I might be trapped in this body.

Al spoke again, "Melissa just relax, we all need to relax" he was rubbing my leg up and down and I knew what he had in mind. It seems this is how Melissa got to keep her job. I could see his bulge in his pants. I also was feeling the urges. It was getting hard to think straight. I has Melissa pulled on his zipper and took out his erect cock. "Al of course, I know how you like to relax before a game… just make sure I get the Oakland side lines tonight" Al nodded and Lynn Swann yelled "hey, come on I know most of those guys… jeez, that bitch is always getting in on my air time". I took Al's cock in my mouth and the desire was strong.

Dennis and Dan laughed, as Dennis said "hey Swanny, you want the air time you can always push Mel away and take her place"

"Shiiitt. Fuckin whore" They erupted again in laughter.

I sucked greedily on his cock, deep throating him down to my tonsils. Melissa's cunt was on fire and I was wishing that one of the guys would pull off my slacks and fuck me, but apparently, this was part of the unwritten protocol of the show. Al was boss and I was his relaxation. I started fingering the pussy and when his jism exploded into my mouth I reached climax. The fireworks were back, exploding into my head. The pleasure part of my brain was on fire. I wiped some of the cum from my lips and leaned back in the soft leather seats with my face aglow. The other guys applauded the performance.

We arrived at the stadium. I told Al that it might be a good idea to do some fan interviews prior to the game, I squeezed his cock and he told the producer that he had the idea. I was making my way off the field when one of the Oakland Raiders grabbed my hand. "Hey Melissa, wha's up girl?" Melissa recognized the large black man as Tyrone Wheatly, a running back for the team. "Hi Ty baby" he pulled me to him and deeply kissed me, his tongue exploring my mouth. I immediately felt the strong sexual urges and I had to have him. We were in the stadium underneath the seats in a tunnel. He took me by the hand and pulled me into a janitor closet. I quickly unzipped him and then pulled my pants off leaving my red turtleneck sweater on. He snapped off my lace panties and placed his big hands on my hot pussy. I knelt down to take his large black dick in my mouth. I thought of nothing else but satisfying the urge. I didn't suck him long though; he turned me around and bent me over the small utility sink. "Yeah baby, I am going to fuck you then I am going to fuck up those Patriots… yeah and you can quote me" Tyrone then shoved his cock into my pussy. He was so forceful that I almost couldn't catch my breath. He jammed is cock in and out. His fingers dug into my ass cheeks and the fireworks were back. My eyes were a symphony of lights as each thrust of his cock rubbed against my clit. Finally he orgasmed I had orgasmed three times, each one building upon the other.

"Hey Mel, thanks… that really loosened me up, I gotta get to the field… interview me later" and with that he was out the door. I was still bent over the sink breathing heavily, the pleasure was fantastic. His cum was dripping down my leg as I took a rag and tried to clean up. My panties were gone Tyrone must have taken them. I got my self-together and headed out over to the section where Ray should be sitting.

I put the earpiece in and took hold of the wireless mike. Outside the section I found Tim the cameraman waiting for me. He asked what was holding me up and I said a quick interview with Wheatly. He smiled knowingly and followed me into the stands. Ray and Alex sat where they were supposed to; I also noticed the device hanging halfway out of his pocket.

Ray looked up at me "hey look it's Melissa Stark!" Most of the fans turned to me and waved, shaking hands and asked for autographs.

"We are doing spot interviews with fans, would you like to join me over here to the side please" Ray agreed and followed Tim and me with the camera. I asked Ray a few questions. Then when we were done I went over to hug him and picked the device out of his pocket and quickly walked away. Meanwhile the director was talking away in my earpiece about my staging area, and getting ready for prompts. As we were walking down toward the field I was feeling horny again. The director was still talking to me and several other people; between that and my sexual urges I couldn't take any more and realized I needed to get out of this body. I pointed the device at Tim; it would be easier being behind the camera than in front of it. FLASH.

I was wrong. Being on the field the director had me cut to shots of Melissa and shots of the Cheerleaders and besides trying to keep track of his direction I was getting turned on by the Cheerleaders on the sidelines. I didn't realize how long a football game was, when I was in Melissa's body I knew it was 60 minutes a game, I had no idea that it would last 3 hours or more. I had to get out of this body; I looked around and saw an opportunity. He was a second string player who was injured and not playing. I walked by where he was and pointed the device to him. FLASH.

I stood up and felt the pain in my hamstring. I was watching this Asian cheerleader nearby. She turned and winked at me while continuing her routines. I chatted with her in between plays, or rather during plays – that's when the cheerleaders did not dance. Her name was Jade; she was 5'1 with long black silky hair and in her early 20's. A few seconds before half time she walked over to me and said "meet me".

As most of the team exited the field I lingered behind and saw Jade in the tunnel, she wiggled her finger to me and I followed her to a small side room, which looked like one of the trainers used. It had a small surgical table and towels and her. She walked up to me in her New England Patriots cheerleader uniform and said, "we don't have much time". I pulled down my uniform pants and took off the jock strap, my cock was 10inches erect. Jade smiled undid the bottoms of her uniform and panties leaving on her crotch less pantyhose. I walked over to her kissing her and lifting her onto the surgical table. I then inserted my fingers into her pussy, she was already wet. She jumped off the table and onto my cock. I fucked her stand up, holding her ass in the palms of my hands. Her tongue was thrusting into my mouth with the same rhythm my cock was thrusting into her pussy. The fireworks were back, yes thank you, they were back.

"Hurry up… cum… gotta… ohhhhhh yessss" I was then cumming into her pussy. I could her the teams emptying into the hallway leading to the tunnel and the field. She and I got dressed and as we left the room she kissed me and said "I'll see you in California in a couple of weeks".

That's when I thought, California was good, this player was poorly paid comparing to the other players and the well played ones were working way to hard for me. Out in California there were lots of rich beautiful people. If I took over a body of an actor, I would not only be able to have enough females to satisfy the urges, but I would have enough money to buy the equipment I needed to perfect the device. After this game, I will follow the team to California and begin looking for my new body. In fact, I think the Golden Globes were next week.

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