Dan's dream part one

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Dan’s Dream Part One
He was walking fast down the street because he was late, she didn’t like it when he was late even though she had no control over what they did; it made her sad when he wasn’t there like he said he would be. He had a key to the front door of the apartment building because she could no longer buzz anyone in, that system had long since quit working. Jogging up flight of stairs he knocked on door 203. She asked who was there and he answered with a gruff “let me in slut”. He heard the numerous locks and chains being opened then the door swung open to reveal his bitch in all her glory. She rushed into his arms as soon as he stepped in; kissing his face and rubbing her tits against his chest while her fingers found his cock which she made harder with her manipulations.
She was such a pitiful creature that Dan would have dumped her long ago except for two things; she was a wonderful cock sucker and she had a beautiful daughter. She was only thirty six but she had lived a hard life so she looked at least ten years older and her voice was husky and filled with gravel from all those years of smoking. Her body was saggy and wrinkled especially her tits; they hung down under the soiled top she wore like two bags of sand. She had no butt and her legs were scrawny but once on her knees she could bring the dead to life and she loved to swallow. There wasn’t a cock that she couldn’t take all the way down her throat and she made a noise that stimulated anything in her mouth like she had a built in vibrator. Because of her looks Dan had made her take a battery of tests to prove that she was disease free before he could risk letting her suck him. Apparently her insides were in much better shape than her outsides.
Dan knew of her daughter before he met her mother and because she shielded her daughter so fiercely the only way to have the young beauty was to have the mother first. Dan was picking up the tab for the rent and most of the food in the house now so the mom was indebted to him for everything; he only cared that she would let him have his way with her daughter who was now twenty and looking for a way out of this hell hole.
She dropped to her knees and began to open Dan’s pants before he could ask where her daughter was. His trousers hit the floor with a thud but he put his hands over his cock before she could suck him in; looking sadly up at his face she pleaded with her eyes for a chance to suck him off but Dan knew that he couldn’t think clearly after she began to work her magic.
“Where is the girl?” He asked sternly. “We need to finalize the deal tonight so before you get your cock. I want to talk to her. Where is she?”
“Rachel, come out here, he wants to see you.” She barked loudly. Her daughter quickly opened the door to the only bedroom and stepped into Dan’s gaze. She was everything her mother wasn’t. She was tall, blond, tan and beautiful. Her clothes were plain but her sculptured beauty shown through; even with no makeup her face could rival that of Helen of Troy. She had a regal bearing in the way she walked and the way she stood; her mother had taught her well all the traits of beauty, she made Dan’s cock stiffen behind his hands.
Dan took a step back so that he didn’t have to protect his cock from her mother’s touch while he spoke to Rachel. “Do you agree to the terms I proposed?” He asked.
Her voice was light and clear as she checked off the points. “You pay for my tuition, fees and books, you keep paying the rent and for all our food, you pay for my clothes and any travel expenses. In return you get me anytime, any way you want unless there is a real conflict with school. You also have to try and keep mom happy by seeing her at least once a week. I can have no boyfriends, I cannot get pregnant, I must maintain at least a C average and I have to smile a lot. Whatever mom makes at work she keeps and we can spend it any way we choose. This all goes until I graduate then mom and I can walk away free and clear. Is there anything else?
Dan had one more comment. “It starts as soon as you register for this /> Both Rachel and her mom nodded. Dan stepped back in front of Rachel’s mom and pulled out his hard dick knowing that she was going to make it so much harder in just a minute. Rachel watched passively as her mom wrapped her hands and lips around Dan’s cock making him groan. The deal was sealed.
The next day Rachel and Dan made the rounds at UCLA getting her registered and paying all the required fees. She had done her homework completing all the placement tests beforehand so she was placed in all the correct classes. Rachel was no bone head, she had easily qualified for English 101 and advanced algebra; she would be carrying a full load when the Semester started in a week. Dan acted like a doting father as they purchased all her books and supplies; he let her find each book among the stacks, carrying them himself to the checkout stand, he even made suggestions for the various incidentals such as pens, paper, notebooks, and art supplies. They also purchased a backpack and laptop computer. His eyes followed her every move as she excitedly moved thru the bookstore but his thoughts were anything but fatherly as he took in her beauty. She was wearing a UCLA t-shirt and powder blue short shorts both of which were just a little tight allowing him to study her round ass and prominent tits as they moved under the thin material. Her legs were bare and tan and toned causing his cock to remain semi hard all afternoon. Once the supplies were safely in the trunk of his car they ventured to a nearby mall where Dan turned her loose again instructing her to purchase everything she would need to have, use or wear in the coming months; when she asked him why she should need to buy so much when she had a lot of what she needed at home he told her that she would not be spending that much time with her mother because he had leased an apartment close to campus and she would be required to stay there most of the time; studying or being at his beck and call. She would have her own bathroom that she was to keep stocked with all the necessary beauty supplies and her own closet where she would keep her school clothes and special outfits for his enjoyment. Her under garments, when she wore any, were to fit her status as his slut, her everyday clothes would be stylish and sexy, she would be required to wear special outfits to fit any special occasion they might attend and he reserved the right to add to her closet anything he wished. They visited several specialty shops for the frilly, lacy and downright obscene pieces he wanted her to have; requiring that she try everything on and model each one for him. They moved on to the shoe stores and finally Nordstrom’s where she acquired some more conservative underwear and tops and skirts and a suit or two. Their last stop was at a drug store where they spent an obscene amount of money on toiletries and makeup for her. No one batted an eye at any of the stores when an older man any young girl shopped together.
The car was full to the brim when they pulled into the apartment’s parking space and it took almost an hour for the two of them to lug it all in and put it away. Dan showed Rachel where her things were to go and the layout of the apartment. It was a three bedroom unit with three bathrooms all on one floor. Two of the bedrooms were Dan’s, one had a king sized bed the other was set up as his office. Her room had a full size bed, dresser and a desk for studying; attached to her bedroom was a separate bathroom. All the bedrooms had walk-in closets and the apartment had central air. What Dan didn’t show her was the hidden cameras and the closed circuit monitor he had installed so that he could watch her anytime he wanted. Once the work was done he instructed her to clean herself up and prepare for dinner out. He wanted her to put on the little black dress they got today and heals; he gave her two hours to be ready.
Rachel was glad that they had spent most of the day out shopping and now they would be busy with dinner, which should shoot the entire evening. She was sure that Dan would have a couple of drinks and not be able to bother her at all today. Dan knew what she was thinking and he would let her think that he was really just a harmless old man…until he pounced on his prey. They were both smiling as they adjourned to their rooms, she to shower and dress, he to watch.
She quickly stripped out of her top and shorts leaving her in just her little boy cut panties and white socks as she bounced around the walk-in looking at all the new pretty things she had to wear. Dan rocked back in his leather chair and took out his cock that was getting harder by the second and stroked himself as he watched her tits bounce with every step she took; noting that her butt cheeks had dimples that danced in her panties. The money he spent on the camera system had been well worth it as it already surpassed his wildest dreams. Rachel laid out the black dress and a black bra and thong she would wear tonight then she stripped and stepped into her shower for a welcome drenching. Dan played with the zoom on the shower cam and was amazed at the details he could pick out on her stunning body; he would have to remind her that he wanted her to shave her cunt every day or get it waxed. Dan tried to drag himself away from his monitor to make himself ready but he continued to watch her dry her supple body before he gave up and turned away to take his own shower hoping that the record function worked as well as the rest of the system.
He was reclining on the couch in the living room when she made her entrance like a queen and right on time Dan noted. He had made reservations at a small place he knew would allow them some privacy while they dined on the finest cuisine. They were seated right away and a bottle of good champagne was already at their table. He poured a glass for each of them and proposed a toast, “to life, love and happiness”. He put his free hand on her thigh above her knee and drained his glass. She sipped her drink and tried to relax. Before the main course was served his hand had reached the top of her stockings and he was caressing the bare skin near her cunt. As he cut the cheesecake desert on his plate his fingertips caressed her now overheated cunt thru the soaking panel of her thong. She was sitting stiff as a board trying to stifle a moan as she nibbled on her dessert. Dan’s hand left her crotch as he swirled his brandy not knowing whether to sniff the amber liquid or the tips of his fingers that were sure to have her scent on them, strong and sweet. She was quiet on the ride back to the apartment not knowing what the rest of the night would hold for her. He had been kind and gentle all day and she had been turned on by his gentle she was still a virgin and wasn’t sure of what he might do to her. Dan was unsure too, he wanted to possess this wonderful creature fully and as soon as possible but he had made an intricate plan to make her his with his cunning and guile, he just was not sure now that he could hold himself back much longer. Could he send her to her own room tonight or would he give in and have her in his bed to ravish?
He sent her to her room and retreated to his watching her as she stripped off the new dress and hung it with care back in the closet. He also saw that she caressed her pussy and brought her fingers up to her nose to quickly sample her own scent. Dan squeezed his hard cock as she changed into a fresh pair of panties and sat down to brush her hair; her firm tits wobbled gently as she pulled the brush through her long, silky hair. He watched until she turned off the room light and slipped into her bed leaving the small light over her dresser on. How thoughtful, Dan thought, he wouldn’t have to turn on the night vision camera to watch her sleep. Then he saw it. There was a slight motion under the covers. Dan smiled as he watched her masturbate; watching until she finally stiffened and came with a soft whimper. Now he had her right where he wanted her.
He let her sleep in; enjoying his morning coffee as he watched her awaken, stretch and finally arise to start her day. He had such great plans for this day, a day when she would finally become his. To his delight she showered then pranced around her room naked as she decided what to wear; she chose correctly, her top was revealing yet modest enough and her jeans were tight all over. Dan had breakfast ready when she appeared; only the best for her, she must maintain her figure for his pleasure. Coffee, toast and fresh fruit, when she started to really work out (on his cock) he would provide hot oatmeal or a couple of eggs to sustain her through the day. She wanted to chat as she sat with Dan like she was in control of her new life; Dan let her continue in her fantasy world as he enjoyed her cheery voice, fresh smell and delightful body, knowing that if he played his cards just right she would want to give him all he wanted even though he could take it all at any time.
He had a surprise for her; they would be leaving in about ten minutes and would be gone the rest of the day. As they entered the garage he handed her a leather jacket and helmet; putting his jacket on he led her to a full dress Harley Davison motorcycle instructing her to make sure the chinstrap was tightly adjusted he got on and started the big machine. She got on behind him and they left with her holding lightly onto his waist; one acceleration away from a stop light and she knew that she had to hold much tighter to Dan so she wrapped her arms around him and held on for dear life. Once they got to the freeway they headed south and cruised smoothly for an hour; Dan let the vibration of the big Harley work its magic on Rachel and even thru the leather of both motorcycle jackets he felt the soft firmness of her breasts as she clung to his back. They arrived at the beach and he parked the bike where they had a full view of the sand and surf. Rachel dismounted, removed the helmet and unzipped the jacket before she flipped her hair around in a very feminine gesture; Dan was busy locking up the bike and opening up the saddle bags. She asked what they were doing there and he answered that they were going to spend the day at the beach as if they did it all the time. She started to protest that she had nothing to wear when Dan handed her a small two piece swim suit and a towel that he had retrieved from the bags on the bike. He had sandals and sunscreen for her too which he handed her as he pointed out the public bathrooms at the edge of the sand; telling her to meet him back here so that he could secure her regular clothes unless she wanted to ride home in just the thong. He had just stowed away his stuff when he caught sight of her as she rounded the corner of the building; he found himself staring and drooling as his mind tried to put her into slow motion. She was built for the beach and easily put to shame any model he had ever seen in Playboy. She handed him her stuff and they were off down to the beach before she knew it. He directed her along to the north end of the beach where he had another surprise waiting for her; after a few hundred yards there was a sign that warned them that they were entering a clothing optional area and they should return if they were offended by nudity. This was the middle of the week so Dan knew that there weren’t going to be many others nude but they would be soon enough. He directed her up the beach into the shallow dunes to where others had built a low shelter of drift wood and a scrap of tarp where they spread out their towels and sat down to relax.
They made an interesting couple; she was young and beautiful, he was much older and though fit for his age his body was rough and hairy. Rachel relaxed in the sun allowing the “sweet old man” as she thought of him now to ogle her body confident that she had him under control. Dan’s eyes were taking her in but his mind was racing ahead to where he had to take her. His first move was for the sunscreen which he liberally applied to his own arms, chest and legs; he then offered the bottle to Rachel asking her to do his back, which she did. Her touch was light and it sent a wave of pleasure thru his body, his cock reacting with a twitch and a roll as it began to fill with blood. He took the bottle and encouraged her to lie down on her stomach so that he could do her back. His hands began caressing her at her feet where he spent a long time with his thumbs working on the souls and the toes. He moved on to her calves using a light touch which he slowly changed into a heavy work out of her muscles. She had totally relaxed as he worked his way up to the inside of her knees and her thighs. He rolled and worked the muscles of each leg all the way up to where he almost touched her buttocks before he moved up and began working her arms and shoulders. He made sure that the bottle of sun screen stayed in the sun insuring that as he applied it to her skin it was warm and inviting; his hands were always in motion working her soft supple skin and toned muscles in a hypnotic pace. He moved her soft blond hair to one side and untied the string at her neck allowing him to work freely at the base of her skull; the tie at her back he loosened so that his hands could slide all the way from her shoulders to her hips without interruption. He smoothed the sunscreen on around her body right to the beginning of her breasts but didn’t go any further, for now. She seemed in a trance as he undid the strings at the sides of her bottom allowing him to peal the thin strap of the thong away from the cleft between the cheeks of her butt. He used lots of the warm sunscreen on her ass as he worked the muscles and caressed the flesh until she finally let a soft moan slip out. He changed the angle of his attack and slipped his index finger down the crack of her butt until he reached her anus; over and over he worked his hands on both cheeks with one finger always ending up sliding over her hole, then finally continuing down to the beginning of her virgin pussy. Another soft moan escaped her lips.
Dan changed positions again and knelt straddling her legs as he worked his way up her thighs letting his thumbs slide between her legs to spread her butt exposing her little rosebud. Finally he held one cheek with his left hand as his right sliced all the way down between her legs where it encountered her wet pussy lips as he pulled his hand back. The next time he slid his hand down she pushed her hips up and allowed his hand to part her vagina as it pulled back. Dan withdrew his hands and moved off to her side as she rolled over without her top. Dan removed the scrap of material at her hips then moved to begin working on her legs again.
Working softly this time he caressed her feet, ankles and lower legs while he studied the rest of her body. He found himself trying to find a flaw somewhere on her body; he studied her legs, hips and stomach and there wasn’t a mole, scratch or blemish on her lightly tanned skin. Her hair didn’t tangle, her face seemed to be in a permanent smile and her eye lashes were long and thick. When he worked up to her knees he started to encourage her legs to part just a little with each stroke up and down her thighs; she responded and he was soon rewarded with a peak at her puffy vaginal lips, and maybe even at the red swollen end of her clitoris. Repositioning himself closer to her head he could now reach all her body and as an added bonus he was finally able to rid himself of his swimsuit freeing his hard as iron cock. Touching her stomach first he made gentle circles around her belly button and got a surprising reaction, she moaned loudly, spread her legs and began a circular wiggle of her hips that complimented his motions. Keeping one hand moving in circles just below her navel with the other he caressed the sides of her tits; making one big circle that began at the side of her right breast he let his finger tips glide along her ribcage just at the edge of the swell of each breast over to her left side then up and across her chest back to where he started. He had to concentrate on where his hands were, how hard he pressed and how fast he moved them; locking his eyes on her nipples helped but he was still sweating bullets as he tightened his circle around her tits. When his hand touched the breast on her far side he allowed the heal of his hand to brush the nipple and was rewarded by a soft gasp, he repeated the motion until she stopped gasping then he changed his pattern and started to circle each breast using both hands, actually just the tips of his fingers of both hands. He tightened his circles until his fingers were right at the edge of the areola lightly going round and around as she began to arch her back raising her tits more and more trying to get more stimulation. Her nipples were not large but were set like five carrot round rubies in the center of a dark red field; removing his hands he bent over her and blew his hot breath on each ruby before he put the palms of his hands on her tits and making little circles he pushed downward.
She opened her eyes and smiled a contented smile as he slid his hands off her to support himself as he rose over her to look directly into her eyes; her smile slowly disappeared as he continued to look directly at her, it was replaced by another look that seemed like surrender to Dan he dipped his head and kissed her for the very first time. It was a long, soft kiss that could have lasted for ever. He broke away to look at her again then drove back to her and KISSED her; open mouth, full tongue and high pressure, he kissed her and she kissed him back. She threw her arms around him and pulled him down on top of her. He allowed her to take control as he shifted himself to be more in contact with her body. She rocked him in her arms and thrust one leg up between his thrusting her pelvis against his leg. She had just discovered the thrill of SEX. They rolled around on the towels as she reveled in his touch. He squeezed her in his arms then mauled her tits with his strong hands. He grabbed her butt and squeezed her cheeks while he pulled her hard against his hips and cock. She grabbed his face and covered it with little kisses until he forced his face down to her neck where he nibbled and nuzzled his way around as she strained to lift her chin to allow him more access. She finally broke out in the giggles as he tickled her ribcage and they found themselves in the sand having pushed the towels into little wads. Dan stood up letting her see his manhood for the first time before he offered her his hand and pulled her up beside him; confidently he led her down to the water where with the waves breaking at their sides he washed the sand from her as she washed him. At last she took his cock in her hands as she stepped forward trapping his cock against her belly. Dan kissed her as she wiggled her soft belly against his hard cock until he grabbed her ass with both hands and pulled her hard against him.
It took some work to shake the sand out of their towels but finally they could finish drying one another and spread the towels out allowing them to lie back down together. The first order of day was to reapply the sunscreen; Dan let Rachel go first and she diligently applied the warm liquid all over his body; paying special attention to his cock insuring that it was well greased up by stroking it with both hands for a long time, she even greased his balls enjoying his groans and grunts as she moved them around, rolling each ball gently inside it’s sack. Finally Dan got his chance to return her affection. He applied the lotion on her legs and back but it was her front that received the lion’s share of his attention. Since her tits were more than a handful he used both hands on each tit working in the oils and pinching the nipples as she purred her approval. He knelt between her legs as he began to oil up everything between them; she added her own brand of lotion to his hands as he manipulated her parts. Her clit made an appearance as a third ruby on her body as it extended out from its sheath; he was very gentle as he caressed it bringing her to a crushing climax. He eventually slipped his fingers into her pussy just deep enough to confirm that her maidenhood was still intact; his inspection bringing her to another climax. She finally diverted his attention away from her body by grabbing his cock and vigorously stroking it; she wouldn’t let go until he groaned and spit a large glob of cum all over her hand. She looked at the creamy substance and pushed it around using one delicate finger; she even took a little lick at it to see how it tasted. She was not impressed.
The sun was low over the water as they began walking back to the parking lot; even when Dan slipped his suit on she refused to dress and walked nude all the way back to his motorcycle, he could not blame her for showing off because he knew that she was feeling more confident and beautiful than ever before and it showed. Once at the bike she threw on her jeans and leather jacket but not her top and the jacket was zipped up only a third of the way exposing a lot of cleavage. She hugged Dan tightly all the way home and played with his dick and balls as the vibration from the engine revved her up. When they got home he just rode into the garage and closed the door. Step one was in the book, now for step two.
He told her that now she had a new rule to follow. Now she must strip completely anytime she came into the house unless someone other than Dan was there. She stripped and carried her clothes into the house putting most of them into the laundry. Dan stripped and left his clothes there too; taking her hand he led her to his bathroom and turned on the shower; there was just enough time for a sweet sloppy kiss before the water turned hot and they jumped in. A hot shower had always been one of Dan’s favorite things but showering with a gorgeous young lady raised showers to a whole new level. They played with and caressed the others body until Dan could take no more and forced Rachel out making her wait until he brought her a big fluffy towel. She dried him as he dried her causing both to giggle. Dan slipped on his boxers then handed Rachel a silky robe that extended down just past her cunt and they adjourned to the living room. Dan fixed them both a drink and ordered pizza because he was starving and he was sure she was too. He asked her if she had any preferences for toppings and found that she was not a picky eater; another little thing that pleased him. She was picking thru his music library when the doorbell rang; he handed her some money and asked her to get the door. She just stood there looking form the money to his eyes until the doorbell rang again and Dan’s eyes got a little cold as he sternly asked if she would PLEASE get the door. Gathering the front of the little robe in her hand she went to the door and opened it far enough to verify that it was indeed the pizza delivery BOY. She tried to hide behind the door as she took the pizza box but as she fumbled with the money and the box the door swung open and the breeze parted the sides of the light material and the pimple faced boy got to see all of her charms; he got a large tip before she slammed the door in his face. She turned to face Dan her face and chest flushed a crimson red, tears in her eyes and Dan laughed. She would have thrown the pizza in his face if he had not stepped up and taken it from her; he calmly set the box down on the coffee table and opened it offering the first piece to her. She stared at him from across the room; Dan could see the range of emotions she was struggling with as each crossed her face. Finally there was the look of resignation as she finally pushed all other feelings aside so that she could have what she really wanted more than anything else; her freedom would come only after she got her degree which she could only get with Dan’s help, which she could only get if she submitted for now; besides which it was a little thrilling to show off her body like that.
She smiled and sat on the couch as she took the offered piece of pizza. After they had finished off dinner Dan made it clear that she would sleep in his bed for the first time. As she approached the bed he placed his hands on her shoulders and removed the robe before he pulled back the covers for her; allowing her to make herself comfortable while he moved to the opposite side and slipped in. She was lying there stiff as a board as he cuddled up next to her and began to caress her breasts. Patiently he spent his time putting her at ease with a whisper here and a tickle there. After her breathing changed he placed her hand on his cock and just left her to do what she would with him knowing that very soon she would start stroking it. He was right, of course. It wasn’t long until she rolled toward him and they began to kiss like they did earlier on the beach. Her mom had kept her from all sorts of trouble but now she was a twenty year old woman who had just discovered the greatest secrets of life and she was eager to plumb the depths of her feelings. She had been denied passion for far too long and now she was going to have what she wanted. Dan was just the man who was going to take her where she had never been before. He brought her to a huge climax by strumming her clit with his fingers then he went down on her and sucked her clit until she shuttered and screamed again. Dan moved up between her legs and positioned his cock at the entrance to her pussy as she spread her legs out; wasting no time he plunged once breaking her barrier then again to drive himself all the way into her virgin hole. Her legs flew up as she gasped in surprise then they dropped down to lock behind Dan’s ass. Dan savored the feelings as her cunt pulsed, adjusting to the size of the invader; he then withdrew as far as he could given that her legs were locked at his backside, about half way, and drove himself back into her using all his strength. She crushed her tits against his chest and using her arms and legs she began to pull into his every thrust. She was grunting and moaning as she strained to satisfy her unquenchable passion. In less than a minute she had a massive orgasm as Dan plundered her overflowing pussy; her passion was contagious and within minutes he was sweating from every pour, yet he continued his fucking. He was finally able to withdraw most of the way out of her hole before he drove in again and again. The feeling of her tight, wet cunt sliding around his cock was driving him toward delirium; he fought for control of his mind knowing that this was a once in a lifetime event. He knew he had to stay in the moment even if it made his heart give out. Rachel began to curse and wale as her orgasms became almost continuous; Dan had to use his size and weight to control her body as she spasmed and shook. All this effort had one positive effect, he was not building toward a quick orgasm he just kept driving his hard dick in and out of her tight hole and feeling every nerve being stimulated to the max. It wasn’t until she passed out and her body went slack that he felt free enough to let his balls empty. With a great groan he spilled his essence into her body that he ceased his movement. His cock would not go down so he stayed where he was until she regained consciousness; lifting himself away from her body he pulled his still hard cock from her depths as she moaned her /> Their bed was a wreck with sheets, pillows and blankets either pushed off completely or bunched into large wads here and there. The bottom sheet was soaking wet and had a few red spots where her blood had been forced out and smeared about, but the two lovers stayed tangled together near its center as they recovered. Rachel was not going to let go of Dan as if she was drawing energy from his body, Dan just could not muster enough strength to move; sleep overtook them and they found comfort with one another. Sometime during the night Dan had to get up and relieve himself; before he returned to her side he managed to free a sheet and he covered them both with it. The next time he awoke he found Rachel had snuggled around him and she was holding his cock in one soft hand while the other was tucked between her legs and cupping her drooling pussy. He was more than half hard and very comfortable with her grip; taking stock of their positions he enjoyed his view of her angelic face as she slept on. Soon enough he would have her passion again for now she was all his.
She woke up like a little child not knowing where she was but comforted by her hold on her favorite blanket …except it was Dan’s cock. When her eyes fluttered open she found herself staring into Dan’s eyes. He smiled and offered her a gentle good morning. She automatically began to stroke the cock in her hand making Dan groan with pleasure; scrunching down she first nuzzled the tip of his cock then sucked it in and began to blow him with gusto. Groaning again this time in frustration he twisted himself around until he could reach her hips and pulled them closer; as she bobbed her head on his dick he slipped two fingers into her cunt and searched for her G spot. She groaned around his cock as he found her spot and worked his hand around trying to give her the same pleasure she was visiting on him. Never taking her mouth away she became quite animated and began to bounce and wiggle as his fingers had the desired effect; allowing him to put her in a sixty nine above him where he could wrap his arms around her hips pulling her down onto his lips. His tongue working its way into her hole then around her clit finely causing her to lift her face away from his cock as she loudly voiced her approval of his technique. His cum had dried and formed a crusty coat around her pussy; he enjoyed the taste as he licked and slurped his way around it. Her fresh juices washed the remaining cum from her cunt and into his mouth, it made an intoxicating cocktail.
Dan maneuvered her around again until she was able to sit up and slide her pussy down over his cock where she froze for just a moment with her eyes closed and her mouth open enjoying the sensation of being filled completely with cock. Dan was enjoying himself too; even though her hair was a mess and she had no makeup on she was a delightful sight, never mind that her tight cunt was holding his cock in its velvet vice. Rachel began to move her hips slowly grinding her clit against his pelvis and squeezing her internal muscles around Dan’s hard cock. Dan just as gently rolled his hips moving his cock around inside her trying to touch her everywhere he could inside her. Their dance went on forever as she allowed her body to just enjoy being a woman; Dan knew that the gentle, quiet time would end in a spectacular crescendo of passion and when it did he would be one of the beneficiaries so he waited until her body could take no more.
It began with a little shutter inside her hips and it spread rapidly up her spine causing her to toss her head back and howl as her fingers tightened their grip on the hairs on his chest. That was the signal Dan had been waiting for; he grabbed her hips and began bouncing her against his cock. Soon he was making his cock travel its full length in and out of her cunt. They came at the same time and after she stopped moving she collapsed onto his chest. Dan whispered little endearments into her ears as she lay trying to catch her breath. She really was the most beautiful woman he had ever known. He let her shower alone in her own shower as he cleaned himself up and prepared for another day of training. The next step was at hand.

story by: Graydave

Tags: first time fantasy reluctance oral sex older male / female sex story

Author: Graydave

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    It all started when a friend of mine, Jeff invited me to a pool party that a friend of his was having at his remote home. Jeff told me that his friend had open pool parties at his home every weekend during the summer and I should come up. He told me that he was already there and I should come and have some fun, and flips, then headed out to the address Jeff had given. Driving there I realized...

  • Sex in a taxi with Jane

    I jumped in the back seat and Jane slid in next to me. I told the driver where we were going and we took off. Before I even had the address complete Jane had undone my zip, pulled my cock out and started wanking me. My pre-cum was oozing again. Jane whispered in my ear‘I want to suck you and lick you clean.’ I had been seeing Jane for about 6 months and our relationship was pretty solid.She was 43...

  • What a great game!

    Further adventures at MC My Girlfriend Tes and I enjoy visiting a motel that has been converted for enjoyment of swingers, it’s a small, 25 ish rooms, motel with all the rooms made over with mirrors, faux fireplaces, provisions for swings and most rooms have either a Jacuzzi or a ‘love machine’ chair. There is a large room with a swimming pool, two large hot tubs and an over sized bed, this area is ‘clothing optional’ and is generally 95+%...

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Spanking sex story

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Our First Date

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