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I got to the hotel about 2 o'clock, it was warm out and I was pulling a heavy suitcase so I was hot and bothered and just wanted to check in and jump in the shower.
I closed the door behind me and breathed out. I'd had a long day and was glad I could finally relax. I put the suitcase on the bed and plugged my phone into charge when there was a knock on the door, I walked towards the door and opened it, a blonde girl was stood there breathing heavily. "Sorry to bother you" she said through her shortening breath in a very broad American accent "the elevator isn't working and we can't carry our bags up the stairs, could you help us please?"
If it was anyone else at the door I would have told them to piss off but this girl was so polite and had a pretty smile so I agreed.
I walked down the stairs and caught myself staring at the girls butt, shaking my head I forced myself to look elsewhere. I got to the waiting area by the lift and there stood a woman about 35, blonde hair and green eyes and a nice but average body. There was 4 bags so I picked them up, the woman introduced herself as Anne and introduced me to her daughter Holly before saying how grateful she was for the help.
We got to their room which was down the hall from mine and I took the bags inside for them. She took out a business card and handed it to me and said if I wanted then she'd like to buy me a coffee as a thank you. I took it and smiled politely and left the room. Just before I got back to my room Holly ran up to me and said hey thanks for your help with a big smile, I said it was honestly no trouble and she walked away. I turned to watch her and was immediately drawn to her butt again.
Closing the door behind me I unpacked a bit, made a coffee and went into the shower.
I woke up on the bed with nothing on, a cold cup of coffee next to me on the floor and a headache, bloody travelling really takes it out of me I thought. I looked at the time, I'd been asleep for nearly three hours, I stood up and reached for some underwear when the door knocked, I told them I'd be there in a second but before I could finish the sentence the door opened and Anne stood there, she looked me up and down and smiled, I reached for a shirt to cover myself up. She came in and shut the door behind her, she came over to me and pulled the shirt away, I protested a little bit but my stiffening cock had other ideas.
It's not the longest, around 7 inches but it is very thick and Anne seemed to notice this. I could smell wine on her breath and her cheeks were flushed so I assume she had been drinking most of the time I was asleep.
She took my now fully erect cock into her mouth and gently sucked, she reached down and played with my balls, she took me out of her mouth before moving her hand up and down the shaft, "Never seen an uncircumcised one before" she said before greedily putting it back in.
I think I should probably tell you a bit about myself now, I'm 34 and from England but I live in Scotland with my girlfriend of 8 years. I am in London on a business trip and to be honest it's good to get away. Things haven't been great in the bedroom department with my Girlfriend, she put on weight which doesn't bother me but it has affected her quite a lot, and I am really focused on my work and have neglected her I must admit. Even though we had our troubles I hadn't come on this trip for any other reasons other than work.
Anne was sucking and slurping noisily when I could feel my balls tighten and I moaned and coated her throat in stream after stream of thick cum that had been building up for many weeks. She swallowed almost all of it which impressed me. She stood up and smiled and left the room, leaving me stood there with a softening dick and empty balls.
I felt pretty guilty after what had happened so I called my girlfriend and we spoke about the same old boring shit we always did til she decided it was time for her to go to bed.
After I put the phone down I saw the card Anne had given me and decided to text her a message saying thank you for earlier and a winky face.
A couple of minutes later my phone vibrated and there was a message from Anne which said 'Ok'. I replied saying I'd like to do it again sometime, her reply was 'Do what?'
I said 'You know..' She said 'Say it' so I replied 'I really enjoyed it when you sucked my cock' She text back saying 'Sure, no worries'. And that was it. I fell asleep.
The next morning I got dressed and went down to breakfast and saw Anne and Holly in there eating, Anne saw me coming and smiled at me, I smiled back and made small talk but all I could think was how warm and inviting Anne's mouth was.
When I got back from work I done the usual shower and coffee when I got a message on my phone, it said 'Can I come over and suck you again?' I replied with a 'Yes' then Anne replied 'Turn off the light and put a towel on your eyes and lay on the bed ok?' I said 'Ok'.
I lay on the bed in the dark when the door slowly opened and Anne walked in and sat on the bed. 'What have you got in mind?' I asked but Anne just pressed her finger against my lips and didn't say a word.
My cock was fully erect and begging for attention when Anne licked the tip and then took the head into her mouth, I moaned with pleasure and she sucked a couple of times then stood up and walked away!
I jumped up and grabbed my phone and text her 'Where did you go???' She replied 'Sorry I have a sore throat' I replied saying 'You owe me one!' she didn't reply.
I saw them eating breakfast again the next morning and I waited for Holly to get some orange juice before saying to Anne "So when are you going to make it up to me?" She didn't know what I was talking about. I left for work, puzzled.
I lay on the bed and picked up my phone, it was just after midnight, I sent Anne a text 'I'm naked on the bed….' she replied 'Nice, I'm naked in my bed too' I replied telling her to come over and she said ok but turn the light off. The door opened and I said get in and pulled the covers back, she slowly got into the bed and I reached out and put her hand on my cock which was pulsating it was so hard. She rubbed it for a minute and I was ready to cum almost immediately I was so turned on, I shot my load in the direction of Anne, her hand was still on my cock so that was coated. About six shots came out altogether. She stood up and left. I cleaned myself up and went to sleep drained again.
The next morning I went downstairs and saw Anne and Holly eating and reading. Holly went to the toilet and as soon as she left Anne said to me "We need to empty them balls again soon don't we!" and winked at me. I smiled and nodded. On the tube on the way to work all I could think about was coming on Annes face.
I got back to the hotel and I had a text almost immediately which said 'Fun tonight?' I replied 'What do you have in mind?'
She said 'Wait til 1am then come in and eat my pussy, be quiet though, my room is left when you come in.'
I lay on the bed with a raging hard on counting the minutes til 1 oclock. I shut my door and gently opened Anne's door, I turned left and went into the room and shut the door behind me, I dropped my robe and walked towards the bed, I could smell the sweet smell of pussy in the air which made my cock stand to attention. I went under the covers and found my way to Anne's pussy, it tasted so sweet, a mixture of pussy juice and mango body butter. I flicked my tongue over her clit and pushed it inside her a few times, she grabbed the back of my head and pulled me down onto her as she came, she was quiet and trying not to speak obviously so she didn't wake her daughter up.
When I'd finished I asked if she wanted me to leave and she said /> I opened the door and walked out as she said under her breath I stopped and froze, that wasn't Anne's voice! I switched the light on and there was Holly naked on the bed with a soaking pussy and bright red cheeks. She kept saying she was sorry and please can I not tell her mum and she was shaking. I sat on the bed and everything started making sense, I said that was you coming into my room wasn't it? She got very embarassed and nodded. I saw her mums phone on the table next to her bed. Her eyes widened as she saw my cock with a mind of its own start to grow, I tried to stop it but it was impossible, it was now fully hard and Holly could not take her eyes from it. "Can I touch it" she enquired, I just nodded as she came towards me, her body was perfect, toned, tanned and I was just staring at her as she stood in front of me and reached her hand towards my cock which was the hardest it's ever been. She stroked it slowly and I could tell she had never done this before so I guided her to get her into a rythmn. She kept saying "cum on me, cum on me" and looking at me with those beautiful eyes. I was ready, I moved her hand and started to aim my load across her breasts and tummy, cum dripped down inbetween her legs and onto the floor.
She grabbed a towel and cleaned herself up before getting into bed and smiling. She patted the bed for me to join her so I climbed in and she cuddled up to me and we kissed and talked for a bit. My cock had decided to spring to life again and push against Holly's leg, she giggled and rubbed it with her hand. I reached down and gently parted Holly's pussy lips, she gasped and closed her eyes as I pushed a finger inside her and rubbed her clit with my thumb at the same time, her orgasm was building up because she was panting and kissing me but she was also still rubbing my cock which was very close to unloading another few streams of cum. She bit her lip as she came but she also pulled at my cock and guided the head towards her wet pussy, I managed to get about half an inch inside her as I came all over her hand and lips. I kissed her and quietly left her masturbating on the bed, my cum all over her body and the bed.
The next morning the door knocked and Anne stood there, she said Holly had gone swimming with another girl from the hotel. She came in and told me they were going back to America tomorrow but she knew exactly what she wanted right now, she grabbed at my shorts and practically ripped them off, she lifted her dress over her head and lay on the bed and opened her legs, her pussy was much hairier than her daughters but was just as wet. There was no foreplay, she just guided my cock to her soaking pussy and took the entire thing deep inside her, "Fuck me" she begged so I grabbed her ass and pulled her down onto my length, she was screaming and digging her nails into my chest and back. An orgasm tore through her body and she was shaking as she regained her composure, "Cum inside me" she said, I thrust into her faster and deeper as I felt the sperm leave my balls and fill Anne's pussy, stream after stream of thick cum until I was completely empty. We lay there for a while before she got up and got dressed and left. My balls were starting to ache from all the attention I was getting but it was so good.
A few hours later my phone rang, it was Anne, they were ready to leave and wanted a hand with the bags again. I helped them down the stairs and into the waiting area, they called a taxi and Anne whispered in my ear she was going to miss our fun but she told me to message her. I agreed.
When the taxi arrived Anne put the bags in the back and when she was gone Holly handed me a brown envelope which I put in my coat. The taxi drove away and I went back to my room. I opened the envelope and there was a piece of paper with Holly's Kik messenger name and a note saying 'thank you for making me cum xxx' there was also a pair of her panties in there, freshly taken off.
I regularly speak to both of them still and we have been toying with the idea of me visiting them in America. If this happens then I will be sure to write another story!

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