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Debbie’s boyfriend Jay was nowhere close to being old enough to drink but he was friendly with some of the older guys who frequented the bar on the corner where he hung out. Often they talked about females and from these conversations Jay came up with a way for his hot-assed girlfriend to have some fun (and simultaneously for the both of them to make a little money).

He met Debbie at his house; as per usual, his parents were out working until late that evening. They sat on the love seat in the living room and Jay was hotly kissing her swan-like neck while cupping and rubbing her big, bra-less titties through the tissue-thin fabric of her cut-off top. Her stiff nipples strained against the soft fabric, the round brown aureoles clearly visable through the nearly transparent material. Jay said “how would you like to suck and fuck a couple of guys that I know and then I could finish you off and make you cum some more?” Debbie was breathing heavily and her face was flushed from the ardent foreplay. She locked her big brown eyes onto his and said “just so they know how to use their tools and can make me come over and over again; yeah, I’ll do them!”

Jay jumped up and made a phone call. Then he returned to the couch and continued his play with Debbie but now adding cunt-rubbing through the denim of her ultra short cut-offs. Literally minutes later there was a knock at the door and Jay admitted the bar buddies. There were 6 of them, 4 were in their mid-20’s, 1 in his mid-30’s and the last 40-something. All were blue collar types with bodies hard from manual labor. They had brought their favorite beverage from the bar. Jay quickly collected bills from each as Debbie checked out each man visually.

Jay went over to the stereo and put a loud dance number on. To Debbie he said “why don’t you do a little dance to break the ice?” Debbie got to her feet and started swaying to the beat; initially she felt a bit awkward but also simultaneously excited by performing in front of so many horny males. Some of the guys yelled out “show us a little skin baby!” Debbie complied by inching her top up until it was just below her jiggling titties. With her other hand she unsnapped her short-shorts and undid the buttons. She pushed her hand inside the opening until she had cupped her moist, panty-less pubic mound. She slowly rubbed it up and down while directing passionate stares at each man in turn.

The men were transfixed, placed into an almost hypnotic state by the wanton nature of the young girl’s performance. Finally Jay sprang to his feet and stepped over behind the girl. He pressed his crotch against her shapely ass while reaching in front of her to cup both of her luscious breasts. He flicked his index fingers against her long already stiff nipples while pushing into her from behind. Meanwhile Debbie stripped her top off and tossed it on the floor.

Jay’s action broke the reverie of the rest of the men. They all approached the couple; one reached inside the young sluts pants and replaced her hand with his own. He commenced playing with her wet labia. Another participant grasped Debbie’s hand and placed it against his cock bulge; Debbie immediately got busy by opening his fly, reaching inside his pants and freeing his already turgid cock. She started jerking him off using his pre-cum as a lube. Anther player pulled out his prick and wrapped Debbie s other hand around it. A 4th grasped her shorts and roughly yanked them down her legs. He pushed her slowly backyard until she was in a seated position on the couch. He started licking the length of her steamy, desire-slickened slit with great gusto. The man who had been fingering her released his cock and then thrust it against her bright red lipstick rimmed lips. Debbie started licking around the bulbous head of his cock with her firebrand tongue. Another of the men rubbed his fat dong against the side of her face; she left off sucking the original cock and totally engulfed the new dick all the way to the root. Debbie’s cunt juices were flowing freely from the passionate cunt lapping that she was receiving, and also from the excitement of servicing so many men at one time.

Jay left off pawing her perfectly shaped tits and pushed/prodded her onto the floor on her knees on the rug. Directing his comments to the man who had been eating her he said ”why don’t you stick it into her twat man and I’ll sandwich her from back here.” The former cunnilingis aficionado swiftly doffed his pants, slid under Debbie and placed his hard shaft at the entrance to her vagina. He lunged forward and plunged his entire 8 inches into the girls steamy swamp. Debbie came immediately, gasping and moaning around the cock that she was still sucking on. Her copious flow of cream coated the rod plunging into her cunt, overflowed and spattered onto the mans bare legs. Jay began eating out her pretty brown asshole from behind, spreading her asscheeks with the palms of his hands, thrusting his hot tongue rapidly into her puckered brownie. He pulled his cock out and replaced his tongue with the tip of his member. He slowly pushed into her asshole, not stopping until his pelvis was all up against her ass-cheeks.

Debbie had almost finished her first orgasm; this rear invasion set her off on another orgasmic trip. Now pussy-juice was practically squirting out of her super-heated slit. Her legs and groin area were in continuous spasms and she was shaking with the force of her wild discharge. She panted and gasped for breath but did not once lose her lip-lock on the prick that she was sucking nor the cocks she was manipulating with her hands. She felt like a piece of raw meat being buffeted to and fro from the actions of the hard cocks penetrating her. She had never cum so hard in her life!

The man underneath her gasped out “I’m going to cum, I can’t hold back anymore!” He started shooting white-hot jets of cum into her dripping pussy. Debbie could feel the spurts of his spend splashing against the back of her teen womb. The man finished cumming and pulled out of the teens hot slot; as he moved away one of the guys having his dick sucked slid beneath the girl and started slamming into the cauldron of her dripping nether region.

Meanwhile Joey was ramming into his girlfriends anus, timing his thrusts to be plunging forward while the man below was pulling back. He felt the beginning of an orgasm and sped up his humping action; he began cumming, firing deep into the bowels of his girlfriend. After spending his entire load he pulled out and went into the kitchen to retrieve a beer. Meanwhile another of the men whom Debbie had been jerking off immediately took his place, easily sliding into the girls sperm-lubed anal orifice.

The player being sucked off gasped “I’m going to cum right down your throat little whore- I want you to swallow it down into your belly.” In reply Debbie chose not to release her lip-lock but rather looked up at him with a sensual expression that she hoped would communicate that she wanted him to fill her mouth with his hot salty load. As promised he started shooting forcefully into her hot mouth. The force and volume of his ejaculation surprised and shocked the girl. Her throat contracted mightily as she labored to take his entire load into her quaking belly. He was cumming to fast for her to swallow it all, the excess squirted out of the side of her pretty cock-suckers mouth and some dripped off of her chin.

The participant stabbing into her cunt started to unload, and seconds later the ass man shot his load into the hot sweaty girl. No sooner had they withdrawn then the remaining two men filled both of her holes with their rigid and ready poles. Debbie came once again while at the same time licking any remaining nuggets of cum that coated the guys dick who she had just fellated to completion. She redoubled her efforts to get the last two men off, humping violently back and forth between them and churning her hips to give them a moving target. “Come on, fuck me, come on” she hissed; “I want you to cum inside my pussy and asshole fill both my holes with your gobs of cum!” Both men felt their balls tighten up in anticipation of shooting off into the writhing teen’s body. They both blasted off almost simultaneously, pouring even more jizz into the dripping wet holes of the fucking teener. She continued to hump them, contracting her slot and anus to milk them of all of their sperm. Only when they were completely drained of all sex juices did they withdraw their now limp and useless dicks and they joined their satiated buddies who were now sipping beers and watching the horny teen with stunned and amazed eyes.

Debbie lay back against the side of the sofa, her legs akimbo, fluids dribbling out of her cunt and ass, stray streaks of mixed male and female cum glistening from all over her tight body. She absently rubbed a glob of cum around one of her caramel-colored nipples while stating “I’ve never cum so much in my life- you guys fucked and sucked all of the juice out of me I’m completely dried up!” The men laughed at this remark; as they got up to leave most were anticipating the next occasion when they could enjoy having a sex party with this unbelievably horny slut!

story by: jessethekid2000

Tags: fiction blowjob cum swallowing anal group sex sex story

Author: jessethekid2000

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