Coming mother chapter 3

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Chapter 3

Still in her gown, Shellie stepped onto the deck, lifted her
arms high and stretched, feeling very good.
She pulled her nightgown over her head and dropped it onto
the mat she had lain on the day before. Again she stretched in
the sun, her naked tits, flawless, nipples jutting. Then she
dived into the river, cutting the water cleanly.
Shellie had swum in the river naked before, but only when she
had been alone on the houseboat. She loved to swim naked, feeling
the water flowing between her thighs as if it enjoyed caressing
her hairy, hot pussy. She swam back and forth near the houseboat,
then climbed from the water and flopped onto the mat, naked. She
let the sun dry her skin and remembered last night.
Her son had taken to her swiftly. He had sown neither
shyness nor hesitation. What pleased her most was that her son
had seen her long clit but had said nothing about it. Not many
women had an inch-long clit that she knew of. But then he had
nothing to compare it to.
Adjusting her tits beneath her, she relaxed as the sun burned
onto her already tanned skin.
Jay stood just inside the door of the cabin, looking at his
mother. He had come from the small bedroom just as she stretched
out, and now stood staring at her naked beauty. His eyes ran up
her long, slim thighs, seeing the swell of her sweet, shapely ass,
the tantalizing split between the cheeks. He couldn't see
anything else because his mother's tits were beneath her. His
cock lifted into hardness as he stared at her ass, and he gently
closed his fist about it, moving his fingers back and forth. The
urge to gaze at her loveliness and jack off was strong.
Then Jay realized that he didn't have to sneak a peek at his
mother. After last night, he was sure his mother was lying there
naked for him to see.
Shellie wiggled her ass and parted her legs. The sun was hot
on her flesh, and her thoughts were creating some deliciously
erotic images of her son in her mind. Jay shifted his position
and looked between his mother's thighs, seeing the hairy lips of
her cunt. His cock throbbed and began to drip from his piss hole.
He moved, quietly, from the cabin and onto the deck. He
stood at his mother's feet, staring at the bulge of her cunt
between her parted thighs. He could see, too, beads of pussy
juice glistening on the soft hair.
With a soft cry, he jumped onto his mother's naked back.
"What the hell!" Shellie gasped, startled.
Jay laughed and shoved his hands underneath his mother's
body, clutching her naked tits tightly, humping his hard cock
along the crack of her ass.
"Gotcha, Mom!" he yelped.
"Oh, you almost made me pee on myself," Shellie replied,
feeling her son's cock rubbing at the crack of her ass, his balls
brushing her juicy cunt. She lifted her ass to him, wiggling it.
"You don't want me to pee all over myself, do you, baby?"
"I don't care," Jay giggled, clutching his mother's tits and
pressing his cock against her ass. She enjoyed the way he was
holding her tits, his fingers tight. She lifted her ass, twisting
"Can't you find someplace to put that hard thing, honey?" she
gasped. "Do you need Mother's help?"
"Not now," he said, and scooted his cock down until the head
was between her thighs, prodding the hairy wetness of her cunt.
"I can find someplace to stick it by myself."
"Ooooh, I guess you can!" she murmured with pleasure. "I can
feel you pushing against me."
She lifted her ass to his cock.
Jay shoved the head of his cock into his mother's cunt, and
Shellie gave a delighted gasp.
"See, I found a place for my cock, Mom," he said between her
shoulder blades.
"I'd say you did," she purred. "But is that all I get, just
the head?"
For an answer, Jay rammed his cock into her cunt deeply.
Shellie gurgled and lifted her ass even more. She clutched the
edge of the mat with her fingers, burbling happily as her son
began to fuck her. His cock moved in and out, slowly, as last
night, but when the rapture increased, he began to plunge
powerfully, making his mother grunt.
"Oooooh, that's very good, Jay!" she gasped, holding her ass
up, her back bowed and knees parted. "You learn fast, don't you?"
"You're a good teacher, Mom!" Jay groaned, lunging his cock
in and out of his mother's cunt.
"Ahhhhh, Jay, it's wonderful!" she whined, twisting her ass
into him. "Ooooh, I love it in the morning, darling! Push it
deep! Oooooh, yes, that's it, baby! Go real deep! I can feel
you throbbing inside my cunt! Oh, fuck me, Jay! Fuck me!"
Clinging to his mother's tits, Jay plunged his cock in and
out of her pussy, his balls swinging, banging against her long
clit. Shellie cried out with ecstasy, grinding her naked ass back
at him wantonly. She pulled her hands beneath her body, cupping
them over his, smashing his palms into her naked tits. The
friction of his cock made the lips of her hairy cunt tingle and
burn. She arched her ass into him, feeling his stomach twisting
upon the creamy cheeks. Jay rested his head on his mother's back,
gasping with his effort, fucking her with powerful thrusts.
"Mom, you're so wet and hot!" he gasped against her back.
"You like me that way?" she asked, her voice thick. "Do you
like Mother to be hot and wet, Jay?"
"Yeah!" Jay grunted.
"Real wet?"
"Wet as you can be, Mom!"
"Mmmmm, fuck that wet cunt, darling!" she urged, writhing her
ass. "I just love to feel a hard cock up my wet cunt! Fuck me,
baby! Ooooh, yes, give Mother that hard cock!"
Jay lunged his cock in and out, clutching his mother's
shapely tits tightly, his breath hot on her back. Shellie twisted
and bucked beneath her son, eyes closed, lips parted, starting to
squeal with pleasure. Her clit felt as if it was longer than
ever, bulging out and throbbing as his balls beat against it.
"I'm gonna make you come, Mom!" Jay cried out. "I'm gonna
make you come so hard and good!"
"Oh, yes, baby!" she gasped, his cock going very deep. "Do
that for me! Make Mother come! Ahhhh, fuck that wet cunt and
make it come, making my cunt squeeze your hard cock! Oooooh, ram
it to me, Jay! Ram your cock hard into Mother's hot cunt!"
Jay stabbed wildly into her pussy, and Shellie lifted her ass
to meet him. She shoved her right hand off his and down her
stomach. She caught her son's balls as they swung forward, and
pressed them upon her clit with a loud gasp of ecstasy. She held
her hand so he could rub his hairless balls along her palm as his
cock ran in and out of her gripping cunt.
"Oooooh, you're sure going to make me come!" she squealed.
"Ohhh, yes! Harder and deeper, baby! Ahhhh, I'm getting very
close to coming now! Fuck me faster … faster … Oooooh, almost
there! Almost …"
With a scream that echoed across the river, Shellie came.
Her cunt clutched and sucked at her son's cock, the hairy lips
grabbing tightly. Her uplifted ass twisted and twirled as her son
kept up a relentless pounding of her contracting cunt. The
ecstasy was fiery inside her body, her cunt exploding with a
series of agonizing sensations that sent her mind spinning. She
came and came and came, and Jay's cock continued to thrust into
her expanding cunt.
When Shellie didn't think she could stand any more of those
explosive orgasms, she felt her son's cock swell, then gush into
her cunt with rapid spurts. The creamy cum juice spewed from his
cock hotly, flooding the soft walls of her cunt, drenching it,
filling her.
Weakly, she lowered her hips to the mat, with her son's cock
still inside her cunt. She shivered beneath him, sighing happily.
Jay rested on his mother's back, still holding her tits.
Shellie's hand was still beneath her pussy, and she gently held
his empty balls.
"Was that wet enough for you?" she asked in a whispery voice.
"It was sure wet, Mom," he replied, kissing the creamy flesh
of her back.
"It gets much wetter," she said, a soft giggle bubbling from
her lips.
Jay licked his tongue along her shoulders, toward her neck,
then dipped it into his mother's ear. Shellie purred as his wet
tongue lapped at her ear, and she wiggled her ass beneath him.
"I don't know how it cold be any wetter," he said softly into
her ear. "It was about as wet as possible, I think."
"Oh, it can be much, much wetter," she said.
"I doubt it," Jay said, sucking at his mother's ear lobe.
"Oh, but it can," she teased. cunt can become
very, very wet."
The lips of her pussy closed about his cock. Only the head
of his prick was inside her now as it shriveled.
"Did you feel that?" she asked. "Did you feel what my cunt
did to you?"
"I sure did," he replied, working his tongue between her
shoulder blades.
"Ahhh, nice," Shellie purred, making her cunt squeeze his
Then, with a giggle, she began to piss.
At first Jay didn't know what was happening. He felt the hot
wetness flow over his balls, but when the stream became strong,
stinging his balls, he knew what his mother was doing.
"Mom, you're pissing!"
"I told you," she giggled. "You scared the piss out of me!"
She pissed without shyness, holding the head of his cock
inside her cunt. She felt it on her hand as she held his balls.
"See what you do to me?" she whispered. "You make me so
excited, I piss all over myself."
"That's me you're pissing on, Mom," he replied.
"Mmmmm, so what?"
"I don't care!" Jay giggled, shoving his cock into her cunt
as best he could. "Piss on my balls, Mom. Oh, I can feel you
pissing on my balls!"
"This will teach you to sneak up on me and grab a fast fuck,"
she laughed lewdly.
"That was a sneaky fuck," he laughed, feeling the hot piss
soak his balls.
"Oooooh, sneak all the fucks you want, baby!" she gurgled,
the stream of her piss slowing.
Jay lifted from her body, sitting back on his heels, his cock
dangling down. He saw his mother's cunt, the puddle of piss
beneath it. Shellie writhed her hips, smashing her bushy cunt
into the hot piss. She looked over her shoulder at him, eyes
"See something you like?" she whispered.
"Mom, I see a lot I like," he replied with a grin.
Then, as if suddenly shy, Jay took a sideways dive into the
Shellie watched him swim back and forth, lifting herself up
on her elbows. She felt love for her son as she watched him swim
back and forth. When he came to the deck, holding it with his
hands and looking at her, Shellie lifted herself higher, exposing
her tits to her son's bright eyes.
She inched herself to the edge of the deck and offered one of
her tits to him. Jay licked his lips, and Shellie pushed a firm
nipple to them. With a soft groan, Jay pulled his mother's nipple
into his mouth and sucked hard on it. Shellie purred.
"Oooh, suck it nicely, baby," she purred. "Suck Mother's tit
The sound of a powerful motor came from up river. Startled,
Shellie pulled her tit from her son's mouth and looked in that
"Oh, shit!" she gasped, and slipped into the water next to
her son.
A powerful motor boat came around the bend of the river.
There were two boys and a girl in it, and as the boat roared past,
they waved at Shellie and Jay.
"Almost got caught, didn't we?" Shellie laughed.
"Not me," Jay said. "You were the one up there naked."
Shellie grabbed at her son's cock beneath the water, pulling
it. With a laugh, she darted away, climbing onto the deck. Jay
watched his mother, seeing the flash of her long legs, her rounded
ass, and her cunt. Standing on the deck, Shellie jutted her
lovely ass toward her son, waggling it saucily, looking over her
shoulder and sticking her tongue out at him.
"Wanna get that thing bit, Mom?" he said.
"Is that a promise or a threat, baby?" she asked huskily.
Jay didn't reply. He stared at his mother's jutting ass, her
legs open. He saw her pussy, the pink lips, and that long clit.
As she stuck her pretty ass out more, the cheeks opened and he
gazed at the sweetness of his mother's asshole. His cock stood
hard beneath the water, his balls becoming tight. Shellie writhed
her ass, teasing him. She slid her palm to her cunt and rubbed it
slowly, her fingers brushing the pucker of her asshole.
Jay whispered, excited.
"Did you say something, darling?" she asked, bending her
knees slightly and opening them a little more, still rubbing her
cunt. Jay, clinging to the deck, was looking straight up at his
mother's crotch.
"No," he said, his voice barely audible.
"You said goddamn, didn't you?"
He nodded once, quickly, licking his lips, his eyes fixed
upon his mother's crotch, watching her fingers rub.
"You're excited, aren't you, darling?" Shellie whispered. "I
bet your cock is very hard, isn't it?"
Jay nodded, unable to speak. Seeing his mother this way
fascinated him.
Shellie turned to face her son, looking down at him. He had
his elbows on the deck, his body from the waist down beneath the
water. She stood with legs open, looking down at him. Jay's eyes
gazed hotly up at her crotch.
"Well, is your cock hard, baby?" she insisted.
Again he nodded.
Shellie, feeling wanton, caressed her cunt with both hands,
parting the soft hair to reveal the pink, wet lips, and her long
clit bulging outward. She pulled up on the lips of her cunt, and
her clit knotted. Arching her hips forward, she twisted them in a
teasing circle. Her feet were spread at his elbows and she slowly
squatted, her own knees held wide. Her hairy cunt was very close
to her son's face, and Jay swallowed. He could actually feel the
wet heat of his mother's cunt now.
Looking down at him, Shellie opened her cunt, using her
fingers, her own eyes blazing with erotic fire.
With a soft moan, she pissed.
The golden stream spewed from her cunt, coming out strong.
It struck her son on the top of his head, then arched over his
head to the river. Jay gave a yelp of surprise and ducked down,
his eyes turned up, watching his mother piss. Shellie laughed.
"Almost got you," she gurgled, holding her cunt wide open as
she pissed into the river.
Jay stared with fascination at his mother's cunt, watching
the golden piss gush. He was below her crotch, and the stream
spurted past his head. His cock throbbed up tightly, almost
touching his stomach. Shellie's eyes glowed dreamily with
perverse delight, pissing hard as she held her cunt wide open.
Jay stared, seeing not only his mother's cunt, but her tight-
looking asshole as well. Clinging to the deck with one hand, Jay
dropped his right under the water, gripping his raging hard-on,
pumping it, staring up at his mother's squatting body. Her cunt
and asshole were about a foot above him, and every luscious detail
was clearly revealed to him.
"Mmmmm, watching me pissing is enough to make you grab your
hard cock, huh?" Shellie teased, knowing what her son was doing.
Jay nodded. "I see everything, Mom. I see all of you."
"Ooooh, what do you see, darling?" she encouraged, the stream
slowing now. "Tell me what you see."
"Your cunt," Jay answered. "I see your cunt and asshole and
… Mom, you're /> Shellie shivered with pleasure. "Does it get you hard,
seeing me piss this way?"
"Very hard, Mom!" Jay gasped.

story by: Longfellows

Tags: fiction consensual sex incest water sports/pissing teen male / female sex story

Author: Longfellows

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