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Elizabeth fished her key out of her purse, waving at her upstairs neighbors who waved back before walking into their home. She walked around the staircase to her front door catching her reflection in her kitchen window. Elizabeth was 5’3, porcelain skinned, slender, had long blonde hair, blue almond shaped eyes and lush pink lips. Most girls she knew that were her size were toned, tanned and perfect. Not her. She was all curves with a 38DD chest, a nice heart shaped butt and soft peaches and cream skin. Balancing one of the paper bags full of groceries on her knee, she unlocked the deadbolt. The door swung open and she readjusted her hold on the bags. A carton of juice jumped out of the bag and spilled all over the threshold and her doormat. “Ah, Crap!” She muttered and quickly raced into the kitchen, setting the bags and her purse on the counter. She grabbed a handful of paper towels and hurried back to the spill.
scream.” The deep timbre of a man’s voice said from the doorway, aiming a small pistol at her chest. She gasped, recognizing him. He was the man who let her jump ahead of him in the checkout line and who had ran after her in the parking lot when she left her wallet behind at the register. She had smiled politely and thanked him. She didn't think she was sending any signals, she was just being polite and friendly as she had been raised to do. Could he have sensed that at the time, she had thought that he was good looking? She had noticed that he was tall, dark, muscular, full lips, nice smile, hair cut in a close fade and dark brown eyes that were nearly as dark as his skin, but she never said or did anything that would encourage this pursuit.
Now as he kicked the door shut, never taking his eyes -or gun- off of her, she just thought he looked incredibly dangerous. Her adrenaline was pumping at top speed and terror raced freely through her veins. Calm down and cooperate. She took a steadying breath, forcing herself not to break down in hysterics like she wanted.
He said gesturing with his gun to the living room. She turned gently, peeking over her shoulder when they were in the living room. He motioned for her to move to the end of couch and he moved to the chair closest to it. She lowered herself down onto the couch slowly, watching him as he sat down. He was wearing a grey zip up jacket over a grey T-shirt that was tight over his broad chest and dark jeans. Calm and unblinking, his dark eyes watched at her steadily and she felt it fray at her already strained nerves. She had heard somewhere that it was psychologically harder for a person to kill or harm a captive if the captive remains "human" in the captor's eyes. She swallowed the knot of fear in her throat and spoke. “I’m Elizabeth.” She said softly, hoping for a name in return but he looked at her stonily. Her anxiety rising, she moved on. “Can I get you something to drink?” She wanted to show him kindness and hopefully get his DNA at the same time.
 “You got a beer?” He asked and she looked to her kitchen.
I think so.” She said and got up, the man trailing her to the kitchen. She looked longingly at her purse, but headed straight to the fridge. She opened it and pulled out a bottle of beer. She handed it to him over the counter, her hand trembling slightly which gave her fear away. His eyes flicked down to her shaky hand holding the beer and then back up to her eyes. He accepted the bottle, their fingers touching briefly. Her skin looked snow white compared to his ebony skin. He slowly took a swig, his eyes on hers, indicating that he was in no hurry. She stopped a cry of relief when her phone rang.
“It’s my boyfriend.” She lied and made a move for her purse. With school, she had no time for anything but the occasional one night stand. It was more than likely her mother. “He might be on his way-”
it.” He ordered lethally, setting down the bottle harshlyand she froze in place, pressing her lips together to keep from speaking out against him. “Go on.” He said nodding to the living room. Reluctantly, she went back to sit on the couch, the man sitting back down in the chair. Finally, after what felt like an eternity of watching her, he looked around the room, his eyes landing on the piano. “You a /> She said and stood up, walking over to the grand piano. “I could play /> He said and when she turned to look at him, he shook his head curtly. She looked back to the piano, quickly thinking through what else he could want; what else would get her out of this mess.
She said and looked him directly in the eyes. “I only have a couple dollars on me, but we could go down to an ATM-”
 “I don’t need your money.” He said acidly and she felt the tears sting the backs of her eyes. She blinked them away, her heart in her throat as she whispered;
A soft plea for her life but he didn’t say anything or move, only continued to watch her with those unnervingly dark eyes. “What do you want?”
 “Take off your clothes.” He said clearly and stood up in his unhurried but looming way. Her eyes widened and he nodded his head down the hall where her bedroom was. “In there.”
Elizabeth felt his words like a blow to the stomach. He meant to violate her in the most degrading way possible. Everything in her wanted to bolt, to scream and cry for help but he would just shoot her and leave. Her stomach twisted into knots as she stammered her next sentence.
B-but you don’t need your gun.” He looked at her measuredly, appearing as though he was deciding something. “I will do anything you want me to.” She said forcing herself to look into his eyes, her lips trembling slightly as she drew in a breath. He squinted at her for a moment and then seemed to find truth in her words. He leaned down to set the gun on her coffee table and then stood back up to his full height, almost two feet taller than her. He advanced on her and she backed into the wall with a loud thump.
  “Go on.” He said and after a moment of hesitation, she walked down the hall to her bedroom door. When they were in front of the door, he grabbed her arm with one hand opened the door with the other. After he looked around the room, he led her inside and she turned to face him after he shut the door. “Take off your clothes.” He ordered again in a authoritative but soft tone.
She winced briefly before she took off her scarf, sweater and flats, tossing them aside. After watching her remove her shirt and skirt, leaving her clad only in her plain cotton blue front clasp bra and matching cotton panties, he shed his jacket and shirt showing his washboard abs and bulky arms. She couldn’t beat him in a feat of strength. She doubted she could even outrun him. He looked her over from head to toe, his eyes lingering on her chest.
"Lay down." He ordered looking her in the eye and she quickly looked away. Angered that there was nothing she could do to stop this and terrified that this was really happening, she sat on the end of her bed and laid down, staring up at the ceiling. "Take them off."
She wanted to tell him to do it himself, that if he wanted to rape her then he could do it without her help. But she knew better. Despite how victims acted on T.V and in books, antagonizing your captor was an incredibly stupid idea. And she had already told him that she would do whatever he said.
Breathing shakily she brought her hands to the clasp of her bra and took it off, doing the same with her panties. He stared at her naked body and she felt her entire body flush by being on display against her will. He stripped off his jeans, fishing his wallet out of his pocket. When she saw him pull out a condom, she closed her eyes. God, this can't be happening to her! This had to be a nightmare.
When she felt the bed dip under his weight, she opened her eyes and he slid his body against hers as he maneuvered into place to rape her. He lean down to press his lips to hers but she quickly turned her face away. Momentarily surprised, he kissed her cheek and then her ears and then her neck. She kept her eyes on the wall to keep herself from crying, determined to try and survive this with dignity.
He kissed down her chest, his hand sliding down between her legs. She clenched her legs together automatically and he twisted her nipple in retaliation. She cried out and he let go. "Don't pull that shit again. Do you understand me?" She nodded and his hand slid softly down her belly again and she forced herself to bring her knees up and spread her legs apart. He drew a nipple into his mouth as he ran his fingers through her soft pussy hair, then dipped his forefinger into her slit and over her clit. Easing her protective hood back, he began to gently run his finger over and around the edge of her growing nubbin all the while kissing and suckling her boobs. Elizabeth ground her teeth together when her traitorous body started to respond to his combinations, creating a tingling feeling in her stomach and pussy. He kissed up her neck, still massaging her clit with one hand and tweaking her nipples with the other, and bit gently causing her to gasp brokenly. She felt the sensation from her head to her toes and hated herself for it. She felt the winding in her stomach and snatch, knowing that an orgasm was building. Elizabeth tried to stop the pressure winding tighter and tighter in her but couldn't. Her breath became jagged and short, her body finally at its breaking point. With a quick moan, she came hard, bunching her sheets in her fists. He withdrew his fingers and looked down at her and smiled, showing her how wet she was. Humiliated and pissed at herself, she turned her face away.
"Look at me." She looked back at him and was quickly petrified at the intensity of his stare. There could be no mistaking the look of sheer lust and total possession in his dark eyes. He repositioned himself between her legs, maintaining eye contact the entire time.
She felt his enormous cock press into her entrance and involuntarily whimpered. He pushed his dick all the way into her and she choked back a cry, gasping through the pain of accommodating his large cock. This time, she couldn't stop the tears that escaped. He lowered his head, placing his cheek against hers as he waited for her pussy to adjust to him. Why? Why would he care if she was in pain or not? For god's sake, he was raping her! She wiped away her tears and after a few moments, he slid his hands under her shoulders and knotted his hands in her hair. He pulled out and then slammed home without warning, his dick not able to fit all the way into her. Pulling back, he did it again, starting to fuck her with long, hard strokes.
After the pain subsided, new sensations began stirring within her. Her rapists' dick was so long that every time he pulled out, he hit her g-spot. Her breathing gradually increased and instinctively she started moving in rhythm with him, her body making its own choices. He snaked his hands down to cup and knead her ass before he quickly rolled, switching positions.
She looked down at him, her mouth a perfect 'O' of surprise but he moved his hands to her hips, guiding her up and down in a quickening pace along his long shaft to meet with his thrusts. Taking his dick in further, she moaned leaning her head back as he filled her. Her body started tightening and her pussy started constricting around his cock with every thrust. She couldn't stop her body from reacting to what he was doing to her and she was disgusted with herself for enjoying even a moment of it, but she needed relief from the pressure building inside of her. He increased his pace, his hands moving up to the fondle her breasts and tweak her sensitive nipples. She rode his cock like a woman possessed, seeking release.
"You. Are. MINE.” He grunted between thrusts. He felt her body tense and her pussy pulse but he grabbed the back of her neck and brought her lips to his, forcing her to kiss him. His lips branding hers, he slammed into her one last time, taking them both over the edge and making them both cum simultaneously. Her body convulsing, the orgasm ripped through her, his lips muffling her cries.
He shot several loads into the condom, her pussy milking him the entire time. She took a few deep breathes, realizing what she had just done. He stayed underneath her and she felt the bone deep shame and disgust hit her like a brick wall. Had she willingly participated in her own rape and enjoyed it? She turned her face away when he dropped his hand from the back of her neck, but otherwise she didn't move. Mortified at herself and her situation, she started crying. He sat up, taking her with him and she kept her face averted not wanting to be further humiliated. He grabbed her chin and turned her face to him. Hadn't he already taken enough for her? Couldn't he let he have what was left of her pride? Using his thumbs, he wiped away her tears and she eyed him warily. Kindness or gentleness wouldn't endear her to him now.
"Here's what's going to happen, Elizabeth. We're going to go shower, get dressed and then I will leave. Now, you can call the cops as soon as the door shuts but you won't be able to prove anything other than the fact that we had sex, even with a rape kit. And after the cops track me down by looking up the credit card I used at the grocery store, they'll see the surveillance video of you and I being friendly to each other in the checkout line and our little interlude in the parking lot. They'll take me in for questioning and I'll tell them that when we spoke in the parking lot, you invited me back to your place for a beer and then we had mind blowing sex." She stiffened but said nothing. "Or you can save yourself some time and energy by not filing a report, but really that part is up to you." He shrugged and looked at her. "What's it going to be?"
"Can I ask questions before I decide?"
"You can ask questions but I may not answer them."
"Why?" She whispered brokenly. "Why me?" He didn't answer so she took a deep breath and continued. "What's your name?"
He said after a moment of silence.
"If I don't file a report, will you leave me alone?"
"No." He said and she drew back in surprise. "You are mine now; report or no report. I was just letting you know how it would play out if you did file a report. Sure, you could get a restraining order but what good is a piece of paper for protection? The police won't be able to hang around forever and I'm a very patient man." She looked at him in horror, stunned into silence. What could she do? She couldn't just let him get away with this and hand over her life to him!
"And for future reference, I would like you to be on the pill and shave your pussy." She glared at him in outrage, heat searing her cheeks. He was so arrogant, so confident that she'd just obey him!
"And know this, Elizabeth, the harder you fight or defy me…" He smiled darkly, baring his dazzling white teeth. "The harsher I retaliate."

story by: Jesa124

Tags: male/female fantasy rape reluctance black sex story written by women

Author: Jesa124

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