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God Brent – that's my next door />
I couldn't believe what I was seeing. Here I was in the private office of my good friend Brent watching Jenny, my next door neighbour, performing all kinds of sex acts on stage.

Brent looked over at me passed the gorgeous redhead that was sucking his cock –"What do you mean your />
"It's Jenny –Jennifer Cameron. She lives right next door to me."

Just an hour ago I had entered into Club Moresomes which is co-owned by a good University friend of mine –Brent Collwood. I had bumped into him at an Italian restaurant and we caught up on old times. This is when I learned about his involvement in the club.

Drinking his wine he said, " Two of us started the club about 3 years ago and it has taken off like crazy."

Curious I asked what kind of club it was expecting Brent to say a nightclub or something like that.

"It's a live sex club called Club Moresomes – you know there are 3somes and 4 somes? Well we have />
Even more curious I asked what kind of sex.

"Pretty well anything –guy/girl; girl/girl; guy/guy; moresomes and girls with animals"

This I had always wanted to see – live bestiality.

"Hey -tell you what. Here is a lifetime pass which will get you in to the club anytime. If I am there, we can watch the show from my private office. In fact I am going there now to get some business done. The show starts at 9pm and goes until 3am."

And that is how I ended up at Club Moresomes. I got there about 10 and was directed to Brent's office. We sat down overlooking the stage having drinks and being pleasured by a couple of stunning girls. Linda was sitting beside me totally naked as I was and she was alternately stroking my cock and sucking it. I had cum once already and that is when I literally dumped her on the floor when I jumped up yelling "My God Brent- that's my />
Brent told the girls to leave and then said I had better enjoy Jen since this was her last night.

"God I see her on the deck in her skimpy swim suit and totally want to fuck her."

Brent looked at me with a funny look and then said –"I have an idea my friend." He went over to a drawer, unlocked it and took something out and gave it to me. I looked and it was 2 DVD's.

"That is a DVD of Jen doing every single type of sex act in this club. If her parents or friends or people at work found out about it she would be absolutely humiliated.You could use this to your />
"But what is the other one?"

"That one is of her sister Helen–she works here too and is also finishing up tonight."

“God Brent, Helen is almost as hot as Jen. They would both be great fucks.

After watching a bit more of the show I said I was going home to mull this treasure over. I couldn't believe my luck.

Looking over the fence the next morning into my neighbour's yard, I saw Jen in her parent's pool "God she looks sexy I thought feeling my cock stirring.

"Hi Jen –great day for a swim."

"Oh hi Greg –I thought I would have a dip before going off to work."

"Jen –could I see you for a minute? I have something I would like to show you."

"Sure Greg –I’ll just dry off and be right there."

In a couple of minutes she was walking up to where I was on my deck in her very skimpy bathing suit. Her tits had to be about 36D and bounced so nicely when she walked. My cock was certainly getting a work out and I am sure she noticed. But that's okay – I figured it would get an even better workout after I talked to her.

"What's up Greg?"

"Jen I came into possession of something rather I handed her an envelope with some pictures from the DVD. She opened the package and then wide eyed dropped them on the ground and looking up at me whispered "Where did you get these?"

"It doesn't really matter where Jen but the major point here is that I have them. In fact these are just a very small sampling of what is on a DVD I have from your act at Club Moresomes.

She gasped and said' "I don't work there."

"Not anymore but you did and anyone seeing these will be rather shocked don't you think?"

"Please don't show them to anyone. It would be terrible. I would lose my friends, my job, my family."

"So what do you think I should do with them then Jen?"

"I will pay you for them."

"Really. And how much do you propose?"

I laughed long and hard. "Jen I could get 10 times that on the Internet.

"But I can't pay that much."

"Well perhaps you can pay in another way then."

"H-How do y-you mean?"

“ Take off your swim suit Jen and let me see that gorgeous body you keep />
“NOOOOOO – I can’t do that.”

Walking away I replied, “Alright. I will go and see what I can get on the />
As I walked off the deck toward the garage, I heard />
I turned and Jen stood there with her top off and those fantastic firm tits totally exposed. Her nipples weren’t hard but they were like buds – oh so tempting.

“I said the whole swim suit Jen.”

She hesitated and then grabbed the ties to her skimpy bottom, unloosened them and pulled the panties off. She stood there trying to cover her shaved cunt until I walked over and hit her hands away.

“You are mine Jen and will do as I ask or this whole DVD goes public. Do you />
Grabbing her left nipple and twisting it I said sternly, “Yes what slut?”

“Y-yes sir.”

“Very good Jen. Now as my sex slave slut let’s see if you are as good off stage as you are on stage. Spread your legs.”

Jen shuffled slightly and opened her legs wider. My heart was beating harder as I reached down and slipped my finger along her slit. She sobbed as I pushed my finger inside her dry tight hole. As I fingered her cunt I leaned down and took one of those beautiful nipples in my mouth and sucked and bit it.

“Get down on your knees and unzip me.”

Jen slid down and reached up to undo my zipper. She put her hand inside to take out my throbbing hard cock and gasped as my 9 inches sprung free.

“You know what to do slut.”

She opened her mouth and I grabbed the back of her head and plunged my entire cock deep into her mouth. She gagged as I pumped in and out hard and deep.

“When I cum I want you to swallow every drop slut. Do you />
I dropped my hand down and rubbed her nipples between my fingers as I face fucked her harder. Getting close, I grabbed her on either side of her face and fucked into her throat. My balls tightened and I let loose a torrent of cum filling her mouth. I watched as she drank it all.

“You did almost as good as on stage my slutty whore. In time you will do better. Stand up.”

She slowly stood and I moved closer to her until I was only inches from her face.

“You will do as I say from now on regardless of when or where. Is that clear?”

“Y-yes sir.” Tears were running down her face which made me believe she would in fact do whatever I told her.

“Go back home now. I will deal with you tonight. I want to get to know you better.”

She started to put on her top when I grabbed her arm. “Did I say to get dressed? Go home like you are –totally naked.”

She picked up her clothes and I watched as she walked around the fence into her backyard and into the house. I went into mine to make a list of all the wonderful deprived things Jen was going to do for me. Thank you Brent and Club Moresome.

story by: searching_pdq

Tags: fiction blowjob male/female humiliation blackmail sex story

Author: searching_pdq

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