Demi pt. 2 (summer nights)

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It was now high summer and the days and nights were hot, dry and humid. Because of the heat I often slept with my bedroom window open, I fell asleep with a mild breeze wafting and waving the thin curtains in and out of the window.

During these nights I slept naked and thinking of my sixteen year old conquest who lived next door, I couldn't get her out of my head, so much so that my balls ached when I thought of her pert ass and tits and the fact that I had my thumb in her ass and she loved it.

I loved the way how her ass would stick out for such a young girl and I enjoyed the times when I peeled off her shorts, bent her over, spread her ass cheeks with my large hands and stuck my tongue in between her freshly showered pussy lips. She was so petite my hands would cover the whole of her ass and when I fucked her from behind my thumbs would almost touch when I held her slim soft waist. Frankly it was damned hard to get to sleep some nights.

Even though she was only 16 she had the airs and graces of a woman and Demi was cool with whatever I had to offer which made her even more attractive to me, she loved fucking and she loved sucking my cock and would half frown in a teasing way when it was my turn to eat her out.

This night I was awaken by rustling outside my window and the sound of a young female voice saying 'Shit!' in a hushed voice… and then another giggling in the background. I got out of bed wrapping a sheet around my waist an looked out the window only to see Demi climbing up with the help of another female. I helped her through the window and the other girl ran off and in the distance shouted 'Get some for me'…

I asked.. 'What are you doing? Who was that?

Demi said.. 'Don't worry about her, she'll be back another time, tonight it's just you and me'

And with that she opened the sheet I was wearing, took a look down, smiled and let the sheet fall to the ground. With the window still open she turned around and leaned over to hold on to the window sill so that her ass that I worshiped so much came back to meet me so that my cock rested between her ass cheeks which were barely covered by a freshly cut pair of jeans, the touch of her cool skin gave me a raging hard on, and at that point she started moving up and down making me even harder. With my cock still between her legs I leaned over and put one arm around her neck and stood her up making her back arch towards my chest, I kissed her from behind and played with her nipples which stuck in the cooling air from under the thin cotton vest she was wearing. I walked her to the bed in that position and threw her on it face down, she just lay there waiting and not moving so I ran my hand up and between her legs to grab a handful of pussy while I wrestled to get those tight shorts off and it only came off when she lifted her ass to allow me access.

Her pussy was moist, party because of the rising humidity in the room and partly because of the anticipation of what was going to happen next, she turned over and took off her vest top to reveal the pert tits with their already hard nipples, as I stood there she took my cock in her hand, looked me in he eyes and slowly put it in her mouth, without breaking eye contact she started taking me in inch by inch until the tip of my cock reached the back of her throat, she gagged a little but tried to keep going until she could swallow my length, she couldn't but I loved her for trying, I put my hand on her head and then I started fucking her face… it was my turn to try, I pinched her nose and I shoved my hard cock down her throat holding it there for a few seconds until she began to choke, I pulled out so that she could breathe and without warning I shoved it back again until her eyes teared up a bit… she was a fucking good girl.
She fell back on the bed and while she was trying to catch her breath I opened her legs to admire her clean shaven pussy mound and lips, I positioned myself between her teen legs and I started sucking, licking and nibbling on her little nub between her pussy folds, which brought cries of pleasure from the squirming young female body held in place by my strong arms, she couldn't free herself from my grip on her thighs and my assault on her pussy was driving her insane, her body buckled as I kept a firm grip on her thighs and she oozed with pussy juice which I lapped up along the length of her labia.

Not long after I was pushing her legs back till her knees reached her shoulders, her eyes were closed and she was biting her bottom lip, her full sex and puckered asshole was exposed to me, by this time my cock was hungry so I rested it on her throbbing pussy while we kissed deeply. The head of my cock seemed to have a mind of it's own and we were soon fucking hard and fast, with every stroke I was going deeper and hitting harder, after a few more strokes I bottomed out with my balls slapping her asshole. I was reminded how young this girl was when I realised how tight her pussy remained throughout our fucking sessions… but I wanted more.

While my cock rested inside of her to the hilt, I quickly reached over to the side of the bed to grab a jar of cocoa butter, I dipped my thumb in the jar and I pressed my thumb at her asshole, she was semi used to this by now but was not prepared for my thick cock's intrusion, she screamed with pleasure and I had to hold myself back from going all the way in at first, I held her waist and I eased myself in, she helped a it when she wriggled with excitement causing me to go a couple of inches deeper, I lathered a bit more cream on my shaft and then started to move in an out of her ass, slowly at first but then I couldn't help myself, I started powering away as I felt myself beginning to climax. I was now baring down on top of her and my hard cock was moving like a well oiled piston, she was crying in pain but that only made me move harder and faster until I exploded in her ass. Stream after stream of thick black man's cum filled this young white girl's ass.

I stayed there until my cock went limp and soft, I pulled out and a string of cum soon trickled out them followed by a string of it. Only then I wondered if her parents knew where she was and she said she would creep back in before they wake. She purred my name and the words 'God, that was good' before we both fell asleep.

I woke a few hours later to a familiar sensation, when I came too and my vision cleared I saw a head bobbing up and down on me, the sensation was amazing and she was doing a good job at getting me hard very quickly, then something stirred next to me, it was Demi… I looked again at the girl working away and then realised it was Demi's friend, she looked up smiled and said 'Hi, I'm Kim. I just wanted to know if you were as big and tasty as Demi said', and with that she swallowed all of me….

story by: HornyToad

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Author: HornyToad

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