Breakfast, dinner and a show

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Minx, my delicious submissive has dressed in the lingerie that I left on our bed. She has done exactly as my instructions required, her hair is pinned up framing her face which is adorned with evening make up, she is so exquisite presenting herself to me, her body covered in the lightest wisps of lace, her only protection from the world around her. I chose those items on purpose, knowing her reluctance towards wearing such minimal items of attire.

I usher her to the dining room table without a word, she takes her seat opposite mine, the candle light illuminating the sexy silhouette of the creature before me. Dinner is something simple that I whipped up and is served with water as opposed to the wine to which she is accustomed. Her face shows signs of uncertainty and surprise and I grin inwardly knowing that she cannot possibly guess my wicked plans although she tries desperately to figure out my behaviour. My minx is not merely a dog who does as I say when I bark out my orders; my minx is as keenly conniving as I, her master.
We begin eating, her discomfort in her current situation is apparent and it adds to my enjoyment of the proceedings. I watch her carefully through each bite and sip, refreshing the volume of water before she has sipped more than halfway into the glass. Again I notice her stealing unsure glances of my face, I see her body begin to relax against her will and the battle has begun. She consumes 3 or 4 full glasses without realising that I am yet to finish one, and that I have not refilled my own drink from the same pitcher. The dining room curtains are open and although it is dark with only candles lighting the scene she is aware that anyone in the complex could at any time stumble across the window and see her sitting there in the excuse for clothing in which she is, while I sit fully clad, delighting in her reactions.

She is waiting for me to volunteer any indication that I know what is going on inside her body right now but that would jeopardise my plan and so I keep watching in the silence as her eating slows to a tortoise pace and she issues the smallest yawn which she attempts to stifle. I lift my eyebrows at her, making my contempt for such an action at the dinner table known. Soon she has abandoned her cutlery and is using all her energy trying to fight off the drowsiness that is now claiming her senses, she does not give in easy, but as she struggles to reign it in, the drowsiness drags her along and she takes one last quizzical look at me before giving in. “Sir, I am suddenly so very tired, perhaps I am coming down with something, please may I be excused?” I steal a small chuckle and taunt her, “Did my mix have an exhausting day today?”. I plan to wipe out her energies completely. “Yes Sir, I mean no Sir,” she stumbles “ I didn’t, I can’t think why”. I decide to let her sweat out the last few minutes. “Minx, you will not leave this table until I am finished with my dinner.” She looks slightly defeated and accepts my orders. I continue at my slow pace, prolonging her evident agony until the last bite is taken and her head droops with fatigue.
She hops into bed and I make my way in due course, letting her accept that what has happened is merely a fluke. Her weariness has long since carried her off into slumber and I now begin to put my plan into phase 2.
I take her limp limbs moving them as my hands move down under the duvet, lightly removing it. I have put the heater on so that the change in temperature will not startle my minx to awake. I slide off her panties looking at her delicious body; she had even forgotten to remove the offending lace lingerie in her weariness. I lift her bum and slide under it a disposable diaper, smiling to myself as I imagine the humiliation and torture this will bring her in a few short hours. I fasten it tightly around her, making sure it is exceptionally puffy padding her pussy and apply super glue to the sticky seals. I then place earphones gently to her ears having made sure of the volume on my own ears first and lastly I tie a silk blindfold over her eyes robbing her of her sight. She has barely stirred at all so far and I am hard at the thought of what is to come. Those sleeping pills have worked marvellously and as an afterthought I tie each ankle to the opposite side of the spreader-bar, she does stir momentarily at the awkward position but the has done its job.

I get down onto the bed, a knee on either side of her sense deprived face, as all the hottest pictures of my minx come flooding my through my mind and I think about the internal struggle she will deal with in losing control tomorrow I play with myself, my cock right in front of her face, knowing that she can smell it, watching her unconsciously taking deeper whiffs of it. it baby, smell your master” I whisper as my hand pulls me off faster and faster. I aim for my other hand, not risking my plan by taking the chance of waking her, I then smear my cum softly over her lips and below her nose and massage the rest into her beautifully juicy breasts.

I fall off to sleep, anticipating her awakening. I could not sleep long, just long enough to rejuvenate my lust for her. I switch on the audio connected to the headphones she is attached to. It plays ever so softly the sounds of sex recorded from a porno of endless fucking. Her mind is registering the sound unconsciously and I see her breath start to change and her thighs attempting to rub against each other. The sweet torture has begun.
She is slowly showing signs of waking as I sit watching her, waiting for realisation to hit home and freeze her blood for a second. Her eyes are fluttering open, the movement on the blindfold is clear and she must be wrestling with the thought of temporary blindness or still being asleep, but then her mind kicks into gear and she absorbs the noises in her ears and just before her heart starts to race she realises that this is part of a game. She moves her arms around somewhat pleasantly surprised that they are free to move. Deviously she decides to enjoy the attention and her obvious arousal shifting softly on the bed entertaining the extreme horniness I have plunged her into. She cannot rub her thighs together thanks to the spreader-bar to which she is attached, but she moves her free hands down wanting to stimulate herself the old fashioned way. Her hands try this approach and then that, but the diaper is deterring her efforts and her frustration at this is beginning to show. Thanks to the tightness with which the diaper was tied she cannot even slip a finger under the edges and her efforts become more concentrated. I watch in pure enjoyment as her feisty nature takes over and she attempts to free her wet pussy but her efforts are in vain. I crank up the volume of the head phones, still saying nothing while the smell of my cum and the sound of sex has pushed her into a violently desperate level of arousal. In this fraught state she rubs the front of the diaper in hopes of causing enough pressure to bringing herself a tiny bit of relief, but the diaper is so well padded that her rubbing has no effect and she is left despairingly horny and very much without control.

The anxious look on her face is fuelling my evil thoughts and I am revelling in her distress. My cock is so hard that it is jumping at each contrived effort that she makes. Her face suddenly changes to an irritable mass of grumpiness and I know that all that water has done the trick – she has just realised her need for relief and this urgent basic necessity is biting at her thoughts constantly as she runs through her options. I can’t help giving myself a stroke in her panic. She considers the wicked mind of her master, knowing that I want her to use the diaper but not allowing herself to be degraded in this way, she fights it. The lusty urges that receded at the pressing need of relief now come flowing back in abundance and she fights these here before me, my stroking now becoming an even pressure, while she squirms around on the bed, fighting her ownership, Her own self control, her primal needs and her stubborn personality. Just as the urge reaches an intolerable demanding level her body relinquishes the control, her wetness seeps into the diaper, she wets herself and I spray my cum all over the offending white fluffy item of chastity.

story by: kitten101

Tags: romance domination/submission bondage and restriction fantasm bdsm authoritarian sex story

Author: kitten101

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