College daze(first semester)

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After high school, I went to junior college for 2 years, then I transferred my credits to Central State College. Central was known as a party school. I stayed in a co-ed dorm on the second floor. The girls were on the first and third floors. We kind of hung around the first floor girls, and the guys on fourth floor were with third floor girls. That way there was enough for all. My room mate’s name was Jack, and his dick was about 2" shorter than my 9.5" monster. Even the 2 black guys next to us had smaller dicks than we did. Jack had the top bunk, and I was on the bottom bunk. We were laying there watching TV, when I hear this loud pop like cracking a knuckle. I said what was that. He laughs and said I just cracked my dick. I said say what did you do. He repeated himself, I have never heard of such a thing, but I never asked how he did it, because I was not sure I really wanted to know.

Jack was a doper, and had a big bag of grass in our closet. He would smoke a bowl almost every night. After everyone got settled and made friends in the dorm, things seemed to get into a routine. Both Jack and I wore boxers to bed. On night after we got high, we had our boxers and tee shirts on, and we decide to take a stroll down to the first floor. As we went thru the door on first floor, the first room on the left belonged to Sue and Beth. They had their door open and spied us, and came out of their room, and at the same time they both holler what are you doing with just your underwear on. All of a sudden it seem like every door on the floor open and their were girls all over the place looking at us. Jack’s boxers had red hearts on them and mine had different color strips on them.

Sue grabbed my arm and pulled me into their room and Jack followed. Beth shut the door to get us out of the limelight. When Jack gets high he laughs a lot and at everything. Me I just get real horny. Next thing I know I am making out with Sue, and Jack with Beth. I break the kiss with Sue and look over at Jack and Beth has his boxers down and is sucking on his cock. Sue puts her hand down my boxers and grabs my cock. She looks at me in surprise, and says what a monster cock you have. We both strip and lay in her bed. Sue has short blonde hair, with real big boobs, and a nice ass. Her face was just ok not real beautiful. She whispers in my ear, I can’t believe how big you are, I can’t get my hand around your cock.

I moved down and started to suck on her nipples, and my hand was buried in her pussy, rubbing on her clit. She was soaking wet, and I still had a buzz on from smoking the pipe with Jack. I just wanted to fuck her right now. I said are you ready. She replied yes but go easy, you are so big, I don’t want to get hurt. I got between her legs and guided my cock right into her well oiled pussy. Her lips spread and she took me without any problems. I slide right in till I hit her full sign. I worked it in and out of her real slow trying to make it last. She yelled O GOD I am close, pound me harder to make me cum hard. I picked up the pace and she was huffing and puffing and panting like a bitch dog in heat. She screamed into my ear that she was going to cum, I was not far behind, and I am not sure if we cum together or not, but I sure did blow a big wad into her pussy. I hear this laughing going on there was Jack and Beth watching us fuck, and Beth was still stroking his cock. He laughed some more and said it was time to go smoke another bowl.

He said I can’t believe that you fucked her right in front of us. I said didn’t you fuck Beth, and he said no, she gave me a blow job and suck the juices right out of me. Said it was the wrong time of month for her, but you put on a very good show for us, only thing that was missing was some popcorn and beer. I just laughed at that, cause he is always a nut case, but some how it seems to work for him. Case in point Peggy was in our room with us watching tv and Jack goes and takes a shower, comes out with a towel wrapped around him, and he wipes his glasses with the towel, exposing his cock right in front of Peggy. Next thing I know they are together as a couple, so I guess if you show the merchandise you get a buyer.

Half way through the semester, and it was time for a keg party, and I was the runner, and I had to get to the other side of town to the party store to get the beer. The trip usually takes 30 minutes, I made it in 20. Sadly the keg beer that we could afford with the money we had was Ham’s beer. Which in our language is skunk beer, because it usually sucks. I also got some munchies, and that is why we could only afford Ham’s beer. So we bought the keg and headed back to the dorm to party. It was a floor party and there was only about 25 guys and gals there to drink the keg. For some reason that escapes me this skunk Hams beer tasted really good. We suck the keg dry, and most of us were smashed, and high, as Jack left and came back a few times, with a bowl for us to puff away on. We all had the munchies, and a few girls went to their rooms to get some snacks, to go with the ones that I bought. Everyone was hungry and we wolfed them down fast..

The next day I woke up with one hell of a hang over, and there in my bed was Beth, sound asleep and naked. I got up and took a piss and came back to bed, checking the top bed for Jack, but he was missing in action(prolly with Peggy). I was trying to remember just what happen last night, but the dope and beer seem to be blocking my memory. Beth woke up and smiled at my, and said good morning tiger. TIGER!!!! wonder what that met. She crawled over me and went to the bathroom and came back and got into bed with me. I said what happen last night, and she what you don’t remember. How about I refresh your memory, by showing you. Beth is alright, but she is not the most beautiful girl around, her tits are small, and she has a slender body. But a fuck is a fuck.

Next thing I know she is stroking my cock, getting it hard. She kissed me a couple times and then goes down and starts to suck my cock. She manages to get about a third of my cock in her mouth. She gets on top of me and mounts my cock and starts to ride it like a horse. He tits are waving right in front of my face, an open invitation saying suck me please. So I go to work on the nipples licking them and biting them. She is moaning and says bite them harder, make me cum. Not only is she pounding away on the head of my cock, but my other head is pounding away with a major hang over headache and the bed is dancing on the floor. Good thing she was doing all the work. She cry’s in my ear that she almost ready to cum.

All of a sudden the door opens and in walks Jack. He says don’t mind me and he goes into the bathroom to take a shower. She starts to shake real hard and grabs me real tight and has a wet orgasm as she douses my cock, balls, and legs with her cum. I never did cum, I think the hang over had a lot to do with it. She rolls off me and says that is what happen last night, now do you remember, but I was already sound asleep.

A couple of weeks after the keg party, Gail was up in our room playing hearts with 3 of us guys. We were smoking some dope and playing cut throat hearts. Gail had on a nightie with half of her tits falling out, and she knew it. We were all cracking up over it, and having a good time. Finally she got up to leave and I said that I would walk her down to her room, but she took off and left me in the dust. I went down there anyway, and ran into Linda who roomed with Peggy. She was an odd gal, Jack tried to fuck, and said he couldn’t get her wet. She invited me in and we laid on her bottom bunk bed. I was trying to put the moves on her, but it was hard with Peggy always looking down at us from the top bunk. I was still pretty fucked up from smoking the dope too. Finally things not going to well there for me so I got up and left. The room right across was Gail’s room and she was standing in her doorway waiting for me.

She motioned me to come into her room, with her finger up to lips to make sure I was quiet. Her room mate Pat is kind of a prune. Gail wraps her arms around my neck and gives me a long passionate kiss. She says I hear the girls talking about how big your cock is, are they speaking the truth. I just take her hand and put inside my boxers so she can feel for her self, as I now have a pretty good hard on. I give her nightie a tug and her tities flop out right under my nose. I bend down and start to suck on her nipples, as they harden up and bumps start to form on her /> All this time she is stroking my cock and it is engorged with blood. She starts to pant, as she heats up, and her pussy starts to get wet. She lets go of everything and drops her nightie and panties, I drop my boxers as she pulls me down on her bed. They have separated the bunks to individual beds.

I suck and caress her breast, and then move my hand down to pussy. She is soaking wet down there, and as soon as I touch it she starts to moan. I say shhhhhh you will wake up Pat. But she just says God I have to have you, put that monster in me slowly, as she opens her legs as wide as she can on the bed. Slowly I insert the head of my cock and do short strokes in her to get her use to my size. I start to increase my depth into her pussy, and she is squirming on the bed in pleasure. By now I figure Pat has to know what is going on, but she is still as a mouse. Finally after what seems like ages , I have fully inserted my cock into her cunt, and her cunt lips are wrapped around my cock. I pause for a second to let her get use to my cock, and then I start the process of slowly fucking her.

What seems like forever, but probably was only a couple of minutes she starts to have an orgasm. She is thrashing and moaning like mad, and I don’t give a shit if her room mate Pat hears us or not. Because I am real close to shooting my load. A couple more stroke and I deposit a load that tickles her tonsils. Gail lays there as still, well almost like she passed out, but she is breathing real hard and she is wringing wet from her sweat. All of a sudden her eyes snap open and she says My God that was great. You really know how to make a girl cum, I cum 3 times in that short span of time. I give her a kiss and put on my boxers, give her another kiss, and she says I hope we can do this again sometime down the road. I tell her you can count on it, and I leave to go back to my room.

At the start of the semester Vince comes to me and says that there is a co-ed bowling league starting up, what do I think, should we get a team together. A team must have at least one girl on it. So we go down and start talking with the girls to see if there is any interest. Pam and Peg(a different Peg not the one that was with Jack) said ok. Pam is dark hair good looking with a nice body. Peg is blonde hair blue eyes piece of dynamite. She is dam sexy looking. We had the hottest two girls in the whole league. We were just a average team in the middle of the pack, but we had lots of fun with the two girls. One night after bowling, I grab the pipe full of dope, and go down to their room.

As I got there, they were doing tequila shots with salt on their wrist. I hate tequila, who wants to drink something with a worm in it. Yeck!!! So they drank and I smoked, and they took some hits from my pipe. Soon they were getting pretty fucked up, and I had a good buzz going. They were stripped down to their panties and bra, and as usual I had my boxers and tee shirt on. All a sudden Peg pulls down my boxers and put some salt on my hard cock. Is this how you get salt peter? I wonder what the fuck was going on, when she drank a shot and then went down and suck the salt off my cock. She did not stop there, as she kept right on sucking my, and licking my head and tried to get her tongue into my cum slot. Pam says hey when is it my turn, and pushes Peg off my cock and she goes down and starts to suck me off. Neither girls could take all of me in their mouths, as they took turns working on my cock, taking shots, and hitting my pipe.

Pretty soon they are both almost stoned out of it, and Pam sort of passes out on the floor. I help Peg up and we get into her bed, I strip off her panties and I start to put my cock into her pussy. She gasps as I invade her snatch with my cock, I go slow so as not to hurt her and let her adjust to my size. As I pound away, she becomes unresponsive, as the booze and dope catch up to her, but that does not stop me from fucking her. I then pull out and get Pam and put her into her bed and pull her panties off. I take my cock and gently stroke her pussy to get her ready, and I slowly insert my cock into her pussy and fuck her till I almost blow my load.. Then I go over to Peg and reinsert my cock back into her pussy and after a few short thrust I fill her up with my cum.

Here ends the first semester at the co-ed dorm in college daze. Second semester has me with a threesome with Kathy and Karen, and a fling with my Management Professor Dr. Ryan, a blonde vixen, with a get body. And finally my encounter with the girl we called the Fox. The doll of the first floor.

Hope you enjoyed the first semester, if so please vote, thank you.

story by: Red Tempest

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Author: Red Tempest

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