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School was finally over and Summer was here. Evelyn was so happy to be out of school and she was really happy to start High School. Her older brother Randy was coming to visit for a couple of weeks. Randy 21, is the oldest brother, he's in college. Robert 18, is the second oldest he graduated High School (He and his girlfriend moved out together). Evelyn 14, freshmen in High School. And Jamie 11, in the 6th grade (she's a pain in the ass to Eve)

Its Saturday morning and Eve (short for Evelyn) was coming down stairs. "Hey mom" said Eve. "Morning Eve. Want some breakfast?" asked mom. " No i'm not hungry, cause I'm too excited that I'll be starting High School. Do you know how much that means to me mom?" said eve. " Yes. well if your not hungry go clean out Robert's room, dust, sweep, and put clean sheets on the bed for Randy." demand mom. "Why can't Randy do it he got hands and feet why can't he do it him self?" asked Eve. "Go do as i say NOW EVE". yelled mom. Eve walked up stairs to Roberts old room and started cleaning. Jamie was standing in the hallway watching Eve cleaning the room. "ah ha" Jamie teased Eve. "Get the fuck out of here, J" yelled Eve. Mom yelled from down stairs "Evelyn Marie you watch your mouth and Jamie Lee get down here now" yell mom.

It took 3 hours to clean out Robert's old room. She was looking through all the dressers to see if anything was left behind. It was something left. Robert forgot to get his Magazines. Eve got up and closed and locked the door. And went back to the dresser. "Penthouse, Hustler, Raw, Nice and Wet. Damn…. what a freak" Eve says softly. Then mom knocked on the door. " Eve are you finish? Your brother called he'll be here in about 20 minutes so get yourself cleaned up." said mom. "Ok I will." yelled Eve. Eve put the magazines under the mattress and left the room. Eve went to the bathroom to get cleaned up.

Jamie was about to walk out the door. "Jamie where are you going?" asked mom. "I'm going over D.J's house (short for Diana Jameson)." Not today, your brother is gonna be here in a few minutes. I want everyone to be here when he comes home." said mom. "Dad ain't here, why can't I be here?" asked Jamie. "your father had to work, he'll be home. Now close the door and wait for your brother." said mom. Eve come running down stairs. "is he here yet Mom?" asked Eve. "No he ain't here yet ya bum." said Jamie. "Didn't nobody ask you, you stinky piece of shit. For you info I'm not the whinning because I can go to D.J's house. said Eve. " I'm not the whinning because I had to clean Robert's moldely ass room." yelled Jamie. Then Jamie and Evelyn started aruging. Then Jamie pushed Eve. eve got back up and pushed Jamie down on the floor and started socking Jamie on her back. " Stop…BREAK IT UP NOW" yelled mom. She came and pulled those two apart. "WHAT THE HELL IS GOING ON?" yelled mom. " JAMIE STARTED IT" yelled Eve. " WELL, YOU PUSHED ME" yelled Jamie. "WELL, YOU PUSHED ME FIRST." yelled eve. "That's enough I have had with you two, go ……". Mom got cut off because the door bell ranged. "Just a minute." yelled mom. " Jamie, Eve try to act like you got some sense." mom said sofly. She went over and open the door.

There was Randy standing 6'2 weighting at 235 pounds (he play college football). With pretty brown eyes and a six pack that would drive a girl wild.

cheered mom. She gave him a big hug squeezing so tight his eyes nearly popped out his head. " I'm so happy to see you." cried mom. " Hey mom." said Randy. His voice was deep and sound so calmed. Eve to a good look at him and she wiped her eyes. She said to herself " This could not be Randy. The Randy I remember was a total geek with thick ass glasses and braces on his grill." "Hey E, get over here. Aren't you glad to see me?" asked Randy. "Not really, you changed a lot." said Eve. " Yeah." said Randy. Randy looked at Jamie " Woah… J…. what happen to you?" asked Randy. "Don't ask" said Jamie. And she walked away. "Come in.. Come in don't be a stranger Randy" said mom. " Where's the old man at?" asked Randy. "He's at work, he'll be home about an hour or so." said mom. "So how's college dear?" asked mom. "Its ok. I had problems first semister, but i pulled through.." said Randy. " What about the wheather there?" asked mom. "Its mad hot out there in Arizona." said Randy. Robby?" asked Randy. "He moved out with his girlfriend" said mom. The phone rang. "I'll get it. Eve do me a favor, show Randy his room." said mom. "Randy your room is up stairs down the hall to the left." said Eve. " Get up and go show him Eve". said mom. Eve sighs " Come on". Walking up the stairs "How long has she been acting like this?" asked Randy. "every since you left for college" said Eve. " This is your room." said Eve. " Cool, nice." said Randy. Eve closed the door behind her.

Eve cell phone started ringing, she anwser it. "talk" said Eve. It's Eve friend LeAnn. "really? When. Oh my god are you sure." Eve talking on her phone. "oh my god are you sure" jamie mocking eve. Eve put her hand in front on Jamie's face and pushed her face back.

2 hours later dad came home. "Honey I'm home. Where's the football star?" dad yellin cheerfully. "Michael stop it." said mom. "What asked Michael (the dad). "Stop with the yelling" whispering karla (the mom). "Why are you whispering?' asked Michael. "because we have to do something about Evelyn and Jamie, they've been fighting for far to long now." whisper Karla. " Evie and Jamie? All thats nothing new. Let them fight it's a good way for them to get to know each other." says Michael. " By fighting? What? Jesus Christ Mike these are young ladies, they don't need to be fighting. said Karla. "Women you're talking crazy, fighting is how they can speak to each other." said Michael. "So by swinging puches at each other is how they conversate? asked Karla. "Well, yeah." said Michael. Karla socked Michael on the arm and said "That my way of saying hello." said Karla. " Ooh I like it rough" said Michael. He started putting his hand on her ass. " Not right now. The kids are here." said Karla. " How about tonight? Dinner then the 5 star hotel after?" asked Michael. "What about the kids?" asked Karla. "Srew the kids. Randy could watch out for them. At the 5 Satr we could finish where we left off." said Michael. They started kissing. "Mom!" said Jamie. "MOM" yelled Jamie. " Yes dear." nevously said Karla as he wiped her mouth. " D.J just called could I spend the night over her house?' asked jamie. "Yes you can" said Michael. "Thanks Dad" said Jamie as she ran up stairs to pack her things. Randy coming down stairs. "Sup, Pop?" said Randy. "Randy! How's it going?" said Michael. "Alright. I've been the same, stay out of trouble." said. "Randy, what are you all dressed up for? You home know" said Michael. "I'm going to go rent a car for 2 weeks." said Randy. " well hell son you can use Eve's car, she got 4 more years to drive."said Michael. "Corrections 2 more years. But Dad!? Thats my car !." said Eve. "Randy ain't no stranger." said Michael. "come on in the garage let me show ya your car." said Michael. "It's my car Dad" Eve said angrily.

They went into the garage and Michael pulled the cover off the car showing a red Mustang. "Sweet. Dad you bought this?" asked Randy. "Naw I got it for free a few months ago. My job gave it to me as a gift. Since I figured that Evelyn would be the next one driving soon I'd give it to her. Here's they key." said Michael. Michael cell phone started ringing. "Hello? hey how's it Michael left the garage. "Randy dear. Your father and I have to leave out tonight but we'll be back tomorrow night." said Karla. "Who's gonna be here?" asked Randy. "Just you and Eve. jamie is going to be over a little friends house." said Karla. "Mom I'm going to the movies today with LeAnn, Dani, and Jazzmine. I won't be back around 8:30 tonight." said Eve. "after the movies come straight home." said karla. Karla went back in the house to go pack her things up. "She always treating me like shit." Eve said. "Don't worry she used to play favorites with Robert." said Randy. Eve looked at Randy with this ' I'm gonna kill you' look on her face. " You put a dent in my car and I'm gonna put a dent in your ass." said Eve. Eve left the garage. Randy saying to himself " Whats with everyone today?".

(8:25 pm)

Eve walked in the house. The lights where out. She looked in the garage and she if her car was still there. she yells. She walked up stairs and took a look-see if Randy was sleep or not. The t.v was on. eve said softly. Then Randy peeked his head out of the bathroom in his room. "Sorry to disturb you I forgot my braclete on your dresser." said eve. "get it" said Randy. "Did mom and dad leave?" asked Eve. "Yeah about an hour ago. What movie did you see?" asked randy "Seed of Chucky" said Eve. "How was it?" asked RANDY. said Eve. randy was coiming out of the bathroom. "randy! I wanna say I'm sorry for the way I've acting earlier"said Eve. "No need to apologize. It's ok. Hey you wanna watch DVD's in my room?" asked Randy. "Yeah. Let me get cleaned up first." said Eve. Randy watch Eve walked away. She had on a mim blue jean skirt w/ a matching jean jacket a black Baby Phat shirt on, Baby phat earings and some black boots with a short thin heel. Eve closed the door behind her. And walked in her room and closed and locked her door. All of a sudden she started sweating like she was running a 2 mile track non-stop. She looked at her hands and she started shaking. So she took her a hot shower and put on her pajamas.

randy was in his room putting his DVD player together that he brought with him. he slid all his Porn movies under the mattress. Then he felt some paper under there. So he pulled it out. It was the same magazines that Eve found ealier. " Robert is a bigger freak then I' am." He sat on the floor flipping through the pages. "Heeelloo miss June". Randy was looking at the Calendar in the ' Nice and Wet' magazine. Eve knocked on the door. "Randy I'm gonna get so popcorn you want some?" asked eve. "Yeah". Randy said nervously. Eve went down stairs to the kitchen. Eve took out a bag of popcorn and put it in the mirowave, put it on 3 minutes. Then she started staring at the fireplace thinking about her brother and how different he look, and how sexy his body is and, etc. Her body started to stingle just thinking about him. And her mind was running wild about her brother. She was thinking of things she would love to do to her brother. But she realizes that, thats her brother. but she could help but fantasize about him. The beeping from the mirowave snaped her back to reality. She took a bowl of the cabinet and put the popcorn in it.

She walked up stairs and opened Randy's door. And there was Randy sitting on the bed jerkin off. yelled Eve. "Holy Shit." yelled Randy. he got up and ran into the bathroom closed and locked the door and Eve seen some on Randy's ass. She sat the popcorn down on the dresser. She up to the bathroom door and leaned her back against the wall. She started laughing. " Your looks may have changed but your sense of humor Randy opened the door. And eve was still laughing. Then Randy pick up Eve and tosses her on the bed. When she landed on the bed she felt something hard under the mattress. She got up from the bed and looked under the mattress. "what do we have here?" Eve Teasing randy. "Put those back. now Evie" said Randy. "Why? Lets watch one." said Eve. "No. Because your under age." said Randy. " Who gives a shit. Mom and Dad not here, so whaterver they don't know won't hurt." said Eve. "Do mom and dad know you cussing like this?" asked Randy. "Since when you start caring on what I say, I learned it from you and Robert." said Eve. " So you gonna put the disc in the DVD or you still being a asked Eve. "I ain't no pussy" said Randy. Get got up and put the disc in the DVD and press play.

Randy was getting turn on by the moive. And it was showing through his pants. Eve was already hot and bothered since she walked in his room. Eve was watching the movie trying not to look at Randy. But Randy was looking a Eve. He was thinking to himself " She only 14 but she got the body of a 19 year old." Eve was only 5'3, slim with a 38 B cup bra. With curves and nice smoothe legs. They way Randy was looking at Eve was driving him wild. Randy was layin down at the head of his bed and Eve was sittin at the foot of the bed. Then she laid down right next to Randy. Then Randy quickly to his eyes off Eve. Eve leaned over Randy chest to check the time on the nightstand on randy's side of the bed. doing that her titties was in his face. Then about 5 minutes later.

"You got a girlfriend?" asked Eve. "Yeah I broke up with her a month ago" said Randy. "Why? She cheating on you or something?" asked Eve. "Or something. She got pregnant by my roomate." said Randy. "how do you know it wasn't your roommate, it was probaly you." said Eve eating some popcorn. " I know it's not me because I wore a condom, and it didn't break." said Randy. " you mean a Happy Hat?" asked Eve. "A Happy asked Randy. "Me and my friends don't call it condoms we call it Happy Hats. Long as story but i'll tell you later." said Eve. Then Randy asked Eve "you still a virgin?" "yeah" said Eve. "Randy? How does it feel to get laid for the 1st time?" asked eve. " You'll feel it, thats all I could say." " Have you ever been frenched kissed?" asked Randy. "N..no" said Eve. " Let me show you" said Randy. He sat up and was about to kiss Eve but she pulled her head back. "Randy thats not right.." said Eve but Randy cut in " Just like you say whatever mom and dad don't know won't hurt." Then she started kissing him.

While they was kissing, Randy started putting his hands down her shirt. eve was trying to say somethin but Randy whispered "shh Then he slowly took off her shirt and her bra. Then started licking her hard nipples. The he started taking off her shorts and panties. then Randy told her to lie down. then he started licking her pussy. She moan softly and enjoyed the pleasure of Randy's tongue running up and down her pussy. Then Randy slid his finger in her wet pussy. Eve jumped a liitle and Randy told her it's ok. Then it was Eve turn.

Eve sat up and push Randy down on the bed, then she reached down his boxers and pulled out his massive 8 inch cock. Her eyes grew big when she seen it. She gently started licking the tip. Then inch by inch she would shove it in her mouth. She was nearly gagging on it. Then she moved to the 69 position.

After Randy told her to get on her back. Randy spread Eve legs open. called eve. " Just relax." said Randy. slowly her slid his rock hard cock in her pussy. "Ow, slow down, Ow. Randy?" said Eve. Then he got it all in. Then eve started bleeding. "Randy why am I bleeding?" asked Eve. " I just popped your cherry" said randy. He slowly started stroking. Eve moans in desire. "Mmm..faster Randy. Oh eve moaned. Then Randy picked up the speed. " How you like it now?" asked Randy. "I'm lovin it" said Eve. Then faster and faster Randy went. The faster he went the more she called his name.

Then Eve started riding Randy. She slowly shoved his cock up in her. Up and down she went. And the faster she went she could feel herself about to cum. She was riding that cock. "Oh.. I'm cumming. Ooohhh?" moan Eve. She went even faster then she quickly rose from his cock and she cummed all over his cock. "Oh shit" sreamed Eve. "Damn baby sis" said Randy. " I want more" said Eve.

Then they went to the Doggsytle postion. She was moanin louder the before. That went on for about 5 minutes. Then he was ready to cum. "Aw.. shit I'm cumming." sreamed Randy. Then he took out dick and she started sucking it. Then he came in her mouth. She got off the bed and spit out the cum. " Not bad for a first timer sis." said randy. " Thanks. Just don't tell mom we did this. ok." said eve. " I want tell." said Randy. " I'm gonna go take a shower, thanks for the fun." said eve. eve grabbed her clothes and walked out the room into her bedroom.

story by: Love.Angel.Music.Baby

Tags: fiction male/teen female young first time incest sex story

Author: Love.Angel.Music.Baby

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