Dancing and the next day

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They got to the club around ten-thirty and true to his word; Michael got them all in and without being carded. A bouncer showed them to a private table that overlooked the dance floor from a balcony. A waitress came to take their drink order and the two girls piped up that they would have tequila sunrises. Michael ordered a beer and looked at Silk.

Michael leaned over and spoke in her ear, “What do you want to drink?”

His breath in her are distracted her and she sat dazed for a second, finally what he said sunk in and she said, “I don’t know. I don’t drink enough to know what I like.”

With a grin, Michael asked, “Do you want what they’re having?”

She had heard the word tequila and knew that it was out of the question. Michael could not control her if she had tequila. She spoke up, “No. You only wish.” Turning toward the waitress, she said, “How about a />
Michael almost fell out of his chair. Didn’t she know margaritas had tequila in them? Well fine, he would tell her later since she thought she was so smart. Later when she was losing control and panting for him. Let her find out the hard way.

The waitress brought their drinks and they sat there drinking them and checking the place out. After the first round of drinks, Michael ordered more and whispered something in the waitress’s ear and gave her a hundred dollar tip along with his credit card. She smiled as she left the table. A few moments later she brought more drinks.

Michael turned to Syndee who sat on his right and leaned over to her. Silk saw his hand slide up her leg and under her skirt. Michael then kissed her and Syndee placed her hands on Michael’s shoulders. Silk saw others around them watching and blushed.

Stacey leaned over to her and whispered, be embarrassed, this is normal for a Dom and normal for this club. Besides your probably next.” Stacey then kissed Silk’s ear and reached up and pinched her nipple. Silk moaned in response.

Michael fingered Syndee to the brink and then pulled his hand away. He then leaned back and told her to drink up as. Next he looked at Stacey and crooked his finger at her indicated for her to come around the table to him. She did and stood in front of him. He reached under her skirt and fingered her also while kissing her. Once she was close he stopped and whispered for her to finish her drink. Then he turned to Silk.

Silk gave him a smile and signed as his ran his hand up her thigh. She leaned in for a kiss and he grabbed her head with his free hand. As he kissed her, he brought her close to the edge and just as she was about to go over he stopped all activity and she looked at him.

“Not yet, little one,” he told her and offered her, her drink. “Drink it all,” he said as he took a drink of his beer.

Once all their glasses where empty, Michael ordered them on to the dance floor after giving them some rules, “Listen up my pets. I have a few rules for tonight. Rule one; you may dance with other guys. Rule two; they may get naughty with you, but no one touches what’s mine, hence no hands under your clothes. Rule three; stay near each other at all times. Don’t even go to the bathroom without each other. Rule four; stay with in my sight unless you’re going to the bathroom. Rule five, no orgasms. Now go dance.”

The other two got up and headed towards the dance floor after a yes Sir from each. At the stairs, they waited for Silk who had lagged behind to speak to Michael.

you going to dance with us?” She asked as she leaned over and spoke in his ear.

Michael knew she was confused about this so he didn’t punish her for disobeying but he did tell her, “Maybe later for now I want to watch you three. Now get out there and obey the rules. If you don’t you will not like me.” He then turned her toward the other girls and pushed her away with a swat on her behind.

After they left, he moved his chair near the railing so he could watch them. Someone approached his table and he looked up to see Baron. “Have a seat my friend,” he offered and the two sat talk while watching the dancers below.

“So are you here with your new slave?” Baron asked him.

Michael laughed, “Slaves, I have three now.”

“Three? How did you manage that? Did they come with the one you were telling me about />
“Nope, these two found me. They go to Paul’s parties and saw me there. They have about four years of experience. That’s them by the way,” Michael told him and pointed down to the dance floor.

“The three school girls?” Baron laughed, “I should have known. You always liked sluty women. So tell me about them.”

The waitress came up and gave Michael a fresh beer and asked if Baron would like anything. Michael told her to bring him a beer also and to keep them fresh. He then turned to Baron, “Well the blond is a real pain slut, the red head is just a slut who likes the lifestyle and the raven haired one is Silk, the new one I told you about.”

“So now that you find yourself with your hands full of slaves, will you be coming to more of the parties?” Baron asked. “Also will you be bringing the other two next Friday?”

“Yes I will come to more of your parties. As for Friday I hadn’t really thought that far, but yes I will bring all three,” Michael said after some thought, “Silk can learn from them also.”

“Good, good. I look forward to seeing you. I am glad that you have finally found your own slaves. I know it had been a long time,” Baron said to him, “Dyna will be glad also, she worries about you.”

“Speaking of Dyna, where is she or are you alone tonight?” Michael asked as he glanced at the girls, making sure they were okay.

At this Baron laughed, “No, my friend. I wouldn’t come alone. Dyna is on the floor with some of her slave sisters and />
“So tell me, what rules do you put on your slaves when they dance?” Michael asked curious to see if they had similar rules.

The waitress brought him a beer and Michael waved away Baron’s hand when he tried to pay. Baron thanked him and took a drink of his fresh beer.

Finally he said, “Well it depends. Tonight the rule is no orgasms. Some nights there are different rules. Once I made Dyna find men to take in the back and blow. Each night is different. Why?”

“Just wondering. Making sure I am not being to harsh,” Michael told him.

“What rules did you lay on them?”

Michael explained them to Baron as they watched the girls dance. The girls seemed to be having a good time. Other people that Michael knew came up and said hi to him as he sat there with Baron. He proved to be popular with all causing him to wonder why he had stayed away so often.

On the floor, the girls were having a good time. They danced at first with each other until they attracted some male attention and then they switched around among partners as to not loose each other. They each tried to give the impression that they were a package deal and being the horn dogs that men were, most accepted this with ease. One however had something different in mind as he danced with Silk off and on. He tried to steal her away but could not shake the other two. He decided to bide his time and play their game.

Silk was enjoying herself. She loved to dance and all this attention was just right up her alley. She really liked dancing with her slave sisters also. They were very sexy and could dance as well as she could. The three of them teased and flaunted themselves very well. Often she glanced up to see if Michael was watching and she saw that he was never without people around his table, but no matter who was there, he was watching and she felt he was watching her most of all. With this in mind, she put her heart into dancing and even let the guy that seem to shadow her dance with her as much as possible even though she felt he wanted more. Finally Syndee shook her arm.

“Master wants us to come up and get a drink and cool down,” Syndee shouted in her ear.

she said to Syndee and then to her shadow, “I’ll be back. Got to go get a drink.”

Not wanting to let her go but trying to play nice, he said, “Okay, I’ll be here.”

The three of them went up stairs to their table. Once there, they took their seats and Michael introduced them to Baron.

“This is Sir Baron. It’s his party we are attending next week,” Michael told them.

Syndee and Stacey both said, “Hello Sir and nice to meet you.”

Silk was a little more formal, “Good evening Sir. It’s a pleasure to meet you. Are you having a good time this evening Sir?” She also offered her hand to him.

Surprised at her manners, Baron took the offered hand and kissed it in greeting, “I am having a wonderful time this evening little one. Thank you for asking and the pleasure is all mine. You are a beautiful creature,” then to Michael, “Better be careful here pup, I may steal her away from you.”

Michael laughed at this, “Try your best, but this one is not so />
“We shall see, “Baron told him and turned his attention back to Silk. “So tell me little one, where did you learn to dance like that?”

Silk explained about dancing lessons and cheerleading. She liked this friend of Michael’s but he lacked whatever it was that attracted her to Michael. He was sexy and funny but Silk knew he was not the one for her. She could submit her body to him but nothing else. She watched Michael as they talked and noted he seems a bit upset by all the attention Baron was giving her. She hoped this would not hurt their friendship.

While they were talking the waitress had come and brought more drinks for the girls. Michael indicated for her to drink it. Silk did so without even thinking about it. The waitress brought another round and Michael whispered in her ear again. Within minutes she brought three glasses of water. Michael tipped her a twenty and she left.

“Drink this,” Michael told them, pointing to the water. “I don’t want you />
Silk did as he ordered and then downed her drink also. Dancing was hot work and she felt parched. As she did this she looked to Michael and noticed a smile playing across his lips. On impulse, she licked her lips provocatively, imagining she could taste him.

This caused his pants to tighten painfully. The little vixen, he thought. She was teasing him and he actually responded. The funny part was that she didn’t even know she was doing it or his reaction to her. He was amused at the fact that she had already drunk four margaritas. She would soon be feeling the affects and he wondered how out of control she would be. He couldn’t wait. Seeing the other two were done with their water and drinks, he ordered them back to the dance floor.

Off the three went to tease the male population. Stacey was having a wonderful time. She really liked Master Michael. He was the perfect Master. She also liked Silk. She knew that they would get along just fine. She wondered how Syndee felt.

The girls began dancing again and the men flocked like flies. The girls danced and teased all who came close. They danced very sexy with each other and rubbed up against any man who would let them. At one point, Silk and Stacey were dancing and rubbing on each other and Stacey almost made Silk explode.

Silk whispered in Stacey’s ear to tell her so and then backed off. She backed right up into the guy she had been dancing with before. He smiled a greeting and begun dancing with her again. She let him do so because she liked his moves.

He got close and yelled in her ear, “Is that dark haired guy your />
Not understanding his true meaning, she replied, “No. He is just a friend.”

Thinking that he had a clear path he preceded, “Can I get you a drink?”

“Not right now, I just downed two margaritas. I’m feeling pretty buzzed,” She told him, which wasn’t far from the truth. She was feeling really buzzed right now. Those drinks must be strong.

They kept dancing and often Stacey or Syndee cut in with them, but the guy seemed to always steer Silk back to him. He began to wonder if they were lesbians. Surely they liked guys some or they would not be here. He decided to push farther to see if she would allow more. He began slowly with slight touches here and there and when she didn’t rebuff him he preceded farther. The next thing he knew, one of the others was pulling her away. He protested and she leaned over and licked his ear and whispered that they were going to the bathroom and that they’d be right back. He could wait since she put it that way.

Once in the bathroom, the three compared stories and giggled as they did their business. Syndee had run up to the table to tell Master they needed to go and to grab the handbag they were sharing from him so they could all retouched their make up and put some ointment on Silk’s tattoo. They did this now as they joked and talked.

After checking her tat, Silk asked “So is anyone as buzzed as me?”

“Oh yeah,” Stacey told her with a giggle.

“Not yet,” Syndee told them, “But getting there. I need a few more.”

They all laughed at that and agreed a few more was a great idea.

They finished their make-up, put all their stuff back into the bag and checked themselves one last time in the mirror. “Damn we look good,” Syndee said.

“Good enough to eat,” Stacey said eyeing Silk who had bent over to fix her stocking and shoe.

Looking at her between spread legs, Silk laughed, />
They all laughed and shared a kiss. Finally another girl walked in and glared at them for a second before entering a stall. she said to them.

This caused them to laugh even harder. They left the bathroom but not before Silk said to her, “No Ho, slaves.”

Laughing, they ran up to Michael for another drink. Michael allowed them each another drink and made them have more water. He watched Silk as she drank noting the she was getting pretty drunk at this point. He watched as she caressed Stacey in a sexual manner. Damn, she was losing control.

As they went to the dance floor after a few drinks, Michael pulled Silk aside for a quick chat. “Watch that guy you have been dancing with. He is paying to much attention to you, my pet.”

“He’s just dancing with me, that’s all. I know the rules Master,” she told him.

“Be sure that you remember them well slave,” He said and dismissed her.

They went back to the floor and resumed dancing. Some guy came up and claimed Syndee and she shrugged and turned to him. Stacey and Silk danced together for a bit. They seemed to attract a lot of attention. Silk was too buzzed to realize why.

Stacey was surprised at the way Silk was acting all of the sudden until she turned around and Stacey saw that she was totally blitzed. Stacey went with it, as she really liked Silk. She allowed Silk to rub all over her and to dirty dance with her. She hoped Master would be pleased with them. She glanced up and saw that he was so she put her heart into it.

Silk was loosing control rapidly but didn’t realize it because she didn’t know that there was tequila in margaritas. She knew she was getting smashed, but didn’t know just how smashed. She loved dancing and she really liked Stacey. She was so turned on she just couldn’t stop. Suddenly she was not dancing with Stacey, that guy had popped back up. Okay she thought he seemed nice enough, so with a wink to Stacey who had found a partner also, she allowed him to dance away with her.

Now was the time to make his move he thought. She was looking pretty drunk and seemed to want more than dancing since she had practically made love to her friend on the dance floor just a minute ago. He began to touch her more, first on the outside of her clothing.

Silk allowed to dance with her and touch her since they was what Master had ordered them to do. She even liked it a little because she was so buzzed. She allowed his to rub his leg between hers and to grab her behind and press her up against him. She was really turned on at this point and didn’t notice that he had crossed the line until it was too late. She then tried to pull away from him.

“Not so fast, baby. Where ya going,” he whispered in her ear then he kissed her neck.

She froze as he backed he up against a wall and began to suck on her neck. She realized he had her skirt up and his pants undone. He meant to take her right there on the dance floor. She glanced up to see Michael charging down the stairs towards them. He looked pissed.

Michael tapped the guy on the shoulder. “I think that’s mine,” he said pointing at Silk once he got the guys attention.

“You think so. Looks like she mine now,” he said in a cocky tone.

Michael reached out and lifted Silk’s chin, then brushed her shirt collar aside to reveal her collar. He then reached in his pocket with his other hand and pulled out a leash and clipped it to the D-ring on her collar. “I do think so. What do you say, slave,” He told the guy with a sneer.

Silk swallowed hard as Michael pulled the leash. He jerked her up against his chest. “Yes Master,” She said as he put his arm around her and pulled her away from the guy.

Michael turned and pressed her back towards the rest of the dancers. Somewhere along the way, he began to dance with her. He kept a hold of the leash, but he also moved his body against hers in time with the music. Damn, she could move, he thought.

Silk was in heaven as Michael danced with her. She matched him move for move and did her best to tease him. She knew he was mad so she tried her best to distract him from what had just happened.

He turned her around and pressed her up against his chest then leaned down and whispered in her ear, “You know you’re in trouble right?”

“Yes Master,” she said and ground her backside into him as she reached up and swept her braid aside to offer him her neck.

Thinking it was time for a lesson, Michael motioned the other two to the table. He then bent his head and bit Silk on the neck. She groaned and broke free of him to pull away only to find that he still held her leash. He gave it a jerk as she backed away from him.
go,” He said and turned to walk away. She followed.

Once back at the table, the waitress brought more drinks. Michael whispered something to Baron who only nodded, the left the table.

“Drink up slaves,” Baron, ordered them.

The other two had seen what happened and wondered what was going happen to Silk. She had broken Michael’s rule. They knew that this meant punishment. Stacey smiled to Silk. She wondered if she should warn her sister but knew that this could bring punishment on her also so decided to keep quiet. She gave her a sad look the turned away.

Silk’s mind was hazed. What now. She knew she had broken a rule but it wasn’t her fault. She was drunk. She tried to be good, but she knew she had failed. She wondered where Michael had gone. She drank a little of the drink in front of her, but only to obey Baron. She didn’t really want it, as she was pretty drunk at this point. Finally Michael came back.

Michael leaned down to talk to Baron who nodded and smiled, and then got up and left the table. Next Michael spoke to Syndee and Stacey who also nodded. Last Michael turned to her, he didn’t say anything as he reached out and picked up the end of her leash. He gave it a tug as he turned and left. She had no choice other than to follow, which she did obediently. The other two fell into line just behind her.

Silk followed Michael as he led her to what looked like a private room. It had tables in it and over looked the dance floor, but when Syndee closed the door the music was silenced. Silk dropped her gaze to the floor and noticed a couch in the corner of the room.

Michael dropped Silk’s leash and went and took a seat on the couch. “Come over here and kneel next to me slaves. Silk kneel right in front of me.” He ordered.

The all did as asked. Silk kept her eyes downcast as she waited to see what was next. Finally she heard the door open and people file in.

“What the fuck is going on here?” Silk heard a male voice ask.

The Michael’s voice, “I wanted to prove to you that she was mine. Since you helped her to break my rules I thought I could prove that to you by allowing you to see her />
Silk now knew whom the voice belonged too. She wondered if this was normal. She didn’t have much time to wonder as Michael then jerked on the lease.

“Get over my lap slave,” He ordered.

She did as he requested and lay over his lap like a child awaiting a spanking from her father. She wondered what next.

“So what are you going to do to her?” The guy asked.

“I am going to spank her for breaking my rules,” Michael put simply.

“Why because you’re jealous that she was dancing with me?”

“No because she is my slave and I told her not to allow anyone to put their hands under her clothes. She broke that rule when you touched what’s mine, “Michael told him.

“Wait, I don’t get it. How do you own her? She looks American to me. I thought slavery was illegal,” the guy asked clearly not understanding.

“This isn’t that kind of slavery, my friend,” Baron said, “Ever heard of B & D?”

Michael knew what this guy needed to hear, “Slave, explain to him why I own you.”

Silk hated to have to do this. She was a bit embarrassed and knew she would have to say something. Finally, “I serve Master Michael because I choose too. Therefore I am his property to do with as he sees fit.”

“Now do you get it,” Michael asked as he swept her skirt up over bottom to bare it.

“Wait, wait. So she can leave if she wanted to?” The guy asked still a bit confused.

Michael lifted his hands off of Silk, “Yes she could if she wanted too.”

“How do you know she doesn’t want too?”

Knowing this was coming, Michael said, “Silk if you want to end this now and leave, get up off my lap and walk out of this room. I am sure this guy will take you home if you want him too. Remember, it’s your choice. Chose now.”

Silk’s only answer was to place her hands behind her back as though they were cuffed and await her punishment.

“Does that satisfy you?” Michael asked. The guy shrugged so Michael took that as okay and proceeded. “Why are you being punished slave?” He asked of Silk.

“Because I allowed that She began.

“The name’s Marc.”

“To touch what was yours by putting his hands under my clothing and because I let it get out of control.” Silk finished ignoring his words.

Michael’s only response was to spank her behind. He gave her six stinging swats on her ass and timed each one with her count. Once he was done, he looked up and saw that the guy was more interested than disgusted. Michael smiled at this.

“Okay you can go now Marc. Thank Marc for watching you get you ass spanked slave,” Michel said.

Silk knew not to question this even though her mind was, “Thank you Marc for watching me get />
“Yeah whatever, freaks,” He said as he left the room.

To Baron, Michael said, “Take these two back to the table and wait for me there. You two can have another drink while you wait.”

The girls stood up and left the room. Baron closed the door behind them as he left also. Once they were all gone, Michael pushed her off his lap and ordered her to stand up. He then stood up himself. He noted that she kept her eyes down. Finally he grabbed her by her braid and pushed her towards the table. Once she was standing in front of it, he pushed her down over the top of it with a hand in the middle of her back.

She trusted Michael completely, so she was not scared when her pressed her down on the table. She did wonder what he was going to do next but knew she should not speak unless he asked her too. She was still feeling really drunk, almost out of control and wondered why. Then she felt Michael slip his hand under her skirt and into her panties.

She was wet, he knew she would be, he stuck a finger in her and played with her a till he heard her pant. He grabbed her braid and pulled her head up to speak to her.

“You so wet slave, and so out of control,” he hissed in her ear, “Why is that?”

“I don’t know Master. I didn’t drink any Tequila and yet I feel like I did,” she panted.

He grabbed her whole pussy and squeezed it. This brought her so close, “You didn’t? Really and just want do you think is in a margarita?” He hissed.

Oh my god, Silk thought. Oh no had she ordered the wrong thing. Michael saw shock cross her face and then she said, “I thought it was rum.”

“That is a daiquiri slave. See you can drink tequila,” he told her and at her head shake he added, “Yes you can, because I will control you or you will suffer my wrath.”

“No please she began.

He squeezed her pussy again and growled in her ear, ‘Yes you will and you will not argue with me. Remember what happened Friday when you argued?” She nodded yes, “I will double that if you do it again.”

He slipped a finger in her again and brought her to the brink. Then he pulled his hand out and tasted her. Damn she tasted good. The only taste he had of her was on Friday after she was freshly washed. The thought crossed his mind that he hadn’t really tasted her yet so he ordered her to turn around and then pushed her back onto the table till she was sitting on it. He then bent over and pulled her panties aside and placed his mouth were his hand had been. Heaven thought Michael as he devoured her.

Within minutes, she was close, “Please Master, I need to cum,” she begged.

“You may,” he said into her and she lost it. Michael held onto her as she climaxed and bucked her body all the while still licking and sucking on her. Finally when she calmed, he stopped and stood up, she met him with her mouth and Michael allowed her to kiss him.

They kissed with reckless abandon for what seemed like eternity to her. She felt like she was falling, so she reached up and wrapped her arms around Michael’s neck. At this he groaned and pressed into her.

Damn he thought his body was betraying him. He was the one out of control now; she had that affect on him. He could take her right her on this table but no he thought, that wouldn’t be fair to the other two. They had obeyed and he had already given her something she hadn’t earned. No he told himself, as he pulled away from her, not this time. She had to learn.

She pouted a little when he pulled away. She didn’t totally understand this game yet. Was she always to be left wanting and confused?

“Straighten your clothes and lets go back to the table,” He told her as he wiped his face on a towel from a cart. He then threw the towel on the table and opened the door for her. Once she was ready, they left.

Once they were back at the table, everyone acted like nothing had happened. Some girl was there next to Baron. Michael introduced her to the others as Dyna, Baron’s head slave. She turned and greeted everyone saving Silk for last.

“Wow, you are every bit as divine as my Master said you were. You have beautiful eyes,” Dyna said to Silk.

“Thank you,” Silk murmured not really knowing what to say.

“I just bet that hair is really beautiful too,” Dyna told her.

“Yes it is imp,” Michael said to her, “But you’ll have to wait to see it till next Friday.”

Dyna pouted and Michael laughed. Baron told her to behave as she had been put in her place. Everyone laughed at this and chatted above the music. The waitress came up and Michael leaned over and asked Baron something. Baron nodded in return and Michael whispered something to the waitress. She nodded and left.

Silk watched Michael knowing he was up to something. He caught her gaze and winked at her. She smiled back and watched as the waitress brought a bunch of shot glasses and a bottle of tequila on a tray. When she sat the tray down Silk saw there was salt and limes also. She watched as Michael passed out a shot glass to everyone and then poured a shot into each glass. He then passed out the limes. So this was his game, well she’d show him.

She watched as he licked his hand and put salt on it. He then took the shot and licked the salt and slammed the shot. Next he took a lime and bit it. “This is how it’s done girls,” he told them as he refilled his shot glass.

Everyone licked his or her hand and put salt on it, finally the shaker came to Silk. She put it back in the middle of the table without using it. “Training wheels are for pussies,” she told him and picked up her shot, slammed it straight down then sat the glass in the middle of the table and smiled at him.

They were all impressed; she drank it straight and made no face. She didn’t even have to chase it with anything. They all looked to Michael.

“You think I am a pussy slave,” he asked her dragging out the last word?

Baron patted her arm; “Me thinks you have done it now, little one.”

“Ignoring Baron, she only had eyes for Michael, “Prove you’re not Master,” she then grabbed her shot glass from the table and got up. She came around the table to stand next to him and grabbed the bottle to refill her shot glass. When he turned to her and went to pick up the glass she waved him away.

“Not yet,” she said to him in a sultry voice. She then reached up and ripped her blouse open to reveal her breasts encased in a tight black bra. Next she picked up the glass and placed it between her tits in the ample cleavage she had there. She leaned her head back and issued the challenge again, “Prove you’re not Master.”

Everyone held his or her breath waiting to see what Michael would do. Finally he grabbed her around the waist and jerked her to him. This caused the shot to slouch onto her breasts. This did not daunt Michael in the least. He bent his head and licked the drops off her breasts before grabbing the glass with his lips. Once he had it firmly him his mouth he tipped his head back and downed the shot, never letting her go. One the glass was empty; he turned his head and dropped the glass on the table. He then turned back to her and pulled her to him for a kiss. Everyone breathed a sigh of relief.

Michael kept kissing her until she responded. He wondered why she had challenged him like this. Then it dawned on him; tequila. She was losing control. He stopped kissing her and moved to her ear. “Very cute slave, you can win this one, but don’t ever try something like that again. I will not play with you next time, I will punish you,” and with the he reached under her skirt and grabbed her panties and pulled then up tight against her sex till they slipped between her puffy lips. “Now go sit down.”

She went back to her seat and once there eased her panties back into place. Everyone took their shot and Michael offered everyone more. Silk declined, as she was very drunk at this point. Everyone then began to talk and joke. She glanced at her watch and saw that it was going on one. She was getting tired and very drunk. It was time to go home but she didn’t know how to ask Michael.

He solved the problem for her when he saw her look at her watch. She looked tired and he knew she was blitzed. He glanced at his watch and saw it was almost one also. Time to take his slaves home, screw them senseless and put them to bed. He informed everyone of this and then got up to leave. His three slaves followed suit after some good-byes.

He led them to the truck and opened the doors for them, “Silk and Stacey in the back seat and Syndee up front next to me,” he said as he walked around to his side. Once inside he turned to Syndee after he started the truck and kissed her as he slid his hand up her leg and under her skirt.

Silk leaned around them and turned up the radio, which was on country. She then began to sing to it as she sat back in her seat. After a bit she turned to Stacey and ran her hand up Stacey’s leg. “I have to agree with Master, girls dressed like this are so sexy, but I have to say redheads are the most sexiest things I have ever seen,” she told her, “Too bad I’m not a redhead.”

Stacey answered her with a kiss and the two began to make out in the back seat. They were totally unaware as they kissed and caressed each other.

Michael was kissing and playing with Syndee in the front seat but his eyes and thoughts were on the scene in the back seat. He watched Silk play with the redhead and wished he were helping. Time to get home. He pulled away from Syndee and put the truck in gear. He left the parking lot and checked to be sure there were no cops around. He wasn’t even buzzed but he knew that they like to pull people over from the club on a regular basis and the two shots may still be on his breath. DUI for sure if he was stopped.

As he drove, he watched the two kiss and play with each other in the backseat. They even looked up a few times to catch him watching. To his delight, they blew kisses and teased him by showing off each other’s bodies while he watched in the mirror. One time he looked and Silk pulled Stacey’s shirt and bra aside and showed him Stacey’s nipple as she licked it provocatively. Vixen, he thought, she was losing control. Michael tried hard not to speed but pushed the limit to get home. As he watched them and the road, he used his hand and gave Syndee an orgasm.

Finally they pulled in to his drive way. He got out and went around to help them out. Syndee got out and took his keys to open the door as he helped the other two. They were busy so Michael just watched for a minute.

Silk was playing with Stacey’s pretty red muff and Stacey was thrashing around the back seat in a state of bliss. Silk’s words broke his thoughts, “Master, I think slave Stacey wants to cum by my hand.”

Michael grinned and asked, “Do you slave?”

“Please Master,” was all Stacey asked.

“Okay Silk make her cum,” he said as he watched.

Silk increased her tempo and Stacey exploded in seconds. Silk finished the job and the pulled her hand away. She then leaned over to Michael and offered him her fingers, then pulled it away before he could capture it his mouth to suck them herself.

“Minx, get in the house,” he said with a laugh and walked away.

They came in the house and Michael was sitting on the couch in the living room. Syndee was just coming from the bathroom. Silk noticed the Michael looked tired.

he told them indicating the spot in front of him.

They did as ordered and waiting his next command with eyes lowered to the floor.

Michael watched them for a few minutes before he spoke, finally, “You all did pretty well tonight, except for your little mishap Silk. Next time you will do better or the punishment will be worse.”

“Yes Master,” she said.

“As for how you all dance, I am proud. You looked perfect and I am proud to call you mine. Now I’d like all you to strip and shower. You stink like smoke and sweat. Stacey and Silk will use the shower down here and Syndee will shower with me />
The three of them jumped up to strip. Silk put her dirty clothes in the basket that Michael had given her and joined Stacey in the shower. The washed each other all over and then washed each other’s hair. Finally they were done, so Silk shut the water off and turned the little hose on. She tapped Stacey on the thigh and pushed the hose inside of her to wash her out. This seem to turned Stacey on as much as it turned Silk on and soon they were kissing and making out in the shower.

Stacey was close to cumming so she took the hose from Silk and pointed it between Silk’s legs. Silk parted her legs and allowed Stacey to clean her out. Once she was clean, Stacey decided to be naughty and pointed the hose at Silk’s clit. Stacey held her in place when she tried to escape and as she was thrashing about trying not to cum, Michael opened the door.

“Master, please make her stop,” Silk begged him panting.

“Syndee come here. See what your naughty sisters are up to,” was all he said.

Syndee came to see and Michael leaned down and whispered something in her ear. She then ran upstairs and grabbed something then came back and handed something to Michael. She entered the shower and dropped to her knees and then Silk saw what she had gone to get. It was her dildo, which Syndee shoved up her wet slit. This caused Silk to groan out loud.

“Please Master,” she panted.

“Please what?”

She knew he was no hope. Syndee was stroking the dildo in and out of her rapidly and Stacey was holding the stream of water right on her clit. She couldn’t take it anymore and let go. Stacey held her up as her climax racked her body.

Michael sat back on the edge of the hot tub to watch the show. He liked when slaves attacked each other. Stacey was proving to be very dominating and he wondered if she controlled Syndee at home. He liked the way she held Silk against the wall and made her cum. Silk didn’t stand a chance against both girls and finally she let go. Finally when her climax subsided she gave Stacey an evil look and hip blocked her so that Stacey was on the floor. Syndee scrambled to pull the dildo from Silk and get herself out of the way. Silk followed Stacey down and grabbed the hose from her, attacking her with it. Syndee looked back at Michael who handed her another dildo. Then at his nod, Syndee helped Silk attack Stacey. They repeated the action on Stacey till she squealed in climax.

Once Stacey recovered, she and Silk looked each other. With a giggle, they attacked Syndee. No one except Silk noticed that Michael had got up and brought Syndee’s dildo, which he now threw in the shower. Stacey grabbed it and attacked Syndee. As they were playing with Syndee, the phone rang. Michael went to answer it.

While he was gone they made Syndee scream. She came really quickly; Master must have teased her in the shower. Silk knew that it was his favorite thing. Finally they all three lay there on the floor sharing a kiss and caressing each other.

Michael came back to find them this way. “Sorry slaves,” He said, “But I have to leave, something’s happened at the station.” He had a pair of jeans and a shirt in his hands.

Silk knew that part of Michael’s job as assistant program director was that he was the one to run when something was wrong so she asked, “Are we off air?” Knowing this was the worst thing for a station.

“No the cart machine is eating carts and won’t play. Sean is having a terrible time. Bet he wished he hadn’t signed up for nights now,” Michael told her liking the fact that he could actually tell her what was wrong and have her understand and sympathize. He went back upstairs and grabbed his shoes and a pair of socks.

“Can you fix it?”

“I think so, this happened last year with the old one,” he told her as he dressed.

“So what do you want us to do Master,” Stacey asked?

He had sat down to put on his socks and shoes, once done he grabbed his jacket off the chair next to the door, “Since I might be a while you might as well go to bed. All three of you will fit in my bed, lay with your heads at the foot. I’ll be back by />
“Yes Master,” they all chimed in unison.

He turned to leave fishing in his pocket for his keys then turned back, “Come give me a kiss good-bye my pets.”

Syndee met his kiss first, he gave her a deep kiss and then whispered in her ear, “Behave yourself, no more fooling around tonight, go straight to sleep,” and swatted her on the ass, dismissing her.

Stacey was next in line and after another full mouth kiss, he told her in her ear, “Keep them in line, no fooling around. It’s off the sleep with all of you. You’re in charge so to speak,” knowing that she was the most dominating of the three. He slapped her ass also.

Finally it was Silk’s turn. The kiss he gave her left her so breathless that she almost didn’t realized he was speaking to her. “You did well tonight little one now get some sleep and I’ll see you later. Be good,” he whispered in her ear and kissed it. As she pulled away, he gave her a swat also then turned and walked out the door.

“Good-bye Master,” followed him out.

After he left, the three girls did as they were told. Silk went and got herself a clean thong and then went to the bedroom to find her top from last night, which she dressed in for bed and then braided her hair. Stacey came into the bedroom in similar attire and got into bed. Silk went and shut out all the lights, leaving only the porch light on for Michael. Once back in the bedroom she found Syndee arranging the bed as to follow Michael’s ordered Syndee was clad in only a thong. Once the bed was ready, Silk shut off the bedroom light and climbed in on the other side of Stacey. They all three fell right to sleep. It was a little past two in the morning.

It was four thirty when Michael finally got home. What a bitch, he thought. It took forever to fit the cart machine. He threw his jacket over a chair in the dining room and sat down on the loveseat to take off his shoes. He sat there in the dark for a few minutes before reaching up to turn on the soft light next to the love seat. It cast a soft glow over the loveseat but was not so bright that it went much past his outstretched legs. He glanced toward the bedroom to see if any of them were stirring. Nope, all of them were out cold.

He sat there and thought about last night. It had been a success as far as he was concerned. Silk was working out just fine and for this Michael was extremely proud. Too bad though that he was called away, he really needed some release after playing with the three of them all night. He wished the Silk would wake up about now so he could take her.

As if she read his mind, Silk popped awake. Something told her to look up and she lifted her head and met Michael’s eyes. She lay starring for a moment trying to be sure she wasn’t dreaming. Finally she noticed he was motioning for her to come to him. He also placed his finger on his lips to tell her to be silent. Ever so gentle she slipped out of bed and crawled to him.

The sight of her crawling across the floor to him made him painfully aware of his own need. He was delighted when her head popped up and she met his gaze. He hoped she was awake, so he motioned for her to come to him. When she nodded, he knew she was awake so he also motioned for her to be quiet. He only wanted her right now, no needed was the word for it. He needed only her right now.

She crawled right up to his legs and when he parted then for her, she climbed between then. He leaned down for what she thought was a kiss and dragged her up into his lap. He arranged her so that she was leaning on the arm of the loveseat with her body across his lap. She waited in total silence to see what he wanted next.

He began kissing her then moved along her check to her throat. When she made a slight noise, he silenced her with a gentle shhhh. He then kissed his way to her ear and told her, “I need you,” and pressed his middle up into her to prove it. At her nod he added, “Just you.”

He kissed her some more and allowed his hands to roam her soft flesh. When he cupped her breasts, she sighed. When he took her nipple in his mouth, she gave a small moan. he hissed, letting go of her nipple he whispered in her ear, “I don’t want company.” He glanced in the other room to see if they had been heard. Knowing that they probably couldn’t do anything without waking the other two, Michael decided to move this to another place. “Get up quietly and go to the dungeon room, I’ll be there in a bit.”

Silk did as he asked. She didn’t know if she should turn on a light, so she just stood there waiting with only the small night-light for light. She had been in here earlier helping Michael get some things for last night, but she really hadn’t looked around. As she waited Silk now did this. She noted that the walls contained many things; she also saw something that looked like a cross of sorts. The thought occurred, she really had a lot to learn.

Michael joined her in the room and after shutting the door, which Silk noted he also locked, he turned to her. I need you now, was all he said as his mouth met hers. He reached down and scoped her up in his arms never breaking the kiss.

Silk felt him pick her up and carry her across the room then walk down the three steps that led to the lower floor of his dungeon. Finally she felt herself lowered to a bed, as Michael broke the kiss, she turned to see if it was indeed a bed. She hadn’t noticed one before.

Michael turned on a soft light over then bed and then tore his clothes from his body in his need to have her. She looked so breathtaking sitting there on the bright red satin that covered the bed. So submissive and yet not, Michael thought. Once naked, he joined her on the bed. First, he removed her top so that he could kiss her breasts; he liked the way she responded when he did this. Once the top was gone he trailed a hand down her side to her panties, which he actually ripped from her body. Oh well he thought as he captured her mouth, he’d buy her ten more to replace them. He was too crazed right now to let little details stand in the way. He had to have her.

Once he had removed her top, he pinned her to the bed with his body and Silk could feel his need for her hot and hard pressing against her leg. She moaned in delight as he kissed her breasts. When he ripped her thong off, she gave small squeak, which he covered with a kiss. This kiss seemed to suck at her soul and she gladly gave into him. As he kissed her he rubbed his throbbing cock against her wet slit causing her to whimper, then she remember their need for silence and bit her lip.

He caught this and told her in a husky tone, “This room is sound proof. They won’t even hear you when I make you scream my name.” To emphasis his point her ground his cock against her until she moaned out loud.

They lay for a bit just kissing and caressing each other. Michael had her pinned so that all she could do was run her hands through his hair and across his shoulders and back. She raked him lightly with her nails when he did something that pleased her, which pleased him also. At long last she was panting and he knew she was ready but he held off savoring her body.
Then she begged, “Please />
That was what he needed to hear. He poised himself to enter her, “Please what?”

“Take me,” she breathed and as he thrust into her, she lifted her legs to his sides, came with a groan a moment later when he hit bottom.

He lay still for a moment to be sure she was okay then when he felt her flex her inner muscles, he began a slow thrust to tease. At this point he lay on top of her body, but as time passed he lifted up to his knees and brought her legs higher up so that every thrust was deep. He watched her thrash on the bed beneath his driving cock until the thought occurred to him, she was holding back. He grabbed her ankles and pulled them as far apart as they would go, thrust deep into her and said, “Cum Silk, you have my permission. Cum all you want.”

She let go and Michael road the storm that he had created. He watched as she threw back her head, hands grasping at the satin cover and moaned with her release. Just as it was subsiding, she came again, this one even more intense and Michael smiled proudly. As she came down this time, he slowed his thrusts. When she finally met his eyes, he kissed her.

“Feel alright,” he joked when he broke the kiss?

“Better than you know,” she whispered.

He laughed, “If how wet you are is any indication, I’d say I have a pretty good idea.” He slid his hand down to where they were joined and slipped a finger in between them. He then brought it back up to show her, stroking her lower lip with the soaked finger.

He smeared their juices on her lip until she snaked her tongue out to lick his finger. This caused him to groan and catch her mouth in a kiss. The kiss cleaned all their juices off her lips, then he pulled back and stuck his finger in her mouth. She closed her eyes and sucked his finger clean. A whimper escaped her and she felt Michael’s cock throb deep within her.

Feeling she was ready again, Michael started moving again. When she began panting again he added a new twist and slipped his finger up her ass. This made her explode in seconds. She cried his name as she ground her bottom against his hand. He liked hearing his name on her lips so much that when she came down he made her explode all over again just to heard her say it. He just couldn’t get enough of her.

Now he decided it was his turn. He reached up and grabbed a pillow, lifted her legs and placed it under her bottom. This tipped her up toward him and placed her in a position so that she had to take all that he was about to give her. He then began his final time.

She didn’t know what the pillow was for at first, but soon caught on. She was helpless as he thrust into her. She could not move her hips in anyway and the angle tipped her up to him so that when he lifted her legs to his sides, she was receiving all he was giving. This hurled her toward climax rapidly.

She didn’t know that Michael was fast losing control also and when he reached that point he growled, “Look at me Silk.”

She did as he asked and met his eyes. look away,” he told her.

She kept looking deep into his eyes as they both let go. He scared her a bit when he yelled her name and then fell on top of her. He was crazed as he took her mouth, a bit rough at first the slowing to a gentle kiss when his climax subsided. Without breaking the kiss he rolled over with her in his arms so that she was on top. They kissed for a while longer.

After a bit she broke the kiss and laid her head on his chest. They both lay there for while just holding each other. Later they began to stir and Michael thought about it and since he didn’t want the other two to know that he had woken only Silk for his need, he told her to go back to the front room and that he’d join her in a bit. He told her to tell them if anyone woke that she had been helping him. She seemed to understand why he didn’t want them to know and after a kiss, she left the bed and then the room.

She climbed into bed with no one the wiser that she had been gone. She feel asleep almost instantly as Michael had worn her out. Some time later she felt him get into bed and pulled her body up next to him. She lifted her head and noticed that his hair was wet. This caused her to smile, “You and your showers,” she whispered.

he said and closed his eyes feigning sleep.

She signed and went back to sleep. Not long afterwards, Michael joined her. It was a quarter to six.

About eight thirty, Silk awoke to the other two getting up. She heard them go to the bathroom and after a bit heard the toilet flush. This painfully called her attention to the fact that she needed to go too. She tried to sit up and realized that during their lovemaking, her braid had come undone and now her hair was free and trapped under Michael’s body. She waited till the other two returned.

she said in a loud whisper.

Syndee and Stacey laughed at her at first, and then began to help her. Syndee tried to roll Michael over while Silk and Stacey tried to pull her hair out from under Michael. They tried not to wake him but finally his eyes popped open.

“What are you three doing, besides bothering me,” he said in a grumpy tone.
Stacey was the first to answer, “Forgive us Master, but slave Silk’s hair is trapped under you and she can’t get up.”

Looking down he saw that he was laying on a major part of her hair. “Maybe I like using it for my bed,” he told them and pretended to go back to sleep.

“Please Master, I have to go to the bathroom. You don’t want me to wet the bed,” Silk pleaded.

He arched an eyebrow, “I don’t? Why would I care?” He teased, be the one sleeping in the wet spot and you’ll have to clean it up.”

“Please Master, I really have to go,” Silk whined.

He rolled off her hair, “Fine if your going to whine get out of my bed. In fact all of you, out of bed now and get out of my room. Take your showers and make yourselves worthy of my presence and I’ll take you for breakfast. Wake me nicely at ten. Now go, be quiet while you do it and shut the doors behind you.”

“Yes Master”, they all said as they left the room.

Silk was the last one out and as she was shutting the doors he added, “Silk, wake me up with your mouth on my cock.”

“Yes Master,” she said and shut the door.

Ten o’clock finally came and the girls were showered and ready to wake Michael. Silk entered the room first with the other two following closely behind. Michael had rolled over on his stomach making their task harder. The three girls glanced at each other and finally Syndee took the lead.

“I’ll roll him over then Silk you get between his legs. Stacey get on his other side and help me roll him once I get him half way over,” Syndee told the other two in a whisper and then got into bed and began to wedge herself under Michael’s body to push him over.

As Syndee climbed into bed, he woke up. Playing possum, he pretended to be asleep so that he could see what they would do to remedy the problem of him laying on his stomach. He didn’t offer any help and was pleased, when Syndee wedged herself under him and began to gently push him over. Once he was about half way over, Stacey took his arm and pulled him on to his back. Then Silk climbed between his legs and went to the task he had ordered her to do in order to wake him. Finally he could play possum no longer.

With a girl on each side, he ran his hands up and found a breast on each girl. Giving each nipple a tug to let them know he was awake, he also groaned and flexed his legs to let Silk know he was aware of her also. She gave his leg a brief squeeze in answer. While she did her thing, Michael took advantage of the two girls by his sides.

A bit of jealousy over took Silk as she watched Michael play with her sisters. Then she remembered early this morning when Michael had gotten home and the fact that he had ordered her to be the one to wake him with oral, not the other two. She still felt unsure of her place and wished Michael would explain it to her. She wanted to be his favorite.

Michael grabbed Syndee by her hair and pulled her down for a kiss as his other hand found Stacey’s mostly bare muff. As he kissed Syndee, he used his hand to manipulate Stacey to an orgasm.

Stacey hissed, “May I cum?”

Pulling away from Syndee, he glanced at Stacey. It pleased him to see she was able to control it and not cum until he gave the word even thought he kept fingering her. He could see the muscles in her whole body tightening and finally said, “Let go, slave.”

She squealed and soaked his hand. When she was finally done he took his hand away.

Michael noticed that she had wet his hand and this gave him an idea. He pulled his hand away from Stacey and reached down to where Silk was happily sucking him. “Let go Silk,” he told her and when she did, he stuck his finger in her mouth giving her a taste of Stacey. She sucked his finger as if it was his cock and this caused him to groan in pleasure. Finally she had cleaned his finger off and with a nod from him resumed sucking his cock. He offered his other wet finger to Syndee, who also dutifully sucked Stacey’s juices off his finger.

Michael could tell that he was not going to cum so easily this morning no matter what Silk did so finally he told her, “Okay Silk you can stop. While it feels wonderful, I am not in the mood to let go just now. Let’s get up and go get breakfast.

A little disappointed, Silk did as he asked and got out of bed. Stacey and Syndee followed suit. All three girls help Michael get up and as he went into the dining room. Silk made the bed with Stacey’s help.

“Syndee, make me some coffee, use one and a half scoops of grounds and only make half a pot. Silk get me some clothes out for the day. Stacey get in here and pick up your clothes,” he said and as Stacey came to do his bidding, he swatted her ass. “I told you, I like he stated and then as he went to shower, he told them, “And get />
All the girls did as ordered. Silk was proud to be asked to pick out his clothes. She went into his dressing room and picked him out a pair of jeans, a soft blue polo shirt and a pair of socks. She knew now that he only wore underwear when he wore certain pants such as his leather pants or a pair of dress slacks so she didn’t get him any out. She gathered up all she had gotten out and took them to his bedroom where she knew he would dress. On the way back to the bedroom, she also grabbed his shoes to complete the whole outfit. Once in the bedroom, she laid out the clothes on the foot of the bed and placed the shoes on the floor then dressed herself and awaited his return with her sisters who had each done their assigned task.

Michael was hungry by the time he got in the shower and since he could not have Silk shower with him, he hurried through the process and got out. With a towel wrapped around his middle he returned to the bedroom and was please to note that all three where kneeling on the floor and fully clothed, Syndee had a cup of coffee in hand for him and Silk had laid out his clothes on the foot of the bed. The dining room was also spotless. A reward would be in order.

Michael drank his coffee and then dressed with their help. As they helped him he couldn’t help but notice their smells. This was something he really noticed on a woman. Each of his slaves smelt wonderful and unique. Stacey smelt clean and fresh, like a country day, Syndee smelt like an oriental shop and Silk smelt sensual. He wondered what each wore to achieve their smell. Then the idea accrued to him, as a reward, he would take them and buy them each a bottle of perfume. With this though in mind, he smiled and finished his coffee.

go slaves,” he said, getting up and going into the kitchen where he sat his cup in the sink. He then grabbed his jacket and keys and headed for the door that led to the garage. The girls jumped up and followed him to his truck.

The ride to the diner was mostly silent. Everyone seemed to be half awake. Once there, Michael told the greeter that he wanted the round table in Starla’s section. She checked to see if it was free and came back and informed him that it would be ready in about five minutes. He nodded that it was fine and turned to the girls.

“Hungry, little ones?” He asked.

“Yes Sir,” Stacey told him.

Syndee replied, “Yes, I am famished, Sir.”

Silk was closest to him and whispered, “Yes Master.”

With delight, Michael smiled at their answers. He also noted that the greeter was looking at them rather oddly. Finally she told them that their table was ready and escorted them to it.

Michael let them get in first and than sat opposite of Silk. Once everyone was settled, he offer Silk a smile.

Starla came to give them menus and take drink orders. Silk noticed that once she saw it was Michael, her already smiling face brightened even more.

“Michael, what a nice surprise and who are these lovelies.” She asked as she handed everyone a menu.

With a laugh he introduced everyone, “Girls this is Starla. Starla this is Stacey,” pointing to each one in turn, “This is Syndee and you have already met Silk.

Silk did not know that by the use of the word girls and the way he introduced Starla to them first, that he in effect told everyone that Starla was a Dominatrix and that they were slaves. Yet she noticed that the other girls seem to know and were respectful in their tone and words of return greeting.

Starla said, “Do you ever go to Baron’s />
“No maam,” Syndee stated, “We have only been to Paul’s and to the Dungeon Keep; otherwise it has been the private scene until now.”

Stacey shook her head in agreement.

“Well, I hope that Michael brings you to Baron’s sometime,” she told them, “Now, what would you all like to drink?”

Glancing at Silk first, Michael told her, “Ice tea for me and Silk with sweet and low.”

The other two ordered sodas and Starla left to get their drinks and allow them time to chose something to eat.

Being polite, Michael asked of Silk in a high-class tone, “Allow me to order for you my dear.”

“Oh by all means, kind sir,” She laughed back at him.

“The usual then, “He asked?

“It would be a crime to change,” She told him in a breathless reply.

“You two are so cute together. I can’t believe your not married or something,” Stacey remarked.

At Silks fallen look, Michael told the other two, “Silk just got out a long relationship and it ended badly for her. I am nothing to Silk except sex and games.”

Shocked and not knowing what to say Silk just sat there and stared at him. He stared back and the look dared her to challenge him. Finally she looked away.

“So you say,” Syndee chimed in as she and Stacey exchanged looks of their own.

Starla came over and took their orders. Michael ordered for Silk and the other two did their own ordering. After about ten minutes, the food was on the table and everyone dug in. Michael kept glancing at Silk and she purposely kept her eyes on her plate. He wanted to say something, but felt it should wait till they were alone. Finally he caught her gaze and gave her a look that spoke volumes. He then blew her a kiss. She finally smiled.

Once they were done and the plates cleared away, Michael asked, “So what do you all have planned for today?”

story by: Mystress_Carlie

Tags: erotica fantasy bi-sexual domination/submission discipline male / females bdsm sex story

Author: Mystress_Carlie

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