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The first time I knelt for him felt like it was a new day I felt the freedom I had been looking for.Iv always known I was ment to serve iv always known my place was going to be here looking up at such a wonderful man how could it be anywhere else?

Im 16 “so young”
I remember that’s the first thing he said when he looked over my body appraising me. Im pale so pale my skin is more white then what normal skin colour would look like. I feel like im the drawing of a child who only had a black and a white crayon “cant wait to mark your thighs red girl” the second thing he said to me as I kneeled for him. My hair is cut short and black; almost as dark as my eyes everyone says my eyes are sad. When my Master looked into them he smiled it was enough to make my heart stop make me want to keep staring though I really shouldn’t have.

He’s tan and beautiful tall and powerful his eyes the clearest shade of blue I’ve ever seen. His hands are callused from work rough on my smooth skin, he’s fingers work expertly over my body as if they have touched it a million times as if he’s had me his whole life. When he touches me just right I shiver I cant help it its to good to keep still. It feels as if I was made for him… he makes me believe it. I remember he told me I was we where made for each other made to help each other threw the pain of life, he told me he was born first so he could come and learn to make sure he was ready for me. I don’t think it matters I was born old. In a way im like Gorge bailey born older, everyone iv ever met has told me im an old soul. So is he both of us have pain in our past and we come together to forget it.

Today he comes home and I know he is in a good mood. He smiles at me when he comes in im waiting for him the same as I always do on my knees in the doorway in my collar and a tight black tank top with a skirt nothing underneath in case he wants to use me right there. Today he doesn’t want to use me right there on the doorstep but not today not yet. Instead he tells me to stand and march so I do. Standing in front of him he tells me to strip. My fingers shake a little nervous as always as I slip my tank top off my hands running over my chest and down to my hips I feel his eyes on me as I slowly pull my skirt down off of my hips standing in front of him totally naked I breath deeply and wait. My nipples get hard just from his eyes my chest heaving up and down as I wait.

He stands and looks over me my his hands slipping over my body and im in heaven again feeling him touch me his hands slipping over me perfectly I shutter in the pure pleasure I feel from his rough hands and he feels it. I hear him chuckle and I blush he steps away from me and I have to stop myself from whimpering I watch him as he moves away.

He takes out the flog now the flog first and I smile at my old friend taking the handle and running it over my lips I kiss it tasting the leather and the taste of salt from his sweat the last time he used it on me. His hand runs over my head as I kiss it already feeling like Im in heaven hardly believing it gets better.

”get up”
”yes Master”
”palms to the wall girl”
”yes Master”

I close my eyes holding my breath my heat feeling like it might stop waiting waiting my mind screaming needing it… then silence the pain taking me away far away from my mind. I count.
/> ”two”
/> so good so free don’t stop please don’t stop
/> /> /> need this for so long craved it for ever
/> /> /> I can feel it now the burning bringing me back to reality as he attacks my thighs I start to feel the burn of every strip of material. Biting at my skin
/> /> /> More I can take more for him I know I can how can I not he gives me everything its my job to take it. I know need it.
/> /> /> I feel him walk up to me next and my breath catches in my through there he is behind me I feel him against me the roughness of his jeans pressing on my burning ass. His hand wraps around my body pulling my closer I keep my hands on the wall not daring to move as his hand slides lower brushing on my wet cunt he brings his fingers up to my mouth running them over my lips. I open my mouth for him taking his fingers in my mouth letting them slip in I start to suck cleaning him from my wetness
”mmm that’s my good girl” he whispers in my ear.
”Thank you Master” I say my voice sounding shaky as I try to gain control of myself again its so hard with him there pressing on me like he is now. I feel something else on my cunt now I look down and see the handle of the flog pressing between my lips and into me I gasp as I watch it slide into my I feel the warmth in the leather. He pumps it in and out of me slowly I feel myself dripping more and more onto the handle. I let out a moan despite myself.
”mmm do you know what you do to me girl?”
”No Master” yes my love.
”Im going to show you”

he spins me around so fast I can hardly think then he pushes me hard onto my knees and im home again. He pulls it out and I gasp same way I always do when I see it no matter how much time its been, he doesn’t waste time as soon as my mouth is open he shoves his cock in before I even have time to think im gagging on it. Licking and sucking I look up at him and I feel his hand across my face I look down again he starts to take me deeper my eyes starting to water as I move with him trying to keep up.
“mmm that’s my little slut”
I moan I cant help it but that only makes him fuck my mouth harder deeper right into my thought . Then I
feel him pull back and push me away I see him smile taking his cock rubbing the spit off on my face. I look down quickly though I know he must have caught me peaking he doesn’t slap me this time though I know I shouldn’t look.
”Bend over girl”
”yes Master”
I get on hands and knees for him and then I feel his foot on my back pushing me down. I lie down on my stomach breathing slowly as he crouches beside me his hands grabbing my arms quickly lashing them together I moan my eyes closing in pleasure from being bound again I feel something cold and wet on my ass I let out a sigh of pleasure as he starts to lube my ass.
”mm you are a good little slut”
I feel a finger slip inside my ass as I moan twisting a little in the binds my body still totally helpless as he fucks me the pure pleasure rushing threw me for what feels like the millionth time today but why wont he take me my body is screaming out.
I whisper and I sound much more pitiful then I had wanted to.
”Please what girl?”
”Please take me Master”
his hands run over my legs to my thighs pulling them apart making me spread them as far as I can I feel the head of his cock running up and down my slit.
so wet my little slut”
“Yes Master just for you”
I feel him slid into me so slowly it almost hurts but it feels so good so right I feel him so slowly fucking me knowing he is holding back. Two of his fingers slip into my ass making me moan and my whole body tighten I here him gasp knowing my cunt must be pulling on his cock now. I feel him fucking my harder and deeper from behind hitting deeper inside each time.

This is where I belong under him my body helpless for him for his touch tied and fucked showing my love the only way I really know how by serving, being there for him every day when ever he wants for what ever he wants; and him showing me how much he loves me by showing me my place over and over again. This is where I belong.

story by: Night_Mistress

Tags: fiction female / girl domination/submission bondage and restriction teen discipline bdsm sex story

Author: Night_Mistress

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