Brothers having fun

hi im a 17 year old guy and my older brother is 22. This is what happened when i found him masturbating 🙂

I walked into his room to borrow some body wash and cracked open the door slightly. What i saw surprised me quite alot. My brother Colton was watching porn on his laptop and quickly jerking his long cock. It had to have been at least 7.5 inches long. My dick got hard almost instantly.

I walked in but he didn't notice me because he was so enthralled in his porn. I looked at the screen and saw two really hot guys fucking. I was shocked to find him watching gay porn. GAY PORN. I got hard really fast. "Ummm hey, need a little help?" i asked. "O shit, sorry sorry i didn't hear you fuck."

"Calm down its fine i was just wondering if u needed some help with that. "

"What do you mean?"

"Well i was hoping you wouldn't mind if we had a little fun."

"OK go ahead." He said with a cocky grin on his face. "Have at it." He winked at me so I got on top of him and started to passionately make out with him. His tongue fought with mine but i eventually won. I started kissing down his jaw and neck down to his nipples. Once i reached them i sucked on one while i played with the other with my finger. His dick got harder if it's even possible and he moaned really loud.

I Continued down his perfect body, tracing every contour of his belly and V with my tongue. I reached his beautiful dick and licked all around the base of his shaft making him squirm in complete ecstasy. I grabed the base of his cock and started to lick all around hid nice purple head. "Fuck ya Blaze, ohhhhhhhhhh fuck suck my dick suck it please."

I pushed my head down his shaft till i was about 3/4 of the way down and masssaged the bottom of his cock with my tongue. He writhed in pleasure while i went all the way to the bottom of his 7.5 inch cock.He tasted like fresh sweat and it got me sooooooo horny i wanted him to fuck me right then. My nose pressed to the skin at the base of his cock just as he shouted "OH MY GOD!!!!!! IMMA His hot cum spilled from his cock and burst into my mouth 6 ropes of hot sticky cum hit the back of my throat. The salty liquid had a tangy sweetness I couldn't get enough of. I swallowed it all and went back up to kiss him again.

But instead of kissing me he flipped me over and started to eat out my ass. he got my hole wet and slippery with his spit and then spit on my hole. "Are you ready cuz i am" he said and started to slowly push his dick in my virgin hole. I felt the pressure build until his cute little head popped into my ass. It burned at first but i liked having it there. Giving me a second to recover he started pushing farther and farther into me. The pain got more and more intense until it reached it's apex and Colton was fully into me.

"You like that hot cock deep in your ass Blaze?" "Hell ya Colt fuck my ass now."

He pounded into me with all of his strength his balls slapping against mine and him hitting my G-spot. I had never felt anything like it and found myself wanting his cock more and more. He humped me for about 15 mins while also reaching around and grabbing my hard cock. The combinaton of his jerking and fucking pushed me over the edge. I came all over my stomach and the sheets.Colt Heard my moaning and started pumping faster and faster. pretty soon he came deep in my ass.
After he was done he pulled his cock out and we walked to the bathroom to take a shower together. We washed eachother paying close attention to eachother's cock and balls.when we were done showering we went to his room and layed on his bed.

"its a good thing you live alone and mom and dad don't care if i come over."
"Ya you're tellin me. You need to come over more often. You are one great fuck." he smiled at me and kissed me again.
"I know i wish i could but with you loving two hours away i don't really have the time to come over here…. Unless you don't mind if i could move in here?" i asked hopefully
"If mom and dad are ok with it I am. They might go for it. Tell them they would have more time alone and it will give you some independence too."
"We can Skype them tomorrow and ask."
"Alright sounds good to me. Oh and Blaze you wont need that extra bedroom you can stay in here every night.
"Really! Awsome! ill move my stuff in tomorrow. Night!"
/> "oh and by the way I think I love you."
"Good Because I love you Blaze."
I fell asleep in his arms spooning with him. It was a great night.

I woke up the next morning in Colt's arms and looked over at him. He was sooooo cute when he was sleeping. I decided I would wake him up but wake him in style. I dropped down and started to suck his morning wood. He tasted just as good as last night. He woke up not long into the blow job and chuckled. "Someones a horn dog huh haha." You know it" i said smiling with his cock in my mouth. Lets get dressed and Skype mom and dad to see about you staying. I got up and he playfully smacked my ass. I started to open the door when he said " Hey don't worry about gettin your stuff." he tossed me a pair of blue Hollister boxer briefs with white birds on them. i said as i pulled them on. I looked over while he pulled on some really cute American Eagle boxers. "I like the underwear," I purred. We finished getting dressed and walked out to the living room with his laptop in tow. He pulled up Skype and called my mom and dad. I won't bore you with the conversation but……. THEY SAID YES!!!!

All i could think is this is gonna be fun the next few months. Then Colton pulled me in for a kiss and started to lift off my shirt……

More if you want. Comment and let me know. Also tell me what you think thanks. 🙂

story by: illinoisguy96

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Author: illinoisguy96

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