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I was sitting at an out door café enjoying my coffee and book and loving the breeze as it wrapped around me.
As I am deep in book I can feel someone staring at me so I look up to see who it was but there's no way to tell there's to many people around.
There's an old man sitting across from me and two young men across the street a group of girls to my left and to my right is someone reading a newspaper. So I couldn't tell who it was no one look like they were staring so I continue to read my book. A few minutes go by and I feel it again I look up and the old man smiles at me and goes back to what he was doing the two men that were across the street are now seating near the guy reading the newspaper and the group of girls are gone. The waiter comes and asks if I'd like more coffee and pours me some more. As I drink it and put my book away and get ready to leave the two guys get up as well and follow me down the street. I walk faster to see if they speed up too. They don't thank goodness I get to the bus station and buy my ticket when I turn around they are both standing there they smile I smile back hoping they aren't on the same bus as me for some reason I feel as if they are following me on purpose.
I look at my ticket and realized the bus doesn't leave for another hour so I find a seat near my gate and I look around to make sure that those guys weren't around they weren't so I sat down and got my book out and start to read it before I know it they are calling the last boarding call for my bus how I missed the first one I don't know. I hand the lady my ticket and she told me it was a full bus and there was only one seat left I thanked her and hoped that I wasn't stuck next to a baby.
I get to bus and the driver looked mad he tells me there is one seat left in the back but I first have to put everything under the bus because there's no room I asked if he ment my purse too he yelled I said everything. So I put my purse with all my stuff under the bus. I climb onto the bus and I see it really is full. I scan the bus for the empty seat and I find it in between those two guys from the café. As I was turning around to get off and wait for the next one the bus starts to move. So I have no choice I have to sit there I ask if one of them wanted to scoot over so that they can talk during the trip they both said no so I had to sit between them. First thing the guy on my right does he puts his hand on my thigh I push his hand away that's when the guy on my left grabbed my hands I pulled my hands away and he lend over and whispered in my ear if I wanted to make it to where I was going I need to sit there and be quiet.
So he grabbed my hand forcing it down his pants as the guy on my right started rubbing my thigh and slowly moves his hand in between my legs. When the bus stops I hopped up to get off but they both pull me back down. Almost everyone gets off of the bus except for us three and three other guys the bus driver even got off the bus and another younger guy got on and he seemed to know the three guys seating near the front and he closed the door and drove off.
As we are driving the guys am sitting with stand up they force me up too and we move towards the front where the other three are as we walking up there the guy behind me rips my skirt off. I spin around to slap him and he rips off my shirt so now am standing there completely naked if front of six men that I don't know.
Then one guy grabs my left hand ties a rope around it and ties the other end to the roof of the bus. and another guy does the same to my right hand. The bus stops I look out the window we are in the middle of nowhere and I see no sign of help.
They are now surrounding me one is sitting behind me so my ass is in his face, two guys are standing on either side of me, and one sitting in front of my so that my pussy is right the in front of him. Then the guy who stole bus. is some how under me in between my legs with a camera and the other guy is a few rows away with a video camera recording everything that's going on.
The guy behind me made me jump when he kissed my ass everyone else thought it was funny no one else touched me while he kiss and licked my ass then he moved his tongue into ass hole and was fucking my ass with his tongue. I tried as hard as i could to wiggle away from him but that didn't work so i squeezed my ass and he stopped then he slapped my ass.thats when the guy on my left started to rub my breast and pinching my nipple when i turned my head to look at him he smiled and continued to pinch my nipple and with his other hand he was rubbing slowly up and down my side all the way to my knee then back up several times before I felt someone kissing my stomach and working there way down to the out side of my pussy as he kissing the outside of my pussy he starts to rubbing my clit and every once in awhile slipping his finger inside of me. No matter how hard I've tried to hide it he now knows how turned on i am and i know he knows because the first time he slip inside of me he gasped because i was soaking wet. As he started to finger my pussy i bite my tongue so that i wouldn't moan. He's still fingering me as the guy on my right start suckin on my nipple and rubs my thigh then the other two start kissing and touching and licking me again. Then the two on the my sides stopped got on their knees and tied ropes to my ankles then lifted my legs up and tied the other end to the roof so that I was hanging there spread eagle for all to see.
That's when I noticed the flashes I just remembered that all of this was being caught on tape and pictures.
Then the guy who was kissing my butt gets on the floor so he can tongue fuck my ass hole. The guy who was fingering my pussy is now standing on a seat he's gotta have his dick out because I can feel something huge and hard pressing into me I open my mouth to scream because he's so big he's ripping me open and another guy sticks his dick in my mouth he's huge too and I can hardly fit it in my mouth and he shoves it in deep. There I am getting fucked in the mouth and pussy at the same time as a guy is sucking on my nipple I realize the guy who was tongue fucking my ass now has his dick out and is slowly trying to work his dick into my ass there I am being fucked by three guys and one sucking on my nipples he stops and I can see him starting to jack off I try to look around the room to see if there was any escape that's when I see that both of the camera men are jacking off too. Then one walked over to me and cummed all over my stomach and chest then walked back over to the camera and the other guy walked over and kissed my forehead and cummed on my stomach then the guy who was fucking my ass pulled out and cummed on my chest that's when the guy who had been sucking on my nipples leaned in bite me on the neck than spilled his cum all over my chest and nipples.
They start fucking me harder and faster and at different paces I feel like they are trying to saw me in half. The one in my mouth pulled out just as he was Cumming and he let his load go all over my face. The one who was fucking my pussy grabbed my hips and rammed me hard a few good times then he exploded inside of me. Then he pulled out and slapped my ass.
Next thing I know I am being untied and helped to stand and being wrap in a blanket and guided to the back of the bus where my ripped clothes laid and he whispered in my ear did you love being a cum dumpster.
Did that just happen?

story by: Tinkabella83

Tags: fantasm sex story

Author: Tinkabella83

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