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At 30, Emma still doesn't realize how attractive she is. Being 5' 5" she is neither tall nor short but can always be found in a crowd. She has a beautiful smile, a cute face with high cheek bones and beautiful brown eyes that seem to glisten. Though she hates it, her long thick curly reddish-brown hair reaches past her shoulders complements her fair complexion perfectly. Her well-toned body seems to be all legs. Her black yoga pants accentuate her long gorgeous legs, as well as her tight sexy ass. Christine has worked hard for her flat stomach but even with all her beauty she still hates her modest B cup breasts. Emma is standing at the curb trying to flag down a taxi cab, Kentucky Derby week is very hectic especially at the airport. I catch her eye and we lock stares. I follow the natural sway of her hips, the motion of her sexy ass in the tight pants, the pants accentuate a pair of long sexy shaped legs in high heeled pumps. I follow the view until she sits down. Finally I have my limo stop and I approach confidently and tap her on the shoulder as I beg forgiveness for bothering her. I ask her if she would like to ride with me to the hotel. We begin to talk about the derby and small things about ourselves. I offer lunch to her but she declines saying that she needs to return to settle in and unpack.

I hand her my business card with my number on it and tell her to call me when she has a free evening this week so that I can take her to dinner. Smiling, Emma accepts as I mention to her that she is simply a beautiful woman. I mention that her legs look sexy, she turns to go to the elevators, she feels my eyes locked on her lower half as my eyes move from her hips to her legs to her high heels. I find myself smiling knowing and hoping that I receive a phone call sooner than later. The chance to be seen with her would be a pleasure. A day goes by with no phone call, then around the lunch hour I receive a call from her asking about dinner later that night as she found some free time. I accept the invitation as we make plans to meet at a local restaurant. Agreeing to meet in front of the restaurant so that we can walk in together. Emma rushes back to her hotel room and begins to go thru her clothes to see what she can wear that will be appriate for the ocassion.

As the time approaches for our rendevous, I shower and dress for my date. Once done and prepared for the evening ahead I leave for the restaurant. As I stand outside in the cool night air, I await the arrival of Emma. Not having to wait for long, a long black dark limo pulls to the curb. As the driver steps around to the rear door he gently pulls it open. The first indication I see is a black open toe sandal touch the ground. It's silver stiletto heel clicking as it touches down on the hard cement. Followed by the other I watch mesmerized as Emma steps with a hand for assistance out from the car. As she stands up then steps back I feel myself becoming instantly aroused with admiration. I take a step back to allow her to walk towards me. As the door closes, standing before me is a beautiful young woman with long auburn hair.

Watching her turn to face me as she smiles and takes a couple of steps towards me. I look into her eyes and finding myself staring. Catching myself as she approaches and gives me a hug while kissing my cheek. I snap out of my lust filled look. Feeling myself flushed for staring, I say hello followed by my lustful look and tell her how beautiful she is. I take her hand and lead her to the restaurant doors. I step aside allowing her to walk in first. I follow close but not too close behind her. As the door closes behind us the maitre'd steps forward and allows us to remove our coats. As soon as he moves behind you, I gently nudge him as I move to his place behind Emma. I reach up and take the corners of her coat and slide it from her shoulders and down her arms. It's at that time that I see that she has worn a short dress with a nice slit running up the side of her left leg. Her beautiful frame filling the curves of the material perfectly. Her beautiful sexy legs encased in light colored stockings as they meet her ankles to the sexy stilletto heels strapped onto her feet. A true vision of perfectionism.

I take your hand in mine and turn to you and again, tell you how beautiful you look and what a dress that is. I also mention how stunning you are standing there before me and that I am truly honored to be with you tonight. We begin the walk to our table, deeper into the back of the restaurant we go. All eyes are on you for as you walk the lower part of the dress opens exposing your beautifully crafted long sexy legs. The spike of her heel glistening off the floor lights causing reflections upon the walls. I'm proud to be at her side with her arm intertwining through mine. We reach the table as the maitre'd pulls her chair out for her, I lead her to her seat as she sits down. I tuck her chair in further as her dress opens revealing her sexy smooth thighs to me and to the other guests seated around us. I take my seat across from her. We order wine for the evening as the maitre'd leaves her side. He returns shortly with a botlle of Merlot and pops the cork. He pours a small bit into my glass as I sample the wine. Giving my ok, he pours more into my glass before moving to her side of the table and pours until the glass is half full. He places the bottle on the table and leaves.

The evening progresses without a problem. As our plates are cleared we consider dessert. We order a small cheese cake and decide to share it. Emma tells me to move my chair closer so that we can share it together. I move to her left side so that I can be closer to the exposed leg peeking out from her sexy dress. As I position myself close to her, I place my right hand on her thigh. I rub lil circles on the top portion of her sexy leg as we await for our dessert. The waiter seeing that I have moved closer to her, he smiles at her as he sets the plate down between us and lays 2 forks down. He says enjoy as he moves away. I continue rubbing her smooth thigh as we take turns nibbling the cheese cake. I make an attempt to rub higher on her thigh and meet no resistance, I hear a low moan emanate from her but I'm not sure. I continue caressing her thigh as I do, I feel the band of her stocking tops. I feel myself becoming more aroused by this new finding.

I continue to caress and feel the motion of her thighs parting. I move my hand further towards the inner thigh and still no resistance. Becoming bolder with each motion I move to the upper part of her thigh and am met with bare smooth skin. Running my hand over the bare skin as I rub lightly with my fingertips I find a garter strap. My arousal is now a full erection. As I shift in my chair, I hear her moan again. I move my hand further between her warm thighs and again am met with the thin fabric of her thong. I caress the outside of the fabric as my fingertips rub against the bareness of her thighs. I have stopped nibbling on the cheese cake by now and am focused on touching her. The waiter approaches and asks if there will be anything else as I say no, I hand him my credit card and continue rubbing her thigh and thong covered mound. We leave the restaurant for my hotel suite, as she enters the suite my hand grabs her from behind throwing her towards a wall. As Emma stumbles to the wall to regain balance, my hand covers her mouth.

" Shut up," I whisper in her ear. My hefty body is pressed flush against her back trapping her against the wall. As Emma opens her mouth to yell, I press a hand against her throat. She feels tears begin to well up in her eyes but fights them back, only letting one escape down her cheek. " Listen up Emma, you give me what I want and I'll let you enjoy the derby. I'm going to fuck you and I'm going to fuck you hard." After hearing me, Emma begins flailing and screaming into my hand. I chuckle at her struggles, " You enjoyed me touching you, just give it up." Emma begins shaking dreading whatever is going to happen next. She stood there, pushed up against the wall sobbing. Emma can only stand there feeling me shifting my weight and moving my legs as I force her further over to a dark corner. " Here's the deal," I begin, " I don't care if you cum but if you do you will thank me for fucking you, and if it hurts, which I'm sure it will, you will still thank me." Emma begins to feel my hand travel slowly down her chest to her stomach. Though she is terrified at the thought of where I'm going my hand feels hot as it slides toward her navel. Goosebumps begin to rise on her warm, damp skin and as she closes her eyes accepting her fate, she is spun around, now with her back to the wall. She is able to face my shadowed silhouette looming over her. She can't make out any details but she knows I'm big, 6'5 with the shoulders of a linebacker.

" Shh," I commanded as I then placed a hand on her throat and abdomen. My fingers nearly reaching all the way around her dainty neck. The hand on her stomach begins sliding up to her chest, her defenseless exposed breasts are my target. I firmly grab her left breast squeezing it, then her right. " I like these," I murmur seconds before grabbing her dress and ripping her dress off. Her mouth and throat free Emma begins to inhale to scream. As she opens her mouth I shove a large piece of her dress inside her mouth. " You don't want to do that, you will spoil the fun," I joked. Like a puma I snatch Emma's' hands to force them above her head. Bringing my face only centimeters from hers to warn her, " If that cloth comes out of your mouth I will quickly choke you until you pass out." Emma hated admitting it but I smelled, nice.

I begin switching her hands into one of my own allowing my free hand to explore her body. I startled her as I grab her ass and plunge my stubbly face into her chest. I'm not gentle, I roughly suck her right nipple into my mouth, roughly teasing it with my tongue, releasing it with an audible " pop." I then repeat the process to her left breast. This continues for several minutes, as she bites down on her gag holding back tears. My rough treatment of her nipples left her sore and sensitive, and yet aroused. She cannot ignore the fact that she enjoys having her nipples teased but this rough treatment has her both terrified and feeling aroused in a way she has never been before. Emma begins to sob in shame as she realized she is slowly becoming wet.

" There ya go, I bet that has your pussy all ready for me, well I hope, for your sake." Then just as sudden as before I spun her around, again pushing her face into the wall. " Behave. Now put your hands on the wall and keep that gag in your mouth." My hands begin to slowly caress her shoulders, then wander to her breasts as I lightly squeeze her sensitize nipples. Emma is feeling helpless, closing her eyes, beginning to enjoy my hands making her feel new uncharted pleasure. Just as sudden as it began it is over, no more gentle touch, the beast is back. In a flash my hands went from feeling like those of a lover to a monster tearing into its prey. I grab the back of her thong, lifting to grab as much material as possible only to rip them off. Emma begins to sob again as she feels the cool air on her ass. In shock she just stood there waiting, her hands pressed firmly on the wall as her head hung low. She knew what is next. I had tricked her into arousal as a part of my sick game. With a thud and a clang my pants hit the floor.

" Emma you are about experience a new kind of pain," she hears me spit on my hand then rub her slightly moist pussy. She hates herself for gasping in pleasure as I rub her swollen clit. I then put my whole hand over her hot mound and begin to rub like I'm trying to start a fire. " were the only noises that can be heard through Emma's make shift gag as she bits down and moans through this extreme pleasure pain. Within 15 seconds Emma experiences an orgasm that left her weak, her legs soak and my hand drenched. Before she can come down from her euphoric high, I cram my entire cock into her overly sensitive tight passage. " UUHHNGGG!!" is all I hear as I shove all 9 inches of my thick cock into her cunt. My thrusts are so powerful Emma is lifted off the floor. " Awe, I bet that feels good, well at least it did for me." Emma, using her remaining strength, begins to brace herself for more torture but instead I hold my considerable girth within her unprepared pussy. I chuckle as she digs her fingernails into the wall and sobs. " Remember what I said? What do you say?" I begin to slowly withdraw my weaponized cock from her womanly sheath allowing Emma a chance to finally catch her breath and begin to acclimate to the python forced inside her. Though her respite is short lived as I again slam myself balls deep into her defenseless vagina.

" Say it," slam! " Say it," slam! " Say it Emma!" I then completely withdraw only to slam into her pussy penetrating her so deep I thought I felt the wall. Emma nearly collapsed from this abuse digging her nails into the wall, shrieking into her gag while experiencing another mind-blowing orgasm. Then again I drive my cock forward with all my strength, " say it," another powerful thrust, " say it," then another, but before I can say the words Emma gives me what I want. " Thhhnnnkk yyyyew!" she yells into her gag. Her pussy feels like it is on fire, never has she wanted pain like this but with it came an intense pleasure she has only dreamed about. Emma begins sobbing due to both shame and pleasure. She then feels the air move all around her. I had again spun her around, we stood face to face but now I have her enveloped in my arms. Never has she been this afraid or excited. She has never been with a man that is a sexual brute. Emma realizes she is merely a rag doll for me to play with.

I easily lift her crotch to my waist before savagely impaling her pussy with my raging hard cock. The two simultaneously moan in pleasure as my cock bottoms out. Emma can only lay her head on my collar bone and desperately hold onto my shoulders as I continue to violently impale her on my cock. She did not know how much more her little pussy could take as I show no sign of slowing down. My hands begin to shift, she is worried to find out what is next. Then, surprisingly I turn them together in order to rest my back against the wall, taking a couple of steps away from it I then place her hands around the back of my neck. Placing my forehead against hers I seductively whisper, " I know you want more," then moving a hand from her ass to entwine my fingers into her thick, beautiful hair I then whisper " ride me." Emma shamefully looks down only for me to yank her hair back forcing eye contact, reminding her " I wasn't asking." Emma did her best to conceal the small smile stretching across her face but she knew I saw it.She then firmly grasps my neck and begins to slowly writhe back and forth on my throbbing cock.

Emma is grateful for the chance to go slow and gently but knew that " gentle" is not what either of them wanted. Slowly she begins to pick up the pace and increase the speed in which she slides down my cock. My approval came in the form of me muttering," yes" and " fuck yes," along with me pulling her hair to really slam her down on my cock. My moans of pleasure are modest but Emma is in another world as she moans in sheer pleasure, she knew she could spit the gag out but she liked how it made her feel used. As Emma is getting her rhythm, even enjoying having her hair pulled, I again flip the . I suddenly drop to my knees, bringing her with me, then literally throwing her on the floor. Emma can only lay there sapped of all strength from the great sex, to her surprise I slowly found my way to her, kissing her inner thighs and sensuously kissing my way to her chest. Surprisingly leaving her breasts alone I slide my arms under her to grasp her shoulders. Emma feels safe and awaited my next move. I firmly grip her shoulders and slide myself inside her. Both gasping in pleasure, she knew this game is coming to an end, but knows I will finish strong.

Biting her lip and closing her eyes she feels waves of dark pleasure wash over her as I continue fucking her. Slowly, with every thrust I grip her shoulders and firmly pull her down to truly get in as deep as possible and Emma didn't want it any other way. My deliberate pace is both powerful and controlled. My control over my desire to finally reach my climax is a showing of my endurance and will power. She fears my power over her. Emma writhes and digs her nails into my back as she anxiously awaits another chance to cum. I stare passionately into her eyes as I pull her in at the same time as a quick powerful thrust locks us together. I then stop, holding my throbbing cock fully sheathed inside her.
Emma is on the verge of tears in anticipation for the single greatest orgasm ever experienced spits out her gag to growl " fuck me, you fucking bastard." She barely makes out a smile creep over my face moments before replying " Thank you." I grasp her shoulder with one hand then a handful of hair with the other then give her the most powerful thrusts, she has ever experienced. I bury my face in her neck by her ear as I savagely fuck her. I whisper horrible things: " you like getting raped bitch, you like my cock slut, I'll fuck your ass next," hearing these horrible things made Emma cum harder. She feels herself squirt all over herself and the wonderful bastard inside her. Moments later I gripped her shoulder so hard she feared I drew blood as I gave several final thrusts before unleashing a torrent of cum inside her abused cunt. The heat from my sperm is shocking as she feels she is on fire.

Emma is unable to move due to exhaustion, is now left alone nude. Crying, she looks around using her shaking hands to cover her ravished body. " No, no, why…why me," Emma sobs as she rises from the floor to stumble to the bathroom. With tears streaming down her face, she has a quick flash back to those intense thrusts, then feels a curious tingle between her legs at the idea of being mounted by me again. That bastard fucked her like an animal, not some stranger? Then heading to the bathroom she begins to think of what can possibly happen next time and take care of that tingle between her legs. She thought as she turned to flick on the light, looking up to see me. " Holy shit, John, you scared the fuck out of me!" Emma laughed before noticing how hungry my eyes were, and how they hadn't risen above her chest since she had turned the corner " John?"

She yelps as I grab her by the wrist roughly yanking her into the bathroom. She starts to scream as I shove her into the sink, knocking her breath away as the porcelain edge hit her in the stomach. Emma feels my body pressing against hers, then feels my breath on her ear as I grab her wrists and hold her hands down against the cold porcelain. Though she thought she was strong, she is no match for me. She sees our reflections in the mirror as I spoke into her ear. " I'm just getting started, Emma. I have all night. Just save your energy and let's do this the easy way." I reach up and grab her breast. She tries to swallow the lump in her throat unsuccessfully, and nodded into the mirror, closing her eyes as my hand squeezed her breast. My hands are warm on her goose-bump covered skin, and Emma shivers under my touch. Emma feels me grinding my hips into her ass roughly, pressing her further into the sink as my hands squeeze her breasts. My hands lingering on her tits. I grab her left breast roughly, her pink nipple hard from the cool air. Emma sees me bite my lip as I stare at her chest, before our eyes met in the mirror. Emma looks down, but I grab her chin roughly forcing her to turn her head toward me and then I press my mouth to hers, painfully pushing her lips into her teeth before pulling away.

" Look at me, Emma. God, you're such a fucking tease." I pinch her nipple, making her yelp in pain. Emma tried to protest, but is silenced with a hard kiss. I had to move her hips away from the sink, Emma took her chance and tried to wiggle away from me. She quickly realized her mistake as I grabbed her hair and yanked her back into the bathroom, fury evident on my face as I threw her to the floor. " Emma, I told you not to waste your energy. Now you're wasting my time too, bitch." " Fuck, you are a little slut. Being treated roughly gets you all wet." My finger pushes past her folds and into her pussy, wiggling a little for emphasis. My exploration didn't last long, and the fingers of my free hand are soon fumbling with my pants. After a few seconds, Emma feels my warm, hard cock again pushing toward her pussy. Within a few seconds I find her entrance and push myself in fully in one hard thrust. Emma gasps as my cock hit her cervix. She hears me sigh and slowly withdraw, almost pulling out before slamming back into her. The force of my thrusts drive her forward, bumping her hips painfully against the sink and her head against the mirror. " Fuuuck, you are one. Tight. Bitch." I punctuated the final words with a thrust. " But enough playing, Emma."

Emma looks up at me as I tangle my fingers in her hair, but she is still unprepared for me to yank her head back and begin driving my hips forward with more speed and force than before. Emma tries to struggle away from my grip, but I only yank her head back further, making her cry out in pain. My cock hitting her cervix again and again as I thrust harder and harder, driving her hips into the sink, bruising them. Emma started to cry, despite her best efforts. I look down and moan as I see the tears streaking down her face. I bite my lip and slow my thrusts. " Fuck, you're gonna make me cum, Emma."

" Oh fuck, please don't cum inside me again, John. I'm not on birth control. Please, don't." Emma sobbing as I slow my thrusts. I yank her head up further so our eyes met, and I smile at her as she tries to quiet her sobs. The look in my eyes frighten her, but she is desperate to avoid pregnancy at this stage in her life. So when I yank her up to her feet, she didn't fight it. She let me kiss her roughly, and move to her knees when I begin to push her down. She looks up at me as I grab her head and moved it toward my throbbing cock. She can speed things up by giving me a great blow job, she thought.

Emma licks the tip of my cock playfully, swirling her tongue around the head before sucking it into her mouth and bobbing her head up and down until the tip reaches the back of her mouth. She brushed her tongue along the bottom as she bobbed down, trying to make me cum as soon as possible. She is startled when the gentle pressure on her head increases as I begin push her mouth further and further down my cock. Emma gags as I begin face fuck her, but it didn't seem to deter me. With each thrust I push my cock further and further down her throat, making her gag each time. I smile at her as I force my cock into her throat. Emma struggles to get free but I held her down. When I finally pull back, Emma gasps for air.

Before she has fully recovered, I force my cock down her throat again, pushing until her nose is buried in my pubic hair. Emma begins to gag, trying to force the intrusion out but I groan and grind my hips against her face. My eyes closed as I begin to breathe heavily as she grew light headed. I pull away as her struggles grew weak. " Shit, that was close, Emma. We almost had a little accident. Maybe we shouldn't risk that." I haul Emma to her feet by her hair again, then return her to her position bent over the sink. Emma closes her eyes, resigning herself to her fate. She bites her lip as I once more slide inside of her. I'm gentler this time, easing in and out of her, holding her head down with one hand. She relaxes slightly, closing her eyes, wondering if I'm trying to delay coming and going slower as a result.

She receives her answer as she feels gentle pressure against her asshole. Emma's eyes shot open and she once again begins to struggle away from me. She hears me laugh cruelly as I press my thumb into her, finally pushing past her resistance despite her fighting. I hold her down tightly and wiggled my thumb inside of her asshole while continuing to fuck her. " Fuck, I was hoping to get inside this ass, but you're so fucking tight. Wouldn't want to tear anything." Emma whimpering and wriggling under my hands, realizing my thumb is not going to leave her ass as I begin to pound into her roughly again. My pace became more frantic and Emma realized too late what would happen. " John, please don't cum in me, please don't," Emma begs me, but her cries fell on deaf ears as I begin to fuck her with more and more force. Finally, she feels my cock jerking with in her pussy and my hips press firmly against her as I came inside of her. With a few more slow pumps, I sigh and lean over, kissing her cheek gently, pulling my softening dick out of her abused pussy.

" I'm going to call the cops," Emma is calm for the first time, still lying on the sink, looking up at me. I only grin at her as I zipped my pants, and reach over her to wash my hands. She stares at me, but stood up and begins to put herself back together, a little unnerved by my calmness. Finally I spoke. " It's your word against mine, Emma. Your word against mine. Why do you think I was careful not to rip anything?" I smiled cruelly at her. " You should get some sleep, Emma. It could be a lot worse. I mean, feel free to try." With that, I dried my hands and walked out of the bathroom, leaving Emma sobbing.

story by: horny fox

Tags: fantasy sex story

Author: horny fox

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