Butterscotch part 4

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10:00 pm

So there we both were on the London Underground; our faces luridly painted, our bodies clad in black satin and lace, in leather and tartan, in silver and steel. I had never looked like that in my life but since having met Tamsin, my life had changed. I had learned to live for the moment, to dwell in the present, to savour its possibilities and to delight in the full range of sensations that constitute being alive.
I looked at her now as the train sped through the seemingly endless blackness of subterranean London. She was the indefinable epitome of beauty – a protean creature of the night; ever changing, ever elusive but as real and as tangible as I was. Or was she?
Looking up at me; there was a deep seated hunger in her blue eyes. Those eyes, formed by the alchemy of the sun upon the boundless sea, only had to smile and the world vanished; reverting to the formless chaos that was its true, undisguised state. Nothing else existed save those two eyes floating in the ether. But then she spoke….

“I see you’re having no problem traveling by train,” she whispered.

“Problem? Why should I have a problem?”

She nodded approvingly. I was her young apprentice, her acolyte, her captive. But I was a willing captive. If the boys back in the office could see me now, if anyone who was used to the “city boy” lawyer incarnation of me could see me now! But that was another me, from another time, from another place. I was beginning to understand what Tamsin meant when she talked about being in character to the point where you experience a sublimation of the self. You enter a transcendental state like an actor in the Noh drama of Japan. Once the mask is donned the ego vanishes and the body becomes a receptacle for enlightenment. But that enlightenment might only be a glimpse; a momentary revelation of truth and that truth only a personal truth – but better than no truth at all.
I turned and saw a white-haired old woman standing beside me. She smiled good-naturedly and I returned the pleasantry. Maybe Londoners were used to seeing people on The Tube with their faces painted in lurid shades of red, white and black.

The train began to slow.

“This is our stop, Peach,” Tamsin whispered.

I felt a tingle of excitement as we left the train for a relatively quiet platform. We were in Soho.

A few streets away from the Tube station there was a narrow alleyway – a relic of the city’s long history before the advent of motorized transport. It was called Lovecraft Street. It was one of those inner city streets; tucked away from the bustle of the business district that had long been converted from a dangerous backwater into the haunt of London’s avante garde. We passed tiny boutiques, multi-ethnic bistros and a small gallery as Tamsin led me to the far end of the street where a narrow flight of stairs led to a basement level door. A few people smoked and talked in low voices by the stair. As we got closer, I could see that these men and women were dressed and made up in similar fashion to ourselves. Tamsin took my hand and led me down the stairs. She looked back at me and smiled reassuringly. I was entering her world. At the base of the stairs we were met by a tall, slender woman with long, raven black hair. She wore a body hugging black velvet dress that reached to the floor. She towered over both of us and her eyes narrowed with curiosity as we approached.

“Joshua, this is Chiara, the owner. Chiara this is my friend Josh.”

Chiara spoke with a European accent that I couldn’t quite place; she might have been German, Hungarian or Czech.

“A pleasure to meet you Jossua,” she purred, “Tamzin and I have known each other for years. Welcome to Creatrice ”

She kissed me on both cheeks in the continental manner and with what felt like genuine affection while I drank in her beautiful perfume. I felt a tug on my hand and we left the alluring Chiara to greet her other patrons.

Despite being at basement level, the club was surprisingly spacious. A well stocked bar took up one whole wall; there was a raised DJ’s station behind the central dance floor and tasteful, Scandinavian style furniture was scattered about. The rear wall was covered by fantastic artworks ranging from well known work by Gustav Klimt, Franz Stuck and Egon Schiele to the erotic biomechanics of HR Giger.
It was now 10:30 and quite a sizable crowd had gathered. And what a crowd it was;
dressed in shining black, in iridescent feathers, in metal and in lace and in luxurious velvets and satins of every hue. Each face was painted, but far from being in disguise, these people were expressing their true personas, making manifest their inner desire to escape the shackles of mundane normality. This world could be mine to embrace. I had been led to its very threshold by my beautiful guide and I was glad.

The club pulsed with base and hummed with the latest electronica. The tracks were mainly long remixes of sophisticated Euro-Techno, Trance and House; many of them sung by women with sultry sexy Germanic voices. We listened to several tracks and relaxed before Tamsin gripped my hand and led me out onto the dance floor. The base was intoxicating and the hum penetrated your very soul. Once you joined the crowd, its energy possessed you like a surging ocean swell. You entered it and you were part of it; a breathing, thinking cell in a powerful, dynamic body.

So I found myself immersed in a sea of bouncing hair of every hue; flame red, ebony and chestnut brown. All around me lithe limbs; tanned, dusky or pale, moved rhythmically like the fronds of some exotic sea lily. Hips swayed and eyes met, lingered longingly on each other or blazed with momentary desire then moved on. In that effervescent sea of beauty there was one jeweled object that stood out. I took her hand and drew her near. She smiled appreciatively, bouncing and swaying to the beats and the base. Her hair flowed; seemingly with a life all its own, her delicious breasts shook and her hips moved with pure poetry. This woman was the embodiment of desire, the very personification of lust, the quintessence of beauty, and she was mine.

We danced for another hour, enjoyed several excellent drinks and savored the exhilarating atmosphere of Creatrice. Then I felt a hand draw my face down. A breathless, urgent whisper in my ear bade me follow. She led me slowly through the tightly knotted but still pulsing crowd to the far wall. There stood a powerfully built man who might have been the club’s bouncer. Like Chiara, the owner, he towered over us but one glance from Tamsin made him bow his head and smile amiably. He stepped aside and I saw that he had been standing in front of a small black door. I was intrigued. This door would have been all but invisible against the dark wall so I wondered why it needed a guard.
He opened it for us and we stepped through into a well lit, plushy carpeted corridor. At the far end was another door but before opening it Tamsin turned to me; her eyes full of mysterious light,

“This is it Joshie; the inner sanctum. When you enter here you will be in the presence of the triple goddess.” I looked at her eagerly. “All the goddess asks of you is your love and devotion and in return she gives you the most exquisite pleasure.” I nodded solemnly; my head pleasantly light,

“I obey.”

she smiled slyly. “I think you’ll like what you find in here.”

The room was dimly and discretely lit, sweet incense laced the air and the club’s signature Euro-Techno could be heard softly in the background like a heartbeat. There were no furnishings on the luxuriously carpeted floor just a profusion of cushions of all shapes and sizes. Long veils of silky fabric hung elegantly draped from the ceiling and three of the walls were also covered in soft carpeting. Against the far wall, on a small pedestal, stood a fantastic sculpture depicting three beautiful women. Wrought of heavy bronze, this was the focal point of this hidden chamber.
Tamsin now led me to one side of the room where, to my momentary surprise, I saw a couple reclining on the cushions. He lay back blissfully relaxed, with his eyes half shut while she; with her head resting on his chest, treated him to a slow blowjob. I couldn’t help staring as his thick cock, contrasting against dark leathers, emerged suddenly from between his legs only to disappear into her sucking, red-lipped mouth. If they were aware of our presence, they could not have cared less. He now raised his hand lazily and caressed her hair and she responded by swallowing him with renewed vigor.

I felt Tamsin pulling me away gently and a few meters further on we watched another young couple. This time a pair of beautiful, smooth, naked legs were wrapped around a bobbing head of black curls. A gentle chorus of sighs and moans led my eye up to a pair of heaving breasts with pert pink nipples; like the first rosebuds of spring. The woman looked up and smiled when she saw Tamsin and I looking down at her. Further on, another woman wearing a revealing black lace top bucked on top of her lover whose painted face somewhat resembled mine but for the delirium of pleasure that he was in.
I turned to Tamsin and saw her smile with triumph. She made a broad gesture,

“You like?”

All I could do was nod dumbly. I then felt her hand grip my belt,

let’s find a spot,” she whispered.

She led me to a place beside another, almost totally nude couple who were kissing. They looked up as we sat down, smiled at us and nodded in welcome. Finally I began to relax as I saw them resume their passion. I sighed as I lay back and two eyes of spectral blue drew near and melted my very core.
Tamsin’s fingers gripped the back of my head and her lips locked onto mine. My mouth was soon aflame and as her tongue began to explore, I buried my palms in her supple shoulders. We rolled from one side to the other, gradually shedding our clothes. I glanced at the couple next to us and was again met by the woman’s friendly smile as her lover licked and nibbled her nipples.
Never before had I witnessed the sublime spectacle of couples making love in close proximity – where I could see and hear and almost touch them. It was an exquisite, liberating experience, like no other.
The sounds of lust and passion gradually increased all around us and it became obvious that quite a few other people were now entering the room. I took off my shirt and unclipped Tamsin’s bra, releasing her magnificent breasts. I was so proud of her that I felt the momentary urge to show the people around us how beautiful she was.

Thou wert fair in the fearless old fashion,
And thy limbs are as melodies yet,
And move to the music of passion
With lithe and lascivious regret.

She licked her lips as I hugged her and kissed her neck, working my way down to her divine breasts. I sucked and bit her nipples, flicking them into arousal with my tongue. The effect on her was instantaneous. She moaned loudly and shook the red tresses she wore. I then sat up and removed her leather skirt. She wore nothing underneath. My eyes were met simply by the tops of her netted stockings and by her naked pussy. Golden and innocently bare, my eyes lingered upon it and the sight of it turned me on like nothing before.
The couple next to us was engaged in a furious blowjob and, not wanting to be outdone, I gripped Tamsin by the thighs and dragged her glistening pink slit up to my mouth. I paused to look into her face – open mouthed, she was ready, remembering what a good job I had done the first time. I was not going to disappoint her now.
Gently I spread her lips and shut my eyes. The succulent dish before me tasted better than anything I had ever eaten before. I licked the whole of her pussy with long strokes that became faster and more furious as I felt my efforts taking affect. I paused to lick the inside of her thighs then returned to her precious pussy. I teased her clit out of its pearly shell and paid it all the homage that it deserved. In response, she wriggled and gasped; holding my head with one hand and pressing my mouth closer. I then stuck my tongue as far as it would go into her depths and once again I felt her shudder as wave after delicious wave of sensation washed over her. She was wet and ready for the next round but as I had hoped, it was now my turn for some attention.
She sat up and kissed me on the cheek, licking some of her own juices from my face in the process.

“Mmmm, that was beautiful, Joshie my Cheshire. Now let me repay you the />
No sooner had she spoken than she had me unzipped and out of my leathers. I felt fine and whatever inhibition remained was soon lost when I saw the guy next to us fucking his girl for all he was worth. She returned his every stroke and he kissed her passionately driving his cock harder and harder into her. I watched them in their feverish passion as I began to experience Tamsin’s mouth on my cock. Her hand had found the perfect spot at the base of my shaft and tugged it at just the right angle; she was a master at this and when her lips and tongue moistened the head of my cock I felt it instantly swell in her hand.
The couple next to us had taken a break in order to prolong their love-making. He had pulled his glistening and ram-rod straight cock out of his girl and it lay between them ready for further use. Her glistening, raven black pussy hair and her pink swollen lips looked beautiful in the half-light. Who they were I did not know but they were kindred spirits; celebrating their love or simply reveling in their desire.
Now a silky smooth tongue was polishing my balls and the underside of my shaft and I lay back on the embroidered cushions to enjoy the attentions of my Muse.
She licked, nibbled and sucked every inch of me exquisitely but it was her hand that achieved most; pumping away at the sensitive spot just above my balls. I felt my simmering juices coming to the boil and I made her stop. She smiled contentedly and wriggled up beside me. I took her legs and parted them, then I got up behind her. She realized what I was doing and purred approvingly. She guided my cock into her deliciously warm, moist pussy. I had myself to thank for making it that way I reflected. So I settled in to enjoy my handiwork. I held her breasts and thrust unto her while she reached around and clasped my ass; pulling me still closer. I kissed and licked her neck; leaving smudges of red paint from my face on her shoulder.
The couple next to us had resumed fucking and after a moment or two, I met the man’s glance. He smiled and looked down at Tamsin. He shook his head and grinned as if to say to me, You are a lucky guy. I nodded in reply and as we both fucked we watched each other; I looked at his technique and I saw that he and his girl were obviously enjoying the spectacle that Tamsin and I were putting on.

Later Tamsin got up on to all fours and I entered her from behind. She crawled a little closer to the girl next to us and they quietly exchanged a few words. Elsewhere around the room couples were engaged in similar activities; one pair were fucking standing up against the wall, a woman was blowing one guy while another furiously fucked her from behind, still another couple were locked in a spellbinding sixty-nine. I couldn’t count the number of people in the room now but the atmosphere of lust and decadence was almost tangible as a wonderful chorus of sound rose from the writhing bodies. Everywhere there was pussy, ass, and cock. Tongues licked, mouths sucked and fingers teased, fondled and caressed.

Tamsin came with a delightfully filthy incantation; adding to the erotic symphony. She shuddered and held me tight against her loins as her back arched and her pussy contracted. Her stream of inspired poetic smut was all that I needed to take me to the point of no return about a minute later. I quickly pulled my cock out of her and guided her face towards it. She bit her lips and looked into my eyes. This was her favourite bit. She swallowed me whole without hesitation. I felt the head of my cock rub up against the roof of her mouth then she lowered her head so that I was resting on her tongue. After a few strokes of her deft hand at the base of my shaft I blew into her mouth and down her throat. I must have let out a primordial growl because I noticed some of the other couples nearby glance at me. I didn’t mind. I was proud of myself. Tamsin continued to lick and suck until she was sure that she had extracted every drop of come from me. When she had finished she gasped for air and giggled with exhilaration, wiping juice from her lips. I looked at her; humbled as she was,

“You liked that huh?”

She shut her eyes, parted her lips and nodded; her breasts rising and falling as she gulped air. For once I had rendered her speechless. After she had collapsed on the cushions I hugged her and held her close. She responded by wrapping her arms around me, sighing and kissing my cheek tenderly. After we had caught our breath for several minutes, I noticed that our neighbors were taking a break too. The girl’s face suddenly popped up from behind one of the cushions and she spoke to Tamsin,

“Hi, nice to see you here again, it’s been a while and I see you’ve brought some new blood.”

Tamsin smiled and turned to me,

“Well, yes. Alex this is Josh. Joshua this is my friend />
“Please call me Alex, Tamsin is always so formal.”

I smiled a warm greeting. Alex’s face was painted pearl white with a band of black sprayed across her dark eyes. Her cheeks were adorned with cavorting pairs of tiny black butterflies in the French rococo style, making her look as if she’d just come from the court of Louis XVI and Marie Antoinette. It was impossible to tell how old she was but I guessed she must be in her early thirties. She had beautiful pale skin, small round breasts and wore her natural dark brown hair in snaky tresses. Her gorgeous black plumed pussy I had already seen.

Her man was about the same height as me, well built, lean, tanned and with short cropped dark hair. There was something vaguely familiar about him too but I could not see far enough past the face paint to tell.

“Joshua, this is Carl.”

“Nice to meet you Carl.”

“Likewise Joshua.” Carl touched the red, white and black paint on his own face and looked at me, “Looks like we had roughly the same idea,” he laughed. I grinned and nodded then he took me completely by surprise when he leant closer and said, “Alex would like to suck your cock. With yours and Tamsin’s permission of course.” I did my best to hide my astonishment at this proposition by smiling and nodding. Carl noticed my discomfort and apologized,

“Of course I’m forgetting you’re only new here. Sorry if we startled you.”

“Err, that’s ok. I’d love you to Alex,” I nodded dumbly.

Tamsin laughed at my obvious awkwardness.

get too carried away lover-boy, house rules state that you have to become a full initiate first and that takes a little time. Meanwhile you’ll have to make do with little-ol’- me.” She feigned a pout and stroked her pussy, putting her other hand on my shoulder. Alex put her arms lovingly around Carl and looked me in the eye,

“It’s a date then, the next time we’re all here?”

I looked at Tamsin, still not believing that this place existed and that these people were real. She smiled slyly and nodded slowly.

“Sure, I can’t wait.”

We said our goodbyes to Alex and Carl and they left us in the centre of a room full of people fucking, sucking, licking and sounding like they were loving every minute of it.

go for a walk,” suggested Tamsin.

Taking my hand, she led me past couples, threesomes, foursomes. I saw Chiara propped up and thrusting herself back with all her might onto the cock of a younger man. Next to her a man had a girl lying between his legs devouring him while he lapped at the pussy of another girl who moaned and thrust her hips into his face. This girl looked up at me with dark hooded eyes, alive with feverish delight. Further on I witnessed a long, smooth cock slowly entering a perky young ass from behind. Inch by inch, like a corkscrew, the cock went in as the blonde owner of the ass sunk her fingernails into one of the beautifully embroidered cushions.

I knelt down to look at her face as she alternately gritted her teeth and licked her lips. The owner of the cock was taking his time putting his tool slowly in all the way, guided by the tan lines of what had obviously been a very brief bikini. Other couples kissed, licked and sucked in joyous abandon. I heard a guttural groan escape the throat of one guy. He was performing a furious pile-driver upon the ass of a tall girl who wore an amazing pair of black spider web-like stockings. His balls; red, loose and languid in their sack, bounced up and down upon her pussy as she tossed her hair from side to side.
Tamsin pulled my hand down and indicated that we should sit and watch. So we found a comfortable place nearby and lay down. Again I had a reality check; here I was, totally nude with a nude girl that I had just fucked sitting next to me, watching a couple I had never met, fuck only four meters away from me.

The Pile Driver’s rapidly increasing pace and was met now by loud cries from his girl. I glanced at Tamsin,

worry Peach, that’s Suzanne. She’s getting it good and in her favourite hole.”

The Pile Driver then changed his position slightly so that Suzanne was able to meet his every thrust with an equally powerful counter stroke. Soon the pair were fucking like a well oiled machine. It was beautiful to watch as ranks of muscles, cock and ass worked in perfect unison. Suzanne’s cries changed into moans of pure bliss as her juicy butt received the workout it yearned for.

Tamsin hugged me and licked my ear. She was certainly enjoying the spectacle. I noticed that quite a number of other people had settled down to watch too. Suzanne and the Pile Driver must have been seasoned performers for they seemed totally oblivious of the fact that they were playing to an audience. Suddenly he threw his head back and groaned, his fingers and palms sank into the firm flesh of Suzanne’s hips and he let loose what must have been a bucket of come. Suzanne’s ass was not able to contain it all and as he pulled out of her, a stream of milky cream flowed over her pussy and down her leg. The audience was clearly impressed; there were even one or two applause but Suzanne’s performance was not over. As soon as the Pile Driver had finished his task he lay down.

Suzanne had not moved and now she glanced at a couple of young guys nearby that had been watching her performance eagerly. Both of these guys were already hard; their upward curving cocks bouncing comically as they closed in on Suzanne, who remained on all fours. One of the two took up position beneath her while the other stood exactly where the Pile Driver had been. Suzanne said nothing; merely shutting her eyes and leaning back. Her lovers needed no cue either as they penetrated her simultaneously. She gave them both enough room to move and soon the three moved in harmony as two cocks; a few centimeters apart, filled her holes to capacity. She commenced to moan and shriek as the torrent of cock fell upon her, but she was clearly used to it and seemed to be very much in charge. I watched as all three of their faces wore every imaginable look of lust and desire. Suzanne was brought to the very pinnacle of pleasure by her two devoted servants. Then, after what seemed like half an hour of intense fucking each of them pulled out of her and stood in front of her face.

She quickly grabbed a cock in each hand and put it into her mouth. It didn’t take long for both the young men to blow. Again, she couldn’t swallow all of their come so some of it flowed down her chin and onto her breasts. She rubbed it in like a balm. The audience responded enthusiastically and, when they had finished, the three smiled and bowed.
After the trio’s departure I saw several of the couples that had been watching resume their lovemaking just where they sat. Suzanne and Co had obviously provided some inspiration.

Tamsin stood up and signaled that I should follow. I got up and ran my palm across her shoulders, down her back to her golden ass. She paused to let me fondle her treasures then we went over to the carpeted wall. Here she turned around and hugged me,

“Ready for some more?”

I looked her in the eye and smiled. The paint on her face gave her an otherworldly look but she was still as beautiful and as desirable as ever.
The wall sloped outwardly and at one point a pair of armrests had been built into it – like the grips on a gym machine. I vaguely wondered about these until Tamsin suspended her self between them like a gymnast,

“This is where the Come Slut sits. She’s a woman, any woman who wants to be penetrated by anybody and everybody – the more the merrier.” She spoke in an awed voice then quickly added, “Before you ask, I’ve never been the Come Slut, I’m very fussy about who fucks me.”

I smiled at the compliment and with that, we kissed. I felt Tamsin’s hand envelope my already hardening cock. All it needed was a few firm pumps from her hand and I was rigid and ready once more. She gripped the padded armrests and I turned her around. Now as her beautiful ass presented itself to me, I felt my cock twitch and my balls retract. I massaged and kneaded her butt while easing my shaft into her succulent pussy. She gripped the arm rests tightly as she began to thrust back into me. The support of the wall gave me a firm foundation upon which to exert as much force as I could. But we had plenty of time for that. Tamsin now leant forward; giving me the opportunity to drive my whole length into her at several angles. I felt her pussy becoming wetter and wetter and I savoured the sensation of being able to ram my cock into her as far as it would go. I held her shoulders to give me even more leverage.
Further along the wall other couples were enjoying the same act and at one point a girl with her face painted in peacock hues wandered past, paused and ran her hand slowly down my back and across my butt,

“Mmm, Tamsin’s a lucky girl,” she whispered and slipped away.

I slammed my cock into Tamsin and heard her giggle with delight. I then slipped a finger into her ass and massaged it as my cock was continuing to do its work beneath. I felt her hand reach back to stroke my abdominals and rake my navel.

I now felt her juices moisten my balls and even my thighs. I thrust even harder; bringing all of my strength to the task and soon she came. Her back arched and she gasped for air; overwhelmed by the flood that now consumed her entire body.
She sat up and purred,

“Oh Joshie, you’re an angel or a demon in />
I now lifted her off the armrests and gently laid her head on the floor cushions. I paused to enjoy her loveliness and she looked up at me with a look of perfect serenity in her eyes. But I could wait no longer; my body clamored to release the pressure within. I got onto my knees and rubbed the head of my shaft all over her dripping pussy. I couldn’t believe how wet she was and when I entered her, my entire length slipped easily in. I propped my self up on my arms to better enjoy the vision of Tamsin with my cock buried deep inside her. She rolled her eyes until they were lurid slits of white, she grasped the pillows then reached around to hold my ass cheeks; bringing me as far into her body as nature would allow. Finally she brought her legs up to rest them on the small of my back and I spread the flesh on her thighs; giving me further leverage. Now I felt my cock reach the apogee of its hardness and soon I pumped hot reserves of come into her that I didn’t know I had. I howled with lust and contorted my every muscle; as though to squeeze every drop of my precious fluid into her ravenous slit. My fingers; I later saw, had left their impressions on Tamsin’s waist. At last, I rolled over and collapsed, breathing hard. I saw her smile and stroke my hair as though I was a puppy.
We lay there on the floor for what seemed like ages; the sounds of lust and passion all around us had not diminished. Tamsin rested her head on my shoulder and together we listened to the blissful erotic chorus.

Then she whispered in my ear,

“Tomorrow is my seventy-fifth birthday; she’s expecting us for lunch at one pm. She’s a real darling and we only have each other.”

story by: Piquet

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Author: Piquet

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