Dear freddy… go fuck yourself!

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The mind is a powerful tool. When used creatively it can be enjoyable and exciting. Close the eyes and image me… a women filled with promise. Filled with sexual essence waiting… struggling to burst forward and explode all over. A women with needs that only you can fill. A women that loves to love you. But, darling Freddy… I am a women that needs to have a more fulfilling sexual encounter… then what you have been providing me. Remember last night… you came… actually you came multiple times. I never achieved that pleasure. Sex is an enjoyable activity when both of us… that means you and me… we both enjoy the moment. We can achieve multiple orgasms together. When you are not with me… when I am alone in my bed… or just alone, without you, and I am in the "mood", I stimulate myself and I have multiple orgasms. I disagree with her surmise last night that women, in general, are unable to have multiple orgasms.

After our encounter, I went home. I was still filled with the need to spill my own desires. I laid down on my bed and closed my eyes. I imagined the most perfect man… and it was you. I imagined your lips down there, nuzzling my secret place. The place I showed you that is between my full wet lips. Yes, I am talking about my valley… behind my thick bush of blondeness. There just above the opening… that secret wonderful place… you had your tongue at that place and was flicking it with your tongue. It was really my fingers that were doing the flicking… but I imagined your tongue.

Did I tell you that I bought toys? I did it the other week after our pervious encounter. I wanted two toys that resembled you in size and feel. They have some wonderful sexual toys out on the market. I was in the store for hours, trying out each one. Okay, so I had a little help. The store manager didn't even bat an eye when I pulled down my dripping wet panties and inserted a long thick black toy into my wetness. I humped it right there… in the middle of the store. I pulled up my skirt and slid my fingers under my shirt, into my bra. It felt so good. It even felt better when the store manager pulled up the back of my skirt and inserted his hard thickness between my firm eager cheeks.

I have told you countless times, I enjoy double dipping! You just don't seem to realize just how much. He reached in front and twisted my knobs. But that wasn't all… One of the other patrons saw me enjoying myself. He moved in the front and pulled his length from his pants. I wanted it in my mouth. I sucked it dry several times and had sweet how cum dripping down my chin. But it didn't stop there. I wanted to try one of those fancy toys with two heads. The one's that go into both holes simultaneously. Double enjoyment! The store manager was eager to let me try it out as long as he could stand over me. I had two in my mouth and a thick toy with two heads in both holes. I orgasmed hard and fast, and so did those that were helping choose my toys.

Another patron came in, this time it was a she. She was happy to help, as she bent down and shagged her head between my throbbing legs. We had chosen a different toy. They are clips that they placed on my errect nipples. The store manager was riding his hard staff between my soft breasts. The women found a position under the other man's balls, while he had his dick in my ass and his fingers in my wetness. Wow… just writing you this fuck letter is making me horny. Remembering their participation in choosing my new erotic toys to replace you… just blows my mind!

Oh, I sorry to drop the news like that. Yep, you are one gorgeous man… but I need more. I need to be fully appreciated. So I picked up a few toys that have your name on them. I close my eyes and finger my clit, while envisioning you. I see you undress and make love to me. I imagine how you feel… since I never felt anything else other than your dick… dick! Oops, sorry about that… I wanted this letter to be nice. I will take that one back. My delete key is not working for whatever reason, so just ignore it…

Where was I… oh yeah I was in the adult toy store. Do you know that there is a room that has flicks playing in the back. We went into that room, and the manager paid me to pee on me… Golden showers are a new thing and I don't think I will ever do that one again… But it paid for all my knew toys, and crotchless panties. I am tired of taking them off to play with my hidden treasure. This way, I just flip up my skirt and stick things in… at the post office, the grocery story (those produce managers sure are hung… and very creative with fruit!), the dentist, and wow… we can not forget the coffee house. But of all my encounters adult toy stores are my favorite. Oh… I guess I didn't mention that… I have had more than one encounter since last we had sex. That is the reason I am well lubed even though you suck… literally. Sorry.. I am sorry… It just slipped again. I didn't mean to put it that way. Again, disregard it.

So now I have a room full of toys and plenty of people to help me properly use them. We don't even read the instructions… off with the wrapper and away we go! So… I am writing you this letter to say goodbye… fucker… I have discovered a wonderful way to enjoy myself Freddy… with and without you. Like I said, a mind is a powerful thing… all I need to do is close my eyes and imagine your head between my legs… just your head… no no it is no longer attached to your body. During the first fantasy, you were broken down in miscellaneous parts. So it is just your head… and you lick lick and flick with your tongue. You are actually getting quite good at it… I only need it if I am too tired to go to a toy store!

Goodbye… darling. Remember me… a women with promise. A women with needs… none of which your dick could fulfill you stupid fucker…


P. A. Anderson….

P.S.: Each new encounter is a sweet reminder of how much I don't miss you… and your tiny itsy bitsy dick… dick. If you think you are well hung… you got to see the store manager's! Now that is well hung and he knows where to put it!

story by: Ambrosia Vynne

Tags: fiction sex story

Author: Ambrosia Vynne

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