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My name is Rick. I’m 35 years old. I am married with no kids. Unfortunately after many attempts and heartbreak we found out that my wife (sarah) cannot give birth. It is somewhat disheartening knowing that I married someone who cant produce a baby to carry on my good name. I tell her that we will adopt and make due, but honestly after we found out I immediately decided that I would more than likely impregnate someone else and convince her to let that baby and that woman into our lives. IF she wants to leave me because I fucked someone else so I can have a baby she can. Sarah is very attractive. She is skinny in shape and has a very beautiful face and long blonde hair. She’s borderline too skinny and likes to keep it that way. While most men would appreciate that, I don’t. I love curvy woman. I need a big set of tits and a big fat ass. I want to be able to hold on to something while I’m fucking. I want her to push her tits together so I can blast her face with cum and watch it drip onto her cleavage. Anyways back to my wife. I do love her but with the recent news of her infertility and her addiction to staying skinny, I feel I have been more inclined to be attracted to other women.
Im not saying I am cheating on my wife but I have been caught staring at other woman a lot. Weather we are at a bar or in the mall the woman with exceptional curves will 100% be getting stared at so I have something to daydream about when my wife sucks my cock on the way home. Usually she yells at me for staring at women, I argue with her for 15 minutes in the car, then I grab her and kiss her at a red light. I pull her hair sexually, and force her face onto my dick. She likes when I take control most of the time so I always do. While she works my cock slowly I think about the girls I was staring at and pretend they are the ones putting the tip on my cock in their mouths. MY wife wont suck my dick if I shove it down her throat. So I let her do whatever she can do. Usually gets a couple inches in and uses her tongue like a pro. What I really want to do one night is take the back of her head and push it down in my lap so I can feel the entire length of my cock slip past her tonsils and settle in her throat. I want to watch her struggle and gag and choke before I let her breathe again. But again she said she wouldn’t suck my dick if I did that so I never do.
With all that said usually me and Sarah spend our weekends with the neighbors and get wasted. The neighbors have a big house with a pool and a Jacuzzi. Needless to say most of the time we go over there. Mike and Trish are the neighbors and they have two kids Erica and Roy. The weekends are what I look forward to the most in life. Not just because we drink and have fun but because Trish is stacked and Erica, the 18 year old daughter, has really came into her own in the last couple years and is taking after her mother. Me and sarah have had plenty of arguments about Trish mostly. Trish has the body that I wish Sarah had. She had a perfectly hanging set of D tits. The kind of tits you know when she takes her bra off they don’t sag to the floor. The kind of tits when they lay down on their back they still look like perfectly round mountains, firm but with a natural sway and jiggle. I have only been so lucky as to catch a peak at her nipples and they are perfect just like her tits. Half dollar size, not protruding too far, but enough to see the outline in her small bikinis that she wears.
Erica is someone that is just put on the earth to make older mens dick hard, that’s it. She is about 5’ with a huge set of C tits that literally fall out of every bikini she wears. She is skinny but defined and toned. If you are looking at her front you can see that she is carrying a huge plump round muscular monster behind her. Sometimes you can just see the muscles at the bottom of her stomach that just go right along with girls that are carrying a cannon behind them. It can put you in a trance and make you completely forget about where you are. Erica wears the bikinis that she used to fit in all the time. It seems like recently every time I came over her bikinis just seemed way too small or didn’t fit properly. She was always adjusting them and untying and retying them right in front of me. As if she was teasing me and wanting me to look.
Trish and sarah are good friends always talking and saying inside jokes and busting mine and Mike’s balls about our shortcomings. 3 beers in and he’s already slurring was their famous saying. Me and Mike can drink but if we stumbled on 1 word they would jump on us like we’re drunk. Another one that I think I have debunked is when they crack a or joke. I never knew what they were talking about until Sarah drunkenly told me that Mike was a “little guy.” Since he is about 6’ I knew she wasn’t making fun of his height. I also knew they weren’t talking about me because I happen to have a very big cock. I doubt sarah has said anything to Trish about me being huge because Trish already flirted with me enough so for Sarah to tell her I had a big one would be a death wish.
I have a feeling the ladies next door know that I have a decent cock let me tell you why. Although it rarely happens once every couple months both my wife and Mike are gone for the weekend. I always know that Mike is gone and still go next door on Saturday as if I had no idea. Well let me say that before I went over I had to get dressed. Usually I wear a pair of board shorts and a pair of khaki shorts over those shorts. Now my wife usually lays out my outfit to wear next door. But I had to pick out a pair when she wasn’t around. When Mike is around I just grab a normal pair of shorts. But….When I know he isn’t around and neither is my wife I grab my old nautica shorts I used to wear when I was a teenager. These shorts were tight shorts and really should not be worn in front of women unless you were trying to show off. I am a humble person with money and cars and stuff but once in a while my ego gets the best of me and I like to flaunt what the good lord gave me.
So I went next door and acted like I didn’t know Mike had left. I walked in the backyard and Yelled for mike. I noticed there was a window open upstairs and steam billowing out. I yelled and I saw Erica lean out the window and said “he’s not home, come on in, my mom will be down in a minute.” I walked into the kitchen and grabbed a beer when I heard a distressed “ugh, what the fuck.” I yelled “Is everything alright?” Erica responded “I locked my blow dryer in the bathroom.” I laughed and said “how did you manage that one?” I walked up the flight of steps and turned the corner when I saw Erica shaking the doorknob. She was in a towel that was barely covering her ass cheeks and just set above her nipples with a very loose towel knot. I let her shake the knob ferociously for just a couple seconds and just as was reaching out to her to say that I was going to take care of it, her towel dropped to the floor. With the towel dropping so did my jaw and my bottom eye lids. I tried to freeze time for as long as I could as I stood there in complete awe. I soaked in every inch of her tits and as she turned around to shield her front she exposed her naked plump cheeks and bent over slowly to pick up the towel. When she bent over her butt cheeks spread just enough to envision me sliding my fat dick between her oily ass and just feel her curves caressing the sides of my dick. When I heard her say I snapped out of my trance and said “ I ugh, im, sorry, I was gonna, then the towel, I….” she smiled and I continued “I have a tool in my car I’ll be right back. So many thoughts were crossing my mind like did she let the towel drop on purpose, did she take her time covering up because she wanted me to look, did she bend over and show me her tight ass because she wanted me to take her right there in the hall way? Either way I had to take a breather and let my erection settle before I went back upstairs to help.
I walked back up the stairs to see Erica in a bathing suit and had a shirt covering her top. Trish walked through the hallway and mentioned she would be downstairs while I helped Erica. After helping her and heading out to the deck I saw Trish laying in her chair applying oil to her legs and stomach. Usually Mike would rub her shoulders and back. So I sat around really hoping she would ask. She didn’t. Soon after finishing up conversation about what she wants to with the yard. Erica came out, she had changed into a different suit (I noticed right away). Everytime she wore this suit even her mom would say something like “cant you put on a different suit, that thing is waaay to small for you baby.” Usually she would abide and put on a different suit. This time her mom didn’t say anything (as long as mike wasn’t home she didn’t care what her or her daughter wore). When Trish didn’t say anything I knew it was going to be a long day by the pool. I immediately went for the hard liquor and brought out some wine sangria for the ladies. Erica was allowed to have 1 or 2 when the parents were around. When Erica drank she would be so flirty with me that her mom would have to tell her to behave herself. Erica would always smile when her mom said to behave. I knew she was a dirty slut. So I laid by the pool as the girls laid in the rafts stomachs down in the deep end. They tanned with their tops untied and bottoms scrunched into their cracks to prohibit tan lines. So I obviously wore sunglasses and stared all day, hoping to catch a glance of her side boob when they moved. Eventually Erica asked “are you gonna lay there all day or are you going to come swimming? I mean it is 95 degrees out and you are sweating pretty bad.” I wiped the sweat from my forehead and said “I guess you are right.” She and her mom were still face down with tops untied holding hands to keep their rafts together, when I slipped into the water quietly and swam up from underneath. I pushed off the ground and lunged upwards and knocked them both off their rafts. At this point I was pretty drunk and they had drank to glasses each themselves so we were all feeling pretty good. As they splashed into the deep end of the pool I saw their tops floating on top of the water so I snatched them up so I can help them put it back on. I think they forgot they had them undone because when they surfaced they acted like their boobs’ hanging out was not an issue. They laughed and said they didn’t want to get their hair wet… I stared uncontrollably at both sets of tits as they swam for the edge of the pool. They looked at each other and laughed when they realized they didn’t have their tops. I said “I didn’t know they were They said “yeah sure” As they struggled to get them on they asked me if I can help with the straps. I knew they could do it themselves but I happily agreed and went over to make sure they were loose enough to fly up when they jumped into the pool.
I immediately asked if Erica could do I dive with no splash as that always seems to get people to try it when your drinking. She said “I am a pro watch this.” She gets out of the pool using the ladder and I just watch in amazement as she jog walks over to the diving board. At this point my cock is completely enflamed. With seeing their tits and them asking me to help with their tops I was dying. She gets to the edge of the diving board and start to bounce joyfully. Knowing that her tits were jiggling softly and bouncing up and down she continued and ask me if I was ready for her dive. I said “lets see this perfect dive.” As she bounced the last two or three bounced I noticed her bikini which was completely too small for her bursting tits, was dropping lower and lower and her nipples were getting closer and loser to popping out. Then on the last bounce her left tit broke free and her nipple was fully exposed. It looked just like her moms nipple only more appropriately located on her breast. Erica’s nipples allowed her to wear smaller bikinis and show off more breast ( which I liked a lot). She dove and splashed a tiny bit. As she resurfaced, I applauded her efforts and said she killed it. I noticed she did not fix her tit and it was still out. Her mom had gotten up to use the bathroom. It was just me and Erica in the pool. She splashed me and said “I told you im a pro.” She looked at me and said “you haven’t got out of the water at all today, it’s your turn to dive and not make a splash.” I am staring at her tit blatantly but still listening. She notices me staring and says “Ew Rick why didn’t you tell me,” with a coy look on her face. I said “I didn’t even noticed” and shrugged and said “I am not a good diver but I can give it a try.” I knew this would be the first time Erica or any woman has seen me in these short tight white shorts. I was still pretty hard from looking at her tit but decided I won’t get many opportunities to show her without being an absolute perv. So I adjusted myself so that when I got out of the water it would look like I wasn’t trying to be obvious about showing it off. I stepped out of the pool and looked down quickly to see what it looked like, it was sitting perfectly in my shorts and tracked down my leg. As I walked toward the diving board I thought maybe she won’t notice maybe she will call me a sicko… ugh I didn’t know if she has even seen a dick in real life (although im sure shes has). I confidently turned around and walked towards the end of the diving board. I finally look at Erica sitting in the shallow end away from me who immediately starts working her way towards the deep end. I notice she has her eyes fixated on my mid region. I don’t have a six pack so I knew she was looking at my shorts and just wanted a better look. She literally hung on the edge of the pool right next to me on the diving board. She was rooting me on until she got right next to me she was saying “lets go ricky, lets go ricky.” Then when she took a long hard look at my shorts she stopped talking and got out of the pool and sat on the edge getting even closer to eye level with my dick. She was enamored by the sight of it. I let her look as long as I could before I lost control of my emotions. I glanced and saw that you can see the entire length of my shaft the bulge of the head and even a vein along the edge of my shaft. She snapped out and said “you really have to get used to the bounce and jump up and down and get a good rhythm.” I started to bounce and as I did I noticed she could not keep her eyes off my dick that was skipping around in my shorts. This made me even more turned on so I jumped into the water. I dove and made no splash. I surfaced and she applauded and complimented my skills. She asked if she could tell me something. I thought oh no shes going to call me out, im so embarrassed. I said “sure anything.” She asked “Im so uncomfortable talking to my dad about sex and my mom is intimidating and I’m just confused..” I asked her “ Its ok I understand, what’s the issue?” She explains I know ive learned about sex education and ive seen a couple of guys this year, and I’ve seen my dad by accident one time I asked “and what?” she said “ all the things ive seen have been like, smaller. I gave a guy oral before and it was ok and all but again, he was only about 4 or 5 inches. So I guess my questions are, are girls supposed to suck the tip of the dick or the whole thing? And does your wife do it to you?”
I tried to keep professional and keep myself under control. I said “let me explain in a way you will understand. Oral sex is fun for some and not fun for others. Some girls are good and some girls aren’t. Some girls know what guys like and some She interrupted and asked “what do you mean? What do guys like?” I sat down on the diving board and fixed my cock so it was peeping out of the end of the shorts to get her attention. It did and she immediately noticed but was being sly about peeking down to stare. I said “well ill give you my take on a perfect blowjob. She perked up on her knees and said “ok I hope I can remember I said “Practice makes perfect, but here it is… usually men love when you let them control you. So start by licking his balls first, this is very important. Usually this will stimulate him the most. You want to grab his sack and squeeze it gently so he feels you are in control. Then lick from the balls to the tip of the dick and twiddle your tongue on the bottom side of his shaft just underneath the tip of his dick. You should stay there and suck his tip and use your tongue to lick the underside of his cock. That’s when you should look at him with his dick in your mouth and slowly slip his entire shaft into your mouth.” Erica, who was trying to listen and look at my cock at the same time said “ I did that so easy with this guy that It was like licking his whole thing everytime, I don’t know what its like to lick or suck only one part, I don’t know what you mean by the tip or the shaft or the top… its all so confusing.” I said “hey hey don’t worry about it I think I can help you out with learning about how to manipulate a mans dick. Why don’t you buy a big dildo and practice on that?” “Ew” she said, “I’d rather do it on a real thing so I know what feels good and what She looked at me and said from the looks of it you have something between your legs that I could learn on.” She leaned in closer with her nipples showing out of the top of her bikini and said “why don’t I do the first part now and you can walk me through how to suck on a huge dick like yours. I’m not sure if it will even fit in my mouth but I would love to learn on a big one so the rest are easy to do!” I shook my head and said “we probably shouldn’t do As she inches closer and put her teeth around the bulge in my shorts and says “ I think it’s a great idea” she pulls my shorts down and starts talking to me about how she always loved when I came over so she can tease me and get my dick hard so she can stare at it. She said she plays with her pussy all the time imagining me watching her play with her clit. She grabs my cock with both hands and can barely reach her hand around the entire girth. She just squeezes it and puts it in her face just admiring its size. She moves her head down and starts tonguing my balls. She squeezes them expertly just like I told her to. Then licking the entire length of my shaft all the way to the tip. She bent my dick downwards so it was staring her right in the face and just plopped the head right on her tongue and just said like she was getting a physical only this time its not a stick and it’s a thick nine inch cock. As she stared at me I knew what was happening and I knew she was going to give me the best blowjob a man has ever received. I stroked her hair and pushed her bangs back to get a good grip on her head. She knew I was going to take control of her head and she closed her eyes knowing I was going to be a lot to handle. I just told her to relax and breathe normally. I scooted towards the very edge of the diving board so she can try and accept the entire length in her mouth. I asked her if she gagged when she brushed her teeth and she said yes but she was ok with gagging it didn’t bother her. Just as she was saying she gagged, I took her head and brought it down only slightly so that she would struggle to talk. Then I asked her to talk to me while my cock is in her mouth. She was saying how she loved feeling a throbbing cock in her mouth all while I was smashing the tip of my dick around the inside of her mouth and cheeks. Then I took my cock out of her mouth and told her to take off her bikini which she did. I admired her body and forced her to come closer to plant my tower between her beautiful teen tits. I sat and stared and so did she. She leaned her head down and licked the tip of my cock and said “is everything ok so far?” I told her to keep her little mouth shut while I show you how to suck a big dick. She started to suck my balls again popping them into her mouth and licking all over. I tell her she is going to learn how to relax her throat and Im going to be gentle with her. In my head I knew I was going to fuck her mouth. I told her to show me how much she can fit in her mouth. She took about 1/3. I laughed and said “are u ready to learn how to make a man happy?” she nodded and grabbed my hands and put them on her head so I can control her. I told her to open her mouth wide until she started to drool. I said for the rest of the time you can not swallow you need to let all the spit spew out of your mouth. She shook her head. I held her chin and head now and leaned back to watch my cock penetrate her mouth. I did It slowly and felt the head of my dick hit the back of her mouth. This is when I felt her buck from gagging. She sounded like she was choking a bit but I assured he she needs to breathe slow and out of her nose. She did but still gagged. I pulled her back. I said I want you to practice letting mycock hit the back of your mouth and you relaxing and breath through you nose. Eventually she could put my dick in her mouth and let it sit in the back of her mouth. When she was ready I told her I want her to push her try and swallow my dick. Immediately I felt her throat open a little bit and I took the initiative and slipped the entire length of my cock into her slick wet warm throat. She grabbed my legs and choked. I told her that she did what any man with a big cock wants from their woman. She said I like feeling your cock down my throat in my neck. She begged for me to keep doing it so she can practice. She said “I want you to slip that huge cock into my mouth.” I listened. I did it slow feeling every inch of her mouth as I squeezed my cock past her tonsils and into her throat. She kept her tongue out the entire time gagging uncontrollably and spitting up so much flem that my cock is covered in spit. She let it drip and played with the spit and would try and take a break but I continued fucking her face slowly and steadlily. She got the breathing down pretty quick when she knew I wasn’t going to stop. When I could feel the sensation that I was going to come I would stop and make her stare. I told her that I was going to cum soon and that she was going to get to taste cum very soon. She said “I never tasted it before is it good?” I responded with “you tell me in a minute.“ I told her I am going to thrust her mouth until I want to cum and she said she is ready… I sped up the pace and made her gag every thrust until she coughed up a huge glob of spit and I never stopped. I lost control and forced my dick deeper and deeper until she was tonguing my balls. Finally when I was at the point of no return I closed my eyes. I did not tell her I was cuming I wanted to surprise her with my load. After squeezing her face into my crotch and watching her tear up I unleashed my first squirt into her throat coating her trachea. She coughed it up and I kept my hands on the back of her head until she caught my second rope and she could not handle the second squirt she pulled away. The feeling of pulling my cock out of her mouth which I just destroyed was good enough for a second orgasm. As I pulled out and she took her first breath through her mouth she gargled my cum and grabbed hold of my hard dick and coaxed the rest of my cum out. The third squirt splashed her chin and mouth and the 4th and 5th dropped directly into the cleavage of her tits which she was pushing together to catch any spit or cum that might spill from her mouth. I heard her mom open the door and I dragged her into the pool with me and gestured that she keep quiet about this whole thing

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Author: Qrstuv1!

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