Day on the water

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Draped across one of the cushioned seats on deck. A tiny bikini protects the bare minimum from the sun. Her eyes closed. Her body completely relaxed. Her head propped on one of her arms. One knee is bent up and leaning against the side rail, the other hangs over the side of the bench.
Just coming up from below deck he stops at the door. His eyes going wide when he sees her luscious form before him. Scanning her from head to toe. His eyes go back to the junction of her open thighs. his body starts to stir as the thought of him simply sliding between them or better yet leaning over and stealing a taste of her sweet nectar.
A fly buzzes her nose making her stir. She swats it away and rests her hand just under her breast. His mouth waters as he notices that her bikini top is not actually tied but is simply lieing over her bare breast. Stunned and unable to move he watches as the fly lands on her chest just below her chin and proceeds to walk down into the valley of her breast. Her hand scares the fly as it rubs along the path that the fly walked down and coming to rest just above her breast.
He stares at her hand thinking of so many other things he'd love to have in it's location. He notices that her movement has rearranged her top in such a way that one of her nipples is now naked to the warm sun.
He stands propped against the door jam. Suddenly lost in a fantasy of his own creation. His body becoming more and more alert as he watches her sleep.
Chuckling to himself over his behavior he starts to move away to let her sleep in peace when her hand slides to the top of her breast where her nipple lies bare. Her fingers brush across making her nipples harden as he watches. A slight purring sound comes from her lips.

He looks back and forth from her pert nipple to her now parted lips. She is reacting to some dream she is having. Looking back to her hand he feels his cock jump as she slightly squeezes. Closing his eyes to reclaim his control his head snaps up when he hears his name from her lips. He can see she is still asleep though. She has a frustrated expression on her face. Eyebrows raised and completely on alert he watches as her hand moves down her body. Her palm moves over her flesh down to the apex of her thighs. Sliding ever so slowly into her bikini panties. He watches as one of her fingers obviously goes between her lips. A louder moan comes from her lips mingling with the one he cant help coming from his.
He takes a step closer. Nearly within reach. He can see her fingers swirling under her panties. Her hips starting to move to the play of her fingers. He leans in carefully and unties the string bows at both of her hips. Slowly moving the material away. He can now see her fingers as she plays with herself. Kneeling down onto the bench between her knees he leans in and blows some air over her sex.
Another moan makes his mouth water. Leaning in further he licks her just beside her wiggling fingers. Her taste upon his lips. He stops her play by sucking one of her fingers into his mouth. His eyes closing as he sucks her erotic nectar off of her hand.

After stealing every drop his eyes open and he looks up into a pair of startled eyes. She stares at him. He's caught like a deer in the headlights. She removes her finger from his mouth a slight blush creeps over her body. Placing her hand on her thigh. She looks at him nestled intimately between her legs. She takes in a deep breath as he leans in and sucks her button into his mouth watching her as he moves ever so slowly.
Her sweet taste is his undoing. Opening her nether lips with his fingers he laps at her clit. Flicking it back and forth with his tongue. Her little cries of pleasure has him throbbing. He sucks deeply and snakes his free hand up till it reaches her ass and around to the front. He moans as his fingers are quickly lubricated when he slides them into her hot steamy sex. Her hips automaticly lift making his fingers go farther in.Her clit pressed closer to his lips. His fingers start to move in and out of her getting wetter with each move. Sliding them out he trails them down the groove that runs from her sex to her ass.He rotates everything south. His lubricated finger slowly works its way into her ass. His tongue darts into her core. Her sweet juices filling his mouth. The fingers holding her sex open flicks at her clit.
Lost in his own pleasure he feels her hands move into his hair encouraging him to continue. His figners and tongue quickly get into a tantalizing rythem. Flicking, licking and withdrawing and penetrating. Touching and stimulating every intimate spot of her.He can taste and hear her responses to his ministrations. Her fingers bite into his hair as she pulls him deeper to her bucking hips.

Flicking her clit and shooting his finger deeply into her ass in response to her. He tastes her orgasm seconds before she cries out her release. Her body shivers and tightens as she rides it out. His fingers and lips slow but still continue. He licks his fill and raises his head to look up at her. A smug smile on his face. He can see her heavy breathing and all the errotic devistation of her ordeal.
He can see little spasms of pleasure as one finger continues to slide in and out of her ass. His thumb plays with her button while another finger ease up on her clit and moves up to squeese her breast. Her hard nipples digging into his flat palm.
Leaning down and licking his way up. At the end of each lick he tells her how he's going to make her cum over and over. He feels her dampen his lower hand at his words. Encouraged he elaborates on how her hot response is making him hard. How he wants to burry himself deeply into her. Stressing this point by thrusting his lower hand's finger and thumb into her body. She cries out and bucks against his hand moaning loudly.
Pinching her nipples his warm mouth descends upon its puckered form. She moans at his suckling. His lower hand leaving her body gets a pout from her that leaves him chuckling. He is slightly raised over her form. He takes her hand and places it upon the buldge in his shorts. Starting to tell her how bad he wants her. How he has wanted it for so long…His breath catches and his eyes loose focus as he feels her hand quickly slip into his shorts and wrap around his cock.
His lips quirk at her whisper of "oh my" when her fingers cant quite close around him. He shifts and rubs into her grip. Her inquisitive hand begins to stroke him. He is getting lost in the rub and feel of her palm. She carefully nudges him till he rolls to the side allowing her to wiggle out from below.
She draws a deep kiss from his lips. His cock solid in her hand. Her tongue darting into his mouth sucking on his tongue. He rolls further pulling her ontop of him trapping her hand between them. His hand holds her head to his lips. Hungrily deepening the kiss Only breaking contact with her lips when lack of air foreces it. With a large push he doesn't expect from her he falls down onto his back. She sits up onto her knees breathing deeply. Looking down at him. He's also taking in air eagerly.

She shifts on her knees her fingers just grazing his cock which is now happily peeking out of the top of his shorts. She looks down and quickly pushes the band down. Licking her lips she moves in and slowly lowers her lips onto him.
His head falls back and his hand smacks the bench as she quickly begins to suckle. The tip of his cock lost in her mouth. He lifts his head and watches as the rest of it slides heavenly in. He can feel her fingers squeeze him. He can feel his head push to the back of her throat. She sucks and a strong pulling pressure surrounds him. Her mouth is so warm and wet. He watches as she strokes him to her mouth. Her head gliding up and down. To his regret she pulls off of his cock but he is returned to heaven when she licks down his shaft and massages his balls with her lips.She tells him how his salty musky taste is making her want him. Quickly she starts to jack him off. Then wraps her lips back around his head. She sees a bit of precum on the tip of him and licks it clean. Sucking him hard and beginning to fuck him with her mouth. His hands tangle in her hair as she devours him. He starts to pump his hips to her mouth. He can feel he's getting close to cumming. He tries to tell her he's going to cum but she sucks him harder to keep him from pushing her off. She pumps his cock to her mouth faster. Her hand gripping tigher. with one last push he looses himself into her mouth where he can feel her swallow and continue to suck on him. His hands ease in her hair and he leans back on the bench. Spent.
Dragging her up his body to lay over him he kisses her lips and pushes her head to his shoulder. Callin her a minx and begs her a few minutes in a very breathy voice. He catches her smile and holds her till they fall asleep to be baked in the all to hot sun.

story by: Cre8ndrmz

Tags: fiction masturbation consensual sex erotica male/female oral sex sex story

Author: Cre8ndrmz

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