Consanguine concupiscence counseling

sex stories

A mother and son in therapy, is incest in their sessions, insanity?

by Oediplex 8==3~

The Psychiatrist from “The Mommy Dreams Case File” has two new patients.

The Dr. answered the door, to the couple that had answered his advertisement. There before him, stood a handsome pair. Both had thick dark hair and heavy eyebrows, off set by a pale skin and striking blue eyes made clear the genetic connection. Mother and son, they had come to seek his counseling, to explore in therapy the dynamics of their relationship. They were having troubles, issues, stresses; all stemming from incestuous tensions.

He had become something of an expert in the field of mother/son sex. This was due to his first client/patient, whom he had treated in this area. That person had provided both the monetary means, and the impetus of his interest in the subject. But while he did not need to be paid for his services, now being fabulously wealth, he did want to have subjects to work with. Where do you find such?

He had hit upon the notion of making contact with potential prospects, through websites where there were people interested in sharing of their true incest experiences. The two who now entered, were brought to him that way. He had chosen them after much winnowing of chaff, as real and actual persons who were truly in need of his counseling. In fact, they did not claim to have engaged in incest, but rather, that the desire of the son for the mother, was creating a serious disruption in their lives.

“Barbara, James, please come in make yourselves The two entered and significantly took the opposing easy chairs that were part of the cluster of furniture in the wood paneled room. The other items were a broad couch, and a single leather desk chair. No desk, that was in another office. There was a large, flat screen TV and several tables for refreshments and tissue boxes were handy. Also, a refrigerator and several appliances in a nook for food preparations, if needed.

“Now, as I understand, from our initial correspondence by email, the two of you are having issues of sexual tensions, between you?”

Barbara spoke, “I want to understand what this costs, up front.”

the Dr. nodded. “Nothing. I am privately funded. All services, along with any other expenses, are entirely free.”

“Everything is strictly confidential, nothing goes past these walls?” She was intensely looking at the psychiatrist.

“Completely confidential, between us three, but I do record for my notes and study purposes. But I am the only one who hears or sees anything of that nature.”

“Okay, I read your proposal, but I wanted to double check. I had . . a bad incident with private things becoming public, once before.”

“That won't happen here, I can assure you. Now tell me – either James, or Barbara. Why are you here? I know what your wrote, but it is best that you state it out loud now. To begin our />
“My son wants to have sex with me.”

“Okay, that seemed to be part of what you indicated. But there is stress in the relationship, because of this. Right?”

“It's not proper, for him to have those feelings, and make me so />
“It might not be proper behavior, but it is not so uncommon a desire. All boys go through a Oedipal stage in their development. A small percentage, do not have that stage maturely passed. Or some revert to it, for some reason, later in life; typically in their early />
“He's had the hots for me since he was fourteen. That's going on ten years, now.” Barbara was clearly frustrated, from the sound of her tones.

“Is that true, James?”

“Call me Jim. Yeah, I guess.” Not very talkative yet.

“Has there been any counseling before you contacted me?”

“No, it's embarrassing, and there was no need to before. But lately he has . . been acting . . been actively pursuing his campaign to get me to allow him to – do what he wants.”

“Why is that, Jim?”

“Because she is sending signals that she wants it. She wants me to seduce her.”

“I don't, that would be incest, sinful. A rotten thing for a mother to do to her son. I don't want to make love with you! You're my boy, how could I think such nasty thoughts? If I did, then I ought to go to Hell, and be />
The Dr. studied the woman for a long moment. It was a rather strong statement, and she was quite vehement, but her words indicated a reaction to more than Jim's words. What was behind her outburst? Jim calmly sat there, and had made a rather of fact statement, without much emotionality. “Jim what sorts of things does your mother do, which seem to be signals you are interpreting as desire on her part, to couple with you?”

“Well, she is always walking about the house in her />
“I understand that might be provocative possibly, but many folks are more casual in their own homes, about their state of undress. It doesn't necessarily have any sexual meaning, attached to their relaxed dress codes. Is this something that is new?”

“No, but there is something different, lately. I can't quite put my finger on it, but I just know.”

“You better not lay even a finger on me, young man! Or you will suffer the />
Again a strong over-reaction. But something seemed to strike a chord of memory. “Barbara, do I perhaps . .”

“Just Barb, will do.”

“Okay, Barb, how do you seem in someway familiar to me? Have we met, perhaps sometime – or somewhere else before?”

“Uh . . . I am an actress, maybe you saw the show I was in.” She looked uncomfortable for some reason.

“Perhaps, what was it I might have seen?”

“Mom was in . .”

“James! Let me tell.” Again, agitation, “I was in a soap-opera for a few years. 'Candlewood By Moonlight', It was a cable />
“Oh, okay, that doesn't ring a bell, but perhaps I caught an episode or two somehow and just don't have a memory. Was there anything else I might have seen?”

“Unlikely, that was my biggest part up to a year ago.”

“Let's move on to Jim's behavior. What has he done, that makes you so uncomfortable. Jim, you'll get a turn to talk in a little while, but let your mother answer the question for now. Barb, what does your son do, that upsets you?”

“Well, to begin with, he always has a hard-on around me. And he wears just his jockeys, you can clearly see the long hard muscle underneath, and that he has a big set of balls. His stomach is flat, and his buns are tight. And he's in great shape, handsome and sexy. He definitely is flaunting it in front of me, being tempting, and it's obvious that he wants to lay me on my bed, and ravage me until . . .” She broke off. “Uh . . I mean, he is rather bold in his appearance, whenever I am around.”

She was providing too much information. Speaking more about her own feelings, and impressions, and desires, than just about what Jim was showing as beefcake. “What if you both agreed to dress more like you were in public, than private, would that begin to help?”

“No, I still would know he wanted to get into my pants.”

“No, because I still think she would like me to seduce her.” Impasse.

“Is there anything that I should know about, that happened in the past, that has a direct bearing on all this stress? Something that is making for your conflict?” They look at each other, bingo! An educated guess, but something was indicated in the emails about an earlier incident.

“Mom, I'll tell, okay?' Barbara looked doubtful, but nodded her acquiescence. “I tried to rape my mother once.”

not quite right, it wasn't rape, like he was forcing me against my will. Rather he tried to take advantage of me while I was asleep . .”

“You were drunk and mostly />
“Yes, but I knew enough of what you were doing, and I finally put an end to it.”

“But, you let me get on to you, and start to put it in . .”

“Slow down you two, and one at a time. Barb, you agreed to let Jim start, so let's let him talk. Jim?”

“Okay, one time, when I was eighteen, mom was drunk and she went to sleep on her bed, passed out really. But she was naked, like in . . . well she was nude, and I sort of thought that it was just like . . uh . . a . . fantasy of mine. So I got naked too, and went into to her bedroom. I got on the bed and climbed on top of her. I sucked her nipples and fingered her pussy to make sure she was wet. I asked if she wanted me to screw her and she said yes, so I started to put it in. But then she became fully awake and said 'NO! NO!, I mustn't let you. Don't!' And pushed me off. I ran out of there sure I was going to catch hell for trying to have sex with her.”

“And did you?”

“No, she just said we couldn't do that, no matter what we wanted. Just to forget it ever happened, and not to try it again. Since that night she doesn't drink that much any more. I haven't done anything like that again, but I still wish we had gone all the way, and I hope that she will change her mind eventually. I think she is having second thoughts, and I think she does want to have sex with me.”

“Barb, is that what />
“Yes, that's the full story.” The Doctor wondered if it quite was, there was something going on under the surface with her. The son was bold enough to try that ploy for some reason. It wasn't just out of the blue. “Barb, is Jim reporting your words, accurately?

“Pretty much.”

“And you have stopped drinking now?”

“That convinced me I had to get a handle on the problem. I drink very little now. And I lost weight since, so that's was a good thing. In fact, that got me the part on />
“What part did you play, if I rent the DVD?”

“Oh, you don't have to do that. It was a small role.”

“No it wasn't mom, tell him the truth! She was on everyday, Doc. People looked forward to her />
“I guess I was popular, but I was only on for a few years. I don't work there />
“What happened? Did they kill your character off?”

Jim spoke, “They sent her to jail for sex with a minor, ironic wouldn't you say?”

“Ironic, how Jim?'

“Uh . . never mind.”

“Ironic, that my son wants to have sex with me.”

“But he is an adult.”

“He wasn't when he began to have those feelings for me, he was />
“You mentioned that age before, how do you know, did Jim tell you?”

“No, I caught him />
“Just />
“To . . a video of me.”

“Of me, I was naked . . . and . . . doing things.”

“Having sex . .?”

Jim jumped in, “Having sex with a younger man, that's part of the irony.”

“Did this video, have anything to do with your being written off the show? You said something that was private, was made public and embarrassed you.”

“Yes, but the guy was just young looking, he was of legal age, over />
“He looked like me!”

“Like you, Jim? Is that why you think your mother might be interested in sex with her son, because of this young-looking fellow, that resembled you?”

“Not just that, but it was part of the reason I got on mom, that night in her bed, when she was drunk.”

“Well, there is more I think, that you are not telling me yet. But that can wait for now, as our session is nearly up, and I want to have some time to instruct you on homework. For you both. But I have concluded, I will have you as patients, if you will have me as your therapist. Okay?” They both nodded solemnly, but then smiles broke on each face.

“I will give you each a video camera, they are on loan. I want you to film the other, when they are behaving in a way that you feel contributes to the issues, creates the tensions that are in play with your relationship. The rule is, you only can tape what you would see, in any case. No going into mom's room, while she is changing, to catch her in the />
“Unless, I do that />
“Yes, but you don't do you?”

“No. but she does run around in her scanties, so I will get some shots of that.”

“What do we do with the tapes, Dr.?”

“Bring them back next week to our appointment, and we will review them. Plan to spend at least two hours next time. Then we shall see how best to />
They left. The shrink had a lot of research to do in just seven days. He made some calls. By the time Barb and Jim returned, the Dr. knew a lot more, and had seen the highlights and low points of Barbara's career. He had also spent a great deal of money for recording operations in the counseling room. Not obvious ones, hidden cameras, and sound microphones place strategically through out the whole area.

All feeding to sophisticated recording equipment, in another room. Continuous recording during a session captured everything that happened in digital format. It was clear to him this was going to be extremely useful, as well as quite interesting; indeed, it feed the prurient personal fascination he had developed in the subject matter. But the clients need not necessarily know any of that at this point, if ever, he thought.

When they were all seated again, as usual the clients had chosen the same places as they had been in before. The psychologist asked, “Who's video do we see first?”

Immediately replied Jim. Barbara shrugged and handed over her camera. The Dr. plugged the connections to it, and turned the big screen on, then the play button. Jim loomed and filled the screen. There were some shots of his traipsing around the home with just his skivvies on. There were a few candid shots, of his looking at the camera, in a way that would have best been called lustful.

But of course, it was his mother he was perusing. There was a startling shot of his bedroom door being open, and he masturbated, calling out his mother's name, as he climaxed. It was obviously taken with Barbara standing in the hall. Then, it switched to Jim being in Barb's bedroom, filming her. At this point, Doc put the video on pause.

“What is that last thing we were watching? You two were filming each other, />
said Barb, “I was doing that to show his, well to make it clear that he had invaded my space, and that I wasn't the only one who . . I don't know – it seemed like the way to have my point of view represented, at that moment.”

“Jim, why were you jerking off with your door open?”

“Passionate aggressive tactic?”

“If you mean 'passive aggressive', that wasn't it. That was aggressive alright, and yes, passionate; but not at all passive. More like showing off, and attempting to be tempting to your parent. Not a nice thing to do.”

“Yeah, well she replayed that part three times, since she filmed it!”

“Damn it, James, don't I get any />
“Mom, that is the problem with you, you don't understand the difference between privacy and honesty! This is the time to be honest, with our therapist. There is a time to be honest with ourselves, and sometimes we need to be honest with each other, or else things get fucked up even worse. That's why we are here in the first place.” He turned to the Dr. and addressed him. “Why don't we watch mine for a little while?” So the cameras were switched, and there was Barb.

She was in her underwear, around the house and her body language said she knew she was being filmed, and liked it. She played to the camera, without looking directly at it. She was an actress, so this was something she was practiced at, but evident when you knew what to look for. The Doctor had observed this manner of hers, in watching hours of the broadcasts of the soap-opera DVDs he had gotten hold of, and other material too.

Soon, though, the scene in her bedroom started. The same one as had been on her tape, but beginning earlier, and from Jim's perspective. Barb was in her bra and panties, sitting on the bed. Jim walks in, the camera is already rolling. Jim's voice is heard.

“So when are you going to tell him?”

Barb looks innocent, and guilty, at the same time. “Tell who, what?”

“Tell the shrink about your previous career, and that's why you were written off the show. Why it was ironic what they did. How they made the plot twist 'fit the crime' so to speak, when you were canned. What that really had to do with what happened that night I got on your bed. All of it. It does no good to hold back that information. It only hampers him from helping us.”

“Maybe we don't need to go to a />
“Will you fuck me then?”

“Then we need to see our shrink.”

“So you can get to fuck me?”

“No, so that either you or I, or better both of us, get over our incestuous desires. Or give into them. In which case, the answer to your questions is then, yes.”

So James, was the more forthright, and open of the pair, thought the Doctor, it made sense. He had not been hurt, by Barbara's firing from her cable soap role. But he had been affected, by the previous role she had been in. The Doctor's private investigator had been thorough. The details, and the film and tapes, were now part of the Doc's private files, and an important segment of the materials he was gathering, about his />
“Come on mom, look right at the camera, and tell the good Dr. what it's all about. It's easier to talk to the camera, than him face to face, isn't it? So tell the truth, now.” Barbara turned to the lens, and turned to telling the tale of her acting career. She let the truth out, and the doctor into her secret life.

As she spoke, the psychiatrist remembered the tapes and films he had viewed the past week. One in particular stood out, as being relevant. But it wasn't from the television show.

MOVIE SCENE: The mother was drunk. She was a good looking woman with thick dark hair, and pale skin. Thick eyebrows, but the eyes were closed. The door to her bedroom was open. She was laying on her bed nude. A youth, resembling her, knocked on the open door. Called, 'Mom?' but got no reply form the unconscious woman. He walked in to the room.

There was an empty liquor bottle and a glass half full of an amber liquid on the table next to the bed. Clearly, she had been drinking, and passed out. The young man looked at her middle age body, still attractive, legs akimbo, breasts with small brown nipples. He called out softly, as if afraid to wake her, but to check to see if she was at all aware of anything. She stirred but did not awake. He rubbed his crotch.

The 'son', or rather the actor in that role, sat on the bed, next to actress in the part. He hesitated, then reached out and gently touched the woman's small but pert tits. He grew bolder and began to grasp them and to pluck at the nipples, which grew erect. The youth undid his belt, button and zipper, so that he was able to fist his member, as he bent, and sucked on the exposed bosom. He placed a hand down on her pubic hair.

The lady did not react to any of this, she was still unconscious. The 'son' discovered the slit of his and began to rub his middle finger on that slot. With no waking, or resistance from the female, the youngster quickly divested his clothing, and lay next to her. Then played with himself, and he orally explored her body, from mammeries to bush. He spread her legs, and inserted the middle finger into the damp vagina. The digit went in and out, several times.

His mouth made a meaningful munching on her clitoris. She was spreading her legs even more now, her eyes continued to be shut, but her mouth parted, and she uttered a little moan. The son maneuvered himself, so that he could kiss her lips, and guide his cock to her pussy. He said, 'I love you mom' and pushed in, entering her with his hard-on. Her legs had to go wide, to accommodate his slender hips that moved, to send him into her repeatedly.

Suddenly, she did awake and tried to dislodge him, but it was too late. He was by that time in the midst of his climax, the rutting frenzy in full gear. As he began to cum, she too, was overwhelmed with passion, and came. As their peaks subsided, there was another close up of their genitals, the penis shrank, slipped out of her hole. The fluids of their sexual encounter dribbled out of her. There had been no

The 'son' slipped off, then out of the room. The turned to the table, grabbed the half glass, and downed it in one gulp, then turned to bury her face in the pillow, and burst into tears. The crying seemed very real, or she was a damn fine actress. The scene dissolved.

The Doctor came back to the present. Barbara was saying into the video, her son was taping, “So, after I was left on my own, with a small boy to raise, I found odd jobs. Sometimes, I had to keep my job by letting the boss have 'little favors'. A blow job, a hand job, if he wasn't a pig – I might even fuck him to get a raise. I did what I could. With those sorts of activities to make a living, the work of doing soft porn wasn't too much different. In fact, it paid better, the hours were shorter, and I could be home with Jimmy more.”

She continued to speak on the tape. “I had always wanted to be an actress, when I was a girl. So this was a little like my dream come true. Except of course, it was not exactly what I had envisioned. I did one hardcore film. It was called, It was about a mother who gets drunk, and has sex with her son. I sort of looked like that more famous gal, and my film name was, Katie Starkers, close enough to the other. Look how many variations of there were after, she became famous. Or rather infamous, I suppose might be a better term. And I don't mean the one on Island'.

“I didn't do any more of that, even though the money was tempting. I went back to waitressing, or temping secretarial work. But then . . . then the thing with Jimmy />
The Barbara who was in the room, not on the video, was standing, looking at the therapist. “I'm sorry, could we break for a moment, I'd like to use the ladies room and get some water.”

The Dr. turned off the tape, and the large as life image of Barb, in her underwear, exposing her dirty laundry, as it were, disappeared. She was back shortly, and there was a cool tumbler beside each of the chairs now, for all three. “Do you want me to turn the tape back on now?” he asked, after she had a long sip.

“Doc, how about I tell this part? Okay, mom? Since I'm the one who . . committed that . . />
“Sure, Honey that's okay, just be sure to tell it all, and be accurate, please.” The Dr. nodded to Jim, to continue the story in his own words.

“We told you that I tried to have sex with mom, when I was eighteen. There was a scene in the movie . . . but let me go back to something earlier. I discovered an old porno tape, at this place that rented them out. The woman on the box looked so much like my mother, and it was called I couldn't resist renting it. In fact, I kept it, and paid the forfeit fee to have the copy. I had been horny for girls since I hit puberty at about twelve, though I didn't know the details of exactly how the anatomy fit together, until a couple of years later.”

“I had the hots for anything pretty in skirts, and that included mom. She was always, what nowadays we call a MILF. Anyway, at seventeen, I discovered this porn tape with a lady that looked like my mother, sort of. In it was a scene where the mother is dead drunk, the son comes into her bedroom, and sees she's totally out of it. So he gets naked, and gets her hot, then gets on top of her, and fucks her. I masturbated to that tape a whole year, before I decided it really was my mother.”

“I finally saw that the gal on the tape, when I freeze-framed one shot, had the exact same beauty spot on her right arm, just below the elbow, same as mom. It had to be her. Mom had been depressed for several years. Now, I thought I knew why. She wasn't getting any sex. Like when she had made the movie. And she was drinking, like in the movie. And then one night, her door was open, and she was drunk, naked on the bed. Just like in the porno tape. So I thought, here is a chance to make us both happy.”

“I can lose my virginity, give mom the sex she was missing, and solve both problems at the same time.”

The Dr. asked, ”Did you really reason all that out, before hand? Or was that a rationalization after the fact. You tried to take advantage of the situation, and your mother's vulnerability. If she was unconscious, then she would not have been a willing participant. If she did not wake, then she might not even discover that she had sex.”

right. I thought of what I was doing, afterward, and made up reasons that seemed less wrong. During it, I was just wanting to fuck her. I got undressed in my room and came back. She was still asleep. I lay on top of her, and started rubbing my dick on her fur. I didn't kiss her, because I was afraid she would wake up too soon, and stop me.

Her breast felt wonderful on my chest as I pressed against her. Her legs sort of were opening, and I was rubbing lower and lower. I put my mouth on her nipples and sucked, like I had seen in the film. I reached down and started fingering her. I could tell that she was wet. It was just like I had watched hundreds times, and jerked off to.”

“But then she woke up! I just kissed her a lot of times on the lips, while I tried to find her hole with my prick. We were looking at each other, and she had this wild look in her eyes. I asked her if she wanted me to screw her, and she nodded yes, and said 'uh huh', and closed her eyes. I found the opening, just at that same moment. I started to put it in. It was hot and wet and tight, and the best thing I have ever felt. A hundred times better that doing it with my hand, pretending to fuck her.”

But just as I got in about half way, mom's eyes flew open and she got this terrified expression on her face. She said, 'NO! NO!, I mustn't let you. Don't!' and she pushed me off. I ran out and thought I had really gotten her totally mad, when she realized it wasn't a dream, or a memory of the scene in the movie, but actually me on her trying to have sex with her. But she didn't punish me, or give me the silent treatment. She just said we couldn't do that. That no matter what we wanted, it wasn't right. We were to forget it ever happened. I was never to try it again.”

Barb spoke, “I stopped drinking then, so that I was never that vulnerable or tempt . . uh . . . so that could never happen between us. I looked better after a while, better than what I had back when I had done the porno flick. I went to a local audition and got a small part in a TV drama special, being filmed in our town for a location shot. I guess I made a good impression on somebody because, a guy called out of the blue, and wanted to know if I would try out for this particular role, on a new cable soap-opera called, 'Candlewood By />
“Mom played a town floozie, that like to fooled around with much younger men. Every week there was a shot of her running around in her bra and panties. And flashes of even less, as she had her affairs. It was a regular feature of the program, and was one of the draws for the men, to see her scantily clad or get a peek of flesh. She was hotter right then, than she ever had been, even for the porn. So while I had the urge to merge with my mom, I got to see her on TV, constantly making out with younger men. It was driving me nuts. I had blue-balls all the time!”

“And this has fueled your lust, that is causing the problems between you, and your mother.” It was a statement, not a question, the shrink held up a hand to have Barb not interrupt at this point. “But your mother was acting on the soap. But – was she sending any signals then, as you perceived them, that she had any sexual interest in you – her son, at home, and in />
“Not then.”

“Barb, you wanted to say?”

“What you pointed out. I was only acting. My stage name for the credits was, Terry Starr. It was not very well reviewed. The critics, because of the more graphic nature of cable, called it the “Tongue and the Dressless”, due to my appearing so much in my undies. And also the over abundance of risque romantic scenes, with French kissing and so on. I liked some of my co-stars, and it was fun, even if it was a bit campy.”

“But then somebody found out about my porno past, and they decided it was cheaper to write me off, than outright fire me. They did keep it secret from the public, so the taint of scandal would be swept under the rug, After all, that was a little to close to my role on the show.”

the ironic part. I was mentioning last week, Doc.” Jim piped up. “Her character, was sent to jail, for having an affair with an underage />
“After I got written off, fired in essence. I didn't get anymore roles. It's been a year now. I didn't go back to heavy drinking, like back after the porno days, but I have a little drink, now and then. I'm ten years older than when I made but I look about the same as I did then.”

still a MILF, mom!”

“And you still want to get me in bed. After six years, what makes you think I'm going to say yes, now?”

“Because – I just somehow sense that you are ready to let me . . make love to you. Not because you're lonely, though I know you are. Not because I can't get other women. But I don't want other ladies. Not because you got to have sex. I mean we all need that, but I don't have the silly ideas I did when I was eighteen. There is something though, that is stirring things between us, and the time is finally right. But I can't really identify it, I just sort of feel it.”

The psychiatrist stood. “On that note I'm afraid the time is up. Before you go, I have another homework assignment for you both. Leave the cameras here for now, I will review them before we meet next week, at our regular time. First, I want each of you, to be modest around the house this week, no walking around in your underwear in front of one another. Secondly, I want each of you to separately watch

Jim, when you do, you are not allowed to masturbate. I want you to watch your mother, see what she is doing, not sexually, but emotionally. Not what she is acting, but what she is really experiencing, as she goes through the whole thing. Try to understand what she is saying with her body, not her mouth. Again don't masturbate, watch like it is a psychology-class film.”

“But, Doc . .” Barb interjected, “I took that away from him, when I found out he had a copy, and destroyed it! You can understand why, after his trying to have sex with me.”

“Jim, did you make up a back-up copy?”

“Then loan one to your mother. Barbara, I don't want you to destroy any more copies. That won't do any good now anyway, he can always order one from the Internet. But I want you to watch it too. You are to look and see yourself in the true remembrance of those things that were going on in your head and heart as you were doing those sexual things on camera. As Jim said last week, 'there is a time to be honest with ourselves'. This is what I want you to do, be honest with yourself, about your emotions, when you filmed those scenes. Both of you are to take notes on your viewing, and bring them to our next session. Actually, if you can fax them the day before, so much the better. Any />
“Yes, Doc, I have one.” said Barb. “Can I masturbate, when I watch?”

“Certainly, Barb. I expected that you would.”

She left with a strange look on her face, as if she was uncertain if he had meant what he said, or if it was a joke. Jim lingered for a moment. “Doc, It's going to be hard not to jerk-off during that tape. Did you really mean that . .”

The Dr. interrupted. “I need for you to concentrate on what I told you to do, and you'll need your hands to take notes. Watch your mother's face, that will be the window to her mind. In close ups, the eyes will say much more than any words she recites from the , they are the real give away to her soul's torment. Treat your mother as nice as you can this week. You will be rewarded for your efforts, believe me. Now go on and remember, she needs your help to see this through. Trust me. Go!”

Barbara sat in front of the TV, the tape was rolling. She had the remote handy, and a pad with a good pen, in her lap. The second sex scene, between mother and son, was now beginning. She reached for a tissue from the box on her side. A tear rolled down her cheek. She knew in her deepest, darkest place of herself, what the doctor had wanted her to see, to admit, to confess.

MOVIE SCENE: The and 'son' sat at the kitchen table. The 'son' had a beer, 'mom' had her whiskey, the bottle was half gone. The 'son' spoke tenderly. “Come on mom, I'll help you to bed, you've had a rough day.”

“Your father cheated on me, the no good bastard, is it any wonder I drink? I get so lonely and frustrated, is it any wonder I like my whiskey? I got a shitty job waiting tables, and lousy tippers, on my feet all day; is it any wonder I sit here, and get />
“Come on mom, leave the bottle, I'll help you get ready for bed. You need to sleep.”

“Okay, but I can walk.” She staggered a little, and her 'son' caught her. With one arm around her, he steadies her, as they make their way to her bedroom. Once they he deposits her on the mattress. She lays back, as he takes off her shoes. Then he helps her to sit as he unbuttons her blouse. She makes a poor attempt to undo the sleeves and he does those as well, then takes off the her top. Her lacy bra cups the two small, but firm boobs. He unzips the skirt's side and gets her to stand for the moment, to let the garment fall to the floor. No slip, so now she is only in her bra and panties.

Barbara is in her robe on the davenport, and nothing else. She has not taken a note, just sits, her right hand is playing with her nipples, as she watches. She remembers what happens next, but it is like seeing it for the first time, she begins to understand the point of her homework. She is aroused, but she does not see the man on the screen. In her mind's eye, it is Jimmy, Jim at eighteen.

On the small flickering screen, the woman reaches up, and caresses the face of the youth. He looks much younger than his twenty-one years. That is why he was cast. He looks like he could be her son, that also was involved in choosing the pair of them for the roles. The mother kisses him on the lips and whispers. “You took me, when I had no defenses, last time. I didn't even know what was happening, until the very end.”

“I'm so sorry, mom. I couldn't help it. You looked so beautiful, and sexy there on the bed. I just had to look, and then try to touch you, and then I got carried away. Please forgive me. But you did like it, when you woke up, didn't you? You came with me didn't you? You didn't tell dad, or kick me out of the house, or kick my ass. You needed it, didn't you? You wanted me, didn't you?”

“You think I'm really beautiful? You think I'm sexy? Really?”

“Yeah, mom you are beautiful and sexy. And I would love to make you feel good again.” He reaches around and unsnaps her bra. Kneeling down before her, his lips go to his mother's small brown nipples, erect and pointed. She is breathing hard at his nibbling.

Barbara slips her robe off. She is nude on the couch. Jim is out, and won't be back until late. She can do what she wants, as her on-screen-self is doing what her 'son' likes.

“Lift up, mom, let's get the panties off.” The 'son' is directing the to lift her hips. As she is bared before his eyes, he puts his hands to her buns, and his face to her crotch. She moans as he goes down on her.

“Baby, we did it once, it was wrong, but it did feel so nice. And now you are making me crazy again, with lust. We shouldn't do this, but I can't help myself. Ah! Like that! Right there!”

Barb had her finger on her clit, mesmerized by the erotic view, the sensuous stimulation that mimics the action, the emotions of the moment which are rising in her body.

“Mom I love you. Dad's a shit to treat you like that. Let him fuck his secretary, I'll make love to you, and bring you even more pleasure than he ever did. Just let me do it, to show how much I am your man now!”

“No baby, not that, we can't. It would be incest, sinful! That would be such a wrong thing, for a mother to do with her son. You're my boy. How could I do such a naughty thing with my little boy?”

“I'm not a little boy any longer, mom.” The son stripped off his tee-shirt and sports shorts. Now he was as naked as her. He was erect and quite mature, with hairy sacks, and curly pubic hair to spare.

“We'll go to hell for this, but it will be heaven getting there. I don't care any more, I want you too, son. Make mother your woman, Darling. Make love to your mother, and make me cum. Cum in me, baby, fuck me now!” She rolled back on the bed, lifting her legs, and the young man took his cock, placing it right at the entrance of his mother's cunt.

“I love you, Mom!” he proclaimed loudly.

“I love you too, Baby!”

“I love you too, Jimmy!” Cried Barbara, as her on-screen-self fucked. She stabbed her two fingers in her pussy, and climaxed in big contractions. Waves of convulsions over took her body. Her face was drenched in sweat, and her mind was filled with fear and clarity, from the revelation she had shouted. She didn't need to write any notes, to share. But she would write her honest confession. She wondered how this could all turn out well. It was hell, this way. Perhaps the Dr. knew the way to get to heaven.

They had faxed their notes for homework to the psychiatrist the day before their appointment, as he had requested, in order to have time to prepare for their session. Both Barbara, and James, were obviously nervous when they arrived. The Dr. was not surprised at this, having read their reactions to the video, which was viewed in the light of what they were seeing through fresh eyes; as well as the lens of the therapeutic focus he had guided them in being aware of when viewing. All of which helped to reveal their hidden thoughts and feelings; now made clear by the cathartic experience.

Once more they took their seats, as before. But the shrink indicated that they should stand up again. “Now please, would you both get completely undressed, before you sit once more. The room temperature is adjusted for that, and the fabrics are quite />
“Doctor! You can't be serious!” Barb exclaimed in shock.

Simultaneously, Jim said, “Doc, what the fuck?”

“Please, listen. I am asking for a specific reason. I will explain as you disrobe, but you may start to do so now. You did agree in the contract to follow whatever I recommend, or you could stop the treatment at any time, but that would be the end. It's up to you. I have found that nudity makes for honesty. It is some how harder for people to lie to one another, when they are without clothes. Especially in unusual circumstances, or />
“Well, that certainly is the case, presently.” said Barb, not having removed a stitch yet.

Jim had kicked off his shoes, and was unbuttoning his shirt. “So, this is an honesty exercise? Like a trust thing that you do, when you fall back, and the other person is supposed to catch you, before you crash to the ground?”

“Similar yes, but this is also about coming clean. Confession is good for the soul, and you two have some revelations to experience here. Which are best done in your birthday suits, if you will. Barb, please?” She began to undress. “You both have seen each other naked. Jim as he watched the tape, any number of times, has seen your body, />
“And you have seen him nude and masturbating, so, no surprises there. Once you have gotten all your clothes off, you may be seated again. You will find that you adjust rapidly, and soon you won't even think about it. But the nudity will continue to have a subconscious effect on your dialog.”

In a short time, both were seated, and sans clothing. “What about you Dr.?” Barb asked.

“What if I get a boner?” Jim quired

“It's natural that you might get an erection during this session. Don't worry about it. Barb, if it will make you feel more comfortable, I'll strip as well.”

“I guess that isn't necessary. The swimming coach doesn't have to wear a bathing suit.” she replied.

“Sometimes he will, but not all the time.” The Dr. did not follow up on that, but turned to Jim, and said to the athletic built youth, “Why don't you start us off with what you observed, watching your mother's porno film?”

“When she fucked the guy that was playing her son, the first time, she cried. She really did cry, that wasn't acting. I can tell when she weeps. Why did you cry mom? Was the scene degrading, or did you feel guilty?”

“We'll have Barb share with us in her turn, but I want you to continue with your />
“The second time, she didn't cry, she was really into it, not into the guy, but into the scenario, like she was fucking me. But I was only twelve or thirteen, when she was in that film. So she couldn't have been thinking of me.”

“And when you saw that, you wrote that you did />
“Did you masturbate, James? You were not supposed to do that.” admonished his mother.

“No, mom. I cried, and then I turned it off. I couldn't take it />
Barbara was looking a bit pale. “Have some water, Barb.” the Dr. said. She noticed that glasses were already by the seats. She took a big gulp, wishing it was booze. “Barb, you have been skirting an issue, to use a phrase that seems ironic at the moment.” All three smiled, at the humor of the remark. “In earlier sessions, you protested using almost the exact words of the , from the movie. You have been rather vehement in your denials, of wanting anything to do with your son />
“As with the Shakespearian phrase, 'Me thinks, the Lady doth protest too much', if I quote it correctly. You almost said last week, when said same topic was on your lips. What did you observe in that second scene, Barb? You masturbated, did you not? It's in your . . exposition on what you came to understand, in self-examination. Go ahead, now is your chance to come clean, to be freed of your guilt, to unburden yourself to your son.”

Barbara knew the moment of honesty and truth were upon her. She could no longer hide her real feelings, or escape the consequences. She understood, now more than ever, she had not been fair to Jim, her beloved son. That she had to face her fears, and herself, and him full on. As one turns into the gale wind, to make headway in that direction, however difficult it may be. She took a deep breath, and spoke. “I saw myself . . . I knew what I was thinking, and I was ashamed back then when was made. But now, I am not.”

“I was human and weak, but when the test came for real, I was strong. I am strong. James, I was thinking of you. You were just turned thirteen a few weeks before. And as that kid on the set fucked me, as my son, I thought of you, doing it to me. It was the only way I could get through the experience, that first time. The second time, I did get into it. I enjoyed the fantasy. The fantasy was us together, mother and son, Barbara and James making love.”

“I knew it was wrong. That it could not be then, should not be ever. But ever since then, in my heart of hearts, and deep in my lusting cunt, I have wanted to fuck with you. When you were eighteen, and tried to do what you had seen me doing, with that other youth, I wanted it. But then I chickened out. I have rejected your advances, while still lusting for you.”

why, you have sensed me in such a way that has been drawing you to me. Why we have had this tension between us. I hope you can forgive me, but I love you, and, I lust for you. I want you, I need you. I won't deny you. I will revel, when we do it together. Is that what you wanted to hear Doc?”

“Isn't that what you have needed to say, for a long time, />
She turned to face her son. “Dr. could we have a few minutes of />
He withdrew to his office. On the side closest to the therapy room, was a small closet-like space, which was actually the monitoring room. There he was able to not only watch and listen, but use the camera lenses to get close ups. Everything was digitally recorded, and he had sophisticated editing capabilities. He had the work done quickly, by professionals, after the first session with the pair. It had cost a mint, but the Doctor knew it would be worth it. He watched the continuing drama. Mother and son stood, and faced each other for long moments in silence.

Finally, Barbara spoke. “Jimmy, sweetheart, can you forgive your old mother for her confusion? I don't know whether I have been giving into my fears, or not giving into my temptations. But it has not been fair to you. Not when I discovered you with the video, because I had secretly kept some stills from the porno flick publicity shots, for me to remember, and masturbate with, thinking of you. Then you found the copy of the movie, and did the same thinking of me. I destroyed the still-shots at the same time I got rid of the tape I confiscated from you.”

“But I had been doing the same thing too, so it wasn't fair to you. Nor was it fair to let you get halfway into me when you got on my bed with me, then force you off. Nor is it fair even now that you are twenty-four, and still wanting me, sensing the underlying lust that I have too, for incest with my boy. It has not been fair, ever. Can you ever forgive me, please.” Tears began to trickle down her cheeks.

Jim spoke softly, the Dr. turned up the volume on his headphones. “Of course I forgive you. You didn't do anything wrong. Even if you felt that your desires were naughty, you didn't act on them, when it would have been inappropriate. In that, you were strong, and proper, and responsible. But while correct at that time, when I was younger, those reasons are past. I want us to move on,” With this he closed the gap between them, and they hugged, as bare as Adam and Eve before the apple.

He went on speaking, “We can do what we want, as adults now. Even if we are mother and son, we are both wanting to have sex together. We love one another, and I want to show how much I love and care for you, in a physical way. In a sexual way. Making you feel good, and you letting me feel good in you.” His erection was rubbing on her Mons. Her legs opened a little, so that her stance was better balanced, against the pressure she was getting from his hips. Her hips made subtle bumps toward him, as well.

“James, I don't know. I want you, yes. I am sure that it would be wonderful, for us to be together like that, enjoying each other's bodies. But I am still unsure, that maybe it wouldn't be right. That it might damage our relationship, ultimately. That you might eventually hate me, for letting you have me.”

“Never, Mom.” He kissed her. She felt herself melting into his strong arms. Their tongues frolicked from mouth to mouth. Her hands gripped his buns. He began to hunch his hard-on lower. She was responding, they move toward the soft sofa. She got Jim to sit, and opened her mouth to perform fellatio. As her son slouched on the couch, Barb deep throated her boy's penis. A trick she had been good at, on the set of She was wet, and she used her free hand to play with her clit. She wasn't thinking, just reacting to the pent-up lust, that had been suppressed for so many years.

Jim reached down to play with his mother's firm little breasts. The brown quarter-size nipples were quite stiff. He loved what her mouth was doing to his prick. But he wanted to put it inside her vagina soon, he was so horny, it had been long years that he had fantasized about this. Now she was ready, to let him fulfill their most private desires. They each had understood, theirs was a bond of lust, that flowed between them, like an electrical current, which charged up their erotic batteries.

The psychiatrist decided that he needed to take control, it was still too early to let them have sex. That would come soon, but the right ground had to be prepared, to protect everyone legally, and get it all recorded. He moved to the door of the therapy room, and knocked. There was a scrambling noise as he entered, even before they were able to disengage. Jim looked smug and excited, Barb was proud and pleased, and not at all flustered. Progress, indeed the doc thought, as he spoke.

“Good, I see we have had a bit of a break through. But I didn't want you to get carried away yet, and do something you might regret after the emotional tumult, and heat of the moment. You have made the right choice to be honest, but you need cooler heads – and genitals – to become lovers, if that is what you decide to do. You still have at least one more session that you ought to have, to resolve any remaining issues.”

“So this is what I want you to do. We will have another appointment in two days. You are NOT to have sex, before then. You can fool around, but don't lose control. If you can't keep control, don't fool around. You both are able to do that, if you set your minds to it. Do not watch either together or separately. Refrain from masturbating. Think, talk, discuss, meditate, on whether you are ready to take the step of becoming incestuous lovers.”

“Plan to have the whole afternoon here. Barbara, I have a written business proposition for you, here in this envelope. You can read it when you get home, and I would encourage you to share it with James, talk it over with him, and perhaps this will provide a solution for your economic difficulties, as well. Remember the rules and homework, and NO FUCKING before you come back. Okay?”

The pair nodded solemnly, but then left smiling, hand in hand.

Forty four hours later, they were all assembled in the therapy room again. The Doctor had his recording equipment already running. Barbara and James sat on the divan together now. Holding hands. The psychiatrist began by having them sign some papers, he explained what each item was, and provide them with copies in a large folder, which they would take with them at the end of the session. This was the last one, unless other issues arose, but the troubles had been resolved, and the tensions would be completely gone, when the day was over.

Doc then sat in his customary chair, and spoke. “Barbara, I was sure I recognized you, when we first met, but not until I heard the title of your porno flick, did I realize that was where from. In my research, for mother/son incest, I had collected all kinds of materials, including erotica and pornography relating the subject. Then I was certain; but I had not realized that you had broken, briefly into legitimate drama, with your soap opera role.

My private investigator discovered that the fellow who was your initial contact, for 'Candlewood By Moonlight', had seen your more sleazy role, and like the way your sensuality with a younger man played. He was alas, ultimately the leak, however inadvertent, in a marijuana-stoned blurting to the wrong set of ears, about your past. But the damage was done and couldn't be repaired. At least he managed to keep it out of the press.

If you are willing to do what we have agreed on in the paperwork, you will be given a chance in a new role, on another drama, on a new cable channel. This time, no one will recognize you, as you will be an alien on a science fiction program. But you are still a seductress, only the earthlings are adults. The special of your casting is a major investor in the project, so your part and job, and background will be safe. Jim, you can start on the set as a 'best boy' apprentice – an electrician trainee, in other words.

Your only asks, that if you have decided to become lovers, that he might view my tapes of your first fuck, here in this safe room. He will be the only one that will view the material, outside of myself. He had a particular interest in the subject of mother/son incest, and is willing to use his vast wealth to acquire authentic tapes and such.

The papers you signed, were drawn up by a top law firm, to provide a very tidy sum, to pay off your debts, and protect both the sponsor's and your privacy. He will not know who you are, nor you he, unless either party breaks the agreement, and there is no reason that anybody should. It is in everybody's best interests, to keep things as confidential as possible.

The mother and son nodded their understanding and agreement. Their signatures a few minutes ago had made things official. This all had been in the business proposal, which had been given to Barb, a couple of days ago. “I want the pair of you to sit on the couch, and watch the final scene of love-making in now. Do what you are inspired to do, you will have privacy, the equipment will be run from the recording booth, I am the only one in there. I won't interrupt.

I do have a suggestion and one request. Before you begin the tape, the remote is on the table beside the couch, water glasses too; I think it would be easier to get naked, as you were last week, but for more natural />
“And what is the request doctor?” asked Barbara, as she and James began to strip, without hesitation, this time.

“You two are such a handsome couple, I'd like to get your picture, of you two together, er, in the altogether, as it were.”

“You mean nude, dude?” Jim quipped

“Yes, exactly, sort of a formal family portrait, if you will, but full />
“If it's formal, I will wear my pearls!” laughed Barb. Indeed, that is how she appears in the picture. She stands noble, serene, and proud. Just her pearls, and an emerald cut garnet ring on her left hand, is all she has on. Her expression is solemn, her small breasts firm, the nipples well defined. Her hands are clasped in front of her, modestly, but not hiding the fact that she has not a stitch of clothing on.

James stands behind her, his dark shock of hair, matches her coif. He has perhaps a pout, on his lips. His left arm is over his mother's shoulder, possessive and covering the left breast in a casual manner, as if he is often naked with her. The right is behind his back. His uncircumcised penis is semi-erect, the tip is beginning to peak from the hood. One large vein is popped on the upper length of his tool. His large sacks, which Barb mentioned, hang heavy with his semen, which he will shortly flood in his mother's womb.

They are clearly, mother and son, the fair skin, with no scars or blemishes, save a 'beauty mark' just below her right elbow. They are open and not ashamed of their nudity, not for the viewer, and certainly not with each other. They are obviously lovers, the way James drapes his arm on Barbara. How close he stands, hips touching. The tumescence of his member, her erect nipples. His head leans to her, the chin on her right shoulder, and forehead to her cheekbone. This pair are unapologetic for their sexual intimacy. It is a striking pose.

The Dr. got out his camera and snapped the pair. Then he prepared to leave them alone. “After you are through, you may call to me and I will appear for our goodbyes. You have done excellent work, I commend your honesty and openness. That is what has brought you to the peaceful resolution, you are concluding today in our final session. Any />
Jim raised his hand, like he was in school. “Yeah, Doc. When you watch us, are you going to />
Barb chimed, “Are you going to be naked too, in the booth?”

“Well, lets just say, that even swimming coaches like to go skinny-dipping once in a while, same as everybody!” With that, he left. Indeed, he was stripped quickly once he was in the recording booth. He did not want to take the time in the middle of filming, and getting close ups, to take off his pants. But he did cum, when they climaxed as well. He, in fact, was the himself. He would edit the tapes to make a incest porno, just for himself, alone. Better than any that had ever been produced, and real. That was the ultimate kick, it was real actual consanguine concupiscence.

Barb and Jim sat on the couch together, the big television screen lit with the final fuck of the porno video already cued up.

MOVIE SCENE: The 'son' sat on the living room couch, he was in jockey shorts. entered. She was dressed in a robe, partly open to reveal a gauzy nightgown, and spoke to him. “Do you know what day this is />
“What day, mom?”

“It's been one month now, without a drop of booze, thanks to your love and help.”

great mom, I'm so glad you sobered up, you seem much happier now.”

“I have not had one drink, since that day you showed me how much you truly love me.”

“Uh . . Yeah, I'm sorry that I took advantage of you and fucked you, I just couldn't help myself. You do forgive me don't you? I promised that I would never do it again. I kept my promise, and you kept yours to give up drinking. So, I guess . . we are both . . happier. – – right?”

“You don't sound too happy, Baby.”

“I am . . sure I am . . I'm happy that your sober and that you kicked dad out, the shit. That we don't have the conflicts and arguments and stuff, like when you were drunk and a . . forgive me, but a bitch.”

“Oh! I was, I was a royal bitch, and a drunk, and miserable, and stupid to put up with your bastard father for so long. But that has all changed. All except one thing.”

“What, mom, what else can I do, to make you happy I want you to be happy, I love you mom.”

“Why the one thing that hasn't changed, since that night, a month ago is this . .” The image of Barb on the large screen bent low and kissed her 'son' on the lips. Barb in the shrink's office, picked up the remote and paused the image, to kiss her real son beside her. She took his arm and draped it over her shoulder and placed his hand directly on her breast, the nipple in his palm. She kissed him, Frenching, the tongues making squiggly contact. She un-paused the video, the couple on the screen continued to kiss. The 'son' pulled his 'mom' onto his lap and slid a hand in her robe.

Barb reached over and took hold of Jim's erection. On the TV her robe has come off the shoulders and the mouth is seeking the brown caps beneath the gown. That garment is just as quickly cleared away so his lips are making mams glad globes. Jim's hand goes between Barb's legs. They part. The shirt and shorts of the fictional 'son' are gotten rid of. His erection is neither as long, nor fat, as the one Barb is stroking.

The scene shifts point of view. Now the camera angle is aimed directly at the sofa, TV Barb is now as nude as she is watching herself. The faux 'son' is nuzzling his head between her thighs, and she places her hands on his head, as he licks her thighs. Jim follows the lead of his stand-in, now old enough to do it for himself with his lovely sexy mother. Barb moans an echo of her own pleasure, and the pelvis tilts in parallel, to the twin oral administrations of the youth and his doppelganger. They kneel before their goddess. Worshiping at her temple of Venus, mom's Mons.

Her knees rise, the same way and her face is a mask of the sweet agony of ecstasy, as she is eaten, and loved in her center. Then and now, it is the same expression, the same desire, but today fulfilled for real. Jim's dick is glistening with pre-cum. He has seen this scene hundreds of times, and wished it were him. Now it is, and he is determined to best the boy in the film, with his honest love, and deeper lust for his mother. He mirrors the moves, he makes the better lover as he knows the taste of her pussy for the first time. He can't get enough, his mouth is driving her wild, and her clit is throbbing with his wet lashings.

The Doc has zoomed in on the action from almost overhead. Barb's labia are showing red and her panting is clear in the microphones. From the side-angle camera's perspective Jim's dick is pointed at his target. The connection is better viewed from behind, though partially blocked by the hanging testicles. On screen, the drags her 'son' to her. Jim moves on his own. Barb is wide open and ready, for both cocks. Her cunt is needy of her 'son', but it is always and ultimately Jim's, that she is thinking of, both past and present.

Doc has all the close-ups, the angles set, and must grip himself as Jim places his manhood at the portal of his mother's sex. They look in to each other's striking blue eyes, in a silent communication. He says, 'I'm going to – I have to.' She answers, 'I know – I want you to – I need you too.' He slowly pushes into her cavity. The penetration that waited six years, takes only a long minute. Then her son is finally planted within her body, to the very root of his solid muscle. She can even feel that vein on top, throb!

The movie moves with the motion of fucking, and the couple on the couch are copulating in syncopation. But the cries and moans and groans, are a cacophony, that is real passion trumping acting. Barb is clutching Jim to her, while movie 'mom' is holding the hips of Both boys are pounding away, one for a money shot, the other to cum in mommy. It is not a race to cum first, the longer you last in making love, the better. The live action takes the blue-ribbon, as they continue to fuck, after the screw-goo is shown on the TV.

In fact, Barb had already climaxed once, as her child provided the initial thrusts. But now another builds as his orgasm is galloping to the final dash. The tender rocks are bumping her buns, to the beat of his humping hips. The head of his prick swells deep in her, as he locks into the incestuous connection of their union. He blasts the hot jism she had longed for, for so long. She lets out a scream of delight, at he is creaming in her. Her own fluid washes down, and they drench the cushion with the emulsions of their sin.

Thank God, the Doc thinks, I had the fabric treated. He had hoped that he might witness such a wild sight. The preparations payed off, the strategy worked, the therapy was finished, the moment was captured, and the pair were contented and satiated. No, they were not through! But the digital equipment is still taking in the renewed activity. Jim is turning his mother around to be on her knees too. Her torso is planted on the couch and her crack is high and ready for his attack.

Barb feels her man-child plow into her vagina, once more with his member. The meat is still firm and full of vigor. It is reaching different places, at this level of his goring. She laughs at the video pair who have now parted and are just panting, as the real hero of her hopes has his way with her. She is glowing inside, and his heat infuses her being, and his lunges give her renewed life. She doesn't have to act like a proper mom, she can be her naughty self, fucking her son, and openly loving it with him. He has his reward for his patience, and she for her sacrifices.

Thanks to the shrink, their world had expanded to encompass this love, that had so long been withheld from their relationship. And there would be money, and theater. An alien siren? No stranger than an incestuous mother. The role she had wanted, that was once only pretend, was now come true. Speaking of cumming, here they were cumming again. She felt him spurt, her whole body spasmed, in her happy climax simultaneously.

At last the steam piston of her son, seemed to have lost its locomotion. It was time to wind down and wind up this session. But there would be more of the same, at home. She wished her sponsor well, she knew they had given a good performance. It was a part she had been rehearsing for many years in secret. Now she plan to have a long run, with her co-star that was born to the role. They dressed, then the Doc came back in and wished them well. He said that they had more than given the cameras enough, for quite a great show. They left, hand in hand, smiling.

A week later. The Dr. answered the door, to another couple, mother and son, that had answered his advertisement. They had already copulated, but now were wondering how to keep up the excitement. The Doc, had some interesting ideas. But that's for the next case study.

story by: Oediplex

Tags: fiction sex story

Author: Oediplex

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    I closed in on her woman parts. I could smell her. I had never smelt a woman before and the scent drove me wild. I started to kiss and lick at her entry point, fast and furiously.“Slowly at first Trent. Like a lovely flower that needs to open in the morning light. Slowly.†It was prom night. I was all excited because after tonight school would be over and I would never have to go back and see the bloody...

Worlds hottest house party

Anal sex story

Pool party

Tomorrows friends with the ex, maybe

Getting what I want

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