Chapter one

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Kris finds himself driving his car along a highway stretch during a thunderstorm at night, when he notices a young woman at the side of the road, she is peering into the hood of her car drenched in rain, her black tube dress clinging to her tight body, he pulls up behind her car, and walk over to the front of the broken down car, “excuse me” he says, and she jumps hitting the back of her head on the raised hood. “Jesus Christ” she mutters “you scared the crap out of me”. Rubbing the back of her head you can’t help but allowed your eyes to undress her body. “I’m very sorry for scaring you, I stopped to see if you could use a hand” trembling from the wet cold rain she begins to explain that her car broke down and she’s been waiting for 40 minutes for a tow truck to find her. “I think I better wait for the tow truck” she tells him. Concerned for her safety, he says “Maybe you’d like to sit in my car with me while you wait?” cupping a bump on the back of her head she agrees to wait comfortably and get out of the rain. “You wouldn’t happen to have an Advil or something would you, my head is throbbing” after searching your car you come back outside “No I’m sorry I must have taken them in the house recently however I live 30km out from here I could take you there and check out that bang on your head, maybe get you some dry clothes?” rubbing the goose bumps off her skin she says very sweet of you, but I need to figure out what’s going on with my car I am on my way home from a work meeting and I still have another 2 hours ahead of me, I don’t want to be driving this later never mind when it gets darker”, and she begins to dial the tow tuck company again, after screaming into the phone and colourfully expression of her sheer disappointment in their customer service skills, she tells him that the tow tuck can’t be sent tonight and that she’s stranded. “I’m super stressed about this stupid work meeting, my car is broken, I’m soaked from head to toe, I’m stranded and this bump on my head feels like its going to explode!” she breaks down and reaches into her car for a cigarette; taking in a drag she says “I’m sorry it’s been a long day.” He opens her car door takes out the keys and locks the doors closes her hood and grabs her purse. “What are you doing?” she asks “You have got to be fucking crazy to think that I’m going to leave you here for the rest of the night in the rain, or even worse in that freezing car, your soaked, your stressed, your crazy to be out here this late and you probably have a minor concussion from that smooth move on the back of your head, now honestly you can either get our pretty little butt off the curb and into my car or I can pick it up for you!” “I’m not coming with you I just met you and I don’t even know your “First of all my name is Kris and newsflash princess, if I was going to try and touch you or hurt you don’t you think I would have already done it? So get yourself into the car before you end up a concussion and phenomena.” She gets up from the curb and walks over to his car opening the door for her he notices her dress slit is ripped and he can see a lot more then she probably intended, closing the door He prays that they can get through the drive in once piece just thinking about her beauty makes it hard to walk properly. He gets into the car and drive towards his house, within minutes the nameless princess beside him has fallen asleep. Maybe if I just rub her leg she won’t wake, he thinks, but remaining a gentleman he thinks better of it. Pulling into his drive way with his manhood pulsing as his eyes focus more on her body then the road you park and turn off the car. He get out of the car and unlock his front door leaving the door open he runs back to the car as the rain is still coming down but lightening its fury and open her door, scooping her up into his arms he has an excuse to feel her body next to his he walks into the house she nuzzles into his arms he feels how cold her body is she must have been out there for hours, placing her in the sofa and wrapping a thick blanket around her, he make his way to the kitchen. Opening the first aid drawer he grabs whatever he can and brings it back to her taking a look at the new bump on her head, noticing that he bump has a cut on it he cleans out the wound carefully knowing she won’t be as passive to the care. After cleaning up her newest war wound, and cleaning up he comes back to her feet and removes a sexy pair of black stiletto sandals. Putting them at the door he decides that she needs to wake up she’s been out cold for an hour and he’s hoping it’s not from the concussion. Kris whispers rubbing her arm, he whispers again, she begins to move and moans softly, “My name is Stephy” she whispers. “Well then Stephy you need to get out of these clothes and grab a nice warm bath, the power is out but there are enough candles in the house to light it up nicely and you need to get into some dry clothes. I can’t say that any of my clothes will fit you well, but you can go through my drawers and pick out what you’d be comfortable in.” Stephy begins to rub her head and notices that he’d cleaned the cut “Thank you Kris, for everything tonight, I don’t even remember how I got in here” “You fell asleep in the car Stephy, but I really would like you to grab a bath your skin is extremely cold and your soaked still.” Kris gets up and takes Stephy by the hand walking her upstairs to the bathroom; he turns on the warm water for her and takes her into his closet. She opens up a couple drawers until she finds a pair of fitted boxers and a white wife-beater. He leads her back into the bathroom. “I’m going to be just down the hall in the study if you need anything please help yourself, and if you can’t find something just call me over” “Thank you” she says closing the door to the candle lit bathroom. She peels off the dress noticing the rip on the seam, wishing she would have been more careful while opening the hood. Trying to forget about it right then she submerged her body into the warm bath water, feeling the warmth all over her body her legs sore from another trying day of competitions, wanting nothing more then to just lie in the warm water until the pain went away. She pours the water onto her back and moans softly as the water runs down her hard nipples, massaging soap onto her body, and soaking into the watery heaven. She gets up and out of the tub not wanting to admit to her self that she is still afraid of the dark, dries quickly and throws on the boxers and wife-beater. After cleaning up quickly she almost runs into the hallway as a thunderbolt crashes down outside and she collides with Kris coming out of the study nearly jumping into his arms. He feels her shaking and wraps his arms around her, “Stephy are you alright”, trembling she pushes away from him just like she does with every good man. “I’m fine I just couldn’t see you” she says undoubtedly lying. Aware of her embarrassment Kris lets it go “Stephy I started a fire in the fireplace downstairs we can warm up down there until the power comes back on”. you take a shower as well, you we pretty soaked as well from what I can remember?” Stephy says eyeing his strong arms. “I took a quick shower while you were washing up I didn’t want to leave you alone through the storm.” “How thoughtful” she says her voiced reeking of sarcasm. That’s it Stephy be a bitch that will get you far, it always does she thinks to her self and hopes she didn’t sound to rude towards her new knight in shinning armour. Kris leads her down the stairs as the thunder rolls in louder, as the walk into the den he notices that she’s wearing his boxers and wife-beater, and they’ve never looked that good on him before. “You can hang out on the couch while I make you a tea; you look as cold as ice your skin is still covered in goose bumps.” “Kris I’m fine, I really appreciate all that you’ve done but you don’t need to worry about me” she responds watching him go into the kitchen she thinks about how she always longed to have a man that would take care of her the way the Kris is right now. She cuddles up into the pillows on the sofa and closes her eyes. Kris walks into the den quietly thinking Stephy is sleeping, he puts the tea down and places an ice pack onto her head hoping that the swelling will go down. He sits down on the couch beside he and she opens her eyes. “Thank you Kris”, she says as he covers her up with the thick blanket but she scotches over to him and rests her head on his lap. really been a prince charming tonight for me” She said. “You didn’t think I was going to be you all alone on the side of the highway for somebody else to save” He replied. As she rested her head on his lap he began to play with her hair running his fingers on the top of her head. “Why don’t you rest your head for a little bit then, how is your head feeling, do you need and extra blanket or anything?” realizing that he is beginning to babble he takes a breath between questions. “My head is feeling fine, it’s a little sore but its fine and I am just fine with the blanket you already brought me but thank you.” She snuggles into his head her head resting on his manhood, he begins to rub her back testing her reaction, she moans softly with pleasure. “My back is so sore thank you Kris” she moans within minutes she is back to sleep. Kris stares at her beautiful body under the blanket and realizes that the bum isn’t covered but instead the tight boxer shorts hug every curve of her sexy round ass. Oh what he would give to touch it, squeeze it, runs his hands all over it, maybe even inside of her. As she is tossing and turning she presses harder into his body making his manhood bulge and pulse with desire. he whispers “wake up baby” he runs his hand down her back and rests it on her round perky ass, he knows that he shouldn’t but he does; he cups her check and squeezes if softly in his hand. He gets up slowly from the sofa picks her up and places her closer to the fireplace lying on a soft warm blanket on the floor. He knells next to her and runs his finger all over her skin, circling her breasts, squeezing them softly and pinching her hard nipples. She begins to squirm and moans softly in her sleep. Kris moves down her body and places himself between her legs; he slowly removes his fitted boxers from her hot body. There it was the envy of every woman the most beautiful pink, hot pussy, and it was all his. Bending his face into her kitty he kisses her hip bone making his way down to her hot sweet centre, he slowly spreads her legs and opens her tight lips, running his tongue up and down her clitoris. Her moans get louder and her pussy gets wetter, he uses his tongue to enter her sweet centre licking the sides of her, the clitoris and her hot wet hole. He hears a soft whisper “oh, my god Kris what are you doing?” she awoke. “I’m sorry but I couldn’t help myself I m memorized but you beauty, you body is a work of art and every inch of it is so precious.” He begins to babble again. Stephy sits up and leans over to him pushing him onto the floor she presses her lips onto his tasting her hot love juice on his lips. She presses her body into his and grinds up against his hard manhood. “Oh baby that feels huge.” She whimpers as she licks his lips for any remaining flavour. Kris pins her back down spreading her legs, this time there was no need to be gentle he rams his face into her hot centre making her scream with each lick. He comes up and watches her facial expressions as her enters his fingers inside her hot tight pussy, she screams in pain as her tries two fingers, her pussy wrapped tightly around his one finger as he plays with her clitoris. He watches her as she plays with her nipples while he fingers her, squeezing them hard, pinching, and circling her nipples. She pushes him down on to the floor and gets on top of him removing his jeans quickly and almost ripping off his boxers; she wraps her legs around his shoulder and presses her pussy into his face as she devours his hard thick, long manhood. Words were incomprehensible every noise seemed like a new language of moans both pleasuring each other like they haven’t felt in years. As they move onto the sofa he lays her down grabs her wrists in his hands and pins her down. He begins kissing her whole body driving her wild, rubbing his hands over her breast squeezing them hard. “Fuck me Kris” she whispers in his ear. He rubs his hard thick cock again her clitoris teasing her more and more making her legs shake from the intensity, she feels him inside of her centre so gentle yet so strong, he reads her body and deliverers exactly what she wants. He fills her with his manhood and pleasures her every inch feeling her centre clench onto him as she reaches her peek. “Oh God Kris your huge” she screams as the heat from her orgasm coats his throbbing cock. She runs her nails down his back as he makes her cum driving him into a wild fury. Pounding her tight pink centre he gets ready to release himself inside of her, exploding filling her, feeling their wet heat drip down her leg as she shakes in pleasure. Laying half on the sofa half on the floor both pleasured from their intense experience. He runs his hand through her hair and kisses her softly on the lips. absolutely beautiful Miss. Stephanie” he whispers to her. She snuggles into him and whispers back an absolute God Kris; I have never felt that good in my entire life.” As the lay by the burning fire in each others bodies and in the fire place, the fall asleep in each others arms awaiting the new day.

story by: BabyBum

Tags: fiction consensual sex erotica male/female cheating romance sex story BabyBum

Author: sado-masochism

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